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across a stool, and pressing with his knees of an eminent banker, for the security of upon ber belly broke her back, and other. which the gentleman gave her his note : It wile mangled her in a molt !hocking man- happened not many days after, one of the per, so that she expired in a short time af- notes, value 1001. reached London for pay

ment, when a letter was directly sent down, Bristol, Feb. 11. About four o'clock on requesting immediate information from Tuesday morning the inhabitants of this city whom the said note wis received, which were alarmed by one of the most awful and being duiy forwarded, with other particutremendous thunder dtorms ever remember. Jars, it appears, that the deceased had lately ed, and the terrors were heightened in no been clerk to a capital hop-factor in London, triling degree by its proximity, the distance and about 13 months ago, availing himself being so imsil ihat scarcely two seconds of the absence of his maiter, he eloped with dapted between the flashes of lightning and notes and cash to the amount of 1200l and the fucceeding thunder claps.

The tower notwithttanding repated advertisemenes, has of the venerable church of St. Mary Redo never been till this time heard of. More cliff received considerable injury.

than 50ɔl. it seems has been diflipated ; and The same itorm was very severely felt in thus, by an act of Providence, she remain, Bath, and in other parts of Somerset; and der will, it is hoped, revert to the hands of seems to have been general, as it was very the owner. Seven wieks have now expired violenie at Derby, Leicefter, Worcefter, since the body of the fupposed culprit has Reading, &c.-Anill that food on an been commitied to the earth ; and on Wed, eminence a few miles from Salisbury was set nesday last a gentleman arrived here from pa fire by the lightning, and reduced to London, who had been many years particuaftes.

larly acquainted with him, for the purpose À letter from Chelter, dated jan. 12, of having him taken out of the grave, iq savs, " About twelve months ago a person order, it possible, to prove the identity of cadre here for the purpose of reliding in this his person, and yesterday he let out for pari of the c-untry, and took a house at Bromborough, ihe place of the interment, Chiider Thornton, a village on the Liverpool to go through the disagreeable part of the road, a fw miles from this ciry, which he buliness. It seems that he had changed his furnished in'a moderate stile, and engaged name, and his hand-writing of the hignature 2 wolnjn of this place to serve him in the of the will, as tcttator, is lo much altered, capacity of a housekeeper : He had not been that the gentleman cannot swear to it. in this fuation more than nine iņonths, bc- Extract of a letter from Chejle, Jin. 24. fore he was attacked by a violent indisposi- “ Friday lalt te body of the man who tion, which carried him off in about thirty some time ago died at Childcr Thornton days. Immediately on the approach of fick and who was said to have cloped from neis he made his will, and let the whole of London, with property belonging to his his personal property to his faid housekeep- mailer, an eminent hop-facts, to the er, although an entire ftranger to himn. amount of 1,2001) was taken out of the fhort time after his decease the woman came grave,

and positively sworn to by a persoa to this city, and very properly lodged 14 who came for that purpole." bank-notes (amounting to 6101.) in the hands

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JAN. 21.

cealed themselves, called all hands froin the THE Sessions of Oyer and Terminer and yawl, which lay along-lide, to the number was held at the Old-Bailey, when two pri- cutiales, seized the master and crew of the foncrs were trięd, viz. William Shaw Hines, Swift, took them out lo sea, and putting for piratically fcizing, taking, and failing them in a boat, left them to fhilt for chemaway with a cuiter or vesel called the Swili, selves. - Immediately after his trial he reia the service of the Customs, on the 6th of ceived sentence of death. March, 1781. It appeared

on the trial, that 27. The Ambaslador from Tripoli was the prisoner belonged to a smuggling yawl, presented to his Majeily, when he delivered wmmanded by one Knight, and being de- his credentials, and was most graciously rescried by the Swilt cruizer, in the Mullet, ceived. He brought over with him as a about three leagues from the coast of Ellex, ' present to the King, from the Bey his master, Rave chace, came up with and hailed the a very rich saddle, with stirrups of steel maiter on board : the Swift proceeded to double gilt, the breast-plate of embossed take the cargo of the yawl on board, when gold, and a bridle of curious workmanship. Hincs finding that the crew of the yawl were Mr. Charles Price, alias Patch, late a fupcrior to those in the Swift, but had con- Loltery.office kceper, formerly an altornev

