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Section 28. Corporations formed under the provisions of this Act for Corporamining, milling, or ore reduction purposes, may subscribe to and become stockholders in any corporation, company, or association now stockhold. formed, or which may hereafter be formed for the purpose of constructing any tunnel, shaft, or other work, which may be calculated to aid or facilitate the exploration, development, or working of any mine or mining ground in this State; and any corporation so becoming a stockholder therein shall, in proportion to its interest, be subject to all the liabilities, and entitled to all the rights and privileges of an individual stockholder.

CHAP. V.-An Act authorizing the issuance and sale of certain

State Bonds, and levying a Tax to provide means for the payment thereof.

The People of the State of Nevada, represented in Senate and Assembly,

do enact as follows:

bonds au

Section 1. By virtue of the power granted to the Legislature by Issuance the third section of Article Nine of the Constitution of this State, and hod dalen in order to obtain money to pay the necessary expenses of the State thorized. Government for the third and fourth fiscal years, and provide means for the redemption of such outstanding bonds as may fall due, and for the purpose of keeping the finances of the State upon a cash basis, the issuance and sale of bonds of the State, not exceeding in amount the sum of three hundred thousand dollars, ($300,000) is hereby authorized ; which bonds shall be payable at the office of the State Treasurer, and shall not run longer than three years from their date. They shall be dated when issued, and shall bear a rate of interest not exceeding one and one-quarter per cent. per month. The interest shall be payable semi-annually at the office of the State Treasurer. Said bonds shall be redeemable at the option of the State Treasurer, at any time within three years

from the date of their issuance. Sec. 2. The bonds to be issued pursuant to the provisions of this Bonds, how Act, shall be signed by the Governor, countersigned by the Controller, and indorsed by the State Treasurer, and shall be authenticated with the great seal of this State. Coupons for the payment of the interest

Coupons. thereon, shall be so attached that they can be removed without injury to the bonds.

SEC. 3. The State Treasurer is hereby made Commissioner to negotiate the sale of the bonds herein provided to be issued, and said Com-sell bonds. missioner shall negotiate the sale of such an amount thereof as he shall find necessary for the benefit of the State, and at such times, and bearing such rate of interest, not exceeding one and one-quarter per cent. per month, as he shall find necessary in order to secure the sale thereof at par. None of said bonds shall be sold at less than their par value. Said Commissioner shall report monthly to the Controller of the State, Report to

. the amount, number, date, and rate of interest of all bonds sold by him pursuant to the authority herein given, and shall, without delay, pay the


Commis. sioner to


To be sold for and redeemed

Tax levied and set

proceeds of all bonds sold into the State Treasury, in gold and silver

coin of the United States. The said Commissioner is hereby authorized Bonds, how and required to cause said bonds to be prepared, payable to the parties, prepared. or their assigns, to whom issued; but no bonds shall be issued for a sum

less than one thousand dollars ($1,000). The State Treasurer is authorized and required to pay the interest on any bonds issued pursuant to the provisions of this Act, whenever the same becomes due.

Sec. 4. No bonds issued and sold under the provisions of this Act

shall be sold for, or redeemed in, any currency except gold and silver in gold and coin of the United States, both principal and interest. The faith of the Pledge.

State is hereby solemnly pledged to their redemption, both principal and interest, in United States gold and silver coin only.

Sec. 5. There shall be levied and collected for the fiscal year, com

mencing January first, A.D. 1867, an ad valorem tax of ninety-five cents, principal and for the fiscal year commencing January first, A.D. 1868, and annually and interest thereafter, until all the bonds issued and sold under the provisions of this Act shall have been fully paid, both principal and interest

