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they had made, be able to pay all their and got possession of the bulle--L was debts, and in the year 1791 t have however, rescued from his hands before he 6,000,00ol. in their treasury.

had broken the seals, and was returned to 17. Came on to be tried at Guildhall, be- Mr. Crofts, the agent of Mr. Johnson, who fore Sir Francis Buller, Knt. one of the is resident at the Court of Nizam, Mr. Judges of his Majesty's Court of King's Crofts sent the diamonds to England by one Bench, and a respectable Jury, a cause of the late Chips, addressed to the care of M. very interesting to the public, wherein Mr. Blair, of Portland-place, who is the brotherJoseph Peany, cornfactor, of Bath, was in-law of Mr. Johnıtone. Mr. Blair handed plaintiff, and Mr. Samuel Ward, bargemas. them to Mr. Hastings; Mr. Hastings ertraft. ter and cornfactor, defendarit ; the actioned them to Major Scott ; Major Scott dewas brouglu to recover the sum of 1421. be. livered them to Lord Sydney; and Lond ing the value of a quantity of oats which the Sydney presented them to the King. plaintiff had put on board the defendant's 19. Came on before Lord Loughborough, barge at Bristol, to be conveyed to Bath, and and a special jury, the trial of the action which were loft in consequence of the barge brought by the Right Hon. Charles James being sunk at Bristol bridge, occasioned by Fox against Thomas Corbett, Esq. High a piece of timber brought down in the stream Bailiff of Westminster, for maliciously with. with a great frelh, in the night of the oth of holding a return after a clear majority of inJanuary last, and which struck the said barge contestible votes appeared on the poll in so violent a blow as to cause her finking in a favour of Fox. The trial lasted from noon quarter of an hour after—an accident which till nine in the evening. The jury retired could neither be foreseen nor prevented. for about forty minutes, and returned a ver The Court and Jury were clearly of opinion diet for the plaintiff with Two Toselund that the defendant was not answerable for the Pounds damages, being the sum expended in loss, and found a verdict in his favour. that business on the part of Mr. Fox. The

Same day came on the long-contested cause damages were laid at 100,cool. relative to appointment of Clerk of the Ar.. In the cour fe of three days last week, the raigns at the Old Bailey, when the Jury, officiating clergy man at one of the parish after about forty minutes consideration, re- churches at Birmingham, baptiseu no less turned a verdi&t for the defendant. This de. thao 125 children. cision vests the above appointment in the 20. This day the corpse of the late Duke Court itself, and not in the Custos Roculorum of Northumberland lay in state Northumof Middlesex, which was the matter con- berland-house, in the usual style and form of tended for.

such ceremonies. The decorations confitted As many contradictory accounts are cir. of the escutcheons of the family arms, the culated respecting fome diamonds presented insignia of the Garter, &c. The whole formed from Mr. Hastings to his Majefty at Wed- a spectacle of great magnificence and solem. nesday's levee, it is necessary to acquaint the nity. The room was hung with black, and public, that the diamonds in question are not fuper bly lighted. pretended to be the gift of Madajee Scindia, 21. The remains of his Grace the late the Mahratta Chief; the case being, that Duke of Northumb.rland were carried in the Potentate who has the credit of having grand funeral pomp from Northumberland. made this magnificent prelent, is the Nizam house, and interred in the family vault in of the Decan.

Westminster-Abbey. His Grace, by a Tenia. Major Scott gives the following account of nientary Paper in his owo hand writing, left the above diamonds :—The Nizam sent a socol. to be distributed to the poor on the Bulle * of diamonds, sealed up, to Bengal, day of his funeral, viz. to those of the directed to Mr. Hastings, for the purpose of parishes of the City and Liberty of Wella his presenting them to the King on his arrival minster 7ool. to those at Alnwick in. at in Eo:land, Mr. Hastings had failed for Wermgton tool. at Sion 5cl. at Stanu na England before the diamonds arrived in Cal- sol. Total 1ocol. The money was ac

They were therefore entrusted to the cordingly paid to the Veftries of rbs care of Cape. Church, of the 1020 regiment, leveral parishes. who took his pariage home in the Hinchiu- The fame morning George Griffiths, broke; the fame of theie diainonds, and of George Woodward, William Watts, D.niel their immense value, bad gone abroad; and Keefe, Jouathan Harwood, and William when the Hinchinhroke was funk in Bengal Smith, alias Storer, were executed purduart river, a Lalcar took advantage of the con- No their feucences on the scafiuld clually fusion, broke open die trunks of Cape. Church, erected opposite Newgate.