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who was apprehended on the 14th inftant at Address was unanimously voted to his Grac Mr. Aldus's, a pawnbroker in Berwick- the Lord Lieutenant, Atreet, for forging the Bank of England's A letter from Botton, dated Dec. 1, says Dotes, hanged bimfelf on the 24th in Tothil- " Late last Friday evening, after a long de fields Bridewell, there being only ten days bate, the Honourable the Senate negatire from his apprehension to his dissolution, che Bill fent up from the Lower House, te When the keeper of the prison cut him pealing all laws respecting the Refugees o down, he found in his breast three letters ; every description." one addressed to the Directors of the Bank, Feb. 3. This morning were taken from wherein he confeiled every thing concerning New gaie, ivo convicts under sentence a the forgery, as well as the manner of putting transportation about 50 of whom had beer off the nutes ; another to his wife, written capitally convicted, and received his Ma in a most affecting ityle ; and one to the jelly's mercy on that condition), and being keeper of the prison, thanking him for the put in waggons, set off on their journey to humanity he had thewn him. The Coroner's Portsmouth, where they are to be put os Inquett brought in their verdict Self-Murder, board the Firm. and he was put into the ground in the fields, 7. About twenty minutes past three and a itake driven through his body. He o'clock this morning, a fire was discovered was 52 years of age. - His firit attack on the by a constable on his duty at Aldermanburg Bank was about the year 1780, when a watch-house ; he immediately went into forged note had been taken there, so com- Balinghall-street, where he found the flames plece in all its parts, the engravings, the figo issued from a part of Guildhall; heroes natures, the witer-marks, &c. that ii palied and knocked for some time before he could through various hands unsuspected, and was rouse the watchmen, and on their opening pot discovered till it came to a certain de- the goles, it was discovered that the Chain. partment in the routine of that office, and berlain's old dwelling-house (which was ihrough which no forgery can pass undisco. under repair) was burning. The are caught vered. This occafioned a coulderable the Chamberlain's office, which, together alarm, and noies upon volcs flowed in about with the house, ne a short time were totally the Lottery and Christmas times, without contumed; and we are sorry to add, bui the leait pollibility of tracing out the first few of the Chamberlain's books are lared, negovator. Var ous consultations were held, Luckily the Treasury received no damage. various plans laid, and innumerable were The house of Medl, Wakefield and Bell rethe efforts of detection, but in vain-they ceived considerable damrge. were traced up to one man from every quar- The Guildhall of the City of London was tei, always disguiled, always inacceflible; first insured in the year 1776 for 50ool. and and, we will venure pronounce, the forger the Surveyors belonging to the Sun Eire would have remained much longer a secret Ofice, the next day made a report of the but for the unwearied attention and cool dainages done by the fire amounting te collidted plans of Mr. Clark, a public ofhi- 30001. cer at Bow-treet. Mr. Price engraved his The Chamberlain at a Court of Common own plates; he made his own paper, with Council assured the Court, shat nothing the water-marks, and he was his own nego. very material was lost in the above fire that tiator, thereby confining a secret to his own reipected the accounts of the City; but that breast, which he wisely deemed not safe in the books of the entry of freemen were the breast of another; cven Airs. Price had destroyed, which may prove of great incon. not the kait knowl:dge or suspicion of his venience, because they have frequently been proceedings. The counterfeited copper-plates adunitted as evidence by Lord Mansfield were found under ground, in a field near and the Lord Chancellor. Tottenhan-court-road, the turf being re- Their High Mightinelles the States-Geneplaced upon the ipot,

ral of the United Provinces have appointed There were found in a box belonging to

March the 1st to be observed over all their Price, two artificial noles, very curioully dominions as a day of falling and prayer. executed in imitation of nature. Thele, it

At the Court at St. James's. the 13th day of is obvious, he occasionally wore as a part of

February, 1766, the various inodes of his difguise; and by

PRESENT which difguise he rad most astonishingly, The KING's Moft Excellent Majesty in such a length of time, eluded jullice.

