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PREFERMENTS, March 1786. "HE dignity of a Marquis of the king


Mr. John Pringle, to be Commissary Clerk Granville Levesop, Earl Gower, Knight of Mrs. Georgiana Herbert, to be one of her the Most Noble Order of the Garter, and Majesty's Bedchamber-women, vice Mrs. the heirs male of his body lawfully begot- Boughton, dec. ien, by the name, ftile and title of Marquis Charles Dillon, Esq; now called Charles of the county of Stafford.

Dillon Lee, to be of the Most Honourable The Right Hon. Wm. Lord Craven to be Privy Council of the kingdom of Ireland. his Majesty's Lieutenant and Custos Rotulo- The Earl of Wycombe, eldeft son of the rum ot the county of Berks.

Marquis of Lansdown, to be Member for The Rev. John Fither, M. A. one of his High Wycombe, Bucks, in the room of Majesty's Chaplains in Ordinary, to be a Lord Mahon. Canon or Prebendary of his Majesty's Free Commodore Keith Stuart to be Colle&tor Chapel of St. George in the Caitle of Wind- of the Land Tax in Scotland. lor, vice Rev. Dr. John Bostock, deceased *. Mr. Boscawen to be a Commissioner of the

Francis Knight, Esq: 10 be one of the Sur- Cuftoms, vice Montague Burgoync, Elq; geons Extraordinary to his Majesty's House- religned. hold.

John Charles Crowle, Esq; to be Mafter Daniel Gib, Elg; late Surgeon in Extraor- of the Revels in Ordinary to his Majesty, dinary, to be Surgeon in Ordinary to his vice Solomon Dayrolle, Esq; dec. Majesty's Household, in the rooi of Charles John Elliot, Esq; to be Governor and Hawkins, Elq: promoted.

Commander in Chief of the Thand of NewJames Earle, Esq; of Hanover-square, to foundland, and of the lands of Madelaine be Surgeon Extraordinary to his Majesty's in the Gulph of St. Lawrence. Household.

The Hon. Ariana Margaret Egerton to be The Duke of Hamilton and Brandon, to one of her Majesty's Bedchamber-women, be one of the Knigh's of the Most Ancient vice Mrs. Blood worth, dec. and Moft Noble Order of the Thiftle.

The Rev. Thomas King, to a Prebendal Johnson Newman, Elg; to be Consul for stall, at Canterbury, vice Dr. Thomas Tanthe Empress of Ruflia at the town of Hull.

ner, dec.


Princess, on the 15th of February, at Petersburgh.

Her Siclian Majesty, of a Princess, on the 18th of February.

The Countess of Balcarras, of two sons.

March 1786.

The Countess of Westmoreland, of a daughter.

Lady Cadogan, of a daughter.
The Countess of Salisbury, of a daughter

. The Countess of Abingdon, of a daughter.

MARRIAGES, MARCH 1786. "HE Hon. Frederick Lumley, to Miss to Mrs. Simpson, niece to Lady Robinson


John Sanders, Esq. of Mortlake, in Suriye Benjamin Parry, Esq. Treasurer of Lin. to Miss Martha Kebbel, of Lullingstonc. colo's-Inn, and Member for Caernarvon,

* Dr. Bottock obtained the Canonry of Windsor without a patron, and without the least prospect, in the carly part of his life, of attaining to it. When a Minor Canon of Windsor, at the crisis ot a contested election for that borough, between Mr. Rowley and the late Mr. Fox, aficrwards Lord Holland, it happened that Dr. Balthazar Rezis, Canon, died. Dr. Bostock, then Vicar of New Windfor, went to Mr. Fox, flattered him with the great alistance he could lend him, but, knowing the nicety on which the electica hung, told him such aftillance depended on his procuring him the vacant Itall: Mr. la having drawn on ihe Treasury to the extreme, and knowing that a fingle vote was of the utmolt consequence, fent express to the Minister, to inform him, that unless Mr. Boflock was appointed Canon he thrould lose his feat for Windsor. The meilenger brought back, the tidings of the reverend gentleman's preferment. Mr. Fox did get his election, bul save his own single vore, little advantage further was made of Mr. Boltock's promise. He enjoyed it near thirty years, and may be said through life to have been the most lucky man that ever entered into it. He lucceeded the late Mr. Burchett in the rectory of Clewer, and on the death of Bilhop Ewer, was, by the Dean and Chapter appointed to the living of Illey.

of Pants rewig.

