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Powers as to vacancies.

Care of public records, etc.


required to be raised by tax for the ensuing year, specifying in detail, as far as practicable. It may also contain such statements as he may deem useful for the information of the meeting.


S22. The trustees can only transact business as a board sitting in public, at least three trustees being present; and all their acts shall be entered upon the journal of the village.

$23. Meetings of the trustees shall be held pursuant to adjournment or upon a call of the president or any two trustees. The board shall have power to declare the absence of any member from three consecutive meetings thereof, except in case of sickness, absence from the village, or other disability, a resignation from office. It shall be the duty of the president or trustees, calling the meeting, to cause to be notified all the trustees who are in the village at the time. If the president be absent at a meeting, the trustees may appoint a president, for the time being, from their own number.

S24. The trustees shall be vested with the following powers and duties, viz.:

1. To appoint the several officers whose offices are held by appointment under them, and to fill vacancies therein, and to fill any vacancy which may occur in any other office by appointment of a suitable person to hold until the person elected to such office at the next annual election shall have duly qualified. Persons appointed to office by the trustees, unless sooner removed, shall hold until their successors shall be appointed by the succeeding board of trustees, and shall have duly qualified.

2. To declare vacant any office in consequence of the insanity, removal from the village, or the conviction of an infamous crime of the incumbent thereof. 3. To provide for the care, costody and preservation of public property, records and papers of the village, and to insure the same.

4. To fix the compensation of the treasurer, street tain officers. commissioner, assessors, and clerk.

tion of cer


5. To regulate, permit, or prohibit any natural or

artificial curiosity, caravans of animals, circuses, or theatrical and other shows, concerts, exhibitions, or performances for gain or profit within the bounds of the corporation. The trustees may license any such exhibition or performance, on payment for the benefit of the corporation, of such sum as they may determine; any person or persons who shall exhibit or perform as before mentioned, without such license, shall each forfeit and pay the sum of twenty-five dollars for every such performance or exhibition.


6. To superintend and direct all public improve- Streets, ments and expenditures upon the streets, sidewalks, etc. public grounds, and places of said village, and may appropriate and expend all moneys raised for highway taxes for such purposes.

7. To direct the manner and determine the material to be used in the construction and repairing of sidewalks and crosswalks, and to superintend such construction and repairs in the village.

meetings of

8. To call special meetings of the electors when in spectat their judgment the interests of the village shall requre it.

9. To carry into effect every resolution lawfully adopted at any meeting of the electors.


and claims.

10. To examine all accounts and claims against the Accounts village, and allow such as are just and legal.

11. To issue warrants for the collection of taxes, and of all the assessments authorized by this act to be made, and to renew the same as often as may be


Issuing of

tax war


property for

12. To order real property to be leased to satisfy Leasing of taxes, expenses or assessments, and not paid or col- taxes not lected.



13. To prevent the use of any and all unsafe fire- Guarding places, stoves, chimneys, stove-pipes, fixtures, smoke- fires, etc. houses, repositories of ashes, and to compel the same to be put into safe condition, and to direct and anthorize firewardens from time to time to examine and inspect, in the day-time, all buildings, dwellinghonses, and premises in said village, and to put the same in such condition as such firewardens shall deem safe, at the expense of said village, which expenses may be recovered by action against the owners or

Extinguishing fires.


shade trees.

Removal of


occupants thereof, in the corporate name. The trustees shall also be firewardens of said village.

14. To authorize the firewardens or other officers of the village to keep away from the vicinity of any fire all idle or suspicious persons, and to require all persons to aid in the extinguishing of fires, and the preservation of property exposed to danger thereat, and generally to establish such regulations for preventing or extinguishing fires as they may deem expedient.

15. To compel the owner of any land upon any street or public place to set out and maintain suitable shade trees along the outer line of the sidewalk in front of such land, and the trustees may direct the location and manner of doing the same.

16. To prohibit the depositing upon the surface of snbstances. the ground or in any creek in said village any dead carcass, animal or other unwholesome or nauseous substance, and to cause the same to be removed at the expense of the person depositing or permitting the same; to compel the owner or occupant of any slaughter-house, meat-stall, privy, sewer, sink or other unwholesome or offensive place to cleanse the same or cause such cleansing at the expense of the owner or occupant.



taxes and fines.

Fast driving on streets, etc.

Gas and water pipes.


