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AN author I am, a true son of Apollo, “ No longer I their sweets inhale.
My merit is bigh tho' my pocket is low, « Farewell the fields of Avon's vale.
Such potions of Helicon's waters I swallow,

How oft' within yon vacant Nade
A dropsy will soon be my portion I trow.

Has evening closed my careless eye, With a rhyme,

How oft along those banks I've stray'd, Chime,

And watch'd the wave that wander'd by ;

Full long their loss I shall bewail-

Farewell the fields of Avon's vale.

Yet still within yon vacant grore,
Ditty, pastoral

To mark the close of parting day,
And a scribble,

Along yon flow'ry bank to rove,

And catch the wave that winds away ;

Fair fancy sure shall never fail,
I write fafter all,

Tho' far from these and Avon's vale,
Than the Pierian stream can flow,
Who wants an Epigram, Epithalamium,

6th. The Merchant of Venice was revived Acrostic, Elegy, or Rebus,

at Drury. lane, for the benefit of Mr. Kem. Prologue,

ble, Mrs. Sidcions performed Portia in a Epilogue,

manner to confute every idea of her inability Verses on a lap.dog ?

to excel in comedy. From the specimen For all such wares,

afforded us this night, we do not scruple to Up four pair of stairs,

say that she wants only to be seen in this line Repair to the son of Phoebus.

of her profession, to obtain equal applavec II.

with her tragick representations. Mr. King's * In Grub-street I live, on a floor next the Shylock, if compared with the admirable per. heavens,

formances of Mr. Macklin, or the late Mr. My station is high, tho' my pocket is Henderson, was despicable in the extreme, low,

Nothing but the all-grasping spirit of a ma. What tho' my affairs are at fixes and sevens, nager, desirous, like Bottom, of performing Wby many a Poet's before me was so;

every character, could tempi so valuable an With a rhyme,

actor to desert his own walk, where he is Chime, &c. &c.

entitled to every degree of applause, and risk

a reputation earned by a long and close atWe shall insert the following songs, by Mrs. tention to the bafineis of his profeffion. Mr.

Bannister, as specimens of the Poetry. Parsons, in Launcelot, gave the reins to DELUSIVE hope, heart. Soothing dream,

noise and buffoonery. Descend on Fancy's airy beam,

8th. The Foundling was revived at CoventAnd ope thy vistas to my mind;

garden, for the benefit of Mr. Lewis. The That joy beneath thy magic smiles,

part of Faddle was admirably represented by May banish pain with artful wiles,

him. Young Belmont by Mr. Holman, and And fair ideas pleasing rise.

Fidelia by Miss Brunton, were both defci

ent. In comedy they each want the natural Seducing Love, whose subtle skill,

...freedom and ease of expression which ought Whose melting pleasure's painful chrill

always to be found in representing the chaCan sooth or charm, or mad the mind;

racters of gentlemen and ladies. Mrs. War. With pity. smile upon thy Dave;

ren had more claims to approbation in RoThy vot'ry's heart from torture fare :

setta. Oh tyrant deity , be kind !

18th. The Plain Dealer was revived at SONG, sung by Mrs. Bannister.

Covent-garden, for the benefit of Mr. Ed

win. Manly by Mr. Wroughton, Jerry FAREWELL the fields of Avon's vale,

Blackacre by Mr. Edwin, and the Widow My infant years where fancy led, by Mrs. Webb, were represented in a man. And sooth'd me with the whisp'ring gale, ner to deserve great applause.

Her wild woods waving round my head, While the blithe blackbird told his tale.

19th. The Mourning Bride was performed Farewell the fields of Avon's vaie.

at Coveni-garden, for the benefit of Mr.

Holman. The part of Ofmyn by him, was “ The primrose on the valley's side, calculated to retrieve fome part of the repu“ The green thyme on the mountain's tation which he hazards by attempting Cohead,

medy. Miss Brenton, in Zara, was spirited, « The wanton lily, daisy pied,

and Mrs. Warren in Almeria thewed herself * The wilding's blossom blushing red, fully equal to the character.


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The POLITICAL STATE of the NATION and of EUROPE, for APRIL 1986.

