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SUPREME COURT-First Dept.-Cont'd. | SUPREME COURT-Second Dept.-C't'd.

Justices of the Second District-Cont'd.

Justices of the First District-Cont'd.


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.1047 Archibald M. Ainslie Co., Moffat v. (Sup.) 417 350 Ariowitsch Co., Kohn & Baer v. (Sup.).... 909 Arkenburgh v. Oakley (Sup.). 414 ..1100 ..1100

Ash v. Hayes Storage Warehouses (Sup.). 631 Ashley, Dornbusch v. (Sup.). 491



Abbey, In re (Sup.)..

Abraham v. Wilkes (Mun. Ct. N. Y.).
Ackerman v. Fifth Ave. Coach Co., two

cases (Sup.). .

Ackner v. Schreck (Sup.).
Adirondack Electric Power Co., O'Dell v.

Adzerycha v. Holbrook, Cabot & Rollins
Corp. (Sup.)



Eon Realty Co., Creveling v. (Sup.)... .1105
Agency of Canadian Car & Foundry Co.,

Diamond v. (Sup.)...

Agnello, People v. (Sup.).
Ainslie Co., Moffat v. (Sup.).
Aksai Machinery Corp., Ochs v. (Sup.)...1121
Alabama Lumber & Cooperage Co., Smith
v. (Sup.).....

Albany Trucking & Storage Co., Warren v.


Albert Smith & Son, Rosenfeld v. (Sup.).. 214
Albert Smith & Sons, Rosenfeld v. (Sup.)..1128
Allen v. Wolkof (Sup.).
Allin, Morss v. (Sup.)...
All Package Grocery Stores Co. v. Mc-
Atamney (Sup.)..
Altemeier, People ex rel. Lunney v. (Sup.)..1125
Altschul v. Ludwig (Sup.).
Alvin Const. Co., Whiting v. (Sup.). .1134
Ambrosia Milk Corp., Rosenbusch v. (Sup.) 505
American Alcohol Co., E. Eising & Co. v.




American Alcohol Co., Steiner v. (Sup.)... 739
American Can Co. v. Grassi Contracting
Co. (Sup.).
American Dist. Steam Co. v. Wheeler



Ballston Refrigerating Storage Co. v. New


York Cent. R. Co., two cases (Sup.)....1101 Banco de Tamaulipas, Colcord v. (Sup.)... 710 .1117| Bankers' Service Corp. v. Second Nat. Bank (Sup.)....


594 .1100


Anderson, People ex rel. Fiske v. (Sup.).. 839
Anderson, People ex rel. Fiske v. (Sup.)... 840
Anderson, People ex rel. Fiske v. (Sup.)..1124
Ann Arbor Co., Travis v. (Sup.)..
Anson, Owners' Syndicate Co. v. (Sup.)... 493
Anton v. Mutual-McDermott Dairy Corp.


695 .1122 417



American Fidelity Co., John H. Wiemers,
Inc., v. (Sup.).....
American Locomotive Co., MacCauley v.
A. M. Schwartz Silk Corp. v. Hutchinson's
Famous Shirt Hospital (Sup.)..
Anderson V. Hartman Blanchard Co.

Synthetic Dyes, McKellar V.

A. Sidney Davison Coal Co. v. Empire
Brick & Supply Co. (Sup.).

Assets & Liabilities Ass'n v. 49 East 59th
St. Corp. (Sup.)


Astoria Taxicab Corp., Merz v. (Sup.)....1119
Atkins Structural Engineering Co. V.
Homecrest Bldg. Co. (Sup.).
Austro-Americana S. S. Co., Castiglione v.
Automatic Mach. Products Co., Durning v.



Apostolico v. Fish (Sup.).
Appleby v. McKenzie (Sup.).
Aquaro-Deodati, Avazzano v., two cases

168 N.Y.S.

Auto Mortg. Co. v. Montigny (Sup.).
Avazzano v. Aquaro-Deodati, two cases


Axelsen, People v. (Sup.)..

.1107 670

Babbitt, Franco-American Chemical Co. v. (Sup.)

Bader v. Goldstein Scrap Iron & Steel Co.

Baer v. Washington Heights Café (Mun.
Ct. N. Y.).