At Hackney, the Rev. Johnson Towers, David Brandon, Esq. of London, to Miss to Miss Jones, of Clapton.

Ximenes, daughter of David Ximenes, Esq. The Rev. Mr. Timothy Kendrick, to of Bere-place in Berks. Miss Mary Weymouth.

Mr. Joseph Taylor, banker, of Lynn, to Lewis Buckle, Esq. Captain of the Blues, Miss Walker, of Balinghall-Atrect. to Miss Bachelor.

At Marchefter, Dr. Win. Auften, physic John Burford, Esq. to Miss Lucy Elfden, cian of Oxford, to Miss Margaret Allenson, of Lynn.

niece of the Rev. Dr, Barker, late Princia The Rev. W. Evans, of Towycastle, to pal of Brazen-Nose-College. Mrs. Rees, widow of the late John Rees, Esq. Joshua Crompton, Esq. of York, to Miss

Rookes, of Elholt. At Edinburgh, Daniel M Gregor, Esq. Richard Wilsford, Esq. of Pontefract, to Capt. in the Hon. Eaft-India Company's Miss Myddleton, of Acworth. service, to Miss Ano Austin, eldest daughier The Rev. Mr. Crossland, of Collton Baro of the late Dr. Adain Auttin, physician. set, to Miss Sarah Howe, of Langar, Not

John Harbin, Esq. of Dorleilire, to Miss tinghamshire. Bagley, 'f Mortlake, Surry.

The Rev. Henry Kitchingham, of Alno Thomas Hartley, É.g. of London, to Miss in Yorkshire, to Miss S. Knowler, youngest Parkes, daughter of the late Reuben Parker, daughter of the late Rev. Dr. Knowler, of Efq. cf Melton Mowbray, in Leicestershire. Chipping Warden, Northamptonthire.

Joleph Birch, Esq. to Miss E. M. Hey- At Prestwich, Cheshire, the celebrated wood, third daughter of Benj. Heywood, dwarf Matthew Weston, only thirty-one Esq. of Liverpool.

inches high, to Ann Thompson, of that Walter Bagnall, Esq. of Southampton, to place. They are each in their 24th year. Mrs. Chambers, widow of the late John Ac Edinburgh, the Earl of Hadington, to Chambers, Efq. of Belle-Vue.

Miss Gascoigne. Edward Stephenson, Esq. son of Row- At Paris, Sir William Dick, Bart. of land Stephenson, Esq; of Queen-square, Lon. Prestonfield, to Miss Joanna Douglas. don, to Miss Strickland, daughter of "he late At Beccles in Suffolk, Robert Rich, Esq. Cha. Strickland, Esq. of Sizergh, in Welt- of Trinity-College, Cambridge, to Miss morelaad.

Furnish, of York. Wm. Dowson, Esq. one of his Majesty's Sir Bourchier Wrey, Bart. of Tavistock Juftices for Surry, to Mrs. Merry, of Haver- in Devonshire, to Miss Paik, daughter of Sir ingwell, in E flex

Robert Palk, of Halden-house, Devon. Capt. Griffiths Cannon, to Miss Mary Comte de Gralle, who has been iwice a Doblon, of Greenwich.

widower, co Mademoiselle Sibon, who is Lewis Montolicu, Esq. of Hanover-square, about thirty years of age, and daughter to to Miss Maria H. Heywood, daughter of the Malthese charge des Affaires at the J. M. Heywood. Esq. of Marillow, Devon. Court of France, MONTHLY OBITUARY, MARCH 1786.

ATELY at Ravenstone, in Leicester- intended, and in such perfc&t good-humour, that parish. He might be said to die in his picture by one of the best peomen in the profession, for he lost his life by a cold neighbourhood. which he caught in a grave made for one of FZB. 19, at Glasgow, Capt. Henry Moore, bis grand-daughters. In his yoth year he of the 27th regiment of fooi. married a young woman of the parish for 20. Mr. Samuel Mence, one of the Genhis third wife, (aged about 20) by whom he tlemen of his Majesty's Chapel Royal, și. had one child. He had a numerous issue by James's, and one of the Lay Vicars of the his former wives.