No. XXVI. HE Ministerial Budget came out too of stockholders, stock-jobbers, and dabblers in

late in the last month for us to the funds, in England and elsewhere. animadvert upon it, being at press at the However the Minister himself may be in cime. The same Budget was accompanied love with his own scheme, we apprebend with a reference to a Report of a Committee some of his intended colleagues will not mucha of the House of Commoos, concerning the

thank him for the job. national revenue and expenditure, which we The Budget above mentioned announconfess ourselves at a loss to understand! It ced three species of taxation, by way of is very well if tatesmen themselves, their addition to existing surplusses to make up co-adjutors and advocates, understand what an annual million, as a fund for discharging they speak and write so much about. It is the debt; viz. a tax on perfumery, a duty not our business to write a volume about it on deals and battens on importation, and on as large as the Report itself; but we think spirits in the warh. The first of these goes there are some grofs errors in it, which, up- down very quietly, for we have heard no on demand, we could point out, on condi. murmuring against it. The second has been tion of our remonstrances being attended to. complained of very loudly, and, if carried in. There are some inconsistencies and contra- to execution, is likely to be attended with very dictions apparent upon the very face of the serious consequences, both mternally among Report, which Ministers would do well to en- onrselves, and externally from foreign poten. Jeavour to find out, but which they never can tates, whose subjects may be affected thereby. do, while they take more pains to shut other From one or both of these causes, the tax has people's eyes than to open their own to see met with a stop in its progress thro' the things as they really are, not as fond imagi- House: the least we can say of it is, that it nation and court-intrigue paints them. The was a very impolitic and improper measure, penfion-list indeed coniticutes a molt curious in the present juncture of affairs between 115 art cle, worthy of the attention of every and Russia and France. The third article is man and woman in the nation, who pays somewhat paradoxical in the Minister ; to imLaxes and duties to support an army of prove the revenue by encreasing the duty on drones, placemen, and pensioners, like a spirits, while he lowers the duty on some swarm of locusts devouring the whole sub- other things for the same purpose of raising a Itance of the land !--It is bigh time the pen. revenue. This we leave him to account for ; fion-lift was called over, and scrutinized it is not our business. into with the most rigid impartiality, in order After long debates and altercations, hain cut off all the fuperfiuous unmerited pen- rangues and declamations, the House of Comsions and finecures, and turn them into a mons has at lait reduced the accuser of the Eaftfund for diminishing the national debt. As India Governor to method, and limited him to paying it off wholly, we let that stand within the bounds usually prescribed on such over (o a period undefined and unknown. occafions; and just while we are writing the

This we take upon us to say, that Mini- business is assuming some regular form of Iters and others may amuse themselves as process, that must bring the matter to itsue much as they please with building castles in by and hy ; in the event whereof somebody the air ; but if ever any tolerable progress is must lose honour or reputation, either the made in that great work, the paying the na- accuser or accused! Let who will be the tional debt, the foundation of the work winner or the loser, may strict impartial must be laid in frugality, and retrenching su- justice take place between man and man, and perfluous and unnecessary expences, . wages, between them and the people. Salaries, and perquisites. Without this all The proposed amendment of the East. other efforts will prove vain and ineffectual : India Regulation Act has undergone a very and if ever a true patride comes into power, extraordinary operation, that is, of being cut and continues a fincere patriot-statesman, this in halves, the one of which bas already paland no other will be his plan of national re- fed : how they will join the original A&t and demption.

the two amendments together we leave time The Minister's proposed mode of paying, to discover; but we dare venture to say, that or extinguithing, the national debt, is not a all the three together will want amend.

