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Adria, The Troubled Sea Lothrop Stoddard 135

Air-travel Possibilities William Dinvnddie 258

Illustrations by George H. Samuels.

American Army Succeeded, Why The ...George P. Ahem 667

American Liberty, In The Cradle Of Miriam Clark Kane 139

Annexation, Peaceful Hcndrik Willem Van Loon 618

Aristokia A. Washington Pczet... 1, 160

Illustrations by Tony Sarg.

Art As An Asset Horace Townsend 215

Photographs of famous paintings.

Bolshevism: The Heresy Of The Underman Lothrop Stoddard 237

Chateau-thierry, The Miracle Of R. H. C. Kelton 99

Chinaman's Head, The L. Cabot Hearn 194

Illustrations by Leslie L. Benson.

Christianity, The Rediscovery Of Glenn Frank 795

Detail From "the Lace-maker" By Gabriel Metsu Charles H. Caffin 288

Devil-fish Of Vait-hua, The Frederick O'Brien 598

Discovering The World, On Georges Duhamel 608

Educating By Tradition Henry Seidcl Canby 521

English Childhood In The Eighties, An Anne Bosworth Greene... 275

Illustrations by George van Werveke.

Fat Of The Land," "the Anzia Yecierska 466

Illustrations by J. Henry. Printed in tint.


Gardens Of To-day And Yesterday Mary Harrod Northcnd. .. 480

Photographs by the author.

Golden Stars, The Ellen Ar. La Matte 787

Illustrations by George Giguere.

House Of Atreus, The Thomas Beer 314

Illustrations by I). C. Hutchinson.

Humanizing Education Glenn Frank 651

Ireland versus "ulster" Ernest A. Boyd 584

Irish Problem, An Englishman On The G. Ward Price 241

Joan Of Arc In The South Seas Frederick O'Brien 817

Kitchen Gods, The G. F. Alsop 621

Illustrations by Arthur G. Dove. Printed in tint.

Kird Mirza, The Garden Of Esther Forbes 64?

Illustrations by Robert I.awson.

"lace-maker," "the: See "detail."

Leaven Helen V. looker 487

Illustration by George Giguere. Printed in tint.

Lieutenant Dauche Georges Duhamel 29

Illustrations by George Giguere.

Laurier, Life And Letters Of Sir Wilfrid Oscar Douglas Skclton ... 721


Literature And Morals George Moore 124

Meeker Ritual, The Joseph Hergesheimer.. 145, 737

Illustrations by John Newton Howitt.

Messenger, The Elizabeth Robins.. .46, 199, 328

Illustrations by Hamlin Gardner and George Gigucre.

Mind, The American Henry Seidel Canby 369

Missionary, An Amateur Floy Tolbcrt Barnard.... 497

Illustrations by W. C. McNulty.

Montenegro To-day, In William Warfield 780

Mr. Torbkrt Malingers Harry Esty Dounce 758

Illustrations by Albert Matzkc.

Musical Season, Hich Lights Of The James Gibbons Huneker.. 349

Neighborhood, Exploring A Mary Frank

Photographs. John Foster Carr 375

O Lalala, The Gambler Frederick O'Brien

Illustrations by Arthur G. Dove. Printed in tint. Rose Wilder Lane 446

Ottoman Races, The Future Of The Herbert Adams Gibbons.. 634

Parliament Of The People, The Glenn Frank 401

Peace, The Attitude Of France Toward Herbert Adams Gibbons.. 89

Peace With Canada. Keeping Emerson D. File 701


Politics, Industrial Glenn Frank 73

Radical America Henry Seidel Canby 577

William Stearns Davis

Roots Of The War, The William Anderson

Photographs. Mason W. Tyler

110, 247, 418. 563, 707, 853

Russian Tea-house, In A Manuel Komroff 323

Illustrations by C. F. Peters.

Scandal Willa Sibcrt Cather 433

Illustrations by Rudolph Tandler. Printed in tint.

Self-governing Industry Glenn Frank 225

Servant Of Reality, A Phyllis Boltome

Illustrations by Norman Price. (Mrs. Forbes Dennis)

289, 535, 673, 828

Shelter Of Life, The Georges Duhamcl 752

Ski L. Cabot IIearn 39

Illustrations by Arthur G. Dove,

South, Some Characters Of The Old Opie Read 391

Illustrations by George Wright.

Theater, The -year In The American George Jean Nathan 355

They Are Not Like Us David Carb 455

Versailles Goes Bankrupt Herbert Adams Gibbons .. 260

Watches Of The Night, The "Centurion" 189

Illustration by J. Henry.

Wedding Jest, The James Branch Cabell. ... 588

Illustrations by Maurice L. Bower. Printed in tint.

Wilson Failed?, Has .Glenn Frank 506

Pictures, Miscellaneous:

"Woodland Vistas" John P. Carlson

Printed in color. Facing page 1

Old Philadelphia Etchings by Earl Horter 65

Detail from "The Lace-maker" Gabriel Metsu

Engraved on wood by Timothy Cole. Facing page 145

Decoration for Memorial Altar R. M'Gill Mackall

Printed in tint. Facing page 289

Etchings Ernest Haskell 361

"The Roaring Forties" Frederick Waugh

Printed in color. Facing page 433

Under the Open Sky Camera pictures by Mildred Ruth Wilson 529

"In ibe Tower Room" Norman Price

Printed in color. (Illustrating "A Servant of Reality") Facing paqe 577

Highways and Byways Camera studies by Hamilton Rcvelle

Facing page 672

".*utumn Oaks" George Inncss

Printed in color. Facing page 721

Under Western Skies Etchings by Bernhardt T. Wall 809

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