Baker v. Thompson (Sup.).
Baker v. Yagel (Sup.).
Baldwin v. Meacham (Sup.)
Ballou v. State (Sup.)

.1100 ..1122



567 .1100

Bailey, In re (Sup.).

Bailey v. Casualty Co. of America (Sup.).. 128
Baker v. Griffith (Sup.)..
Baker v. New York Municipal R. Corp.





.1101 .1101





Bantz, People ex rel. Fiske v. (Sup.).
Bantz, People ex rel. Fiske v. (Sup.).
Bantz, People ex rel. Fiske v. (Sup.).
Barasch, Kaplan v. (Sup.)...
Barber, Horstmann v., two cases (Sup.).
Barbery v. Cohen (Sup.)..
Barden v. New York Cent. R. Co. (Sup.) 742
Barker v. Barker (Sup.)...
Barker, Rose & Clinton Co., Williamson v.

Barlow's Will, In re (Sup.).
Barnasky v. New York, O. & W. R. Co.,
two cases (Sup.).
Barnett, In re (Sup.)
Barrett, Ely v. (Sup.).
Barrett, Ely v. (Sup.).



.1112 ..1101

125 131

.1101 .1133 419 ..1107

Bradley v. Franklin Fire Ins. Co. (Sup.)..1102

Bradley Contracting Co., Hoykendorf v.



Brainard v. Ten Eyck (Sup.)..



Brandt, Commercial Cable Co. v. (Sup.). 8

.1101 Breitung, Springfield Nat. Bank v. (Sup.)..1130

.1042 Brenner v. Landsmann Co. (Sup.)

.1101 Briganti v. Szemko (Sup.).

.1103 Briggs v. General Colonial Co. (Sup.)

1101 Briggs' Estate, In re (Sup.)..

86 Briggs' Will, In re (Sup.)..

86 Brinckerhoff's Will. In re (Sup.)..


785 Broad & Market Nat. Bank v. New York

945 & Eastern Realty Co. (Sup.).

.1107 Bronson, Owners' Syndicate Co. v. (Sup.).. 493

583 Bronx Parkway Commission, In re (Sup.)..1103

Brooklyn Alcatraz Asphalt Co., Farnole v.



Brooklyn Eastern Dist. Terminal Co., Kaf-

line v. (Sup.).



6 Brooklyn Heights R. Co., Davidson V.

1102 (Sup.)


44 Brooklyn Heights R. Co., Finn v. (Sup.)...1108

529 Brooklyn Heights R. Co., Shields v. (Sup.)1130

Brooklyn Heights R. Co., Ward v. (Sup.)..1133

Brooklyn Nat. League Baseball Club,

Lindinger v. (Sup.).

New York (Sup.).....



Bigelow, Leona Holding Corp. v., two cas-

es (Sup.)

Brooklyn, Q. C. & S. R. Co., McGoldrick

v. (Sup.).

Bingham Cent. R. Co., Empire Kaolin

v. (Sup.)...



Bird v. St. Paul Fire & Marine Ins.



.1107 Brooklyn Union Gas Co., Riordan v. (Sup.)1127

Co. Broughton, Cook v. (Sup.).

.1102 Brown v. Carpenter (Sup.).

.1135 Brown, Good v. (Sup.)..

203 Brown v. Millspaugh (Sup.)

660 Brown v. Press (Sup.)..

628 Brown v. Vacuum Oil Co. (Sup.)

.1102 Brush, In re (Sup.).

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Chase, McAlpine v. (Sup.).
Chauncey's Estate, In re (Sur.)..

Chelsea Exch. Bank, McCabe langer Mfg.
Co. v. (Sup.)..

Cheney & Son, Lamb v. (Sup.). Cherrington v. South Brooklyn R. Co. (Sup.)

City of New York, Moore v. (Sup.).
City of New York, Murcott v. (Sup.)....

177 876 .1117 .1019

.1117 .1115

322 174

Childs v. Tompkins (Sup.).

Childs Co., Four Hundred and Sixty-One
Eighth Ave. Co. v. (Sup.)..
Chlemens, People v. (Sup.)..
Christie, Thompson v. (Sup.).
Chrosciel v. New York Cent. & H. R. R.