Cathedral Church of Litchfield. Lately at Olwestry, in Shropshire, Mr. 94. Ac Brodie House, in Scotland, Lady Thomas Vernon, an eminent land- lurveyor, Margaret Brodie. and agent to several families in that neigh- 25. At Beverley, in Yorkshire, aged 97, bourhood. In his person and manners he

Richard Sompes, Elq. resembled the present Chancellor; which The Lady of S. P. Wolverstan, Esq. of occaíoned a friend, on bis sending him the Stadfold-hall in Stafford thie. Chanceller's picture, to write the following In India, Mr. John Maxwell Stone, Chief lines at the bottom of it, Mr. Vernon being of Ganjam. This gentlemian formed a part at that time Major of Ofweltty.

of Lord Pigot's Council at Madras, and took Ol manners mild, of aspect sweet, an active part in favour of that unfortunate Behold Lord Thurlow comes to greet

nobleman. Olweltria's far-fam'd Mayor;

26. At Fulsord, Thomas Barstow, Esq. For in him too the graces line,

who served the office of Lord Mayor of York Al once that polith and refine,

io 1778. And make the inan a bear.

Al Preston, in Lancashire, in the 31st year These lines were takca by him as they were

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last, p. 49.

of his age, Mrs. Lockhart, late (pouse of Mr. Broach, master of the St. Alban's Gen. Lockhart, of Carnwath, in Scotland. Tavern.

Lately at Benwick, in the Idle of Ely, Da- Miss Eyre, daughter of the Rev. Mr. vid Burgess, Esq.

Eyre, Refidentiary of York, and grandLately at Medhurst, Miss Robson, only daughter of Dr. Prescott, late Malter of daughter of the late Rev. Robert Robson, Catherine Hall, Cambridge. Rector of Steadham, with Heyshot and MARCH 1. In Martin's-lane, Cannon. Merston, in Sussex.

street, Mr. Frederick Standert, wine-merLately Dr. Philip de la Cour, an old, but chant. unfortunate Licentiate of the College of Phy- Mrs. Boughton, one of the Bed-chamber facians, of the Jewish religion, some time an Women to her Majesty, and mother to Sir eminent physician at London and Bath. Edward Boughton, Bart. She was daughter

Mrs. Wright, the celebrated modeller in of the Hon. Algernon Greville. wax. She was one of the most extraordi- Lately in Ireland, the Rev. Dr. Stratford, nary characters of the age, as an artist, and author of the tragedy of Lord Rullel, acted as a profound politician: in an early prriod at Drury-lane in ihe summer of 1784. He of life the gave strong indications of a lingu. also wrote a poem called Fontenoy, and lar talent for taking likencsles in wax, and translated part of Milton into Greek. did not fail to take heads of some of the Lately at Cambridge, the Rev. Mr. Brunleading Americans, at the commencement dish, Fellow of Caius College, and author of the American contest, in which her ia- of the Elegy in our Magazine of January mily became much injured. At rather an advanced age she found herself greatly disa The Rev. Mr. Woodroffe, Re&tor of tressed by the ravages of the civil broils oc- Cranham in Ellex. cafioned by the councils and inftruments 3. Owen Ridley, Esq. late a Colonel in which the Minister of England employed, the East-India service. and the old lady, both dillrefled and en

At Theobald's, Hertfordshire, aged 75, raged, quitted her native country with a de- Anthony Keck, Esq. Senior Serjeant at Law. termination of serving it in Britain. She At Durham, the lady of Francis Far. added to the most famous Americans the quharson, Esq. of Monaltrie. heads of the English molt diftinguished at Lately, at Durslev, in Gloucestershire, that time for opposition to Lord North's aged 87, Edward Webb, near fifty years measurrs; and as her reputation drew a very Crver of that town. Until within a short great variety of people of all ranks to see the time of his death he frequently walked forty marvellous productions of her ing nuity, she miles a-day, foon found out the avenues to get informa- 4. Mrs. Mary Stonhouse, Sfter of Sir tion of almost every design which was agi- James Stonhouse, Bart. of Radley, in the tated or intended to be cxecuted in America,

