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Rival Topics :-An Extravaganza, 616. Sea, the Old Man of the, 565. A Re- Greece," 300—335. Songs from the
Roche, Sir Boyle, his blunders, 572. flection at, 113.

Greek Anthology, 366–309. Unpub-
Rock, Captain, his epistle to Lord Lynd. See you, beneath yon cloud so dark lished songs, &c., 369—373. Occa-
hurst, 635. His letter to Terry All, 186.

sional songs, 614, 660. Songs from
See the dawn from heaven, 289.

"M. P., or the Blue Stocking," 656—
Rogers, Mr., accompanied by the author Selim and Nourmahal, 445–452. 658. Songs of the Church, No. 1, 6:22.

to Paris, 44. See the Dedirations to Sephiroths or Splendors of the Cabala, Sovereign, a golden, 548.
Samuel Rogers, Esq.

540, n.

Sovereign woman, a ballad, 661.
Rome, artists at, 46. The Palatine Sepulture, ancient Egyptian mode of, Soul, the, 685,
Mount, 47.


Sound the loud timbrel o'er Egypt's
Rokeby, allusions to, 209. 212.
Seraphim, 538.

dark sea, 300.
Romaika, the, danced in Zen, 321, et Serapis, the god, 681.

Southey, to Robert, Esq., Announce-

Seth, traditions relative to the patri- ment of a new Thalaba, 615.
Romaldkirk, to the Curate of, 605. arch, 538.

Speculation, a, 519.
Rondeau .-"Good night! good night!" Shalimar Palace, the, 449. 453. Speeches, a corrected report of some

Shall the harp then be silent, 260. late, 597.
Roca, to, 120.
Shamrock, oh the, 244.

Spencer, Hon. W. R., lixes addressed
Rosa, to, written during illness, 114. Shannon, stanzas from the banks of to him from Buffalo and Lake Erie,
Rosa, to, 124. 139.

the, 584

in N. America, 181.
Rose of Cashmere, 442.

She is far from the bind where her Spirit of Joy, thy altar lies, 656.
Rose, the Alpine, 287.

young hero sleeps, 2.2.

Spirit, the Indian, (or N. American, 184.
Rose, the, and summer bee, 291. She never look'd so kind before, 118. Spirit of Love, whose locks unroll'd,
Rose of the desert! 355.
She sung of love, 265.

(Ode Lxxv. Anacreon) 101.
Rose and nightingale, 360.

She has beauty, but still you must keep Spirit of the Woods, the Evil:-Song,
Rose, the young, 352.

your heart cool, 348.

Rose-tree, the pretty, 347.

Sheridan, Right Hon. Richard Brinsley, Spring and Autumn, 296. 368.
Rose in nettles hid, the :-Conundrum, Lines on the death of, 456. His char-St. Lawrence, river, 183, 184; the Gulf

acter described, 457. Intended Life of, 186.
Roses, the, Festival of the Scattering of,

of, 50.

St. Senanus and the Lady, 257.
374. 443, n. 452. Of the garden of the Sheridan, Mrs., air composed by, 297. Star of the Waters, Sothis, 696.
Nile, 449. Attar Gul, 453.
Shield, the, 113.

Stars, some of the poet's allusions to
Roses, political, 227, n.
Shine out, stars, 347.

the, 232. 289, 290. 300. 326. 328. 331.
Round the world goes, by day and Ship a-hoy!-Song, 37.

373. 527. 532. 695.
night, 364.

Ships and wrecks, 161. 167, 106. 292 Steersman's song, the, 175.
Row gently here, 287.

295. 305.

Stephens, Henry, wrote ou horsebark,
Rubi, the second Angel, 526. His Story, Ships, the meeting of the, 343.

Shiraz wine, 450.

Stevenson, Sir John, poetical tribute to,
Ruby, magnificent, 450.
Should those fond hopes, 281.

271. See also 39, n. 272. 299, 300, 301.
Russell, Lord John, remonstrance on Shrine, the, 111.

304. 307,
his intended retirement from politics, Silence, emblem of, 268.

Still, like dew in silence falling, 368.

Silence is in our festal halls, 271. Still thou fliest, and still I woo thee,
Russian lover, the :--Fleetly o'er the Silence, chain of, 252, n.

moonlit snows, 373.