- To appoint a commiffion, ment in the course of two or three years consisting of himself and several other illustri- more. How the new-appointed Governor ous personages, to commence superintendants likes to go out with half his lesson, or rule of of all the bulls and bears in the Alley, lo re. future conduct, we know not. Although he gulate all the movements of the whole body goes out all perfection in the eyes of Ministry,


dule curious!

he may chance to come home in a very dif- they are like to suftain from some new proferent predicament ; either thro' the changes posed regulations in Newfoudland. - Inof men that may be in administration, or the deed on our first looking over the late Artie change of opinion, sentiment, and teelings of cles of Peace, we thought we discovered 'a the same men, if continued in power. How latent design of, or tacit consent to, our gi. different is their treatment of Gentlemen ving up that fithery to the French and Ame. wiven their backs are turned, from that they ricans between them. Whether there was or afford them when present, or upon their was not a secret article tantamount thereto, outset to a government ! What has happened a little time will probably discover, to which to some before, may liappen to others here, the above mentioned regulations are not a little after,

conducive. It is no wonder therefore the Some part of the Budget, after lying der. parties concerned take the alarm. mant for tome time, was brought forward Our Eatt-India Directors, and their new, by Ministry again under two titles, arrears of masters the Commillioners of Cuatroul, bave Civil Lift thirty thousand pounds, and a ing agreed to send out one Governor Genc- , mortgage of one hundred and eighty thousand ral invested with extraordinary dictatorial pounds in form of Exchequer bilis, together powers, to superintend all our positions in two hundred and ten thowand pounds; the the East; our Ministers have followed the difcharge whereof is eagerly prefied hy minis , example, by lending out one. Univeriál fterial men, while the Patriots are as clame- Governor over all our remaining dominious rens and pretling for an aunual augmentation on the western continent of America, at the of another Royal provision, profetielly from expence of three other Governors, removed a greater and more urgent necefiity than the from their respective departmcuts, to make former. Which of these claims will prepon. room for this Baihaw of thee tails, to exderste we know not; but should be happy to tend his influence wherefoever the British fee Ministers and Oppositionilts vie with each scepere (ways in Noryli America, — How other who shall be most frugal and saving of the people of the other provinces will relith the public money; then we should entertain their receiving the law from the centre of a fome faint hopes of paying or considerably province more than half popith, we cannot diminishing the national debt : 'till then, let at preferit decypher, therefore must leare us hear no more boasts on that subject. time to determine : but we have heard it

Our Minister seems to be too polite a whispered that if the Quebec Act had never Gentleman to dispute with our phlegmatic patied, the America!is would never have reneighbours ihe Duch such a trifling astair as ined from this country

Verbuut the home-fishery of turbot, cod, &c. We jupiantibus. thiok, however, some good reason ougle to The continent of Europe is at present in a be given to the public for taking up that bu- kind of uokrown ftate.-Holland confused fineis in fuch a warm and vigorons manner and disturbed~Germany dividual and distrust. as we have lately feen it; and a ftill stronger ful une part of the other; the Imperial Farcy reason ooglit to be adduced for dropping it so against the Pruiliau party. If this latter party abruptly, and leaving that lucrative branch noul lole iis head by deatli cr total and ir. Eivirely in the hands of the Dutch, no longer recoverable imbecility, greater commotions our friends and allies, but those of the French ftill night be expected to arise among them pration, cur constant rivals and bereditary - France intriguing with them all, pracing chemies.

chicfy upon Russi., to draw her into the We are not without our fears that the Ichenies of French policy, in oppolitiou to whale fishery will be foon ceded to the fame Great Britain, at the same time has the efplodding people, after throwing away fome froutery to carry on a pretendedl friendly cum: millions of public money in bounties w set mercial treaty with the Englith Cabinet, wlich 04 fool, encourage, and sear, that branch of the is endeavouring to subvert at every other fishery to its present adult state. It is too court in Europe. It is much to be feared, barefaced to do it all at once, as liat would that our Cabinet is unequal to the talk of orpalarm the nation to a pitch ; but one iteping with the French court, led on by the beuks gradually on to anothe', until the sub- artful, designing, md sophistical veteran the ject becomes a matter unworthy of nocice, Coune de Vergennes. and so dies a seemingly natural death,

Among all the powers of E rope, and If we ait uot mistaken, fome Arokes are thote verging on it, the Giand Turk's cale aiming at our Newfoundland fishery, here- . feems the rooft lamentable.ni padable. We tofore universally confidered as one of our have not forget our engagement of pointing grand sources of wealth and naval strength. out the radical defects of the French couto We are the more confirmed in this suspicion present plan of forming alliances; bat our by the represent. tions of the gentlemen con- own internal politics take up too much of cerned within 6ury livior in the Western our attention to admit of or goin 2