, an ad valorem tax of one dollar and twenty cents on each one hundred dollars of the taxable property in this State ; and so much of the revenue de

rived from said tax as may be necessary, is hereby set apart, appropriPledge. ated, and pledged, as well as the faith and credit of the State of Nevada,

for and to the payment, both principal and interest, of all bonds of said State issued in pursuance of the provisions of this Act. The tax hereinbefore levied is, and shall be, considered and held to be a portion of the aggregate tax, allowed and provided by the Constitution, and, after

the third fiscal year, left to discretion of the Legislature, to be levied and Tax levied, collected annually for State purposes, and for the payment of any debt

contracted by the State, and shall be first applied to the payment, both plied.

principal and interest, of all bonds issued pursuant to the provisions of this Act

. No part of the revenue derived from the tax hereinbefore

levied shall be paid out, or in any way diverted from the State Treasdiverted from pay. ury for any other purpose than paying bonds, both principal and inter

est, issued pursuant to the provisions of this Act, unless at the time principal and interest there is a greater sum in said Treasury, derived from said tax, than

is required for such payment of said bonds. The sum of three thousand Appropria- dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary, from the proceeds of tippeto pay the sale of the bonds specified in this Act, is hereby appropriated to pay

the expenses of procuring said bonds, selling them, and placing the pro

ceeds of their sale in the State Treasury. Duty of Sec. 6. The State Treasurer is hereby authorized and required, when prin- and it is made his duty, in case there shall not be in the State Treasury cipal or in

any time a sufficiency of United States gold and silver coin to meet the principal or interest, or both, of any bonds falling due, to sell in the money market, at the then ruling rate, such amount of legal tender notes of the United States as may be in the General Fund, and is required to realize a sufficiency of gold and silver coin of the United States

to meet such payment. If the State Treasurer shall neglect or refuse Impeach

to comply with the provisions of this section, he shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall be liable to impeachment, as provided in the Constitution of the State.

This bill, not having been returned by the Governor to the Senatein which body it originated—within the time from the date by [of] delivery to His Excellency, prescribed by the thirty-fifth section of Arti

how ap

Revenue not to be

ment of




terest falls due.



cle IV of the Constitution, it has become a law, as said section of said Article provides.


President of the Senate.

Secretary of the Senate.
Carson City, Nevada, February 3d, 1867.

CHAP. VI.-An Act to change the County Seat of the County of


[Approved February 6, 1867.]

The People of the State of Nevada, represented in Senate and Assembly,

do enact as follows :



SECTION 1. From and after the 15th day of May, A.D. 1867, the County seat county seat of Nye County shall be located at the town of Belmont, Belmont. in said county. Sec. 2. It shall be the duty of all officers of said county, who are


required to required by law to keep their offices at the county seat, to remove the be kept at same to said town of Belmont on said 15th day of May, A.D. 1867.

Duty of Sec. 3. The County Commissioners of said county shall provide

County for the removal of the archives of said county, and all other movable Commis, property belonging to said county, to said town of Belmont, and shall regard to have power to sell and convey any real or immovable property situated archives in Ione, belonging to said county, and shall pay the proceeds of such erty. sales into the County Treasury.


and prop

CHAP. VII.-An Act to provide for the Organization of the As

sembly at the commencement of each session.

[Approved February 6, 1867.)

The People of the State of Nevada, represented in Senate and Assembly,

do enact as follows :

Section 1. It is hereby made the duty of the Secretary of State Secretary of to make out, prior to the meeting of the Assembly, of each session thereof, a roll of the members elect, as shall appear by the returns on make out file in his office; and only such members whose names shall appear bers of Asupon such roll shall be allowed to participate in the organization of the sembly. Assembly.

State required to

roll of mem

To call the

to .

SEC. 2. On the first day of each session of the Legislature, at Assembly twelve o'clock, M., the Secretary of State shall call the Assembly to

order, and shall preside over the same until a presiding officer shall be elected.

CHAP. VIII.—An Act supplementary to an Act entitled “An Act

for securing Liens to Mechanics and others," approved November twenty-first, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-one.

[Approved February 6, 1867.]

