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413. 415.441. His song, 442. Dénoue- Clonkiltg in Ireland, 458. 465. Sce Guitar of India, the Syrinda, 450.
ment of the fiction of his disguise, also 478. 481. 637, 638.

Gull language, translation from the

Fudge, Miss Fanny's, Epistles, 641. 649. 600.
Ferdinand VII., Ode to King, 566.

Her uncle's beqnest, 656.

Gulliver, Captain Lemuel, 547
Fête, the, at Boyle Farm, 308. See See Connor, O'Branigan, and Gun, the Evening, 345.
Sumner Fête.

O'Mulligan, in this Inder.

Gynæocracy, proposals for a, 593.
Fill me, boy, as deep a draught, (Ode Fum and Hum, the two Birds of Roy-
LXN. Anacreon.) 97.

alty, 455.
Fill the bumper fair, 252.

Fin M'Cumhal the Finians, and Fingal


Hafiz, the poet, 452, n.
Fionnuala, the Song of, 234.

Gayly sounds the castanet, 285. Halcyon hangs o'er ocean, the 361.
Fire-fly, to the, 175.
Galt, Mr., and the Dictionary, 588. Haram, Jehangbir's, 443

Toe Láght
Fire-flies, 165. 270. 457. 536.
Galaxy, or Milky Way, 156.

of the Haram, 444.
Fire-worship of Persia and the East, Ganges, blue current of the, 450. Hark! the vesper hymn is stealing,

415. The persecuted Ghebers, 415. Garden, the dream of the, 663. 665. 678. Hark! 'tis the breeze of twilight call
Story, “The Fire-worshippers," 415– Festival of the, 664.

441. Vide Lalla Rookh.
Gazel and Maami, 545.

Harmony, the genius of, 133.
Fitzgerald, the late Lord Henry, 308. Gazel, by Abdallah, 211.

Haronn-al-Raschid the Caliph, 442
Fleetly o'er the moonlight snows, 373. Gazelle, the, 292.

Harp, certain of the poetical allusions
Flow on, thou shining river, 280. Genius, poetical allusions to, 284

to that instrument, 125. 252. 200. 37.
Flowers, the language of, 365.
Genius and Criticism, 547.

209. 283. 304.
Fly and the bullock, the, 483.

George III., King, 217, et passim. Harp of my country! in darkness I
Fly from the world, O Bessy! to me, George IV., (Prince Regent and King' found thee, 152.

See Intercepted Letters, 205. 216. Par- Harp, the origin of the, 239.
Fly not thus, my brow of snow, (Ode ody of a celebrated Letter, 217. The Harp, farewell to the, 34.
Ll. Anacreon,) 90.

Prince's Plume, 219. Ich Dien, 219. Harp that once through Tara's halls,
Fly not yet, 'tis just the hour, 230. The Old Yellow Chariot, 219. The the, 230.
Fly swift, my light gazelle, 365.

Privy Purse, 220. King Crack and his Harut and Marut, the Angels, 524
Fly to the desert, fly with me, 451. Idols, 220. Prince of Wales's Feath. Has sorrow thy young days shaded. 26
Flying fish, to the, 163.

ers, 217. 457. The Prince's Day, 240. Hassan, Al, the Prophet Chief of Ar-
Follies, the book of: an album, 124. Bird of Royalty, 53. 455.

bia, 417. 436. 428. See Siory of the
Fontenelle, M., consistency of, 515. Georgian Maid, the, 451.

Fire-worshippers, 415, et seq.
Fool's Paradise: Dream the First, 606. Geramb, Baron, and mustachios, 219. Haste thee, nymph, whose well-ain'd
For thee alone I brave the boundless Gheber, the, 420, et seq.

spear, (Ode lxiv. Anacreon,) 98.
deep, 356.
Ghost Story, a, 620.

Hastings, Marquis of, (Earl Muira,) and
Forbes, Lady Adelaide, portrait of, 148. Give me the harp of epic song, (Ode u visit to his inansion at Donington, 45.
Anacreon,) 65.

184. His library, 45. Dedication to
Forbes, to Lord, from the city of Wash-Glees, set of, 343–345.

Francis, Earl of Moira, 160
ington, 175.
Gnomes, doctrine of, 532.

Hat, Ode to a, 556.
Forget not the field where they per- Go forth to the mount, 307.

Hat versus Wig, 566
ished, 256.

Go, let me weep, there's bliss in tears, Have you not seen the timid tear, 10
Formosa, Island of, 500.


He who instructs the youthful crew,
Fortune-teller, the, 259.
i Go now, and dream, 200.