* A Bulse of diamonds is a peculiar sort of a package of diamonds. They are always

Soon after the above execution, Phoebe masters and Aleconners continued as before; Harris, convicted the fesfion before laft of the Auditors were next dominated, but warm coining filver, was brought out at the debtors debates arose relative to continuing Miro door, from whence the walked to a stake Tomlins another year, he having already fixed in the ground, about half way between served three years ; the principal speakers the scaffold and Newgate-street. She was were the tuo Sheriffs Sanderson and Watson, immediately tied by the neck co an iron bolt Tomlins, and Loveland. At length the fixed near the top of the stake, and after Sheriffs resolved to return fix to the Court of praying very fervently for a few minutes, the Aldermen, when the Court was pleased to steps on which the food were drawn away, retura Messrs. Thorn, Wilson, Stock, and and the immediately became suspended. The Nettleship ; on which they were declared executioner, with some affiftants, put a chain duly elected ; but a poll was demanded for round her body, which was faltened by Mr. Tomlins and Mr. Loveland.. strong nails to the stake. The faggots were A box with a considerable quantity of plate then piled round her, and after the had hung belonging to Lord Berwick was Atolen from about half an hour, the fire was kindled. Powell's Shropshire waggon, while the man

There was a General Court of Proprietors was baiting at Castle Bromwich, near Birat the East India House, for the purpose of mingham. It is supposed the villains had declaring a dividend from Christmas laft followed the waggon from London. Two 80 Midsummer ; when four per cent. for fierce mastiffs guarded the waggon, which it is che half year was agreed upon.

supposed the villains found means to intoxicate, 22. At a General Court of Proprietors The booty appears to have been of great held at the India-Houfe, after a long debate, value. it was resolved, that it be recommended by 25. The Sunday toll on the Surry side of that Court to the Court of Directors, to re- Blackfriars-bridge commenced in pursuance consider their determination relative to the of a late act of parliament for that purpose. price to be paid by the Company in future 29. At a Court of Aldermen, George for freightage ; and also to take into their Macknenzie Macaulay, Citizen and Bowyer, consideration the resolutions of the Ship- was sworn Alderman of Coleman-street owners, lately assembled at the London Ward, in the room of Mr. Peckham, who Taveru.

resigned. Charles Higgins, Esq. elected 23. The Quakers letter of this year instils Sheriff at the last Common-Hall, gave bond the noblest principles of morality; that passage to take upon him the office on next Michael. which inculcates paying our full debts as soon mas Eve; and Edward Watson, Esq. Founas we are able, not withstanding any com. der, elected Sheriff at the same time, paid position which creditors may accept of, 400l, and the usual fees into the Chamber, deferves to be written in most legible charac- to be excused from serving that office. John ters, and presented to every bankrupt on reer Wilkes, Esq. elected on Saturday last by the ceiving his certificate.

Livery in Common-Hall, Chamberlain of this 24 Letters from Vienna mention, that the City, was sworn into his office. Robert members of the Divan had been in warm de Peckham, Esq. late Alderman, being the bate for great part of last month, in conse- only candidate, was appointed the City's quence of the sudden departure of the Rufian Justice in the Borough, Southwark, in the Minister, whicli was deemed by the Porte room of James Kettilby, deceased. introductory to a declaration of war.

28. The three young Princes, Ernest, A1Being Midsummer-Day, a Common-Hall gustus, and Adolphus, attended by Lord was held at Guildhall, for the election of Howe and General Faucett, went to Gravel. Sheriffs for the year ensuing, and other end and embarked on board the Augusta officers. About one o'clock the Lord- yacht for Germany. Mayor, Recorder, and Aldermen, went upon 29. A General Court of Proprietors of the Hustings, with the two Sheriffs, Sander. Eaft India Stock was held at the India House, fon and Watson, when the Recorder opened Leadenhall-Street, for the purpose of ballot. to the Livery the business that called them ing on the question, for the Court of Direcingether ; after which all the Aldermen that bors reconsidering their resolutions of the 17th had not served the office, and the Commoners of March and 26th of May last, and also the who had been nominated in several Mayor resolutions of the Ship Owners, relating to alties, were put up, when the show of hands the hire and freight of shipping. When the appeared for Charles Higgins, Esq. Citizen glafles were closed they were delivered to the and Grocer, and Edward Watson, Esq. Scrutineers, who made their report that there Citizen and Founder ; whereupon they were had ballotted declared duly elected. They then proceeded For the question to reconsider 362 to the Election of Chamberlain, when folin Against it

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The laft Calcutta Gazette received at the in the truth of his conseffion, was committed India-House announces the death of Tippoo to the town jail, and will take his trial at the Saib.