county of Berks. and was the object of the most entire confi- At Worcester, Mrs. Dunster, widow of the dence of Dr. Franklin and others, with Rev. Mr. Dunster, and daughter of the whom the corresponded, and gave infor- Rev. Mr. Inett, formerly Prebend of Wore mation during the whole war. As soon as a

celter. General was appointed to go cut to mount At Railson, in Leicestershire, aged 82, the tragi-comic stage in America, from the Dr. Bentley, Rector of that parish, and SeCommander in Chief to the Brigadier, The nior Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. instantly found some access to a part of the He was a near relation of the celebrated cris family, and discovered the number of troops tic Dr. Bentley, formerly Master of that to be employed, and the ends of their ex- society. In the year 1748, when his Grace pair otic destination. The late Lord Chat- the late Duke of Newcastle was inftalled ham paid her several visis, and was pleased Chancellor of that University, Mr. Bentley with the simplicity of her manners, and was Senior Proctor, and had the degree of very deep understanding. She took his like- Doctor of Divinity conferred on him; and ness, which appears in the Abbey of West- being particularly noticed by his Grace, be minfter; and though she had been in France, became his patron, and through his intereit and much caressed by the political geniuffes obtained the valuable rectory of Nailitone, of that kingdom, yci at the cod of the war which he held for near forty years. By his The was so fingularly attached to England, will he has left to Trinity College a great that she was conftanily emplo; ed to enforce many valuable MSS. among which are the forgiveness among her country people.whom copy of the New Testament in Greek and The advised for the future to look to England Latin, as prepared by Dr. Bentley (the forin preference to France for trade and al- mer Mafter) for a new edition, but never liance.

published, with all the original collations, 38. Mr. Stephen Boone, surgeon, at in seven small volumes, and three folio roSunbury.

lumes. Also a copy of Homer, by H. SteAt Saling Grove, in Efex, the lady of phens, which was corrected by the said Dr. Joho Yeldnam, Esq.

Bentley, throughout, for a ncw edition, to





gether with various notes, Alin another

In Craven-street, L. D. Nelme, late MS. of his in quarto, concerning the Æolick Secretary to the Society for the Relief of In-, Digamma; together with his Helychius and folvent Debtors. In 1772 he publiihed Hepbcftion, both in quarto, with many of “ An Elly towards an Investigation of she bis nnies and emendations throughout. Origin and Elenants of Language and Let

Lately at Worcester, Mr. Gwynn, archi- ters, that is, Sounds and Symbols." 419. teat, of that city

Lately, at Oxford, the Rev. Zachary 5. Ai Clapham, John Wilson, Esq. for- Langton, M. A. formerly a member of merly a grocer in St. Paul's Church-yard, St. Mary Hall, who had belonged to the and many years one of his Majesty's Com- University seventy years. milliers of Lieutenancy for the city of At Pomirei, in Yorkshire, William London.

Derham, Esq. William Smith, Esq. of Bradwell, many At Hadleigh, in Suffolk, in the 6th year years che most considerable land holder in the of his age, the Rev. Thomas Tanner, D. D. county of Essex.

Rector of that parish, and Monks Elleigh, In Park-strect, aged 79, Lady Penelope and Prebendary of Canterbury. Cholmondeley.

Capt. Gladwin, of Ipswich. The Rev. Thomas Marshall Jordan, Rec

Edward Bacon, Esq. of Brutontor of Barming in Kent and of Ilden in street, aged 73. He represented the city of Sussex, aged 73, after performing duty at Norwich in several Parliaments. church, and dining apparently in good Mrs. Alice Yarborough, in the 98th year health.

of her age. Sue was one of the annual pen6. At Bath, James Phipps, Esq. Member Soners on the Queen's lift, and was always for Peterborough.

remembered in che Royal Bounties. Her Mrs. Elizabeth Brooksbank, reliet of the husband was a German, and attended the late Rev. Joseph Brooksb ink, only surviving late King at Dettingen. fifter of John Soley, Esq. of Sandbarn, and Mrs. Wright, wife of G. Wright, Esq. grand-daughter of Bishop Lloyd.

of John-ftreet, Tottenhamcourt-road. Mrs. Spinks, wile of Mr. John Spinks, Wm. Stvle, Esq. Col. of the 3d regiment Sub-treasures of the Inner Temple.

of Foot, and Lieutenant-General in his MaLieut. Gavin, of the 101st regiment. jesty's service.

