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Ofeber 1. The Parliament prorogued to The Definitive Treaty signed between the the ift of December.

Emperor and the Dutch on the gth, and a Sir Frederick Haldimand and Sir Archi- Treaty of Alliance between France and the bald Campbell infalled Knights of the Bach Republic, on the roth. 2 St. James's.

26. Parliament farther prorogued to JaIntelligence of the death of the Queen of nuary 24, 1786. Sardinia,

30. Irish Parliament further prorogued to ; 4. This night's Gazette contains the pre- the 6th of December. liminaries of peace between the Emperor and Dec. 7. The Irish Parliament further pro

Republic, signed Sept. 20, at Paris. rogued to the 19th of January, 1786. 10. The Rambler cutter, of 14 guns, lost in General mourning for the death of Prince Leigh Roads, above the Nore.

George of Mecklenburg, the Queen's bro15. His Royal Highness the Duke of ther. Cumberland arrived in town from Avignon, 10. Two hundred and twenty male Conin France.

victs removed from Newgate in five waggons 20. The City Recorder's salary encreased to Portsmouth, where they are to be emto iccol. per annum.

ployed in the fortifications. 28. Account arrived of a dreadful hurri. 27. The first stone of a new Theatre cne at Jamaica, which did great damage to was laid by Mr. John Palmer, of Drurythe towns, shipping, &c.

Lane, near Wellclose-square. Extraordinary robbery committed by De 29. Intelligence received of the Emperor's Chameron and a woman at Walworth, on having prohibited the importation of Englith Mr. Mackay, of Piccadilly.

manufactures into his Austrian dominions. Nov. 6. Death of Prince George of Mecklenburg

The number of bankrupts this year has 14. Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and

been very great : Dutchess of Cumberland set out again for January 38 August

41 France.


52 September The Emperor chartered a Company formed March

43 October z Trieste, to trade with the United States of April

36 November 61 America.



47 29. Iutelligence arrived of a battle between June

75 Tippoo Saib and the Mahrattas, in which the July

In all

527 later were victorious,





Munich, Nov. 10.

Constantinople, Nov. 10. The Ottoman HE President of the Academy of Sci- empire seems to have arrived at one of those


critical epochas, at which inc fate of nations tify the Elector our Sovereign, who is bent is often decided by the effects of a predomi upon exterminating Free-Masonry from his nant spirit of fanaticism and enchufiaím. caninions, has called upon all the members Twelve centuries having now elapsed since of the Academy to declare within cight days, the rise of the Turkish empire, a tradition is whether they will withdraw themselves from revived, wiich says, thai alter the expirathe perpicious mysteries of Free-Masonry. tion of 1200 years fro:n the famous Hegira, The celebrated M. de Born of Vienna, one we should behold, it do: a golden age, an of the firft literary characters in Germany, age, at kaf, in which things would take a sba is a member of the Academy, has ad- new turn with respect to the Mussulmen ; at drefied a letter to the President. in which he which period three great men were to ape tells him, " That fo far from relinquishing pear, in order to purify the Mahoinetan rethe principles, he shall ever glory in the ligion, and detend it against the infidels. base of Free-Mason ; a name that should These three Prophets were to be named tark every man thac bears it with superior Iman or Mollah-Bey, Charr s. and Aly. The probity; for its principles enjoin a more vi- fecond of these was to make his appearance plane discharge of the duties we owe w our in Bucharia, among the Uibeck Tartars, and

a more strict fidelity to the Sove- the third at Conftanrinople, where he was Tigri

, and a more enlarged and a&ive bene- to occafion a revolution. With respect to thience to our fellow-creatures, in fquaring the fift, his existence seems to be realized Our conduct thereby. However, to free my already'; and (as if in part to fulfil the said kell at once from your jurisdiction, I hcre tradition) a pretended Prophet has started with securn you all my diplomas, and dehre up under the name of niollah Mansour. you will ftrike oui my naine from the list of of this man we have more than once had your academicians."

occasion to speak before. The scene of his E3 202. MAG.