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Hague, March 17.

performed their duty without proceeding to N Wednesday last the States assembled, extremities, and a company of cavalry

and immediately adjourned the meet- ruthed upon the fanatics, sword in hand, ing till the following day, for the purpose of and secured one of them, but the other affording an opportunity of imprcfling the escaped ; the rest of the Orange party then minds of the people with an idea of the dispersed. The miserable victim to his one majesty of their sovereign assembly : In thufiasm for the Stadtholderian gaie was consequence, the garrison was ordered to conducted to prison, and it is expected will range themselves, being clothed in the best be hanged on Monday. M. de Gyzelaar uniforms, before the door of chc hall of the palled in his coach through the gate, and States. This being done, the Prefident or. may boast of having firit made free that fadered the Stactholderian gate * to be open- mous passage. The prisoner is a matter ed, and a piquet of grenadiers immediately peruke-maker. advanced io cxcure that command. On Hague, diarch 25. The peruke-maker, this occasion between three and four thou. who diftinguifhed himself by his infatuated Yand people were assembled, appearing lo be conduct in the late tumult, and who was Aroogly disposed to tumultuous behaviour, apprehended, was condemned to surfir on a but they were deterred from proceeding to

scaffold. His execution was fixed for this acts of violence by the firm behaviour of day. His wise, accompanied by six chil. the troops, who had their bayonc!s fixed. drin, kneeled down to several of the MaThe door remained open during the filling giftrates, and in the name, and for the sake, of the Senaic, and the meeting was dissolved of those helpless innocents, begged mercy without any tutult. But the fame good for her husband : this bad the detired effect, order was not maintained this day; the every ore promising to use his endeavour to corps of Burghers, raised to support the obtain a pardon. This morning the whole cause of the Prince, had fecretly contrived garrison was under arms, and marched 10to oppose the fatal door being opened, and wards the place where the scaffold was erectparticularly to prevent any of the members ed. An immense crowd of people assembled paling by that avenue. When the assembly at the place of execution ; the criminal ac was preparing to adjourn, and when M. de length made his appearance ; at the foot of Gyzelaar, the Penlionary of Dordrecht, the scaffold he was flopped, and sentence of was proceeding in his coach towards the death read to him, which was accompanied gate, iwo desperate persons, supported by by a pardon : this circumstance occasioned fifteen or fixteen adherents, interrupted him, tears of joy among the surrounding multidischarging against him the moft opprobrious tudes. He is, however, to be imprisoned execrations. A dreadful massacre was ex- for life. pected to be the conk quence; bui the troops

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ETTERS from Castlebar give the his two attending friends had been at Mr.

following particulars of one of the most Martin's but a few minutes, when the house atrocious murders ever committed. · A diffe. was surrounded by a party of armed men, rence had for a coufiderable time subfilted who instantly broke in, bound Mr. Macdobetween G. R. Fiizgerald, and Patrick Randal nald, Mr. Gallaghan, and Mr. Hipson, and Macdonald, Etqrs. An, advertisement appear- immediately carried them off to the house at ed lately, relative to the latter gentleman be- Rockfield. After a short stay here, during ing shot at by a party of affallins; for the which they were treated with the utmost de. discovery of which Mr. Macdonald and nu. gree of insult, scoff and reviling, an armed merous gentlemen of Castlebar offered a con- party led out the unfortunate Gentlemen into fiderable reward. Since that circumstance, the park. In a few seconds a platoon was Mr. Macdonald kept much on his guard, and fired, and laid one of the devoted victims last Monday evening went for greater securi. dead on the spot. Mr. Macdonald and Mr. ty to the house of a Mr. Martin, in the Gallaghan were ordered to go on about 50 neighbourbood of Castlebar, in company with yards further, when a second platvon was a Mr. Gallaghan and Mr. Hipson. He and fired. Mr. Macdonald instantly fell dead,

* The Stadtholder passes through a grand gateway in his approach to the Senate House, which his carriage abone was allowed to enter. Till the present time, this gate has been kept fhut, except to admit the Stadtholder. + An officer of the first dignity, by whom the chief business of the State is conducted. EUROP. MAC.