Council. 31. A debate took place on the 19th init. in the Irish House of Commons, upon a

SHERIFFS appointed by his Majesty in

Council for the Year 1786. motion of amendment to the Address of his

Berkshire. William Poyniz, of Midgbam, Majesty, made by Mr. Flood ; but Mr.

Esq. Orde afsuring the House, that nothing in the Bedfordthirc. Matthew Rugely, of Porton, Speech or Address tended to revive the com

Esq. mercial resolutions, the original motion

Bucks. Thomas Wilkinson, of Westhorpe, paited without alteration; atoer which an




Cumberland. Sir James Graham, of Ne-, Cardigan. John Martin, of Alltgoch, Esq. therby, Bart.

Glamorgan. Thomas Drake Tyrwhit, ol St. Cheshire. Henry Cornwall Legh, of High- Donate's Castle, Esq. Legh, Esq.

Pembroke. William Knox, of slebetch, Esq. Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire. John Radnor. Bridgwater Meredith, of Glirow, Drage, of Sohan, Esq.

Esq. Devon hire. Alexander Hamilton, of Top

NORTHW A L E S. Sham, Esq.

Angielea. Arthur Owen, of Bodowys Illa, Dorsetshire. Henry William Portman, of Esq. Bryanslone, Esq.

Carnarvon. John Griffith, of Tryfan, ETq. Derbyshire. Robert Dale, of Alhborne, Esq. Denbigh. Philip Yorke, of Erthing, Esq. Llex. John Jolliffe Tuffnall, of Great Flint. John Edwards, of Kelsterton, Esq. Haliham, Esq.

Merioneth, Griffith Price, of Braich y cena Gloucestershire. Charles Coxe, of Kemble, nant, Esq. Ela.

Montgomery. Richard Rocke, of Trefnan. Hertfordshire. Jeremiah Mills, of Pithio.

ney, Esq. bury, Esq.

PRINCE of WALES's Council. Hereford Shire. Sir Edward Boughton, of

County of Cornwall. Vowchurch, Bart.

At a Council of his Royal Highness the Kent. Thomas Hallet Hodges, of Hump- Prince of Wales, held at Carlton-House, the fied, Esq.

8ih of February, 1786, Michael Nowell, of Leicestershire. William Herrick, of Beau- Falmouth, Esq. was appointed Sheriff for manor, Esq.

the County of Cornwall for the year 1786, Liocoluthire. 'Daniel Douglas, of Folking- by his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales ham, Esq.

in Council. Monmouthshire. Robert Salusbury, of Lan.

The long-contested cause between the vie wern, Era.

car of Odiham, in Hampshire, plaintiff, and Non humberland. James Allgood, of Nune

the Chancellor of Sarum, and the others the wich, Esq. Northamptonshire. Isaac Pocock, of Big- termined by the Judges of the Exchequer ia

impropriators, defendants, was finally degia, Elg.

favour of the vicar, by his having a prescripNortolk. Francis Lung, of Spixworth, Esq; tive right to all small tithes, though he could Nouinghamshire. Anthony Hartshorne, of

not bring an endowment. By this decision, Hayton, Esq.

the right of the in'erinr clergy to the tithes Oxfordhire. Joseph Grote, of Badgmore, of clover-feed, turnip-feed, and all small E'q.

tithes whatever, is at last settled. Ratlandshire. Thomas Baines, of Upping

Mr. Stodhart, from the tax-office, has made ham, Esq.

a report to the tax-office Commiflioners at Shropshire. Sir Robert Leighton, of Loton,

Guildhall, that the shop-tax is not intended Bart.

to be levied on the keepers of taverns, cofSondersetshire. James Stephens, of Camer

fcé-houses, or public-houses, they being al100, Esq.

d'eady heavily taxed by way of license. 8:2ffordshire, Thomas Parker, of Park

The Emperor, by an edict dated Jan. 4, Hall, Elq.