exploits is laid among the Avaías, a people pire, in all the parts of its constitution ; it dwelling near the foot of Mount Caucasus, behoves me, as a good friend to my moft where he has contrived to collect about gracious Brother and Associate, not only lo 80,000 inen, when he disciplines in his maintain the rights of Bishops within their own way, and pronibiis from the use of 10- respective dioceses, as being a constituent bacen, coffee, and every other article of part of proper discipline, bui also to contriluxury. It is certain, that the proceedings bute with all my might to their recovering of this fanatic has given infinite uncaliness all such rights as they were entitled to from to the Porte, as the bulk of the people pro- the beginning, of which they have been nounce him already the restorer of the Mus. dispossessed for many centuries, and the loss fulinan worship, is announced to them by of which was, occalioned by temporary acthe previctions of their ancestors. In ordre cidents and unwarrantable encroachments. in obrain further in.ormation on the subject, " Wherelore I resolved, in compliance therefore, one of the most celebrated per. to the aforesaid rem.onitrances, to make sonages of the law has been commissioned known in the clearest and most precise magby government to examine him, touching ner to the whole empire, my way of thinkthe orthodoxy of his system, to enter with ing on this subject; and also to declare to him into polemical discussion, and to make the Court of Rome, that I will never suffer his report accordingly. We are now impa- any prclates of the empire to be any ways eient to know what will be the effc&t of annoyed in the free exercise of their metióthese measures, which our Ministry have polit in rights, which they bold from God prudently rendered as mild as possible. and the church: that I mean to look on the

Confentinople, Dec. 10. The plague con- Nuncios as so many Envoys from the Pope, ,tinues both here and at Smyma without va- both in political matters and in fuch cases as riarinn; and the latt letters from Aleppo, of more inmediately concern him as head of the eilt ull. mention a very great mortality the church : that I absolutely cannot permit among the cattle and camels in that neigh their having in future any juritdiation in hourliood, and in Arabia, which is regarded ecclefiaftical marters, nor can I allow them as a certain indication of an approaching to preside in any private Court of Judicacontagion.- Gazette.

ture; neither the Nuncio at Cologne, nor the Frankforl, Dec. 12. It is a circumstance one relident at Vienna, vor any other wbom from which ulifilreflctions may be drawn, the Pope inay think proper to send hereafter that the two great miltrelics of the world, to any part wliatever of the empire. Rome and Conítant nople, which once bore " At the same time, dearly beloved, that the universal fway, appear to be linking at I thus impart to you my real fentiments, I the same period. A new: Prophet hastarted earnettly exhort ynu to protect against any up among the Mufluimen, whole supersti- attempt your metropolitan rights, and those tions favour his views, and will probably your futfra ans, and lernly to oppose all enable him to overturn the mouldering fa- encroachments and usurpations which the bric of the Mahometan faith. The Einpe- Court of Rome might be guilty of against ror Jofeph is at the some time compleatly your rights and government; and to this demiolishing the authority of the Pope of end I give you the most positive assurances Rome, as inay be leen by the following me- of the tulleit extent of my imperial promorial lately published ihrough the empire, lection. and which is now the general topic of con

* I thall also be Brietly attentive to all versation

the Continent :

questions concerning ben-fices, in order to " (LR well beloved the Elector, Arch- keep up to the very letter the eccleliattical hishop gunis (Mentz), and the conititutions peculiar to the Germanir. boArchbishop of Salisburgh, having signifird to dy; and I trust by these patriotic views to aly, chalthetention of the Court of Rome contribute to the progre's of religion, as is to send a Vuncio to Munich, invested allo to give to the Bishops and Clergy conwith the fine powers over Bavaria and the vincing prools of my watchlulne's to mainPalatinate, as are enjoyed by the Prelate re- tain them in their conítitutional privileges. liding at Cologne initie lame character, and And having said thus far, expreiling fome apprehenfion lett fuch an

" I rernain, &c. appointinent thould prove all usurpation of

(Signed) JOSEPH.' thaig inaeropolitan righis, they have im.

Hague, Jan. 18. Their High Mightinelpiored the linpesial protection, which it is my doev iw grant, as being the supreme pa

ses have come to a resolution to piclone his

mott Christian Majeity with two ships of the 10,1 of the Germanic conititurion in chuich

line, one to be called the Alliance, te other an itate. * And whereas it hach been usual with

the Gracitude, in return for the good ohces

he has, during many years, and particularly op at wil tirnos, and I have endeavoured

in the recent circunstances, been pleased to thistoriske very circumfiance, to give the molt

in their favour, as a token of the as 1977ols of my patriotis zcal in for

gratitude warding de we'fare and support of the em







to the Baftile, where he has already suffered L

ETTERS from the Hague bring advice, the punishment of the rack once.