ensuing Huntingdon affizes. On the 16th inft. a man went before J. Easton, Esq. Mayor of Salisbury, and volun

Mufical Ferival in Welwinter Abbey. tarily declared, that he murdered a Drum. At the first day's performance of the Musical, mer of the name of Jones about seven years Festival, (May 31) more than 2600 persons ago. Since that time he had been in various were present, and the choir, including employments as a Sailor, and in France, the music, consisted of 640 hands. The preWeft.Indies, Ruffia, &c. that he was lost on sence of their Majesties, with the Princess board the Sampson Man of War, lying off Royal, Princess Elizabeth, two other of the Plymouth, whence he and his companion Princesses, and three Princes, accompanied John Sheppard, a native of the Soke, in by the Prince of Mecklenburgh, and a nuWinchester, were lately discharged. He merous retinue, formed a molt (plendid apdeclared, that excepting this murder, he had pearance. at no time of his life done any injury to lo- The second day's performance, Satunlay ciery: That on Thursday the 13th, upon the June 3, was better attended, if poffible, than road to Salisbury, they were overtaken near the first. Woodyate's-Inn by a thunder storm, in which Tuesday, June 6, the sacred Oratorio of he saw several strange and dismal spectres, the Messiah was performed before a com. particularly one in the appearance of a female, pany equally numerous and brilliant with any co which he made up, when it instantly funk of the former days. And on Thursday, into the earth, and a large stone ruse up in June 8, the music of the second day's pera its place; that the fones rolled upon the formance, (the Oratorio of Israel in Egypt) ground before him, and often came dalhing was repeated by command of his Majetty. against his feet Sheppard corroborated this The musical festivals in Westminster. part of the story, so far as relates to the Abbey have this year realized 12,3261. 75. horror of the unhappy man. He persisting


William Charles Farrel Skeffington, esą. TIS

guards with the colonel in the army by hrevet, bearing rank of lieutenant-colonel. date the zotiv of May, 1786.

Major William Richardson, from the 14th 6. The Righe Hon. Richard Lurd Milford, dragoons, to be captain of a company of the to be lieutenant and custos rotulorum of the foot-guards, armed with battle-axes, vice county of Pembroke, vice Sir Hugh Owen, Colonel Lorenzo Moore, resigned. hart. deceased.

The Hon. Major-General Thomas Bruce, 10. The diguity of a baronet of Great Bri. to be resident major. general on the staff of tain to the following gentlemen and their Ireland, vice Major-General St. Leger, dec. heirs male, viz.

Lord Balgonie is appointed Comptroller. John Macpherson, of Calcutta, esq. general of the cultoms in Scotland, vice

James Colquhoun, of Luís, in Dumbarton George Burgess, esq. dec. Thire, esq.

Robert Hepburn, of Clerkington, esq. is Admiral Sir James Douglas, knt.

appointed Commiffioner of the board of cul. Major. General Thomas Shirley, of Oat. toms, in Scotland, vice James Buchannan, hall, in Sullex, Governor of the Caribbee esq. dec. Idlands.

George Bond, esq. to be serjeant at law. Major General William Green, chief engi. The Rey. John Owen, to be chaplain of neer of Gibraltar,

the garrison of Fort William in the East-In. Rear Admiral Joshua Rowley.

dies, vice the Rev. Henry John Pemberton, Corbet Cohe!, ela. (late Devenant) of Ad. resigned. derley, in Salop.

Mr. Parsons, of the royal band of musicians, Lyone! Wrighe Vane Fletcher, of Hutton, successor to Mr. Senley, as master of that in Cumberland, esq.

band. Mr. Shields fills the vacancy occafioned Richard Hoare, of Barn-Elms, Surry, esq. by the elevation of Mr. Parsons.

James Hunter Blair, esq. Lord Provost of The Rev. William Roberts, M. A. to be Eduburgh.

a fellow of Econ college, vice Dr. Young.