(Ode Lvi. Anacreon,) .
Fox, Right Hon. Charles James, 22. Go, then! 'uis vain to hover, 287. Ileadfort, Marchioness of, Dedication
Fragment, a, 137. 147.
Go where glory waits thee, 228.

to, 278.
Fragment of a Character, 543.

Gondolas and gondoliers, 282. 287. 289. Hear me but once, while o'er the grave,
Freedoin, 312. 349, 350.


Friend, on the death of a, 542. 546. Goose of the river Nile, 693.

Heard, Sir Isaac, and the Peerage, 556.
Friends, on leaving some, 151.
Government, financial, 518.

Heart and lute, my, 354.
Friendship, a temple to, 279.
Grammont, Count de, 156.

Heart to rest, No, leave my, 292
Friendship and Love, 296.
Grattan, on the death of, 200.

Heathcote, to Lady: On a ring found at
From dread Leucadia's frowning steep, Grecian girl's dream of the Blessed Tunbridge Wells, 156.
(Anacreontic,) 102.

Islands; to her lover, 144.

Hebe, the Fall of: a dithyrambic ode,
From the land beyond the sea, 184. Grecian Maiden, the: Song, 327.

From this hour the pledge is given, 271. Grecian Youth, the, 334, et seq. Henley, Lord, and St. Cecilia, 591.
Fruit, varieties of eastern, 449.

Greece, isles of, 312. 319. Zean maids, Henry to Lady Emma, 599.
Fudge Family in Paris, the, 458.

59, et seq. Allusions to Greece in Her last words at parting, how can I
Fudges, the, in England, being a Sequel Lalla Rookh, 377, et seq. Evenings forget ? 356.

to the “Fudge Family in Paris," 637. in Greece: First Evening, Zea, 319. Hercules to his danghter, song of, 357.
Fudge, Phil., Esq., his political conduct Second Evening, 326.

Here, take my heart, 346.
and penchant, 458-463. His poetical Greck Ode, prefixed to the Translation Here recline you, gentle maid, (Ode
letter to Lord C-star-gh, 460. To of Anacreon, 58. Corrections of this XIX. Anacreon) 75.
Tim. Fudge, Esq., 467. To Viscount Ode by an eminent scholar, 59. Here slecps Anacreon, in this ivied
C-st-|-gh, 474. His Journal, ad-Greeks, the group that late in garb of, shade, (Anthologia,) 103.
dressed to Lord 0,475.

315, See 312.

Here sleeps the bard, 292.
Fudge, Mr. Bob, his Letters to Richard Grenada, the young muleteers of, 347. Here, while the moonlight dim, 325.

Esq., 462–472. To the Rev. Guess, guess; the lady of my love, 370. Here's the bower she loved so much,
Mortirner O'Mulligan, 650.

Guidi, sonnet by, with a translation, 75, 349.
Fudge, Miss Biddy, her poetical letters n., 76. Ode by Guidi on the Arca- Hero and Leander, 337.
fom Paris to Miss Dorothy of dians, 47.

High-born Ladye, the, 339.


Hinda, the Arabian maid. See the Story I know that heaven hath sent me here, Ireland, and her national music, 29. 34.
of the Fire-worshippers, 415, et seq. (Ode xL. Anacreon,) 86.

Ireland, certain traditions and romances
lither, gentle muse of mine, (Ode I know thou lov'st a brimming meas- respecting, 229. 234. 241. 243, 244. 246
LXXVI. Anacreon,) 101.
ure, (Anacreontic,) 101.

259. 264, 265. 267, 268, 269, 270.
Holland, Lord, regret for the death of, I often wish this languid lyre, (Ode Ireland, politics and political sensibility
53. Translations by, 53.
XXIII. Anacreon,) 77.

of the kingdom of, (sec the Fudge
Holland, to Lady,on a legacy by Napo- I pray thee, by the gods above! (Ode Family,) 458-483. 639

The penal
leon, 658.
11. Anacreon,) 67.

code, 554. The outbreak of 1798, 21,
Holy Alliance, Fables for the, 483. I pray you, let us roam no more, 109. et seq. Romanism in, 629. Thoughts
Hooker, Bishop, on ax and ov, 559 I saw, from yonder silent cave, 323. on the present government of, (1828,)
Hore comes again, to this heart long a I saw from the beach, when the morn- 574.
stranger, 294.

ing was shining, 25).

Irish antiquities, 583.
Hope, poetical allusions to, 283. 291. I saw the moon rise clear, 249.