7. At Chevilling, near Sevinoaks, Kent, James Chauvell, Esq. Lieutenant-Colonel aged 72. the Right Hon. Philip Earl of of the Middlet x militia. Stanhope.

13. John Reeves, Esq. formerly an officer At Low Layton, Peregrine Bertie, E'q. in the Guards.

At Dudwick, in Scotland, in the 77th In Hart-freet, Covent-garden, John Dick, year of his age, Robert Fullerton, Lieuie- M. A. nant-General in the Rusiau service, and At Edinburgh, Licut. Col. James Flint, Knight of ine Order of St. Catherine. of the 251h regiment. At Richmond-Green, the Lady Viscoun

14. Mrs. Peachy, of Great Ormondtess Filzwill:am, widow of Lord Viscount ftreet, Queen-square, aged go. Fitzwilliam.

Mrs Bloodworth, one of the Queen's 8. Mrs. Elizabeth Wright, late of Mole- bedchamber women. ley, near Birmingham, wite of John Wrighi, Mr. Hughes, Clerk of his Majesty's beer Elq. of the Warwickshire Milicia.

cellar. John Bradby, of Bramble, near South- Wolfort Van Hemert, of Old Broad-strect, ampton, who had accumulated by farming Esq. aged 62 years. Dear 30,000l. the bulk of which he has leli 15. At Bath, the Countess Dowager of to his nephews and nieces; and has parti- Galloway. cularly devised to their children who should At Bath, George Burgess, Esq. be living at the time of his death, 4nol. each, At Arbuthuot House in Scotland, the and the interest thereof till they come of Conte's Dowager of Arbuthnot. age. One of his nieces was in labour when Lately, Mrs. Golleci, wife of Matthew be lay dying ; bui, very fortunately, the Gosteri, jur. Efq. child was born at half past three, and he did 16. Mr. John Shields, who many years not breathe bis last till about five the same kept a boarding school at lingion. morning

17. In Upper Seymour-street, the Coun9. At Edinburgh, in the 87th year of his

teľs of Furiers. age, the Rev. Mr. Dupont, Mviiter of the Henry M'cbb, Esq. of New Bond-street, French church in that city, of which his fa- formerly Attorney-General and Judge Ade ther and he had been pastors 104 years.

vocate of ihe Leeward IN.inds, aged 83. The Rev. Mr. Williams, Rector of Sher- Mrs. King, of Kensington-square, aged manbury aud Hoving, both in Sussex.

83. At Bath, Sir Christopher Whichcote, Mrs. Willis, of Sermon lane, Ductors Bart. of Aswarby, in the county of Lincoln.


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In Hanover-square, Solomon de la Rock, of his age, George Foster Duval, Esq. forEsq. aged upwards of 70.

merly a medical practitioner at Bath. Lately, at Bardsley in Nottinghamshire, lo Pallmall, the Lady of William Mr. John Lilley, Gent. aged 98, who about Lowndes Selby, Ely, of Window, Bucks. forty years ago retired from business to Bat- Lately, at Parkhall in Derbyshire, aged terfca.

91, Joseph Hague, Esq. formerly an emi. 18. Lady Whitworth, widow of Sir nent Turkey merchant in Lawrence-lane. Charles Whitworth.

24. Mr. Jo'n Dagge, solicitor in Chance At Kentish Town, Mr. Jacob Bonneau, ry, in King-street, Bloomsbury. teacher of drawing and perspective.

Robert Bromfield, M. D. F. R. S. 19 The Hon. Mr. Walier, daughter and 25. At York, Sir Thomas Davcoport, heiress of George Nevil Lord Abergavenny. Serjeant at Law.

At Bere Court, Berks, David Ximenes, 26. At his apartments at St. James's, Eig.

Revely, Esq. At Chesterton, Huntingdonshire, the Rev. On the 27th of January, on the coaft of Mr. Tench,

Africa, Edward Thompson, Esq. Comman20. Mrs. Seaman, widow of Dutcon Sea- der of the Grampus, and Commander-inman, Esq. latc Comptroller of the Chamber Chief of his Majesty's squadron on the count of London.

of Africa. John Heberder, Esq. Signer of the Writs J. Chevely, Esq. one of the Carltors for to ihe Court of King's-Beuch, and brother London and Middlesex. to Dr. Heberden.

