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rebel,how long would it be before rebellion would become general throughout the earth? Not many years. Thofe who will be deceived will be the defcendants of those

who obeyed Chrift in the thousand years. I do not. mean the raised or changed faints, but thofe who were converted to Chrift with their pofterity after the great army is destroyed when his feet ftand on the mount of Olives.

Suppofing that at this time all people who are come to years of understanding on the earth, were faints, and, from this time none fhould be converted to God for fifty. years; how many would there be to follow after righteoufnefs? furely not many. Would there be faith found on earth? In this way it is eafy to find the enemies of the Lord in a fhort time after fatan is loofed for a little feafon.

What an awful deception must people be in to think of a victory over the Prince of Peace! it is mentioned, that the nations will be ftirred up to fight against the king of glory, thinking to overcome him. Mention is made of Gog and Magog, in this army. This is not the fame mentioned in Ezekiel; though fome of the fame nation may compofe this great army. The army

under Gog, mentioned in Ezekiel, will be gathered before the thousand years; this Gog and Magog will be after the thoufand years. Every perfon by comparing the account in Ezekiel xxxviii. and xxxix. will fee that there is a great difference in the two armies under the fame name. In Ezekiel, the army is mentioned as coming to take spoil,that they fhould die there and fome fhould be buried in a place called Hamon-Gog, while part of the army fhould be devoured by beafts and birds. The army mentioned in Revelations xx. is faid to come up on the breadth of the earth, and instead of being buried or eaten by beaft's, it is faid, fire fhall come down from heaven and devour them.

4. It is faid they fhall compass the camp of the faints and the beloved city.

This army deceived by fatan, will be the largest army that ever was on the earth. This will be the laft battle


on this earth; after this all things will be fubdued to Chrift. We are told that the number is as the fand of the fea. O what an innumerable multitude will engage against him who will overcome them all. The camp of the faints, and the beloved city which they will furround, I understand to be Jerufalem, where Chrift and the raifed and changed faints are to dwell in the thousand years.

It appears from this account, that their defign will be to overcome the king and his fubjects, to take the beloyed city, and make it their capital to be under the Prince of this world, instead of the Prince of Peace. But oh the awful confequences of this gathering around the beloved city, which is,

5. A fire from heaven fhall devour them.

When the army will be gathered against Jerufalem, at the time Chrift comes to reign on the earth, the army will be destroyed, by the plague, by fire, and fword; and many places will be filled with their dead bodies; but this will be more terrible than that, for at the time when they will think that victory is on their fide, in an infant a fire from heaven will devour them all. O what an awful flaughter will there be among the poor wretch-. es, when millions in a moment will be burnt up like the inhabitants of Sodom and the cities round about. This flaughter will exceed all that ever will take place before that time.

6.Satan will then be caft into a state of confinement and torment until the day of judgment, when he and his fubjects will be destroyed,and rebellion ceafe throughout the world forever.

How awfully folemn this fubject must appear to those who believe the prophecies!

According to the prophecy concerning fatan's being loofed to deceive the nations, there are fome awful, as well as glorious things to take place before the last judgment. If thefe are fo terrible, what will that be, when all nations fhall be gathered before the son of man, to hear him fay, come ye bleffed, or depart ye curfed.

According to the order of things as ftated in these fermons, one thing ftands in connection with another, and from the propriety of one thing, we are led to the propriety of the next thing that follows.

The resettling of the Jews in the land of Canaan, leads on to the gathering of the great army to take their goods; this leads on to the coming of Chrift to relieve them; this leads on to their fubmitting to him, and to other nations following their example,thus all nations are to call him bleffed. This will lead on to the glory of the thousand years, that again leads on to the grand rebellion among those who are deceived by fatan; and their rebellion will lead on to their overthrow; and this laft army being overthrown, will prepare the way for the general refurrection and laft judgment; this prepares the way for the deftruction of the wicked, in the lake of fire, the new heavens and earth, the new Jerufalem, and the eternally blessed state of all who are faithful unto death; these shall receive a crown of life.

In the next fermon I fhall defcribe the laft judgment which will follow the deftruction of the great army we have been speaking of.

O that we may be prepared to ftand in that day, before the fon of man!





THE next great and important thing which will take place, after fatan's army is devoured by fire, and he referved in chains, is the laft judgment. This will be proved and def cribed in the following pages.

THAT the general judgment, refurrection of

all the dead,and deftruction of the wicked in the lake of fire,
will follow after the overthrow of the army of the nations
deceived by fatan, is plain from what follows, in the fame.
chapter. Rev. xx. II, 12, 13, 14, 15,
"And I faw a great
white throne, and him that fat on it, from whofe face the
earth and heaven fled away; and there was found no
place for them. And I faw the dead, fmall and great,
ftand before God; and the books were opened; and an-
other book was opened, which is the book of life; and the
dead were judged out of those things which were written
in the books, according to their works. And the fea gave
up the dead which were in it; and death and hell deliver-
ed up the dead which were in them; and they were
judged every man according to their works; and death-
and hell were caft into the lake of fire; this is the fecond
death. And whofoever was not found written in the
book of life, was caft into the lake of fire."

In these verses are four particulars to be noticed; 1. The laft judgment....2. The refurrection of all that are in their graves, and what they will be raifed for....3. The lake of fire into which the wicked will be caft....4. The fecond death which all the wicked will die in the lake of fire.


1. The laft judgment.

That there will be a day of judgment, when every man will be rewarded according to his works, is abundantly evident from the fcriptures of truth, and from the teftimony of the Holy Ghoft which reproves the world of judgment.

The day of judgment means a time when a righteous fentence will be paffed upon all men according to their works. This is called "eternal Judgment," because there will be nothing more of the kind forever.

I fhall now poceed, 1. To prove that there will be a day of judgment after the great army is devoured by fire.

This is a matter revealed by the God of heaven, who revealeth fecrets, and is not found out by human reason. It being revealed, we may see that it is reasonable. Becaufe this day revealed in the fcripture is reasonable, Paul in the presence of Felix, "Reafoned of righteoufnefs, temperance, and JUDGMENT to come.

What we know concerning the laft judgment, is recorded in the fcriptures, and taught to men by the Holy Ghoft.

This judgment is mentioned in Job xix: 29, "Be ye afraid of the fword; for wrath bringeth the punishment of the fword, that ye may know there is a JUDGMENT. Pfalm i. 5, "Therefore the ungodly fhall not stand in the JUDGMENT, nor finners in the congregation of the righteous."

Solomon fpake particularly of the laft Judgment, and warned the youth and others of it; Ecclefiaftes xi. 9, "But know thou, that for all these things, God will bring. thee into JUDGMENT." Chap. xii. 14, "For God will bring every work into JUDGMENT, with every fecret thing, whither it be good or whither it be evil."

This day is particularly mentioned by Christ and the apoftles. Matth. x. 15, "Verily I fay unto you, it shall be more tolerable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrah in the day of JUDGMENT, than for that city." Chap. xi. 22, "But I fay unto you, that it fhall be more tolerable for Tyre and Sidon at the day of JUDGMENT, than for you." Chapter xii. 36, "But I fay unto you, that eve

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