1786, has laid an additional duty of three Suffolk. James Sewell, of Strutton, Esq.

per cent. on iron and feel works imported County of Southampton. Thomas Clarke

into his dominions, and on musical inltruJervoile, of Belnions, Esq. Sursy. Theodore lienry Broadhead, of Car

11. Came on in the Court of King'sfhaltın, Esq.

Bench, at Westminiter, the trial of thirteen 111cx. Fraocis Surgison, of Cuckfield, E!q.

persons, prisoners in the King's-Bench, for W's: wickshire. John Taylor, of Bordesley,

à design to blow up the wall of the prison, F.12.

and to escape from thence, on the 14th of Worcestershire. George Perrott, of Pershore, August lait. It was a trial at bar * before the Efq.

four Judges, and a Special Jury, on an in, thire. Seymour Wroughton, of East

formation (at the suit of the King) filed ex cott, Eig. Yorkshire. 'Richard Langley, of Wikeham- officio by the Attorney-General. The indict.

inent was laid againit them for a conspiracy Abbey, Elg.

and misdemeanor, and after a very long trial SOUTH WALE S.

they were all sound Guilty. Bitcon. Edward Watkins, of Llandilor

13. Being the lait day of Hilary Term, $ane, Esq. Carmarthen. John Lewis, of Llwynyfortune, fons found guilty lait Friday of a conspiracy

the Court or King's Bench ordered the pesEία.

in the King's Bench Prison to be brought to A triai at Bar is so called in contra distinction to a trial at Nisi Prius, the Court coniftsog of the four Judges and a Jury. A Court of Nig Prius, where only one Judge attends, 220t the Court of King's Bench, although the fitting is on the same spot.



the bar, when the following sentences were ta, as also by M. de Foilye, Knight of Si. passed, - That the prisoners Bogue, Boylon, Louis and Captain Commandant in the Keene, and Whitehead, be imprisoned for regiment of Poitou. three years in Newgate, and that they each M. de Launay, King's attorney for the do give severally two bundred pounds in le- municipal body, then addressed M. Blancurities for their good behaviour during life. chard in the following terms : - That Sylvefter, Pocock, and Leech be “ We are proud of the honour, Sir, of confined in the Surrey Bridewell for two having you here at the same day and hour years, and that they give two hundred on which you alighted last year; but the pounds security in the same manner. - That light of this Column, and the inscription Yamnolet, Jordan, Willon, Oríborn, Town- given for it by the Academy, forbid all fhend, and Barnet, be confined in the New compliment. This monument, and the act Gaol for two years, and that they each give of its inauguration, which we are now gosecurity in iwo hundied pounds for their ing to sign jointly with you, Sir, will supply good behaviour.- The prisoners were can- its place. Both will last to the most remote ducted to their respective places of confine- potterity. Both will immurtalize the mr. ment, under a proper guard of marshalmen, mory of the first Aeronaut who had the gaolers, and their affittants.

courage to cross the seas, and both will hear 15. A person of the name of Lewis stood witness to the just admiration, with which on the piilory in the New Palace Yaid, we regard an event that will form the most Westminster, for perjury: Report having glorious epocha in this century.' propagated, that the public were to be