The People of the State of Nevada, represented in Senate and Assembly,

do enact as follows :

Liens to miners

Section 1. All miners or other persons performing labor to the and others. amount of twenty dollars or upwards, for any organized or incorporated

company, or for the owner or owners of any lode, ledge, or ledges of gold or silver-bearing quartz, ore, pay-dirt, or rock, or of any other metal of value, or for the person or persons in the actual possession of such lode or lodes, ledge, or mine, by himself or themselves, under bona fide claim of ownership, he or they shall have a lien upon said lode or lodes, ledge, or mine, together with all the improvements thereon.

SEC. 2. All the provisions of the said Act, of which this Act is liens, et supplementary, respecting the mode of recording, securing, and enforcetc.

ing mechanics' liens, shall apply hereto.

Mode of

CHAP. IX.–An Act to provide for the payment of Outstanding

Warrants against the Transcript Fund of Churchill County.

[Approved February 6, 1867.]

The People of the State of Nevada, represented in Senate and Assembly,

do enact as follows:

be trans


SECTION 1. Money to

From the first moneys paid into the County Treasury of Churchill County, and apportioned to the General County Fund of ferred to Transcript said county, after the payment of the present outstanding indebtedness

against said General County Fund, the Treasurer of said county is hereby authorized and required to transfer to the Transcript Fund of said county, a sum sufficient to redeem, principal and interest, all war

rants now outstanding and unpaid against said Transcript Fund. Repeal.

Sec. 2. All Acts, and parts of Acts, in conflict with the provisions of this Act, are hereby repealed.

CHAP. X.-An Act to authorize Married Women to transact

business in their own Names as Sole Traders.

[Approved February 6, 1867.]

The People of the State of Nerada, represented in Senate and Assembly,

do enact as follows:

transact business.


SECTION 1. Married women shall have the right to carry on and Right to transact business under their own name, and on their own account, by complying with the regulations prescribed in this Act.

Sec. 2. Any married woman residing within this State, desirous to Applicants avail herself of the benefit of this Act, shall give notice thereof, by to give advertising in some public newspaper published in the county in which she has resided, for four successive weeks preceding such application ; provided, if no newspaper be published in said county, said publication Proviso. shall be made by posting advertisements, in three of the most public places in said county, four weeks prior to the day of application. Such notice shall set forth that it is her intention to make application to the Notice. District Court of said county, on the day therein named, for an order of said Court permitting her to carry on business in her own name and on her own account; and it shall specially set forth the nature of the business to be carried on. On the day named in the notice, pr at such future time as the Court may appoint, on filing proof of publication, Hearing of the Court shall proceed to examine the applicant, on oath, as to the

application. reasons which induce her to make the application; and if it appear to the Court that a proper case exists, it shall make an order, which shall be entered on the minutes, that the applicant be authorized and empowered to carry on, in her own name and on her own account, the business, trade, profession, or art, named in the notice; but the insolvency of the husband, apart from other causes tending to prevent his supporting his family, shall not be deemed to be sufficient cause for granting this application. Any creditor of the husband may oppose such application, and may show that it is made for the purpose of defrauding such creditor, and preventing him from collecting his debt, or will occasion such result; and if it shall so appear to the Court, the application shall be denied. On the hearing, witnesses may be examined on behalf of either party. Before making the order, the Court, or Judge, shall administer to the applicant the following oath:

[ocr errors]

"I, A. B., do, in presence of Almighty God, truly and solemnly Order. swear that this application is made in good faith, for the purpose of enabling me to support myself and my children, (if the applicant have minor children) and not with any view to defraud, delay, or hinder any creditor or creditors of my husband; and that of the moneys so to be used in said business, not more than five hundred dollars has come, either directly or indirectly, from my husband ; so help me God.”

A certified copy of such order, with the said oath indorsed thereon, Oath. shall be recorded in [the] office of the Recorder of the county where the business is to be carried on, in a book to be kept for such purpose. Sec. 3. After the order has been duly made and recorded, as pro- Copy of

order to be vided in the second section of this Act, the person therein named shall


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