Irish bed of roses, an, 227, n.
307. 656.

I saw the smiling bard of pleasure, (Ode Irishman, Satires, &c., addressed to an
Porace, free translations of some Odes 1. Anacreon, 64.

Englishman by an, 189-198.
of: Come, Yarmouth, my boy, never I saw thy form in youthful prime, 241. Irish Melodies, 228. Dedication to the
trouble your brains, (Ode xi. lib. 2,) I stole along the flowery bank, 172. Marchioness Dowager of Donegall,
-21. The man who keeps a con- I thought this heart enkindled lay, 118.

Preface, 228. The Melodies,
science pure, (Ode xxii. lib. 1,) 122. I've a secret to tell thee, 268.

228. 278. Advertisements to the first
I hate thee, oh Mob, as my lady hates I will, I will, the conflict's past, (Ode and second Nos., 272; to the third,
delf, (Ode i. lib. 3) 127. Boy, tell XI11. Anacreon.) 69.

272. Letter on Irish music, 273. Ad-
the cook that I hate all nick-packe- I wish I was by that dim lake, 265. vertisements to the fourth, fifth, sixth,
rics, (Ode xxxviii. lib. 1,) 127. Paro- Ianthe, 308. Before her glass, 309. and seventh Nos., 276-278. Dedica
dy of Donec gratus eram tibi,' or I'd mourn the hopes that leave me, 248. tion to the Marchioness of Headfort,

Horace's return to Lydia, 314. Idols in the house of Azor, 452. Of 278. See National Airs, 279, et seg.
Horn, the, 293.

King Crack, 220. Of Jaghernaut, 375. Irish Peasant to his Mistress, 238.
How am I to punish thee, (Ode x. Ana- If hoarded gold possess'd the power, Irish Slave, the, 565.
creon) 68.

(Ode xxxvi. Anacreon,) 84.

Irving, Washington, 57. 264.
How dear to me the hour, 232.

If I swear by that eye, you'll allow, Is it not sweet to think, hereafter,
How happy once, tho' wing'd with


(Haydn,) 307.
sighs, 353.

If I were yonder wave, my dear, 171. Is not thy mind a gentle inind ? 110.
How I love the festive boy, (Ode xxxlr. If in loving, singing, night and day, 294. Israfil, the angel of music, 451. 521.
Anacreon,) 87.
If thou'll be mine, 235.

It is not the tear at this moment shed,
How lightly mounts the muse's wing, If thou wouldst have me sing and play, 239.

How shall I woo? 296.
If to see thee be to love thee, 317.

How sweetly does the moonbeam mi Omens: Young Kitty, &c., 237.
smile, 418.
Imagination, 312.

Jeffrey, Francis, Lord, the author's visit
Hudson, Edward, recollections of him Imitation, from the French, 517. Sec to Craig Crook, 37.
and of his musical taste, 31. 31.

also Anthologia, Horace, &c.

Jehan Gheer, or Jehangnire, Emperor
Ilume, David, History of England by, Immortality, sturs the beacons of, 696. of Delhi and Hindostan, 443. His
Impromptu, 117. 151. 186. 227.

palace, 449, n. His early naine of Se-
Hume, Joseph, Esq., 550, 551, n., et pas- In myrtle wreaths my votive sword, lim, 446. His bride, 449. 452.


Jerome's love, (St.,) 28. St. Jerome's
Hume, to Thomas, Esq., M.D.; written in the morning of life, 253.

first visit on earth, 602. His second
at Washington, 178.

In wedlock a specics of lottery lies, 117. visit, 603.
Humorous and Satirical Poems, 547– Ina, by Lady Dacre, 633.

Jerusalem, the holy city of, 298.
Incantation, an, 561.

Jessica, young, 353.
Hunt, Henry, Esq., his spurions coffee, Inconstancy, 116.

Johnson, Dr. Samuel, on Mallet, 654, n

India, poetical allusions to, 373. 441. Joy alone be remember'd now, 354.
Hunter boy, the, 285. 293.

449, 450, et seq.

Jays of youth, how fleeting! 285.
Hush, hush!-a Glee, 343.
Indian boat, the, 310.

Juan, Don, 222.
Hush, sweet lute, 371.
Indian maid, the young, 378.

Jubal's shell, alluded to, 310.
Hussin Abdal valley of, 441. Royal Indian tree, the, 519.

Judgment Day, and a supposed wind
gardens near, :12.
Inkstand, the poet's, 517.

from Syria Damascena to announce
Hymen, poetical allusions to, 288. Innisfail, song of, 268.

it, 453, n.
Hymn of a Virgin of Delphi, at the tomb Innisfallen, isle of, 202.

