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under the Merchant Seamen's Act. (U.S. Rev. Stats. 4610.)

$ 26. For penalties for importing foreign laborers.—Of suits, to recover penalties for violation of the act against importing foreign laborers. (23 U. S. Stats. 332; as amended 26 U. S. Stats. 1084.

Note. The provisions of this act giving circuit courts jurisdiction of suits to recover penalties in the sum of $1,000, are not repealed by the Act of Aug. 13, 1888, making $2,000 the minimum amount which will give jurisdiction to the circuit court in suits of a civil nature.1

1 United States v Mexican Nat. R. Co., 40 Fed. Rep. 769.


[blocks in formation]

§ 29.

Copies of records and proceedings.

§ 30.

§ 31.

Causes against officers acting under internal revenue laws.
Causes removed under Revenue Act.

§ 32.

Causes arising under Habeas Corpus Act.

§ 33.

§ 34.

Causes arising under amendment to Habeas Corpus Act.
Further State proceedings void.

§ 35.

Duty of the clerk.

§ 36.

Suits against aliens.

§ 37.

On ground of prejudice or local influence.

§ 38.

Removal by corporations.

$ 39

§ 40.

Removal of causes under Constitutional Rights Act of 1866
Causes under Civil Rights Act of 1871.

$ 41.

Section 15 of Civil Rights Act.

§ 42.

Section 16 of Civil Rights Act.

§ 43.

Actions brought against court officers

§ 44.

Removal of suits against aliens, etc., when amount of $500 in

[blocks in formation]

Removal of suits against corporations organized under a law of the
United States.

§ 50.

§ 51.

Removal of causes against persons denied any civil rights, etc.
When petitioner is in actual custody of State court.

§ 52.

Removal of suits and prosecutions against revenue cfficers, and officers acting under registration laws.

§ 53.

Removal of suits by aliens in a particular case.

§ 54.

§ 55

When copies of records are refused by clerk of State court Attachments, injunctions, and indemnity bonds to remain in force after removal.

§ 56. Removal of suits where parties claim land under titles from different States.

§ 57. Comparison of Removal Acts. § 58. Comparison of Removal Acts. § 59. Comparison of Removal Acts.

§ 60. Process not affected by.

§ 61. Dismissal, when.

§ 62. Proceedings.

§ 63.

Time to file application-Misfeasance of clerk-Certiorari.

§ 64. Liens-Appearance of parties.

§ 65. Removal on death of party,

[blocks in formation]


§ 72. Persons related to judges.

The Judiciary Act.

[Sec. 12 of Act of September 24, 1789, 1 U. S. Stats. 79.]

§ 27. Removal of cause by aliens, etc.— That if a suit be commenced in any State court against an alien, or by a citizen of the State in which the suit is brought against a citizen of another State, and the matter in dispute exceeds the aforesaid sum or value of five hundred dollars, exclusive of costs, to be made to appear to the satisfaction of the court; and the defendant shall, at the time of entering his appearance in such State court, file a petition for the removal of the cause for trial into the next circuit court to be held in the district where the suit is pending; or if in the district of Maine, to the district court next to be holden therein, or if in Kentucky district, to the district court next to be holden therein, and offer good and sufficient surety for his entering in such court, on the first day of its session, copies of said process against him, and also for his there appearing and entering special bail in the cause, if special bail was originally requisite therein-it shall then be the duty of the State court to accept the surety, and proceed no further in the bail that may cause; and any have been originally taken shall be discharged, and the said copies being entered as aforesaid in such

court of the United States, the cause shall there proceed in the same manner as if it had been brought there by original process.

And any attachment of the goods or estate of the defendant by the original process shall hold the goods or estate so attached to answer the final judgment in the same manner as by the laws of such State they would have been holden to answer final judgment had it been rendered by the court in which the suit commenced.

And if in any action commenced in a State court the title of land be concerned, and the parties are citizens of the same State, and the matter in dispute exceeds the sum or value of five hundred dollars, exclusive of costs, the sum or value being made to appear to the satisfaction of the court, either party, before the trial, shall state to the court, and make affidavit if they require it, that he claims and shall rely upon a right or title to the land, under a grant from a State other than that in which the suit is pending, and produce the original grant or an exemplification of it, except where the loss of public records shall put it out of his power, and shall move that the adverse party inform the court, whether he claims a right or title to the land under a grant from the State in which the suit is pending; the said adverse [party] shall give such information or otherwise not be allowed to plead such grant, or give it in evidence upon the trial, and if he informs that he does claim under such grant, the party claiming under the grant first mentioned may then, on motion, remove the cause for trial to the next circuit court to be holden in such district, or if in the district of Maine, to the

court next to be holden therein; or if in Kentucky district, to the district court next to be holden therein; but if he is the defendant, shall do it under the same regulations as in the before-mentioned case of the removal of a cause into such court by an alien; and neither party removing the cause shall be allowed to plead or give evidence of any other title than that by him stated as aforesaid as the ground of his claim; and the trial of issues of fact in the circuit courts shall, in all suits except those of equity, and of admiralty and maritime jurisdiction, be by jury. (Sec. 12 Judiciary Act of September 24, 1789, 1 U. S. Stats. 79. See Rev. Stats. secs. 639, 646, 647, 648.)

Revenue Act of 1833.

[Secs, 3 and 4 of Act of March 2, 1883, 4 U. S. Stats. 633, 634.] $ 28. Causes arising under revenue laws.-That in any case where suit or prosecution shall be commenced in a court of any State, against any officer of the United States, or other person, for or on account of any act done under the revenue laws of the United States, or under color thereof, or for or on account of any right, authority or title set up or claimed by such officer, or other person, under any such law of the United States, it shall be lawful for the defendant in such suit or prosecution, at any time before trial, upon a petition to the circuit court of the United States in and for the district in which the defendant shall have been served with process, setting forth the nature of said suit or prosecution, and verifying the said petition by affidavit, together with a certificate signed by an attorney or counselor at law of

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