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subordinate officers as are authorized by this act, or by general laws.

33. An annual meeting for the election of officers, Annual and the transaction of business, shall be held on the meeting. first Tuesday in February, in each year, at such place as the trustees shall appoint, and six days' notice shall be given of said meeting by posting notices of the same in five public and conspicuous places in said village.

$4. The polls at any election shall be kept open Polls. uninterruptedly, at least three hours, between ten o'clock, A. M., and four o'clock, P. M., and the opening and closing of the same shall be specified in said notice.

35. All persons holding the office of trustee, treasurer and collector of said village at the passage of this act, shall continue so to hold until the first Tuesday of February, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-eight, and until their successors are chosen and qualified.

$6. The trustees shall be inspectors of election, Inspectors. and one or more of them shall preside at such election, and in case no trustee shall be present, the electors may appoint a chairman to preside. A poll list Poll list. shall be kept at every election, and every person elected to any office whose name is found on such poll list, shall be deemed notified of his election by Notification the public declaration of the presiding officer of the result of the election, and all others elected shall be notified of their election within five days thereafter by the clerk.

of election.


$7. The inspectors shall publicly canvass the votes Duty of ingiven at any election immediately on closing the polls, the presiding officer shall publicly declare the result, and the inspectors shall subscribe a certificate of such canvass, showing the whole number of votes given each officer, which certificate shall be filed with the clerk, and its contents shall be entered on the records of the village.


§ 8. Every resident of said village qualified to vote who to be for a member of assembly, and who shall have been a resident of said village for thirty days next preceding any village meeting, may vote at such meeting,

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but no person shall vote upon a proposition to raise money by taxation, or to dispose of any money or property, unless he shall have resided in said village for sixty days next preceding the time he offers his vote, and shall be a bona fide tax payer in said village. The qualifications of voters shall be determined by the inspectors, who may examine on oath, to be administered by one of them, any person offering to vote, in respect to his qualifications.

$9. The several officers elected or appointed under this act shall each, before entering upon the duties of his office, take and file with the clerk the oath of office prescribed by the constitution.

$ 10. In case of a tie at an election, or a vacancy happening in any elective office, the trustees may supply such office by appointment or call a special election for that purpose by giving the same notice thereof as is required in this act for annual elections, and which shall be conducted in all respects as annual elections.

S 11. All officers elected or appointed under this act shall hold their respective offices, unless sooner removed or disqualified, until their successors shall be elected or appointed and qualified. The omission of any officer to take the oath of office, or when security is required to give the security, and file such oath or security with the clerk within eight days after an election or appointment, shall be deemed a refusal to take the office.

S 12. A special meeting of the electors of said village may be held at such place as the trustees shall designate, whenever the trustees shall direct the calling thereof for the transaction of any proper business; notice of such meeting shall be given in the manner and for the length of time provided for the calling of the annual meeting, and specifying therein the object of such meeting.

S13. Either trustee may preside, and the clerk, when required, shall attend and keep accurate minutes at all annual and special meetings. No tax shall be voted unless the proposition therefor be contained in the notice convening the meeting at which the same shall be proposed. At every meeting the pre

siding officer shall preserve order, and for that purpose may employ any peace officer or other person who shall execute all lawful orders in the manner required by law.

314. The trustees of said village are hereby authorized, as soon as conveniently may be, after the passage of this act, to order and cause to be levied and raised, by general tax from the taxable property of the village, the sum of six hundred dollars for the ordinary expenses of the village, and thereafter the annual meeting shall determine the sum to be raised in like manner for that purpose; the failure of such meeting to determine the sum shall be deemed the adoption of the sum which was so raised for that purpose the last preceding year; but the sum to be raised shall not be less than six hundred dollars.

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315. The following items only are included in the ordinary ordinary expenses of the village:

1. The compensation of those officers of the village to whom compensation is expressly allowed by law. 2. For publishing the charter and by-laws of the village, the proceedings of the trustees, notices of annual and special meetings, and all other notices and papers required or authorized by this act to be published.