upwards of fifty Nugs passing into his body. due form; then admits them again to hold Mr. Gallaghan received also several flugs, and their lands as under him. It is said, the old was brought back in a very wounded itate to Crown was in the possession of the family Fitzgerald's house. They had returned here until very lately, that the above gentleman's but a few minutes, when the house was sur father fold it, being hard run for cash. rounded by the army from Castlebar, many To this account we thall add, from the of the Volunteers, Gentlemen, and immenfe debates in the Irish Parliament—“Mr. Ogle. crouds of people. They speedily got into I am now to ask the Hon. Gentleman who the house, delivered Mr. Gallaghan in a cri- speaks of trifling breaches of the peace, Did he tical moment, seized several of the murde- never hear of Mr. O'Connor? They say, indeed, rers, and after a very strict and long search he is a madman ; but, if a madman, there found Fitzgerald locked up in a large chest, is a good deal of method in his madness. and hid under two blankets. He and several “Mr. R. Dillon is perfectly acquainted with of his people were immediately conducted to the particulars— O'Connor has for many Caftlebar, and safely lodges in the gaol. months had several hundred men under almis,

The same night the gaol door was opened to maintain his claim. In December he gave by six gentlemen, who knocked down Mr. notice to a herd ( a keeper of cattle), that Clark, the sub-lheriff, the gaoler, and one if by the ist of January a certain sum of moof the centinels ; they fired five Thots at Mr. ney was not paid him, the cattle found on F. one of which took place in his thigh, and his premises should be driven where they he received several wounds of small-swords, should be no more heard of. In the course one of which broke in his right arm; they of the last week in January he assembled theu took a brass candlestick, and battered 1000 men under arms, and planted a piece his head in a shocking manner, leaving him of cannon on an eminence, in order to noti• for dead. Mr. F. however, recovered, and fy to his party the approach of an enemy. A has sworn positively against Dr. M. Messrs. track of bog surrounds the land in question ; H. and G. There are about 26 of F's men so that, on ihe shortest notice, he can retire in gaol, among whom are the principal mur- to the mountains, where it is dangerous fur derers, two of whom have turned King's the civil power to follow him." evidence. The inquest have brought in A letter from Mountmellick mentions, their verdict Wilful Murder against F. and that the unhappy cause of quarrel between party.

Counsellor P-r, who was killed there on By accounts from the province of Con Saturday last, in a duel with Ensign Bnaught, a Mr. O'Connor, who is said to be was a dispute about the pronunciation of a descended from the race of ancient Irish Greek word. After some sarcastic obser. kings, has assumed the rights of royalty, and vations on each other, they agreed to retire mufters a very powerful force both of horse to a room, and decide the difference with and foot. He has taken poffeffion of estates pistols across a table. They were suffered to the amount of many thousands of pounds, to do so, and Mr. P. received a ball under but without the leaft injury or violence. He the left breast, and died in a few seconds, turns the tenants out, and takes puis:fon in



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determined to put a stop to ro ruinous a N the House of Commons in Ireland, on system, and with a spirited attention to the

true interest of their country, and the ho. from his Grace the Lord Lieutenant, rum. nourable support of his Majesty's governmoning the House to attend his Grace in the ment, they voted new taxes io increase the House of Lords; which message being com- revenue of the year, in the sum of 140,000l. plied with, the Speaker addreiled his Grace “ The effort was great, and the event has ihe Lord Lieutenant in the following (peech : proved its wildom. No farther addition is May it please your Grace,

now wanting ; no loan or act of credit is ". The expences of this kingdom bad for necessary; a ftuation unknown to this kinga series of years, as well in time of peace as dom for many feslions pait, and marking war, constantly exceeded its revenue, and with peculiar force the happy æra of your debt increased on debt.

Grace's administration. “ Where such a system is suffered to " Animated by this success, and deterprevail, inanufa&turcs'mutt at length give mined to persevere in the principle of preway, irade will decline, and agricultureventing the accumulation of debt, bis Maecale to produce wealth or plenty ; the Com- jesty's faithful Commons have in this fellion mons therefore, in the latt Sellion, wisely continued the same taxes, and granted all


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