Simonides, epitaphs on Anacreon by, Still when daylight o'er the wave, 360.
103, n.

Storm at sea, lines written in a, 168.
Sin, 522. 535.

Stranger, the heart-wounded, 340.
Since first thy word, 305.

Strangford, to Lord; written on board
Sacred Songs, 297. Dedication to Ed- Sing, sweet harp, 267.

the Phaeton frigate, off the Azores,
ward Tuite Dalton, Esq., 297.
Sing, sing, music was given, 206.

Sail on, sail on, :hou fearless bark, 257. Sinking Fund cried, 550.

Strew me a fragrant bed of leaves, (Ode
Sailor boy, 'tis day, 368.
Sinners, 306.

XXXII. Anacreon,) 81.
Salniagundi, 367.
Sirmio, peninsula of, 516.

Sublime was the warning that liberty
Sannazaro, his Gallicio nell' Arcadia, Slumber, oh slumber! if sleeping thou spoke, 235.
quoted, 66, n.

mak'st, 293

Sulpicia, Tibullus to, 516.
Sappho, lyre of, 315. Legends of Leu- Slumber, poetical allusions to, 282. Summer clouds, 531.
cadia, 320.
Smile, one dear, 351.

Summer Fête, the, 308.
Sarpi, Fra Paolo, 500.

Smoothly flowing through verdant Summer webs that float and shine, 360.
Satirical and Political Poems, 455, &c. vales, 313.

Sunday Ethics, a Scotch ode, 590.
Say, what shall be our sport to-day? Snake, the, 119.

Surprise, the, 121.

Snow Spirit, the :-No, ne'er did the Susan, 656.
Say, what shall we dance ? 344.

wave in its element steep, 172. Swallow, the, 713.
Skeptic, the; a Philosophical Satire, So warmly we met, 20.

Swans, the Muse's, 317
199. The preface on ancient philoso- Soliman, throne of, was called the Star Sweet is your kiss, my Lais dear, 167.
phy, and the Pyrrhonists, 199. The of the Genii, 379.

Sweet lady, look not thus again, 112.
Satire, 200-203.

Some mortals there may be, so wise or Sweet spirit! if thy airy sleep, 116.
Skepticisin, 542.

Sweet Innisfallen, fare thee well, 262.
Scott, Sir Walter, his musical taste, 36. Songs, some of the occasional, interwo. Swings, an Eastern pastime and exer-
Interesting scene at the Edinburgh ven in Mr. Moore's poems : -107, 108,

sv fine, 311.

cise, 443.
theatre, 37.

109. 115. 125, &c. Many early songs Sword, the warrior's, 257.261 267. 270
Scriptures, the Holy, 302.

occur from p. 105–159. 28-278. 310, Sylph's Ball, the, 513.
Sculptor, wouldst thou glad my soul, 311.313, 314, 315 316, 317, &c. Songs Sylphs and Gnomes, 532, n.
(Odo v. Anacreon,) 66.

interspersed in the “ Evenings in Syra, holy fount of, 325.,


Thou, whose soft and rosy hues, (Ode 'Twas in a mocking dream of night,
XVI. Anacreon,) 72.

(Ode XII. Anacreon.) 81.
Thou bidd'st me sing the lay I sung to 'Twas night, and many a cireling bowl,
I ables of Stone, the Seven, 687.

thee, 363.

(Ode XXXVII. Anacreon,) 84.
Take back the sigh, 142.

Though humble the banquet, 266. 'Twas noon of night, when round the
Take back the virgin page, 232.

Though sacred th tie that our country pole, (Ode xxxi. Anacreon)
Take hence the bowl, 290.

entwineth, 658.

'Twas one of those dreams, 262
Tar barrels, thoughts on, 604.

Thongh sorrow long has worn my 'Twas when the world was in its
Tara, the halls of, 230.

heart, 117.

prime, 522.
Tear, the, 119. 229. 239.

Though the last glimpse of Erin, 231. 'Twas but for a moment, and yet in that
Tears, 301, 302. 347. 366.

Though 'tis all but a dream at the best, time, 186.
Tears, poetical allusions to, 285. 290. 291.

