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To librarian's salary...

care of building, etc.
cost of new books.
binding old books..
sundries ..
book cases
balance to credit new account...

$200 00

50 25 184 71

7 00 67 00 59 53 41 60

4 15 46 56 130 00 61 51

$852 31

Library lot and building
Temple Hill grove (not to be sold)
Lot on Centre street, two acres
Lot on South street, two acres
Yellow Ilonse farm, 115 acres, at $75 per acre.
Contract, J. Clapper, balance due...

C. C. Jones

Trustees Methodist Church..
Bond of village of Geneseo .
On deposit, Genesee Valley National Bank.
6,560 books ..

$12,500 00

1,000 00 1,500 00 1,500 00 8,625 00 9,538 98

83 85 1,000 00

500 00

725 81 6,560 00

$43,533 64


Number of books in library first January, 1872.....
Received by purchase during year 1872..



Whole number


All of which is submitted.
GENESEO, 31st January, 1873.

CHARLES F. WADSWORTH, President. Jas. S. Orton, Secretary.

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No. 39.


S ,

February 18, 1873.


G. O,

99. An act to change the name of the Board of Foreign Missions

of the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church to “ Board of Foreign

Missions of the Reformed Church in America." 100. An act ratifying the consolidation of the Rochester, Nunda and

Pennsylvania Railroad Company with the Northern Railroad

and Navigation Company. 101. (Assembly, 48.) An act relative to paving streets and constract

ing sewers in the village of West Troy. 102. An act making provision for the support of the Cohoes Hospital. 103. An act to incorporate the Faxton Hospital in the city of Utica. 104. An act to alter, open and improve the canal in and along the

west branch of Newtown creek, within the city of Brooklyn, laid down on the commissioners' map of the town of Bushwick, between a line one hundred and fifty feet southerly from Dickenson street and Randolph street, to construct a bridge over the same, and to discontinue parts of Vandervoort and

Porter avenues and Randolph street, adjacent thereto. 103. An act to release the title and interest of the people of the State

of New York in and to certain real estate in the village of Waverly, county of Tioga, State of New York, to David Decker, the surviving husband of Sarah Decker, deceased.

[blocks in formation]

G. O. 106. An act to change the name of Simon Habel, M. D., to A.

Ilabel. 107. An act to legalize and confirm the acts of the commissioners of

the several towns through which the Rochester, Nunda and Pennsylvania railroad is located, appointed in proceedings to bond said towns under the act perinitting municipal corporations to aid in the construction of railroads, passed May 18, 1869, for the purpose of aiding the several railroad companies merged in said Rochester, Nunda and Pennsylvania Railroad Company as consolidated, and authorizing the issuing of bonds by the commissioners in such proceedings in cases where they

have not been issued. 108. An act to amend chapter 798 of the Laws of 1868, entitled "An

act to amend chapter 365 of the Laws of 1862, entitled 'An act to authorize the discharge of mortgages of record in certain

cases,' passed May 9, 1868.” 109. An act to amend chapter 13 of the Laws of 1859, entitled “An

act to equalize the State tax among the several counties in

this State." 110. An act to release the interest of the State in certain lands

situated in the city of Brooklyn, county of Kings, tú William

Henry Dinwoodie. 111. An act to authorize aliens to acquire, hold and dispose of real

and personal property, in like manner with citizens. 112. An act to amend an act entitled “An act to incorporate the

New York Commercial Association,” passed April 19th, 1862, amended by a subseqnent act, passed February 13th, 1868, changing the name of said corporation to “New York Pro

duce Exchange." 113. (Assembly, 31.) An act to authorize the construction of a canal

or drain from Shinnecock bay in Quanteck bay, in the county

of Suffolk. 114. (Assembly, 31.) An act to enable the Rhinebeck and Connecti

cut Railroad Company to extend their road. 115. (Assembly, 92.) An act relating to the Washington Street and

State Asylum Railroad Company. 116. (Assembly, 62.). An act to regulate the pay of firemen in the

city of New York.

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