Judgment, the day of, 303.
of her mother, 118.

Insurrection of the Papers; a dream, Julia, to, in allusion to some illiberal
Hyperborean, song of a, 363.


criticisms, 111. Mock me no more
Intercepted Despatch, Diabolo's, 554. with love's beguiling dream, 111.

Intercepted Letters, the, of the Two- Though fate, my girl, may bid us
penny Post-bag, 205, &c.

part, 112. On her birthday, 113. T.
I care not for the idle state, (Ode vi. Intolerance, a Satire: Account of 'Cor. Julia, weeping, 114. Inconstancy, 136.
Anacreon,) 67.

ruption' and 'Intolerance.' See 25. Elegiac Stanzas, supposed to be writ-
I dreamt that in the Paphian groves, Preface to Intolerance and Corrup- ten by Julia, on the death of her
tion, 188, 189. The Satire, 198.

brother, 117. I saw the peasant's
had, last night, a dream of thee, 534. Invisible Girl, , 27.

hand unkind, 118 Sympathy, 119.
I fear that love disturbs my rest, (Ana- Invitation to dinnar: addressed to Lord Juvenile Poems, 105–159. Preface by
creontic,) 101.
Lansdowne, 517.

"the late Thomas Little," 105. Ded-
I found her not--the chamber seem'd, Iran, Land of, 450. See Lalla Rookh, ication to Joseph Atkinson, Esq.,


poem, 226.

Life is all checker'd with pleasures and Love, who ruled as admiral o'er, 370.
woes, 243,

Love thee !--s0 well, so tenderly, 351
Kathleen, 242.
Life for me hath joy, &c., 355.

Love thee, dearest ? 354.
Keder Khan of Turkistan, 374.
Life withont freedom, 349.

Love but thee, I, 353.
Kenmare, Earl of, 262.

Light sounds the harp when the com- Love's day, 352.
bat is over, 125.

Love's light summer cloud, 350.
Kevin, Saint, tradition, 242.
Khorassan, the Veiled Prophet of, 376–

Like morning, when her early breeze, Love's victory, 357.

Love's young dream, 240
Kilkenny amateur actors, talent of the,

Like one who doom'd o'er distant seas, Lover, the, 296. 310. 324. 357, A.; 2.

48. 409. Extract from a Prologue,
&c., 412.

Like some wanton filly sporting, (Ode Lover, the Persian, 211.
Killarney, lakes and traditions of, 259.

Lxv. Anacreon.) 98.

Lover, the Russian, 373.

Like the bright lamp that shone in Kil- Loves of the Angels, 51. Preface to the
King, Lord, an Expostulation to, 549.

dare's holy fane, 235.

poems, 520. The poem, 521. First
Kishma, wine of, 550.
Lilis, 535.

Angel's Story, 522. Second Angel's
Kiss, the, 137. 167.
Lily of the Nile, the white, 672.

Story, 527. Third Angel's Story, 532.
Kublai Khan, 450.
Limbo of lost reputations, 574.

Loves, the sale of, 115.
Lion, dead, and the living dog, 573. Lowe, Sir Hadson, to, 547.
Lionardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa, 315.

Lusitanian War-song, 352.

Listen to the muse's lyre, (Ode mn. An- Late, the, 449. 657.
acreon,) 65.

Lying, 121.
Labyrinth, in Egypt, 690, n.

Literary advertisement, to authors, 564. Lyre, the poet's, 295.
Lahore, description of the city of, and Literati, sick, 628.

Lyre, the tell-tale, 141.
the midland districts of India, 414, Literature, speed of, 626.

Little Grand Lama, the, 490.
Lake of the Dismal Swamp, 164. Little Man and Little Soul, a ballad,

Lake of the Temples, 664.

particulars respecting it, 27. The
Laila Rookh, an Eastern Romance:

Machiavelian policy condemned, 500
history of this poem, 39, et seq. Rep Lizard, (Stellio,) account of the, 442, n. Macriapus, prætorian prefect, 719.
resentation of it as a dramatic pageant | Long years have pass'd, old friend, Magan, Patrick, Esq., his Epistles to a
at the Château Royal, Berlin, in 1822, since we, 372.

Curate in Ireland, 637. 613. 653.
when the emperor and empress of Looking-glasses, the, 486,

Magic Mirror, the, 339.
Russia personated Aliris and Lalla Lord, who shall bear that day, 303. Magnet, woman a, 532.
Rookh, 43. "The Veiled Prophet of Lotus wreath, 454.