M. Blanchard's gra

reply was as follows : tified by the exhibition of a certain Arior

" Gentlemen, ney, now under sentence for the same crime; “ This Column, the valuable bint of your this drew together a much greater concoursé love for the Arts, the infeription with which of people, than in all probability would it has been honoured by the Academy, say have attended Lewis on any occasion. every thing for you, Gentlemen, and say

Same morning the following malefactors much more than I have deserved; but how were brought out of Newgate, and executed Mall I acquit myself? what terms shall I use on a scaffold facing the Debtors' door, viz. to express my admiration of and gratitude William Cowell Davis, for forging and uita for a treatment equally noble and generous ? tering an order for the payment of 671. 7s.6d. Silence and respect, Gentlemen, must be my on Sir William I. mon and Co. bankers, only reply." purporring to be the order of James Brants The Clék then read the Act of Inaugura. eombe, with an intent to defraud him ; tion, and received the signatures ; atler William Shovell and William Collier, for a which the company returned to Guilies, burglary in the house of William Sinith, where the Mayor and Eschevins had caused and Itealing a crown picce and two dollars, a very magnificent entertainment to be prin a guinea, and four iable-spoons; Williain vided; after which there was a bail; the Fox, alias Jagger, for dealing in the dweils Noblesse and principal inhabitants, as well ing-houle of Samuel Lefley, in Carolina- as a number of foreigners who had atended court, Saffron-hill, feveral lilver (poons, two at the inauguration, were tharors of the fef. silver falis, twelve shirts, and other apparel; tivity: Among others were two gentlemen and John Callahan, for robbing James who had accompanied M. Blanchard in his Hales on the highway, at Salıpetre-bank, of

aerial voyages, viz. the Cheval er L'Epinard, a hat and handkerchief.

and M. «'Nonitthun, an officer in the legion The same morning William Shaw Hines of Maillebuis. was carried from Newgate in a cari, attend

The only ornament of the hail was a pored by the proper officers, the lilver oar being

trait of M. Blanchard, with a fide view of carried before him to Execution-dark, where

the Column, in a medallion cncircled by a he suffered according to his sentence, for

myrile wreath, and surrounded by a croun piratically entering and failing away with

of Taurel, with this infcription, written by his Majesty's cutter the Switi, John Fair.

M. de Laplace, ci izen of Calais : head, commander.

Autant que le Franceis l'Anglois fue intrepike, Particulars of the Ceremony offered at the In- i ous les deux ont piane jufya'uu plus huwi ucs auguration of the Colunin eretled in the Fo.

airs, 94 of Guisnes, to the Honour of Mr. Blun- Tous les deux, sans Nuaire, ont fratersé les chard.

ON the 7th of January, at three o'clock, Mais la France a produit l'inventeur et le guide. P. M. the Magistrates of the town of Gul Th’Eglish and Frenchman have like cou. He's, with M. de Guilelain de Bienathile, Mayor ard Sindic of the Noble of the Both through th' aerial tracks Sublime have district of Calais, proceeded to the Coluinn flowni which had been erected in the King's forest, Without a ship both crossd the dangʻious where they found M. Blanchard, accompanied by the Viscount Deland.oudin, Cham- But France produc'd the insentor and the berlain to the Emperor pod Knight of Mala .guide.

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rage thewn;


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JAN. 30.

William Newman, Esq. to be Alderman R

ICHARD Fitzherbert, Esq. to the of Farringdon Ward within.

office of Serjeant. Trumpeter, in the The Rev. Dr. Burnaby, rector of Greenroom of Joseph Probart, Erq. deceased, wich, to the Archdeaconry of Leicester.

Admiral Barrington, to be Lieutenant The Rev. H. Toity, M. A. of ChristGeneral of Marines, vacant by the death of church, Oxford, and the Rev. J. Walmesley, Admiral Sir Thomas Pye.