Twin'st thou with lofty wreath thy
299. 306.

Through grief and through danger, 238. brow ? 367.
Teflis, or Tiflis, brooks of, 450.

Thus have I charm'd with visionary Twopenny Post-bag, by Thomas Brown
Tell me, gentle youth, I pray thee, lay, 185.

the Younger, 203. Dedication to SE
(Ode XI. Anacreon.) 68.

Thy harp may sing of Troy's alarms, phen Woolriche, Esq., 23. The Pre-
Tell me not of joys above, 414.

(Ode XXVI. Anacreon) 79.

face, 203. The Intercepted Letters:
Tell me why, my sweetest dove, (Ode Thy song has taught my heart to feel, -From the Princess Charlotte of
xv. Anacreon,) 71.

Wales to Lady Barbara Asbley, la
Temples, Lake of the, 664.
Tibullus to Sulpicia, 516.

ter I., 205. From Col. M'Mahon toG.
Thalaba, announcement of a new, to Tighe, to Mrs. Henry, on reading her ? Leckie, Esq., Letler II, 206. Its
Mr. Southey, 615.
Psyche, 135.

Fobiscuits, 207. From the Regent to
That wrinkle, when first I espied it, 110. Time, a poet's allusions to the hand of, Lord Yarmouth, Letter III., 207. From
Temple, the, at Jerusalem, 302. 305. 41. 245. 284. 287. 293. 541.

the Rt. Hon. Patrick Duigenan to the
The bird, let loose in Eastern skies, 298. 'Tis gone, and forever, the light we Rt. Hon. Sir John Nichol, Letter IV.
The garland I send thee, 296.

saw breaking, 251.

20€. Enclosing an 'Unanswerable
The more I view'd this world, 515. "Tis sweet to think, that where'er we Argument against the Papists,' 29.)
The Phrygian rock that braves the rove, 238.

From the Countess Dowager of Cork,
storm, (Ode XXII. Anacreon,) 76. “ 'Tis the vine! 'tis the vine !" said the Letter V., 209. Its Postscript, 177.
The sky is bright, the breeze is fair, cup-loving boy, 335.

From Abdallah in London, to Mohas-

'Tis true, my fading years decline, (Ode san in Ispahan, Letter VI., 20. Froma
The song that lightens our languid ivay, XLVII. Anacreon,) 89.

Lackington & Co. to — Esq., LA-

'Tis time, I feel, to leave thee now, 152. ter VII., 211. From Col. Thomas to
The time I've lost in wooing, 250. "Tis the last rose of summer, 245.

Skeffington, Esq., Letter VIII,
The turf shall be thy fragrant shrine, Tithe case, late, 606.

212. Appendix to these Epistles, 213

Tithe, song of the departing Spirit of, --216.
The women tell me every day, (Ode 581.

Tyrolese Song of Liberty :-Merrily ef.
VII. Anacreon,) 67.

To all that breathe the air of heaven, ery bosom boundeth, 350.
The world had just begun to steal, 115. (Ode xxiv. Anacreon,) 78.
The world was hush'd, 361.
To ladies' eyes around, 255.

The wreath you wove, 115.

To Love and Bacchus ever young, 61, n.
Thee, thee, only thee, 260.

To Love, the soft and blooming child, Unbind thee, love, 369.
Then fare thee well, 284.

(Ode LXII. Anacreon,) 98.

Up and march! the timbrels sound, 333.
Then first from love, 371.
To my Shadow, 641.

Up, sailor boy, 'tis day, 368.
Theocritus, in praise of Anacreon, 103, To sigh, yet feel no pain, 656. Up with the sparkling brimmer, 333.

To thee, the queen of nymphs divine,
Theora of Alexandria, and her daughter (Ode Lxvi. Anacreon) 98.
Alethe, 698. Death of a mother, 701. To-day, dearest, is ours, 345.

There are sounds of mirth, 269.

To see thee every day that came, 156.
There comes a time, 283.
To weave a garland for the rose, 366.

Valerian, the emperor, 719.
There is a bleak desert, 305.

Too plain, alas, my doom is spoken, Valletort, to Caroline Viscountess, writ-
There's something strange: Buffo Song, 294.

ten at Lacock Abbey in the year 1832,
Torch of liberty, the, 487.