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N Tuesday, May 9, at Bunbury, ir John Fonblanque, Esq. to Miss Frances

Cheshire, Mr. Samuel Brookes, farmer, Caroline Fitzgerald, youngest daughter of Col. of Tiverton, in the same parish, to Miss Wil- Fitzgerald. liams, of Manchester, a younger daughter of Harry Wilson, Esq. to Miss Kennet, daughMr. Richard Williams, late of Tiverton.- ter of the late Alderman Kennet. This young lady, who is esteemed a distin- Sir William Molesworth, Bart to Miss guished beauty, some time since attracted the Ourry, daughter of the late Paul Ourry, Esq. regard of a young gentleman, nephew to Sir Commissioner of Plymouth dock.yard. Francis Molineux, Gentleman Uther of the At Korkney, near Colchester, Henry Black Rod, who became perfectly enamoured Richards, anjutant of the 3d reg. of dragoon with her. He being called abroad, was seized guards, to Miss Sadler, only daughter of the with a fit of illness in Icaly, whereof he died lace William Sadler, gent. soon after his return to his paternal seat in Martin Whish, Esq. one of the Commira Effex, about three or four months since. —Hefioners of Excise, to Miss Harriet Tyssen, of bequeathed from his nearest relations to this Park-street, Grosvenor-square. young lady the whole of his fortune, amount. Mr. Erasmus Lloyd, Sheriff of Worcester, ing to fixteen thousand pounds, exclusive of to Mrs.!Wurd, relict of Dr. Ward, of Ludlow. jewels, plate, &c. to an immense value, and a Lord Viscount Malden, to Mrsi Stephenfob, personal estate of four hundred pounds per of Harley street, annum.

The Rev. Robert Burt, chaplain in ordiLord Macleod, to the Hon. Miss Forbes, nary to the Prince of Wales, to Miss Gascoyne, eldelt daughter of Lord Forbes.

of Sunbury. At Abergavenny, Captain Harris to Miss The Rev. Mr. Newton, of Witham, to Margaret Jones.

Miss Mary Todd, of Illington. At Bromley, Kent, the Rev. Richard Wad. Ac Skulcoats, near Kingston upon Hull, dington, rector of Cavendish, to Mrs. Wrighe, Joseph Robinson Pease, Esq. banker, to Miss widow of the Rev. Mr. Wright of Great Wal. Twygge. dingfield.

Francis Gregor, of Trewarthywick in Corn. At Winchester, the Rev. Joseph Martin, wall, Esq. 1o Miss Masterman, danghter of rector of Bourton on the Hill, in Gloucester. Wm. Malterman, Esq. of Restormel Park. Tire, to Miss Sturges, daughter of the Rev. Ac Salisbury, the Rev. Dr. Price, Canon ReDr. Sturges.

sidentiary, to Miss Wroughton. The Rev. John Margerum Close, of Ipf. Dr. James Ford, jun. of Jer.nyn.street, to wich, to Miss Lawton, daughter of Robert Miss Fell, of Lincoln's-inn-fields. Lawion, Esq.

Col. Smith, Secretary to the American EmJames Lynde, Esq. Lieutenant of the North baffy, to Miis Adarps, only daughter to Joha Hampshire militia, to Miss Gee, of Great Ruf. Adams, Esq. Minister from the United States sell-street, Bloomsbury.

of America to this Court. Dr. Adair Crawford, Physician of St. Tho- The Rev. Aaron Wickens, of Great Dunmas's hospital, to Miss Eleanor Scone, filter to mow, to Miss Catherine Clapion. Mr. Stone, of Thames-street.

Janies Drake Brockman, of Beachborough, Edward Seymour Biscoe, Esq. nephew to his in Kent, Esq. 10 Mifs Tatton, only daughter of Grace che Duke of Somerset, to Miss Susan. the Rev. Dr. Tation, late Prebendary of Canpah Harriet Hope, daughter of the Rev. C. terbury. Hope, minister of All Saints, Derby.

Sir Godfrey Webster, Bart. of Battle AbAt the Cape of Good Hope, James Henry hey, in Sussex, to Miss Vaffal, of St. James's, Callamajor, Esq. co Miss Elizabeth Campbell, Westminster, who is possessed of 7oool. a year. daughter of Major James Campbell, M. P. The Right Hon. Edmund'Earl of Cork and

James Wickins, Esq. of Lyndhurst, in the Orrery, to the Hon. Mary Monckton, of St. New Forest, to Mifs Peachy, daughter of George's, Hmover-square. Wm. Peachy, Esq. of Gosport.

G. Palmer. Esq. commander of the Perseus John Schaw Stuart, of Greenock, Esq. fo frigate, to Miss Smith, daughter of Richard Lady Maxwell, widow of Sir James Max. Smith, Esq. of his Majesty's navy. well: bart.


Major Law, late of Bengal, to' Miss Eliz. ton-Valence, and rector of Greatham, Hants, Hornby, daughter of Wm. Hornby, Esq. late to Miss Blunt, of Maryland. Governor of Bombay.

Capt. Monro, of the Houghton East-India. At Plymouth, John Knapton, Esq. to Miss man, to Miss Elizabeth Munro, of Barford. Stephens, daughter of Dr. Stephens.