M A. fellow of St. John's, Cambrilge, to The dignity of a Baronet of the King. be Chaplains in ordinary to his Royal Highness dom of Great Britain to John Sinclair of Ulb- the Prince of Wales. fter, in the county of Caithness, Esq. and Mr. Joseph Fry and Sons to be letter-founthe heirs male of his body lawfully begot- ders to his Royal Highness the Prince of ten; with remainders severally to the first Wales. and every other son and sons successively of Mr. John Stephens, to be Yeoman BeaHannah Sinclair, his eldest daughter, and of dle of Physic and Arts at Oxford. Janet Sinclair, another of his daughters, and John Chrichloe Turner, Esq. High-Sheriff their respective heirs male.

of Cambridge and Huntingdon, to the ho. Sir John Parnell, Bart. Chancellor of the nour of knighthood. Exchequer in Ireland, to be one of his Ma- The Hon. John Elliot, James Boswello jety s M ft Hon. Privy Council in that king and William Dowdeswell, Esqrs. to the rank dom.

of Barristers at Law. Benjamin Pingo, Esq. Rouge Dragon Pur. Thx Rev. Henry Bates, D. D. to the recfuivant of Arms, to be York Herald of tory of Butwell, Suffolk. Arns, vice George Fletcher, Esq. decealed.

M ARR LAGES, FEBRUARY 1786. APTAIN Cooper, of the army, to Miss wick, to Mrs. Tharratt, of Half-moon-ftreet

Gambier, Daughter of Admiral Gam- Piccadilly. bier.

Mr. Staples, B.inker, in London, to Miss Egerton Bridges, Esq. of St. Lawrence, Bates, daughter of the late Alderman Bates. Kent, to Miss Byrch, daughter of the Rev. The Rev. Richard Fawceti, clerk of the Mr. Byrch, of Canterbury.

parish church in Leeds, lo Miss M. BainThe Rev. Mr. Myers, of Edenham, in brigge, of Headingley. Lincolnshire, to Miss Fox, of Cambridge, Clement Francis, Esq. to Miss Charlotte with a furtune of more than 10,000l. Burney, daughter of Dr. Burney.

Dr. Sims, of Lawrence lane, Cheapfide, Henry Drummond, Esq. to Miss Dundas, to Miss Ann Stock, daughter to Thomas daughter of Mr. Dundas, lace Lord Advocate Stock, Esq. of Birch-Anger, in Eifex. of Scotland.

The Rev. Borlace Wiilock, of Blackburn, The Hon. Mr. Petre, son of Lord Petre, to in Lancashire, lo Miss Peel, only daughter of the niece of the Earl of Surrey. Robert Peel, Esq. of Burton-lipon Trent. The Rev. Wm. Uppleby, vicar of Woo

The Rev. Alexander Lichtield, rector of ton, Lincoloshire, to Miss Margaret Midgley, Noke, to Miss Martha Bridgwater, of Illip, of Beverly. Oxfordshire.

Licui. Paulus Emilius Irving to the Hon. Joseph Thomas Lockyer, Esq. of Ilve- Lady Elizabeth St. Lawrence, Daughter to cheiter, to Miss Shapton, of Upottery, De. the Earl of Howth,

Juho Pardoe, jun. Esq. Member for PlympFrancis Edward Hollyoak, Esq. of War. ton, to Mits Oliver, Daughter of Thomas

Oliver, Esq. of Layton, in the County of Eflex. MONTHLY OBITUARY, FEBRUARY 1786. Jan. 10.

several persons who had been bitten by a RS. Ann Bland, of Kippax-park, mad dog.

22. Daniei Garnault, Ery. of Bull Cross, At Larigton in the Wolds in Yorkshire, near Enfield, aged 109, Esther Richardion.

23. Lately the Rev. Mr. Morton, of East. 21. At St. Jean de Luz in France, M. gate. He held the livings of Hykeham and de Cherifley, who for his botanical knowledge Botham, near Lincoln, and of Oxendon, in was stiled the second Galen, and who hy a Nostumptonshire. plant called the Star of the Earth, cured Europ, Mac,




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