They know not my heart, 265. Tories, destructive propositions of the Valley of Visions, 687.
They may rail at this life, 256.


Valley, the unequalled, 453.
They niet but once in youth's sweet Tortoise-shell of Pegu, triple-colored, Van, the Euthanasia of, 582
hour, 361.


Variety, 107.
They tell how Atys, wild with love, Tory, mad, and the comet, 598. Veil, the silver, 377.
(Ode x11. Anacreon.) 69.
Tory Pledges, 602.

Veiled Prophet of Khorassan, 376.
They tell us of an Indian tree, 519. Tory, Doctor, and Doctor Whig, 604. Venice, former glory of, 500. Wars
They tell me thou'rt the favor'd guest, Translations. See Horace, Anthology, against the Turks, 500. Her tyranni.

cal oligarchy, 500. Tortures, 500. Her
They wove the lotus band to deck, Tribune, the young, 721. 723.

fall a retribution, 500.
(Ode Lxix. Anacreon,) 99.

Trinity College, Dublin, an examination Venus, poetical allusions to the gode
Think on that look whose melting ray, political, 32, et seq.

dess, 266.
Tripe, tout pour la, 571.

Venus, the planet, 167. 256. 661.
Those evening bells ! 280.
Truth, 251. 303, 365.

Venus Anadyomene, 503.
Thou art, O God, the life and light! Truth characterized, 292. 305.723. Venus Papyru, 118

Tuckt Suliman, mountain, 143, n. Virgia of Delphi, the, 118.
Thou art not dead, 330.

Tulip, said to be of Turkish extraction, Virtue, 163. 170.
Thou lov'st no more, 294.


Vishnu, 571.


us, 291.

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Vision, a by the author of Christabel, When I behold the festive train, (Ode Woman, 179. 269. 328. 522.527, 528, 529.
LIII. Anacreon,) 91.

534. 561.
Vice, the, 336.

When I loved you, I can't but allow, Woman:--Away, away--you're all tho
Voituie s Kiss, rendered by Mrs.


same, 152
When Love is kind, 296.

Wonder, the, 121.
Vulcan. hear your glorous task, (Ode When Love, rock'd by his mother, 266. Woods and Forests, Ode to the, 579
IV. Anacreon,) 65

When night brings the hour, 295. Woodpecker, the: I knew by the smoke
When Love was a child, 286.

that so gracefully curl'd, 183.
When my thirsty soul I steep, (Ode Word awaked my heart, thy, 305.
XLVI. Anacreon,) 89.

World, the fashionable, 309.
When Spring adorns the dewy scene, World is all a fleeting show, this, 299.
Wake thee, my dear-thy dreaming,

(Ode xli. Anacreon) 86.

World, when abroad in the, 294.

When o'er the silent seas alone, 343. Would that I were a tuneful lyre, (Ode
Wake up, sweet melody! 359.
When the first summer bee, 291.

LXXVII. Anacreon.) 101.
Wales, Princess Charlotte of, 205, et seq. When the wine-cup is smiling before Wreath the bowl, 254.
Walton, Isaac, 443, n.

Wreath and the Chain, the, 146.
Waltz Duet, 314.
When thou shalt wander, 288.

Write on, write on, ye Barons dear, 581.
Waltzing, 545.

When the sad word “Adieu," 367.
Warning, a, 152.
When thou art nigh, it seems, 363.

War against Babylon! 307.

When to sad music silent you listen,
War's high-sounding harp, 306

Warrior, the dying, 338.
When on the lip the sigh delays, 345.

Y-th, Earl of, 456. Letter addressed

to, by Thomas Brown the Younger,
Washington, city of, and the American When through life unblest we rove,

207. Some remarks on the same, 217.
rivers, &c., 175. 178, et seg.

Watchman, the; a Glee, 344.
When through the Piazzetta, 289.

221. 223, 224.
Waterloo coin, advertisement of a miss- Where Time, who steals our years Years have passid, old friend, since we,

ing or lost, 595.

away, 108.
We care not; Song, 660.

When wearied wretches sink to s!eep, Yemen, and the rest of Arabia, alluded
We read the flying courser's name,


to, 417, et seg.
(Ode xxvii. Anacreon,) 79.