17. To make and enforce all proper regulations to prevent the spread of any contagious or epidemic disease, and to establish and maintain a pest-house, when necessary, with proper attendants thereto.

18. To cause unpaid taxes to be re-assessed, and to remit fines, penalties and forfeitures.

19. To prohibit all driving or leading of horses and carriages or other vehicles on any of the sidewalks, and from standing on any of the sidewalks or crosswalks in said village; also to prohibit the incumbering of the streets, sidewalks, crosswalks and public grounds of said village with teams, carriages, lumber, timber, firewood or any other substance or material.

20. To direct the laying down and management of gas, water and sewer pipes in any street, and the location of any gas works in said village.

21. To regulate the location of awnings, hitchingposts and railings in any street or public place in the

village; to prevent and punish all injuries by animals or persons to shade trees in such street or public place, and to prevent the tying any horse or other animal to or within reach of any such shade trees.





22. To make and publish rules and regulations to Vagrants, carry into effect any power herein granted to them; also to restrain and punish vagrants, mendicants, common prostitutes and disorderly persons, and to prevent and punish drunkenness and disorderly or immoral conduct in public streets and places; to Cattle at restrain and prohibit all cattle, horses, sheep, swine, geese and ducks from running at large in said streets; to control and direct the location of slaughter-houses; to determine what are nuisances; to suppress and Disorderly restrain disorderly houses, houses of ill fame, gaming houses and instruments and devices for the purpose of gaming; to regulate and prevent the firing in the streets of guns, pistols, rockets, crackers, squibs or other explosive compounds; also to regulate and pre- Improper vent the beating of drums, blowing of horns or the making of any improper noise tending to disturb the peace and quiet of said village; to prevent horseracing or immoderate riding and driving in said village; to prohibit playing ball, rolling of hoops or sliding down hill in any specified street or parts of said village; to prevent persons leaving horses or teams in the streets of said village without being tied or fastened, or on crosswalks; to prevent the obstruct-trueing of any street, highway, crosswalk, sidewalk, walks, etc. sewer, ditch, gutter or sluice in said village, and to compel the owner or occupant of any premises in said village to clean off the snow, ice, dirt or other substance from the sidewalk in front of such premises, and in default the trustees shall have power to remove and clear the same and to assess the expense of such removal upon said premises, and all such expenses are hereby declared to be a lien upon said premises.

23. To prevent the inciting of dogs to fight, and to Dogs. regulate or prevent the running at large of dogs in said village, and to authorize their destruction.


and counsel.

24. To appoint attorneys and employ counsel in Attorney the prosecution or defense of any action by or

Encroachments on

against the village, and for the transaction of any business of the village requiring professional skill.

25. To prevent encroachments on the streets or streets, etc. highways in said village, and to cause to be removed any building, structure or thing encroaching on the same, at the expense of the person or persons authorizing or maintaining such encroachment, which expenses may be recovered of such persons in the corporate name.




Who to defray expenses of actions.

26. To establish, maintain, and regulate a public pound, and to regulate the impounding of animals and fowls therein; also to enforce the ordinance restraining animals and fowls from running at large in the streets, under such penalty as they shall in their by-laws prescribe; and to cause any such animal or fowl going at large to be impounded and sold to satisfy such penalty and the fees and expenses of the pound-master, and of the sale in such manner as may be provided in the by-laws; or, in their discretion to proceed by an action at law for the collection of such penalty from the owner of such animal or fowl who is hereby declared liable therefor.

27. To make all such general rules, regulations and ordinances as they shall deem necessary for the good government of the village, not inconsistent with the provisions of this act and the constitution and laws of this State; to enforce and carry into effect the same by inflicting such penalties as they shall deem fit, not exceeding twenty-five dollars for any one offense, recoverable with costs in the name of the said trustees of said village, in any court having cognizance thereof; and no person shall be deemed incompetent, either as a justice, juror or witness, by reason of his being an inhabitant of said village, upon any trial arising under this act.

$25. All expenses incurred for the prosecution of any fines, forfeiture or penalty, shall be defrayed by the corporation, and all fines, penalties and costs, when collected, shall be paid to the treasurer for the use of the village, except as herein otherwise provided. When any judgment shall have been shall direct recovered for any such fine, forfeiture or penalty, the conviction. execution thereon shall direct that if the person or

What exe


in case of

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