that animoved atıhe interference of the Advices are receivea froin Givraltar, that King of Prusia, and the complaints of the Governor Eliott has at length procured the Stadtholder, the States of Holland and Well- release of fourteen Englith caplives, who Frezeland have declared that they do not

had been taken in a vello from Lisbon to had either in the letters from Berlin, or in Malaga, laden with property belonging to the Prince of Orange's manitesto, any argu

some Portuguese merchants, and carried ment that can in the least incline them to re- into Algiers by one of the Dey's coifairs in fcind the resolution complained of, and

the month of Fibruary last,' since which therefore they are deterinined to put it in time to the 18th of November they had force. Their words they have proved by

been detained in flavery, in which they the execution ; for on the 19th 'uli. the Pre- were obliged to work very hard for the first Adent of their Committee received, as their two months of their captivity : but after. reprelentative, all the military honours wards, on making it known that they were Efuzly paid :o the officer coinmanding the subjeéts of Gocai-Britain, and only giing Hague garriton. The laine was also granted as pallengers in the Portuguese vesel, their to the Giant Pin'ionary of Holland, as well work was considerably alleviated, and by as to the States allemblid.

means of Mr. Dyer, a merchant in a public Tie following is an Address from the capacity at Algiers, in concert with the Abbe Rayoal to the Independent Citizens Governor of Gibraltar, they were released of America :

by the Dey's order, and sent back in an People of America! let the example of English floop of war as a present to Geneall nations which have preceded you, and

ral Eliott, which was the Dcy's own ex. pecially that of the Mother Country, in. pression. bruct you. Be afraid of the influx of gold, It appears by private letters from Vienna, which bnays with it luxury, the corrup

that although the Emperor has thought protra of manners, and con'cmpt of las; he per lo subject che fuciety of Free-Malons to afraid of too unequal a diltribution of riches,

fome very particular reltrictions, the rescripe which hew's a small number of citizens in which coniains it, is, in our opiniou, not in. wealth, and a great number in milery: curious, and we give it here as iganflated Whence arises the infolence pf the one, and

from the German Gaz tic of Vienna. the disgrace of the other. Guard agsinst the “Whereas in all svell-regulated latus, no. {pirit of conqueft. The tranqu lliev of em- thing thould, within a certain description, be pize decreasis as it is extended. Have arms permitted to sublist, without being confi. cd Udelend yourselves, but have none to ac- to some particular rule and order, I have tack, Sock cafe and health in labour; thoughe ii necellary to enjoin what follows: prosperity in agriculture and manufactures; The alleinblies of men called Free Vialons, diength in good ınanners and virtue. Make of whose fecret I am as completely igarani, the sciences and arts prosper which distin

as I have at all times been averle to erguire raiso the civilized man from the savage.

into their mysteries, are daily encreaing even Especially watch over the coucation of your

in the finalleit 10wns :-Such mertings, left

entirely to ch: discretion of their members, " It is from public fihools, be allured, and lubjait to no kind of direction, may oc. that k lful Magistrates, disciplined and cou- calion inany excelles, equally injuriis to retherwis Soldiers, good fathers, good hus-, ligion and good morals; as alio induce the bands and brothers, good :icnds and fuperiors, in consequence of a fanatical se!

Wherever we see lowship, wo deviate from the Strici path of the youth depraved, the nat on is on the rectitude, in regard to those who are their decline. Let liberty have an immoveable dependants, but not initiatrd into the myrfondation in the wisdom of your constitu- teries of their order, and, in fine, occasion tions, and let it be the cement which unites great and needlets expences. Alrcady have pour States, which cannot be destroyed. other powers forbid all such assemblies; alEtabuh no legal preference in your diffe- ready have the members been brought to tenul modes of worship.

Superftition is exemplary punishments, because their feFiery where innocent, where it is neither crers were not univerlally known. Although

nor persecuted ; and let your du- I myself ani vury inperlcetiy in the confifluon be, if pollibie, equal to that of the dence, it is enough for me to know that loine

good and benevolent acts have been pere 3. De Chaiceron, or Court de Chame- forined by the masonic lodges, to provide PE, as he now calls himself, who robbed in their favour better than has been done in and cu villaicogy created Mr. Mackay fonie other countries; thereforc, althongh I am a the 289, as reized in a former Magazines is, stranger to their constitution, and io what is by order of the French Miniter, removed transacted at their meetings, these shall, ne


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vertheless, be countenanced under the pa. Elizabeth Blackburn, Miss Anne Mansell, tronage of the Staie, as long as they shall do and about 160 or 170 seamen and soldiers. good; therefore the assemblies of Free-Ma- Officers faved-Mr. Henry Meriton, lefons Thall enjoy a formal toleration, upon cond mate; Mr. Rogers, third ditio ; Mr. their subinitting to such regulations as Thall Daniel, lixib dino ; Mr. Duncan Macdo. ! be prescribed by me."

nald, and Mr. M.Manus, midshipmen, with 5. This being the day appointed for the 40 fçamen, and 25 loldiers. celebration of the new year, the usual cere- Mr. Meriton was driven from on board monies were observed at St. James's the Halsewell on the rock, by a very heavy