3. For defraying the expenses of necessary surveys and maps of the village.

4. For procuring a seal and the necessary blank books and blank forms and papers for the use of the clerk and other village officers, and for rent of a room and furniture, fuel and lights for the meetings of the trustees, and for the annual and special meetings of the electors.

5. For prosecuting and defending actions in which the village is a party, or bound to indemnify a party, and for other services requiring legal skill.

6. For constructing and repairing crosswalks, and for paying any damages lawfully ascertained or assessed upon laying out, opening, altering or discontinuing any street in said village.

7. For the necessary advances for making sidewalks, removing snow and ice therefrom, abating nuisances, and for doing any other act they are


Objects for which taxes may be voted.

Money to be applied to


it was

authorized to do after such proceedings have been had as to make such expenses a lien upon real property, upon failure of the owners to comply with directions of the trustees in relation thereto.

8. For making and maintaining the sidewalks and fences about and in front of the public grounds of said village, set apart and dedicated to public use, and for planting and securing trees in and about such grounds, and upon the several streets and highways of said village, and for paying taxes and assessments lawfully assessed upon such public grounds or any property of the village.

9. For precautionary measures for guarding the public health in times of pestilence, and to guard against the small-pox or other infectious or pestilential diseases, when they appear in the village, by providing suitable places for the temporary removal of such persons from populous parts of the village, and defraying the expenses incident to such removal. 10. For the necessary expenses of doing any act expressly required by law.

S 16. At any lawful meeting of the voters of said village, taxes may be voted by resolution, separately, to be levied upon the assessable property of the inhabitants of said village, and upon the taxable property of non-residents therein, for the following purposes. viz.:

1. For improving the public grounds in the village. 2. To procure a site and make and keep a suitable and safe lock-up.

3. For any other purpose for which the said village is or shall be authorized to raise money, and to pay for the necessary expense of doing any act which its officers shall be legally authorized or required to do. $ 17. The money raised for a special purpose must purpose for be applied to such special purpose only, and must be kept as a distinct fund in a separate account on the treasurer's books, except that its purpose and objects may be changed to any other object by a subsequent resolution of another meeting, adopted after notice in the same manner as herein provided for the resolution directing such tax, when such change can be made without violating a contract.

$ 18. Money cannot be borrowed on the credit of nor can any debt be created in behalf of the village, payable at a future time; nor can any debt or liability be incurred by the village, except for the ordinary expenses of the village, within the income of the current year, applicable to that purpose; nor can any money or property of the village be appropriated or applied for any purpose, except as authorized by this act, except that, when the raising of money for a special purpose shall be ordered, as provided in this act, the amount may be borrowed, or a liability by contract, for the special purpose, may be incurred, not exceeding the expense ordered, until the amount ean be raised by tax, as before provided.


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$19. The president shall be the chief executive President. officer of the village. He shall convene the trustees as often as the interest of the village require; he shall cause the village by-laws to be enforced, and shall prosecute, for the use of the village, for all penalties incurred for a violation of any of its bylaws. He has the power and it is his duty to execute all leases, contracts, licenses and other papers to be executed, as the act of the village when so authorized by the trustees.


$20. The president or any trustee shall have the Powers and power, and it shall be his duty, to suppress all riots, and to order and compel all tumultuous assemblages to disperse; and he shall have the same power for this purpose as is given by law to sheriffs in case of resistance to the execution of process.



$21. The president shall submit to the annual meeting, a report of the financial transactions of the report of village for the year, showing:

1. All moneys raised or received, and from what sources, distinguishing also the purposes to which they were devoted.

2. All payments, specifying each item and out of what fund, and showing whether any items, and, if any, stating them, have been allowed and disallowed by the trustees, and to whom paid.

3. He must also submit an estimate of the amount


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