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Manfton in the County of

Dorset, Esq;
To the Right Honourable Thomas

Lord Arundel, Baron of Wardor
in the County of Wilts; and to
Thomas Freke, of Shroton in the
County of Dorset, Esq;

S my first Knowledge and
Experience in COUR T-

KEEPING proceeded from
an Employment under you in Bu-


A 2

finess of that Nature, I think myself obliged in Gratitude to present You with this small Performance; though I am fensible, it is unworthy to be patronized by a Genleman of your Judgment and Ex


If I have inserted in this Book any of your Methods, as perhaps I may, I hope You will pardon my Presumption, since the Occasion of it was to make it the more complete, according to the present Practice; being informed it is much wanted for the publick Good, and I hope it will not prove any Private Prejudice.

The Collections I took this Way when I served you, and as I have taken since I liv'd with William Blathwayt, Esq; (whom You know I have had the Honour


to serve as House and Land-Steward for these Five Years past) were not intended at that Time to be made publick: But the frequent Importunities I have met with from several Attornies, and other Gentlemen well vers’d in Court-Keeping, (who approv'd the Methods I have here laid down, and the Precedents I have made Use of) at last prevailed with me to publish the following Work.

If You meet not with so much Art and fine Dress in the Course of this Performance, as might reasonably be expected, I hope I shall obtain Your Pardon, since it is the Business only which I have pursued, and endeavoured to give a full Account of: The Regularity in Difpatch whereof, as I take it to be the best Use of any Book of this Kind, so I hope the Methods here

laid down will recommend it to the Publick, at least, so far as to be approv'd of by You, to whose Determination i submit myself: Who am,


Your most Obliged, and

moft Humble Servant,



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