Governor Morris's delightful seat, with an fea breaking over the ship, just before which eftale of a thousand a year, is at last sold to Capt. Pierce asked him, if he thought any Mr. Sinith for 24,000l. including timber. thing could be done for the safety of the las This ettate was once valued at above 40,000l. dies; he replied it was impollible. Upon Norr that sum was offered by Lord Clive. which the Captain, addresing himself to his

We hear from Paris, that Mel. Moreau daughters, and enfolding them in his arms, and Delepine, two amment surgeons of faid, Then, my dear children, we will peinat city, extracted a tonerom the kidney rish together ;" the ship disappeared in a few ot a patient at the Hosel Dieu, which, being broken, was found to contain an animal re- Mr. Thompson, the quarter-master, was semblinga tord, which died on getting fresh the first who climbed up the rock and got

l'hether the egg or spawn of any crea- on thore; he saw a light about a mile oft, ta tue was taken into this nian's body by suc- which he went : the people very humanely tion or respiration, or whether such a repe came down with him to the shore with tile could be engendered by a corruption of ropes, which were the means of saving many the juice, as ringworms, &c. is now a lub- lives, though several, after being drawn part ject of debate in the Physical and Surgical of the way up the rock, from fatigue let Acadeinies al Paris, and well deserves the go their hold, and were dained to pieces. difcuffion of the Icarned in every country in

The chief mare of the unfortunate Halle

well Eatt-Indiaman said, in the fatal mo6. The Hallewell Eat-Indiaman, Rich. ment when the second mate was quitting the Pierce, Esq. Commandei, was totally lost thip, that he would die with his uncle che of Peverel Point, on her outward-bound Captain, and his coulins the Miss Pierces ; voyage to Bengal.

for were he to leave such dear relatives beThe piloe had l.ft the hip on Tuesday hind him, he could only exļect the worst of nom; after which the failed down the Chan- deaths - to be discarded for ever from the nel with a fair wud till about four o'clock service. on Wednesday morning, when a very hard Of Captain Pierce's iwo daughters, the gale with a heavy fall of Inow came on, by eldest was only seventcen, and the youngest i which the hip received so much damage as

but filrecn years of age. to admit fix feet water into the hold. About Captain Pierce has left behind him a wife eleven o'clock on Il'ednesday morning, when and I ven children. til v thought they were between the Lizard The body of the unfortunate Capt. Pierce and Start Points, they cut away the main was afterwards found at Chrift-Church, near and mizen malts, then wore thip, and en- {wenty miles from Purbeck, where part of deavoured to make Por tinmouth under jury- the wreck baih alto floated athore, and mamaits. They food upihe Chanoel on Wed- by other dead bodics. nesday afternoon, and all the day on Thurlo Extra 7 of a letter from a Ckrgyman in the Ii'ej? day. In the afternoon of the lait mentio od of Engiind 10 his Friend in London, Jan. g. Gut, a hıcavy ale blew from tie fouth, which " The India thip, wh:ch truck at two h degrees drove ihem on a lee-fore, in o'clock in the morning, was so entirely beat pate ní all their endeavours to avoid it. Be- to pieces, that nothing but the whole ocean iwlen one and two o'clock on Friday morn- covered with her fraginents could have pere ir 5pv faw land, and came to anchor, at fuaded me the hud ever been drilled thither. winch they rode about an hour.

But having

In the different recesses of the rocks, a coneller driven or parted, they then let 80

the fused heap of boards, broken malts, cheits, enis anilor li them, with which they Trunks, and dead bodies were huddled togewere unable to bring up he ih p, as the bur- ter, and the face of the wafers, as far as the Ikan" Coninued 10 ingo!.. In this Ata'e eye could extend, beltrewed with floating b; vie droic up the rocks at the carcafi, lables, chairs, caiks, and part of bywra-lana of St. Alba:'s, arcat inceleagues every other article in the viilel. in the cat of Portland, and indfs than an “'Or she whole crew about 70 were saved, hour was duined to pie es.