Dalhousie Watherston, Esq. member for John Williams, of Castle Hill, Cardigan Boston, to Miss Walker, only daughter of the thire, Esq. to Miss Jones, sister to Wythen Rev. Thomas Walker, of Tileshurit, Berks. Jones, of Llanidloes, Esq..

William Finch, jun, Esq. of Heath, to Miss At Bristol, Mr. John Mongoe, of Keyní. Prie tly, daughter of the Rev. Dr. Prieitis, ham, to Mrs. Haynes, widow :- What is re- of Birmingham. makable, the lady is near 18 stone, and 60 Mr. Pett, surgeon and apothecary, Shaftesyears of age, and Mr. Mongoe 18 years of bury, to Miss Pretor, daughter of Simon Preage, and about 6-stone.

tor, Esq. banker, of Sherborne. Richard Clay, Esq. of Nottinghamshire, to The Rev. Mr. Tweed, rector of Capel St. Miss Nelly Crook, youngest daughter of Robert Mary and Little Wentham, in Suffolk, to Miss Crook, Esq. of Beaconsfield.

Powell, only daughter of Richard Powell, The Rev. Ms. Brown, rector of Swell, near Esq. Collector of Excise at Ipswich. Stow, in Gloucestershire, to Miss Collier, Mr. Charles Francis Bedwell Mead, to daughter of Edward Collier, Esq. of Blockley, Miss Elizabeth Bedwell, of Fairford, Glouces. Worcestershire.The bridegroom is said to tershire. be turned of 70, while the bride is not quite Joseph Haycraft, Esq. of Deptford, to Miss 18.

Westbrook, only daughter of Wett. Lieut. Blunt, of the Welch Fusilcers, eldeft brook, Esq. of Cookham. fon of Colonel Blunt, to Miss Wyche, daughter Capc. Kenneth M Kenzie, of the 78th rez. of John Wyche, Esq. of Salisbury.

to Miss Houston, of Fortrose. Philip Thicknesse, Esq. jun. to Miss Eliza. Humphry Mortimer, Esq.of Exeter, to Mrs. beth Peacock, of Bath.

Bate, a widow lady, being his 4th wife. The Rev. E. White, A. B. vicar of New



MAY 16.

His Moft Faithful Majesty Peter III. T Hertford, Mr. Arthur Mackereth, King of Portugal, in his 69th year, of aa

aged 67; and on the same day, at apoplexy. Ambleside, in Westmoreland, Mr. John Peter Capper, Esq. of Bath, Mackereth, his brother, aged 76.

Lately, Lady Ducie, relict of the late Lord 19. George Carnagie, Esq. Advocate, Ducie. youngest son of the late Sir James Carnagie, Lately, the Rev. John Bainbrigge, Rector of Southerk, Bart.

of Broadchalk, in Wiltthire. 21. Mr. Levy Barsailles, aged 93; up- 26. Ac Stoneleigh, in the County of War. wards of forty years Chief Rabbi of the Jews wick, the Right Hon. Edward Lord Leigh, Synagogue.

Baron Leigh, of Stoneleigh, and Baronet. 22. Charles Price, Esq. one of his Majesty's His Lordship was born the ift of March, Justices for Glamorganshire.

1742, and took his seat in the House of 23. Mr. Peacock, Student of Ca erine Peers, March 15, 1764. He was, in April Hall, Cambridge.

1767, appointed Lord High Steward of OxJames Hervey, Esq. of Hill Hall, Bed- ford. His ticles are extinct. fordshire, aged 80.

Lately, in Switzerland, Lady Margaret Thomas Richardson, Esq. of Tottenham Beckford, daughter of Lord Aboyne. High-Cross, aged go.

27. Mr. William Lee, Printer, at Lewes, Lately, at Ambleside, in Westmoreland, At Langley, in Kent, in her 56th year, the Rev. Isaac Knipe, M. A. Minister of Mrs. Anne Berkeley, reli&t of the celebrated Ambleside, and Master of the German School Bishop of Cloyne, there.

Lately, the Rev. William Bonnin, Vica 24. At Warwick, Richard Clutterbuck, of Prislewell, Essex. Esq. Justice of the Peace for Northumber- 28. The Rev. Tilleman Hodgkinson, land.

rector of Sarsden, in Oxfordshire, and PreLately, aged 80, Mrs. Denton, relict of bend of Landaff. Mr. Denton, and mother of Captain Denton, Joseph Wathen, Esq. of New-house, in the of Wettoreland Militia.

the parish of Stroud, Gloucestershire, one of 25. Mr. John Beldoc, Merchant, of Sile. the most considerable Woollen Manufacturers Lane.

in that County,

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