948 .1122 .1132 Co. (Sup.). .1104 Ciringione v. Ritz Realty Corp. (Sup.)...1104 City of Gloversville, Hellwig v. (Sup.)....1111 City of Gloversville, Mierson v. (Sup.)....1119 City of New Rochelle, Ritacco v. (Sup.).. 190 City of New York, Ellwitz v. (Sup.). .1107 City of New York v. Fifth Ave. Coach

Co. (Sup.).


City of New York, Graham v. (Sup.)....1110
City of New York, Grunert v. (Sup.).
City of New York, Harding v. (Sup.).
City of New York, Hellinger v. (Sup.).
City of New York, Higginson v. (Sup.).
City of New York v. Illinois Surety Co.

City of New York, Lewis v. (Sup.). .1116 City of New York, MacArthur Bros. Co. v. (Sup.)

407 .1120 50


City of New York, New York Cent. R. Co. v. (Sup.)..



City of New York, New York Inst. for In-
struction of Deaf and Dumb v. (Sup.).. 755
City of New York, Tompkins v. (Sup.).
City of New York, Van Praag v. (Sup.)..1132
City of New York, Vollkommer v. (Sup.)..1133
City of New York, Wasserman v. (Sup.)..1133
City of New York, Woentz v. (Sup.)..
City of New York v. Woodhaven Gaslight
Co. (Sup.)




City of Syracuse, Kitz v. (Sup.).

City of White Plains, Digney v. (Sup.)..1106
City of Yonkers, Fay v. (Sup.).
Clark v. Gibson (Sup.)..
Clark v. Lord (Sup.)

.1108 ..1104 .1104


Clark v. Marsh (Sup.).

Cline v. Northern Cent. R. Co. (Sup.).... 303
Clinton Wire Cloth Co., Raisler Heating
Co. v. (Sup.)...


Coates, Bennett & Reidenbach, Doxey v. (Sup.)


.1107 937


Cockran, Dowsey v. (Sup.)..
Cogan's Will, In re (Sur.).
Cohen, Barbery v. (Sup.).
Cohen v. Mainthow (Sup.).
Cohen, People v. (Sup.).
Cohen v. Santini (Sup.).
Cohen, Smith v. (Sup.).





Cohen & Co. V. Hoadley Stone Co. (Sup.)

Cohn, Kantor v. (Sup.)..

Cohn v. Liberty Shirt Co. (Sup.).


846 .1105


Colcord v. Banco de Tamaulipas (Sup.) 710
Coleman, In re (Sup.)..
Coles, Smith v. (Sup.).
Colin Co. v. Wolff (Sup.)
Collins v. Scannell (Sup.)
Collins v. Scannell (Sup.).

1130 .1127 720


Columbia Trust Co. v. Crane (Sup.). Columbia Wire Co., Derby v., three cases (Sup.)



Colwell's Estate, In re (Sup.). Commercial Advertising Ass'n, Creighton v. (Sup.) Commercial Cable Bldg. Co. v. McKenna (Sup.) Commercial Cable Co. v. Brandt (Sup.)... 8 Commercial Casualty Co., In re (Sup.)... 263 Commissioner of Public Charities of City of New York v. O'Keefe (Sup.) Compton, Evans v. (Sup.).. Condon v. Hosmer (Sup.). Condon Wrapping Mach. Co. v. Dearborn (Sup.)


.1129 812

Coneen v. Schneider (Sup.).

Coney Island & B. R. Co., Panzer v. (Sup.)1122 Conger, Lynch v. (Sup.)... 855

.1110 265 Conlon v. Selden Motor Vehicle Co. (Sup.) 1105 271 Connell, Oligschlager v. (Sup.). .1122 866 Conroy, Parker-Hassam Pav. Co. v. (Sup.) 1122 Considine Inv. Co., Whitney v. (Sup.)....1184 .1104 Constant, Hammond v. (Sup.)... 384 Constant, Hammond v. (Sup.)..


Conway v. Bluff Point Stone Co. (Sup.)... 170 Cook v. Broughton (Sup.). 818

240 .1107 .1105

718 15

Coons v. Endicott-Johnson Co. (Sup.)...1105
Cooper v. Terry & Tench (Sup.).
Corning's Estate, In re (Sur.).

1105 732

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