moly farlors. The second male, a Itouc bendes the Capianel, ite tir, fourth, and young man, akended the clills withoui hele 515 dies, the towing pallengers were but how it is impoflible to tell, nor could be Toit, 17.---- - John George Schwitz, Mits himsell, as they are nearly perpendiculari Fiabeth Pione. Mits Mary Ann Pierce, a few others were equally fitunaie, bv bis (10) dica Paulis, Mils lary Hamard, Miss 108 Coneca on pieces of obie wreck to parts




more easilyto be ascended. The fourth mate illand; yet these absolutely happened at one tad about 40 of the men followed the second and the same time. The Thilbc Irigaie, mate as íar as they dared, and then waited which carried Lord Keppel to Italy, on ber in painful fufpence till they were drawn up return met with the same storm at the chops be a rope let down by the men who work in of the Channel which proved lo fatal to the de quarries. Another party of 30, worse Halsewell East-Indiaman. The lightning Guated, or unable to gain a higher parl, were came on with such violence as to itrike the ten to be washed from the rock on which men down upon the deck, 'hough lackily they stood by one furious wave, at the re- . they soon recovered. The matts were fplit, turn of the tide in the morning.

and the rigging corn from them, so as to " The arrival of Mr. Jones and myself make it necellary to cut them quite away to proved fortunate for about twenty more un

clear the wreck. bappy wretches, who were discovered under Last Friday night a very fingular robbery the failer of a large chalm in the rock, about took place: A gentleman, with dispatches zo leee from the bottom. The quarriers were from our Ambaliador at Paris, being in a worn out with fatigue, cold, wet, and hun. poft-chaise driving to che Secretsryo: Siaie's 81; and were more eager to get their share Office, was suddenly ftopped in Pall-Mall of two casks of spirits which had been just by two fellows, who cut the traces of the fent them, than to attend to the cries of the chaise. The gentleman being alarmed at lo kutter:rs below; nor was there one person unexpected a toppage, and hearing a noile, attending of fufficient authority to encourage suddenly Icaped out, when the villains foror direct them. Our presence occasioned a cibly and arifully took of the dispatches, and proper application of the liquor, prevented every other article that was in the chaife.ail intoxication, and saved many of them Copies of the above ditpatches have beca from tumbling down the precipice, and our since received by another messenger. ptomiles of reward cheered them to proceed Three miles from Blenheim there is a with vigour, till we had drawn up every one portrait of Sir Henry Lee, with a mastiff lazt remained alive.

dog which saved his life. It seems, a fir* The method of saving these last was fin. vant had formed the design of affalsiating zalar, and does honour to the humanity and his matter and robbing the house; but the w repidity of the quarriers. The distance night he had fixed on, the dog, which had frun the top of the precipice to the cranny never been much noticed by Sir Henry, tor was about 60 feet, with a projection of the the first time, followed him up (tairs, got rock of about eight feet; ten of these feet under his bed, and could not be got from formed a declivity to the edge, and the re- thence by cither maiter or man : in the dead 22'sing so feet were quite perpendicular. of the night the same servant entered the On the very brink of the precipice stood two room to execute his horrid design, but was taring fellows, a rope being tied round inftantly seized by the dog, and being lelacur bodies, and faftened above to a strong cured confelled his intention.

There are ibn bar, fixed in the ground; behind them, ten quaint lines in one corner of the picture, ia lise manner, two more and two more. which conclude thus : A large cable also, properly secured, passed between them, by which they might hold

" But in my dog, whereof I made no store,

“ I had more love than those Itruited more." and support themselves from falling ; they ineti let down a rope, with a noole ready 9. Arrived in town from the East-Indies, fixed, below the cavera, and the wind blow- Lord Macartney. His Lordship came in the og tard, forced it under the projecting Swallow packet, which failed 'ro in Calcula Fack fufficiently for the men to lay hold of. ta on the 16th of August. His Lordihip Whoever caught it put the noose round continued several days in Calcutta previous Bis wrili; and after escaping from one cle- to the arrival of the dispatches of die Court anni, committed himself, in full swing, to of Directors containing his Lordihip's apo wher, in which he dangled till he was pointment of Governor-General of Bengal. Eawn up with great care and caution. Immediately on their arrival Mr. Macpher

“ We brought up 18 in this manner, fon dispatched his Secretary, announcing the I see died before we could affilt them; they appoinment, and his readiness co relinquish were all lenseless when we received them, the Government wheuever his Lordship might and ladly bruised; but we had brought think proper to accept it. To this proposal CHETTY brandy and gingerbread with us, and his Lordfhip delired a few davs before he by opplying them with small quantities of gave an answer. The reason affigned for his este, we foun recovered thein, and sent Lordship's delay arose from the circumthem to a tarm house, where every poflible Atance of the care detinets of the messenger d'ince was given.”

who was charged with the dispatches having &. The weather last week was perhaps the left his Lordih p's private letters at Madras: Eat extraordinary for the scalón that this on their arrival a few days afterwards, his part of Europe has eyer been witness to. Lord:hip sent his positive answer, that it Thunder and lightning at the time of frost was his determination not to accept the Go. tid beavy snow are phenomena in our verament: at the same time declaring his



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