Mahomet, religion of, (see Lalla Rookh.)
Khorassan,' 376-403. The criticisms | Lotus branch, and the bird taking flight,

378, et seq.
of Fadladeen upon this story, 403. mythos of the, 676.

Mahomet, the Seal of preceding prophe-
Paradise and the Peri, 406. Fadla- | Lotus flower, 150. Statue of the winged cy, 533. The familiar dore of, 5*5.
deen renews his criticism, 412. The boy seated on a, 681. The spell, 681. 561.
Fire-worshippers, 415-441. The Light An emblem of beauty, 417, n. Mahometans, belief of the, 521.523.526.
of the Haram, 442. Design of this Louis Philippe, King, an account of, 534. 538. The chief angels, 321, 522
poetic undertaking related, 21. 50. when at Donington Park, 45.

526, 527. 534.
Lama, the Little Grand, 490.

Louis the Fourteenth's Wig, 493. Mnhommed Shaw, feast and throne of,
Lansdowne, Lord, invitation to dinner Love, a tutor, 697.

454, n.
addressed to, 517.
Love alone, 297.

Maiden, the Sleeping, 293.
Lawrence, Dr., friend of Edmund Love, all-defying Love, 417.

Maidens of Zea, 3:25, et passim.
Burke; his letter to Dr. Hume re- Love and Hope, 283. (Swiss Air.) Malthus, allusions to, 545. 518. 572.
specting the version of Anacreon by Love and Marriage, 120.

March ! nor heed those arms that hold
Mr. Moore, 20.
Love came by, 338.

thee, 334.
Lay his sword by his side, 270.
Love resting his wings, 450.

Martyrs, the, 306.720, 721, et seq. ; the
Leaf and the Fountain, a ballad, 337. Love and the vine, 335.

crown of martyrdom, 722, 723.
Learning, 144.

Love a sentinel: Glee-Hush, hush, Mary, Al.
Lebanon, Mount, 305.


Mary, star of the sea, 326.
Legacy, the, 232.

Love, one summer eve, was straying, Mary, I believed thee true, 140.
Leila's lute, 657.


Mathews, Mr. Charles, 616.
Les hommes automates, 609.
Love and the Novice, 243.

Matriculation, scene from a play acted
Lesbia, to, 516.
Love and Hymen, 519.

at Oxford, called, 605.
Lesbia hath a beaming eye, 241. Love is a hunter boy, 285.

Mauri-ga-Sima, or the supken island,
Let Erin remeniber the days of old, 231. Love-knots, who'll buy my, 288.

Let me resign this wretched breath, Love, a few allusions to, 98. 100. 171. May moon, the young, 945.
(Anacreontic,) 101.

175. 238. 244, 245, 265, 266. 281. 283. Melanius the hermit, 701-714. 717, 722
Let's take this world as some wide 286. 288. 291, 292. 295. 306, 307. 3)1. Meleager :-Here at thy tomb ihese tears
scene, 357.

317. 321. 327. 346. 352. 367. 369. 524. I shed, 366. Various imitations frun,
Let us drain the nectar'd bowl, (Ode 528. 532. 539. 542.

125. 366. 368.
XXXVIII. Anacreon,) 85.

Love, mythological hymn to, 147. Melodies, Irish, 18-278. Sueceeded
Leucadia, legends of, 320.
Love and learning, 144.

by the National Airs, 279, et seq.
Levée and couchée, the, 317.
Love and Reason, 143.

Memorabilia of last week, (March 13,
Libel, a case of, 563.
Love and Time, 319.

1826.) 552.
Liberty, 235. 231. 270, 271. 291. 318. 323. Love and the Sun-dial, 349.

Memory, poetical allusions to, 292.522

Love wandering thro' the golden maze, 538.
Liberty, the torch of, 487.


Memphis, on the Nile, 671; sacred col
Life is waning, Do not say that, 292. Love, unbind thee, 369.

lege of, 684.


ers, 260.

Menage, Anacreontic in Greek by, with Music of the spheres, 528.

Now Neptune's month our sky deforms,
a translation, 80, n.

Musical box, the :-Rose and the Poet, (Ode LxvII. Anacreon,) 99.
Meron, city of Khorassan, 376. 399.


Now the star of day is high (Ode XVII.
Methinks the pictured bull we see, My gentle harp, 253.

Anautin) 74.
(Ode Liv. Anacreon.) 92.

My harp has one unchanging theme, Nymph of a fair but erring line, 406.
Miguel, Don, Ode to, 573.


