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IV. “Vulcan I hear your glorious task"

V. “Grave me a cup with brilliant grace

VI. “As late I sought the spangled bowers"

VII. “The women tell me every day”.

VIII. "I care not for the idle state"

IX. “I pray thee by the gods above”

X. “Tell me how to punish thee".

XI. “Tell me, gentle youth, I pray thee"

XII. “They tell how Atys, wild with love”

XIII. “I will ; I will ; the conflict's past”

XIV. “Count me, on the summer trees"

XV. “Tell me, why, my sweetest dove”

XVI. “Thou whose soft and rosy hues”

XVII. “And now with all thy pencil's truth”

XVIII. "Now the star of day is high".

XIX. “Here recline you, gentle maid”

XX. “One day the Muses twined the hands"

Observe, when mother earth is dry

XXII. “The Phrygian rock, that braves the


XXIIJ. “I often wish this languid lyre”

XXIV. “To all that breathe the airs of heaven"

XXV. “Once in each revolving year".

XXVI. “Thy harp may sing of Troy's alarms”

XXVII. “We read the flying courser's name"

XXVIII. “As in the Lemnian caves of fire"

XXIX. “Yes-loving is a painful thrill"

XXX. “'Twas in an airy dream of night"

XXXI. “Armed with hyacinthine rod”

XXXII. “Strew me a breathing bed of leaves"

XXXIII. "'Twas noon of night, when round the


XXXIV. “O thou, of all creation blest”

XXXV. “Cupid once upon a bed"

XXXVI. “ If hoarded gold possessed a power”

XXXVII. “'Twas night, and many a circling bowl"

XXXVIII. “Let us drain the nectared bowl"

XXXIX. “How I love the festive boy”

XL. “I know that Heaven ordains me here"

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ODES OF ANACREON, continued-

XLI. “When Spring begems the dewy rere"

XLII. “Yes, be the glorious revel mine

XLIII. “While our rosy fillets shed”

XLIV. “Buds of roses, virgin flowers"

XLV. “Within this goblet, rich and deep"

XLVI. “See the young, the rosy Spring"

XLVII. “ 'Tis true my fading years decline

XLVIII. “When my thirsty soul I steep”

XLIX. “When Bacchus, Jove's immortal boy”.

L. “When I drink, I feel, I feel"

LI. “Fly not thus my brow of snow”

Away, away, you men of rules”

LIII. “When I behold the festive train”

LIV. “Methinks the pictured bull we see

LV. “ While we invoke the wreathed spring”

LVI. “He who instructs the youthsul crew

LVII. “And whose immortal hand could shed"

LVIII. “When gold, as fleet as zephyr's pinion"

LIX. “Sabled by the solar beam"

LX. Awake to life, my dulcet shell"

LXI. “Golden hues of youth are fled "

LXII. “Fill me, boy, as deep a draught”

LXIII. “To Love, the soft and blooming child'

LXIV. “Haste thee, nymph, whose winged


LXV. “Like some wanton filly sporting"

LXVI. “To thee, the Queen of nymphs divine”

LXVII. “Gentle youth! whose looks assume"

LXVIII. “Rich in bliss, I proudly scorn”

LXIX. “Now Neptune's sullen month appears

LXX. “They wove the lotus band to deck”.

LXXI. “A broken cake with honey sweet'

LXXIL “With twenty chords my lyre is hung

LXXIII. “Fare thee well, perfidious maid !”

LXXIV. “I bloomed awhile, a happy flower "

LXXV. “Monarch Love ! resistless boy"

LXXVI. “Spirit of Love, whose tresses shine

LXXVII. “Hither, gentle Muse of mine"

LXXVIII. “Would that I were a tuneful lyre "

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