27. Mr. John Obadiah Juftamond; F. R. S. Lately, at Cheltenham, in the 100th year and surgeon to the Weltminster Hospital.



B A N K R U P T S, MARCH 1786. THOMAS COTTON, of Great Yar- Yorkshire, merchant.

. bak on anda ugroces Grifths, of St. Georye, H vover-Square, Stephen Richardlon, late of All Saints, Ox. cheese-uronger. Nicholas Weatherby, of ford, tea dealer. Thomas Cooper, of AyulGatchead, in the county of Durham, wool. 'worth, in Lancashire, and John Pyott, of len.draper. John Milbourn, of Sunderland, Charlton Row, Lancashire, carriers and

Thomas Craig, of Penrith, fpirit- co-partners. Joseph Pegg, of Caverswall, mercant. Ifaac Soloman, of Bristol, linco- in s:affordshire, carrier. Frederick Flower, draper. Marlowe Sidney Marlowe, ! Little of the town of King ton-upon-Hull, grocer. Eallchear, tra.dealer. Joseph Langman, Fruncil Bazlington, of Red-lion-couri, of Gofwell-itreet-road, whilełmith. Joseph Charter-house-lane, Middlelex, money, Burks, of Newcastle-under-Lyne, carnier. forivener. Edward Thomas, of the town Anthony Schell, of Meeting-house-al ey, of Cardiff, Glamorgan fhire, thop-keeper. merchani. Wm. Bridge, of Bury in Lanca- Richard Read, and Joseph Brown, of fire, butcher. I'm. Bini, of Brilloi, fakuf- Fenchurch-street, London, corpfactors apd

Thomas Thredder, or Mary-le-hone- co-partners. Henry Cultcr, of Nottingham, trect, coach-maker. Charles Folding, of grocer. Henry Squire, of Swansea, GlaGrace-church-Atreet, London, mercer. Her- morganshire, ship-wright. John Mackreil, cules Hide, ot Bridgnorth, Shropihire, gin- of Eltead, Surrey, breeches-maker and Evan Evans, of Ilang mmarch, Bree

Elizabeth Tyler, of King-ftreet, copshire, dealer. Joseph Chades Clarkr, Tower-hill, Middlesex, merchant. John of Barnet, Herts, inc-keeper, wine and Proffer, of the Parish of Llanftephao, in ligeur ne chant. Ch.rics Thomas, oi Ber- ihr County of Radnor, and Henry Proffer, ryna bor, Devonaire, dime-burner. Joseph of the Parish of Bringwyn, in the said Coveti, of Wivesiscombe, Somersethire, County, dealers and co-partners. Joba clothier. Algail Martin and James Lafa- Trew, of Morden in Dorlet, bofier. Joseph bure, of Bloilom-floret, Norton Falgate, King, of Northampton, grocer, Richard

George Fiter, of Nottingham, Bancroft, of Liverpool, merchant. John dealer. Jane Jones in Ann Williams, of Mayo, of Devizes, linen draper. Richard Abergeley; in Denbighihire, drapers. Cha. Adams and Samuel Lay, of Old Fo din Gwiibes. Tate of th: City of Gloceiter, Middlesex, Callico printers. Richard dealer. Thy mas Bakeweil, of Charltown' Hutchinion, of Northumberland-firect, coal Row, in Lancashire, carrier. Michael merchant, Samuel Hallam, of Tiffington, Renwick, ol Liverpool, surgeon, apoi hecae in Durb, fire, cotton-manufaturer. Tho ry, and sealer in iron. William Mosley Bird, of Lower Mitton in Worcesteand James Malley, of Lyim, in Cheshire, shire, butcher. Henry Page, of Great cotton-manu'acturers. Stephen Lawsori, of Queen-freet, ironmonger. Karcherhithe, Surry, Corrier. Reuben shall, late of Gerard-Street, Soho, money. Clevels, of New Sarum, Wilis, lineno-dra- scrivener. John Williams, of Swansca, ia pir. George Pierce, of New Sarum, Wils, Glamorganshire, shop keeper. coalier. Bilderik Slack, of iceds,

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