Nympbs of the Nile, 697.
Milesius and the Milesians, 268. Mythology, Egyptian and Greek, 663,
Millennium, the, and the Rev. Mr. Ir-

et passim.
ring, 555.

Miltiades, the Ghost of, 587.
Minaret, chants from an illuminated,


O'Branigan, Larry, to his wife iady
443, n.

644. 652. To Murtagh O'Mulligan,
Minerva, or Pallas, and Love, 331. Nama, 538. 540.

Minerva's thimble, 353.

Namouna, the enchantress, 446. Calls O'Connell, his election for Clàre, 579.
Ministers, the new costume of the, 223. down sleep on Nourmahal, 447. O'Connor, Arthur, Esq., 30.
The Sale of the Tools, 225.

Naples, lines on the entry of the Aus- O'Donohue's Mistress, 259.
Ministers, wreaths for the, 221

trians into, in 1821, 519.

O'Keefe's song for the character of
Minstrel Boy, the, 246.

Napoleon, the Emperor, consigned to Spado, 38.
Miriam's Song, 300.

the rock of St. Helena, 457. Allu- O'Mulligan, Mortimer, his epistle, (dile
Miscellaneous Poems, 512. 542. 658. sions to his fallen fortunes, 218. 221, "F. dge Family in England,") 654.
Mischief, thoughts on, by Lord St-A- 543. 638.

O'Rua k, Prince of Breffni, the song (f,
|-y, his first attempt, 634.

Natal Genius, the, a Dream: to -, 946.
Missing, Lord de * *, 591.

the morning of her birthday, 116. Oblivion, the fabled gates of, 676.
Mix me, child, a cup divine, (Anacre- National Airs, 279, &c.

Observe when mother earth is dıy,
ontic,) 102.

National Music, a Melologue upon, (Ode xxl. Anacreon) 76.
Mæris, island of the lake, 691.


on, in the stilly night, 282.
Mohawk River, lines written at the Nature's Labels, a fragment, 112. oft, when the watching stars grow
Cohoes, or Falls of the, 180.

Nay, do not weep, my Fanny dear, 143. pale, 290.
Mokanna, the prophet-chief of Khoras- Nay, look not there, my love, 533. Oh! Abyssinian tree, 706.
san, 376, 377, et seg.

Nay, tempt me not to love again, 168. Oh! breathe not his name, 229.
Monarch Love, resistless boy, (Ode Nea, Odes to :-Written at Bermuda, Oh! banquet not in those shining bow-
LXXIV. Anacreon,) 100

Monopoly, present spirit of, 551. Necropolis, and lake near Memphis, Oh! blame not the bard if he fly to the
Mont Blanc, sublime prospect of, 498.

673, et seq.

bowers, 236.
Montaigne quoted, 496.
Nets and Cages, 289.

Oh! but to see that head recline, 525
Montpensier, Duke of, to the, 148 Ne'er ask the hour, what is it to us? Oh! call it by some better name, 346.
Moon, poetical mention of the, 324, 325. 257.

Oh! come to me when daylight sets,
333, et passim.

Ne'er talk of Wisdoin's gloomy schools, 282.
Moon, that high in heav'n art shining, 291.

Oh! could we do with this world of

Never mind how the pedagogue proses, onirs ! 270.
Moore, Mrs. 31. To my Mother, 519. 116.

Oh! days of youth and joy 287.
Moore, to Miss, from Norfolk in Virgi- Night Dance, the, 269.

Oh, do not look so bright and blest, 364
nia, 163.
Night-thought, a, 137.

Oh! doubt me not--the season, 247
Moral positions, a dream, 598

Nightingales, song of, 352 359. 363. Oh fair! oh purest! be thou the dove,
Morality, an epistle, 140.


Morgan, George, Esq., Norfolk, Vir- Nights, such as Eden's calm recall, Oh for the swords of former time: 257.
ginia,) epistle to, from Bermuda, 166. 315.

Oh, guard our affection, 293.
Morning, 251. 304.

Nile, river, 637; the Isle of Gardens, or Oh! had we some bright little Isle of
Morning Herald, the, 555.

Antirrhodus, near Alexandria, 682. our own, 246.
Morning Post, the, 650.

Nile, navigation of the, 671. 692. 695. Oh! hint to the bard, 'tis retirement
Morris, Capt., his song, "My muse, tuin, 697.

alone, 57.
when her wings are dry," 38. Nile, nymphs of the, 697.