When wine I quaff, hefore my eyes, Yes, be the glorious revel mine, (Ode
Weep, children of Israel! 304.

(Ode L. Anacreon.) 90.

XLII. Anacreon,) 86.
Weep not for those whom the veil of Whene'er I see those smiling eyes, 255. Yes-loving is a painful thrill, (Ode
the tomb, 299.
When twilight dews are falling soft,

XXIX. Anacreon.) 80.
Weep on: weep on your hour is past,


Yes, sad one of Zion, if closely resem-
When 'midst the gay I meet, 352

bling, 958.
Weeping for thee, my love, through the Where is the heart that would not give, Yes, yes, when the bloom of Love's
long day, 321.

boyhood is o'er, 352.
Welcome, sweet bird, through the sun- Where are the visions, 293.

You read it in these spell-bound eyes,

ny air winging, 333.

Where is your dwelling, ye sainted,
Well! peace to thy heart, though anoth- 306.

You bid me explain, my dear angis
er's it be, 171.
Where shall we bury our shame? 291.

Ma'amselle, 599.
Well, the Holy, alleged miraculous ap- Whig, Dr., and Dr. Tory, their consul- You remember Ellen, our hamlet's
pearance of the moon night and day tation, 604.

pride, 947.
in the, 398.

While gazing on the moon's light, 237. You who would try, (vide the Epicu-
Wellington Spa, the, 619.

While our rosy fillets shed, (Ode XLIII. rean,) 678.
Wellington, Field Marshal the Duke of, Anacreon,) 87.

Young Love, 296. 338.
31. Reinforcements for him, 226. His While we invoke the wreathed spring, Young Love lived once in an humble
Grace and the Ministers, 227. 598. (Ode Lv. Anacreon) 92.

sh24, 056.
Wellington, Napoleon, and Waterloo, Who comes so gracefully, 332. Youth, poetical allusions to, 285. 287.
543. 572.
Who is the maid my spirit seeks, 298.

Were not the sinful Mary's tears, 301. Who'll buy my love-knots ? 288. Youth's endearing charms are fled, (Ode
What's my thought like ? 220.
Who'll buy ? 'tis Folly's shop, 316.

LXI. Anacreon,) 97.
What shall I sing thee? 543.

Whose was the artist hand that spread, Youth and Age, 338.
What the bee is to the floweret, 243. (Ode Lvii. Anacreon.) 94.

Youth and Death, 676.
When Bacchus, Jove's inmortal boy, Why does azure deck the sky? 124.
(Ode xlix. Anacreon,) 89.
Why does she so long delay? 367.

When, casting many a look behind, 111. Wind thy horn, my hunter-boy, 293.
When cold in the earth lies the friend Wine-cup is circling, the, 270.

Zaraph, 539. His bride, 541.
thou hast loved, 254.

Wine, praise of, in Lalla Rookh, 450. Zea, or Ceos, island of the Archipelago:
When Cupid sees how thickly now,

452. Sce also other poems and songs, Scene of the First Evening in Greece,
(Ode Lxxvii. Anacreon) 101.

230. 234. 245. 252. 263. 267. 270. 290, 318, et seq.
When evening shades are falling, 326.

291. 293. Wisdom, 244. 230. 291. Zeilan, king of, his ruby, 450, n.
When first that smile, 288.
Wit, 335. The quiver of, 244.

Zelica, see "The Veiled Prophet of
When first I met thee warm and young, With all my soul, then, let us parl, 118. Khorassan," 379, et seq.
24. 249.

With twenty chords my lyre is hung, Zinge, and the Zingians, 411.
When gold, as fleet as wephyr's pinion, (Ode Lxxi. Anacreon) 100.

Zion, 298. 301.
(Ode Lvin. Anacreon,) 95.

Within this goblet, rich and deep, (Ode Zodiac, the, 533. 691.
When he who adores thee has left but XLV. Anacreon) 88.

Zone of bells of an Indian dancing girl,
the name, 229.
Wo, wo unto him! 571.


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p. 339.

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“ In another minute this veil had, like a thin mist, melted away, and the young priestess of the moon stood, for the third time, revealed before my eyes."


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