Oh! idol of my dreams, 531.
Moschus, his first Idyl, quoted, 76, n. Nile, the Garden of the, 449. Sources Oh! Love, Religion, Music, all, 539.
Moses, 304.

of the river, 501.

Oh, Memory, how coldly, 324.
Mountain Sprite, the, 264.

No life is like the mountaineer's, 329. Oh, no! not ev'n when first we loved,
"Mum" to the editor of the Morning No, not niore welcome the fairy num- 283.
Chronicle, 455.
bers, 249.

thou best and brightest, 295.
Murray, Mr.; his contemplated Mail- | Noble and illustrious authors, 581, 585. Oh, soon return, 351.
coach edition of Rokeby, 209.
Nonsense, 139.

Oh, stranger! if Anacreon's shell, (An-
Muse, the, 317.
Nora Creina, 241.

thologia,) 103.
Music, Angel of, 371, n.

Not from thee the wound should come, Oh! teach me to love thee, 303.
Music and Melodies, an account of some 370.

Oh! the sight entrancing, 261.
of our modern poets who had a taste Nourjehan, “the Light of the World,” | Oh! think not my spirits are always as
for, and a knowledge of, 36, et seg. 442, n.

light, 230.
Music, the Prefatory Letter on Irish, Nourmahal, the Light of the Haram, Oh think, when a hero is sighing, 657.

442. 444, 445. Her spells, 446. Her Oh thou! of all creation blest, (Odo

Music, on:--Song, 239. 365.

sleep, 447. She is regretted by Selim, XXXIV. Anacreon,) 83.
Music, poetical allusions to, 266. 271. 449. Her disguise, 450, 451. The Oh thou! who dryest the mourner's
292, 293. 541.
Georgian maid's song. 450. Succard-

tear, 299.
Music, a Melologue upon National, 341 ed by that of Nourmahal herself, 451. Oh, tidings of freedom! Oh, accents of
Her reconciliation with Selim, 452.

hope! 580.

Oh, say,

Oh. where art thou dreaming ? 315. Periwinkles and Locusts, 567.

Put off the vestal veil, nor, oh, 131.
Oh! where's the slave so lowly, 250. Persecution, the Decian, 712.

Pyramids of Memphis, 670. Rhodope,
Oh woman, if through sinful wile, 139. Persia and the Persians, 210, 211. Vide the Lady of the Pyramid, 676
Oh, ye dead! 259.

Lalla Rookh, 379. 453, et passim, Su-
Olden time, the song of the, 355.
perstitious notions of this eastern peo-

Olympus, latest accounts from, 632. ple, 520. 523, n.
One dear smile, 351.

Philadelphia and the Schuylkill river, Quadrilles, 344. Episcopal, 598
On one of those sweet nights that oft, 179.

Quakers, 651.

Phillis, to, 139.
Once in each revolving year, (Ode xxv. Philademus :-“My Mopsa is little,” Quarterly Review, the, 588. €29. Re

flections addressed to the author of
Anacreon,) 78.

the articie of "the Church" in the
One bumper at parting, 245.
Philosopay, a vision of, 153. Vide the

One day the Muses twined the hands, class cal notes to this puein, 153-155. Quick! we have bat a second, 23.
(Ode xx. Anacreon) 75.

Philosophy, poems relative to, treating
Oppression, memory and record of, 291. of philosophers, ancient and nindern,
Orangemen of Ireland, their petition, 122. 244.527. Aristotle, 154, n. Pytha-


goras, 154. Democritus, 154. Plato,
Oreus, the heathen priest, 721. 734. 154, n. Epicurus, 664, n. ; 702, et seq. Raise the buckler, poise the lance, 22
Orcus, high priest, to the Prefect De- Alciphron, 199, et seq. Pyrrho, 122. Raphael, his Fornarina, 503.
cius, 734.

Aristippus, 141. Zeno, 123. Maaper- Rawdon, to the Lady Charlotte, from
Origen, 698. 714.

tuis, n.

the banks of the St. Lawrence, B4
Ormuzd, of the ancient Persians, and Philostratus, a thought of, imitated by Romance of the Indian Spirit, 185.
his angels, 521.

Ben Jonson, 64, n.

Reason, 143. 247. 281. 348. 367.
Osiris, or Serapis, 681.

Pictures, Italian galleries of, 46 Reason, Folly, and Beauty, 281.
Ossian, allusions to, 270, 272.
Pigeons, carrier, 298.

Red Fox, the, 30.
Ossian, fragments in imitation of, 30. Pilgrim, man a, 305.

Redbreast, the, in December, 281.
Our home is on the sea, boy, 312. Pilgrim, the, 328. Still thus, when twi- Rector and his curate, the, 607.

light gleam'd, 339.

Reform, notions on, 601.
Planets, the, 527, n.

Religion, the "Sacred Songs," .

Plato, epigram of, 75, n. He wrote in Religion and trade, 628.
bed, 502.

Religion in the East, Brahma, &c. .
Paddy's Metamorphosis, 608.

Platonic philosophy, and followers of (See Lalla Rookh.)
Painting, 165. 327. 371. 503.

Plato, 153, et seg.

Religious emblems and types, 302. In-
Palestine and the river Jordan, 110. Pleasure contrasted with pain, 290. tolerance" satirized, 194, et seq. On
Paradise and the Peri, 404–412. Criti- Plumassier, to a, (Anacreontic,) 219. Toleration, 210, et passin.

cisms of Fadladeen on this romance, Poco-Curante Society, the, 495. (See Remember him thou leav'st behind,
Rhymes on the Road.) Song of, 660.

Paradise of Epicurus, 68i. Or Mahomet, Poesy, 267. 270.

Remember the time in La Mancha's

Poet's dream: Dinner of Type and Co., shades, 351.
Parallel, the, 258.


Remember thee! 254.
Parliament, the recess of, a hymn, 551. Police reports, case of imposture, 624. Remonstrance, addressed to Lord John

Occasional address, for the opening Political allusions, by the author, 35, ct Russell, after a conversation in which
of the new Theatre of St. Stephen, scq.; and Satirical Poems, 271. 291. he had intimated some idea of giving
(Nov. 24, 1812) 24. Satirical notice See "The Fudge Family,"538, et seq.; up all political parsuits, 514.
of some members of the House of

637, et seq. See the Satirical Poems, Resemblance, the: Yes, if 'twere any
Lords, 581-590. 595. 597. Report of 547, &c. See also 547–636, et passim. common love, 126.
speeches relative to Maynooth Col- For the poet's allusions to the affairs Reuben and Rose, 109.
lege, 625. Exhibition of models of of N. America and of France, see 161 Revenue, decimating, and decimal arith
the two Houses of, 625.

metic, 507.
Passion, 306. 346. 371.

Political and Satirical Pooms, 455, &c. Reverend Pamphleteer, the, 618.
Patrick's Purgatory, and mystic lake in Politician, how to make a good, 586. Reverends and Right Reverends, ress-
Donegall, 265.

Politics, Irish, allusions to, 20 et seq. Intions passed at a meeting of, 588
Patrons and Puffs, &c., 633.

See 547–636, et passim.

Reynolds, Mr. Thomas, 452.
Paul the Silentiary, 167. 366, 369 Polycrates of Samos, 59.

Rhodope, 676. Fable of the Lady of
Peace, 712.
Poor broken flower, 346.

the Pyramid, 676.
Peace and glory, 142.
Porcelain and China, 450. 452.

Rhymes on the Road, extracted from
Peace be around thee, 284.
Porte, Ode to the Sublime, 502.

the journal of a travelling member of
Peace to the slumberers! 289.
Power, Mr. Richard, 48.

the Poco-Curante Society, in 1819,
Peace, peace to him that's gone, 354. Prayer of Mahometans, 411.

Pearls, 170. 292. 532. Mythos as to their Press the grape, and let it pour, 110.

Rich and rare were the gems she were,
production, 450, n.
“Press, the," newspaper, 30.

Pearls, Irish, 263.
Priestess of the Moon, 687.

Rich in bliss, I proudly scom, (Ode
Peer, how to make one's self a, 609. Prologue, spoken at the opening of the LXVII. Anacreon,) 99.
Peers, batch the first, 568.

Kilkenny Theatre, Octolm't, 1809, 513. Ring, the; a tale of Rupert, 128.
Perceval, Right Hon. Spencer, on the Proxy, how to write by, 575.

Ring, the :-The happy day at length
death of, 455.

Psa phon, his birds taught to pronounce arrived, 128.
Perfumes for the hair and beard, 67, . his name, 501.

Ring, the :-No, Lady! Lady! keep
Peri, Paradise and the, 406411. Psyche, 135. 147. 542.

the ring. 120.
Peris and fairies, 449, 499. Vide Lalla Pack, song of old, 623.

Rings and Seals, 150.
Rookh, &c.
Puir, profligate Londoners, 390.

Ripeu'd by the solar beam, (Ode LIL
Periwinkles, fiscal, 567.
Purgatory, 532.

Anacreon) 95.

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