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120 Mark the characters of the signs of the zodiac, and re

peat the stanza of six lines. 121 How do you prove that the stars apparently move from

east to west ? 122 How many moons are there in the solar system ? 123 Are the fixed stars or the sun the farihest off, and what

is the difference? 124 what is the natural food preferred by the Gentoos? 125 which quarter of the world abounds in wild beasts, and

why? 126 How many counties are there in England, Wales, Scot

land, and Ireland ? 127 which are the most populous countries in Europe, Asia,

Africa, and America ? 128 where is the sun vertical when it is equal day and night

in every part of the world ? 129 Repeat Young's lines on comets. 130 what are asteroides? 131 what is a cape, and what is a strait ? 132 what are the names of the three stars in a row which

shine on a winter's evening ? 133 How much of the heavens can be seen at once ? 134 what is the highest degree of latitude ? 135 On which side of the earth is the moon during an eclipse

of the sun ? 136 what star is that in the heavens which always stands still ? 137 How many tides are there in 24 hours, and what occa

sions them? 138 what occasions the blue colour of the heavens ? 139 why is man at the head of the animal creation ? 140 Point out in the map the chief countries of Europe, as

enumerated at 330. 141 what are the names of the tropics, and how far are the

tropical boundaries from each other? 142 what is the law of motion of the planets ? 143 The shadow of what body occasions an eclipse of the

moon, and what is its shape ? 144 when did the English colonies in America declare thens

selves independent ? 145 For what purpose is a fleur-de-lis put on a map? 146 what is the height of the highest mountains in the moon ? 147 How far are the pointers asunder, and bow far from the

north pole-star? 148 what are the causes of day and night, and of winter and

summer? 149 what are the distances of all the planots from the sun, and the period of their revolutions ?

150 In what parts of the world did Captain Cook make his discoveries, and point them out on the maps ?

Questions on Chap. xv. XVI. XVII, XVIII. 151 Define the various species of sophistry. 152 what parts of a discourse are the exordium and perora

tiop? 153 How many verbs and adverbs are there in the English

language ? 154 what Greek letters stand for a, o long, o short, and ph..? 155 what were the first and second parts of speech used by

man? 156 what ceremonies distinguish the Quakers ? 157 what is become of the descendants of Mabomet? 158 what is the name of that virtue which teaches humanity

to all animals ? and describe it. 159 what is the moral sense ? 160 Recite Cowper's and Barbauld's lines on the DEITY. 161 Define and give examples of the figures of rhetoric, call

ed irony and antithesis. 162 what is the fallacia accidentis, and the argumentum ad

hominem? 163 what is the cardinal rule of politeness? 164 what is the cardinal rule of composition ? 165 what is the cardinal rule for the attainment of happiness ? 166 what was the original mode of writing, and who invented

letters ? 167 what means the reductio ad absurdum, and the demon

stration a priori ? 168 How must I divide a discourse with the best effect? 169 what are the cardinal rules of eloquence ? 170 what is a syllogism ? and give an example ? 171 what are the best models of pure English style ? 172 what are the parts of grammar ? 173 what is analysis, and what is certainty ? 174 what are the respective objects of grammar, logic, and

and rhetoric ? 175 what is the religion of the Chinese and Hindoos ? 176 Did any separation take place among the early Chris

tians ? 177 Describe the cardinal virtues. 178 Into what sects are the Protestants divided ? 179 How many letters are there in the Greek and Hebrew

languages, and how many vowels in each? 180 For what useful purpose is language divided into parts

of speech?

and ps.

181 what are the means of preserving the English language ? 182 what is the difference between conceiving of things com

prehensively and extensively ? 183 where is the history of JESUS CARIST to be found ? 184 Give some examples of the present use of the ancient

hieroglyphics ? 185 Copy out in Greek letters the names of the Greek vowels. 186 what are the means of improving in composition ? 187 Make the great and small Greek characters, for ph, ch, 188 what has succeeded the study of logic in the Univer

sities? 189 How are we to avoid confusion in composition ? 190 From what language is the English derived ? 191 why are Protestants so called ? 192 what virtue is peculiarly possessed by parents ? 193 wbat habitual sense qualifies man for the social state ? 194 How many prepositions are there, and what is a prepo

sition ? 195 what is the use of existence ? 196 what is a syllogism, and what an argument ? 197 what are the three rules of delivery ? 198 what is the chief rule for writing well ? 199 Transcribe the rules for thinking ably and correctly. 200 who invented the letters, and what is their use ?

Questions on Chap. xix. and xx. 201 How many genera and classes of plants are there? 202 what vegetables are of the greatest use to man? 203 what are the classes which have the stamens and pistils

on different flowers or plants, and how are they fruc

tified ? 204 what sort of air or gas do vegetables generate ? and

transcribe what relates to this subject ? 205 what portion of nature has the sense of feeling, and

what is feeling ? 206 what insects create islands adapted for the habitation of

man ? 207 Describe the combs of a bee-hive. 208 How many cavities are there in the heart, what are they

called, and how many times do they act in a minute ? 209 How many senses have perfect animals, and describe

them in prose and verse ? 210 what are the use of bones, and how many are there is

the human body? 211 what parts of the body can be traced to grass or vege212 what is the essential use of the different parts of the ani

tables ?

mal frame? 213 Repeat the rhymes on animalculæ. 214 How do insects respire ? 215 what insect is supposed to occasion whitlows ? 216 what are the principal distinctions of shells ? 217 Do not some plants exhibit signs of irritability ? 218 what are the elementary parts or substances of vege

tables ? 219 what are the means used by nature to scatter the seeds

of vegetables ? 220 Repeat Blackmore's and Thomson's lines on the process

of vegetation. 221 what are the nerves, and what are their uses ? 222 what are the qualities that secure health, and why? 223 what is the peculiar contrivance of the CREATOR for sus

taining locomotive beings, or animals? 224 what is the use of the leaves of vegetables ? 225 what is a perennial, what a deciduous, what a tuberose,

and what an indigenous plant? 226 what is the distinctive use of arteries and veins ? 227 How many teeth and ribs has a man or woman? 228 In the circulation, when does the blood pass through the

lungs, and for what purpose ? 229 what are the receiving, and what the expelling cavities

of the heart? 230 what becomes of the blood after it has been received in

its appropriate cavity of the heart? 231 Explain the process of respiration. 232 How is the venous blood restored by nutriment? 233 What weight of blood is there in a human body, and

how many strokes does the pulse give in a minute? 235 How much does a human body perspire in 24 hours ? 236 How often has the left ventricle of the heart contracted

in a man of sixty-five? 237 What is the food converted into before it is mixed with

the blood ? 238 After the veins bring back the blood to the rigtit auricle

of the heart, what becomes of it? 239 What are the lungs? 240 What is the use of the wax in the ear ? 241 Repeat a desuription of the seven orders of animals of the

first class or mamalia. 242 Repeat Hurdis's description of a bird's nest. 243 What fills the bottom of the ocean? 214 Describe a wasp's nest.

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245 How small were the insects seen by Lewenhoeck ? 246 What are the properties of a polype ? 247 What was Hunter's division of animated nature ? 248 Recite Pope's lines descriptive of the ascending scale of

nature ? 249 what are the orders of birds and fishes ? 250 what are the respective effects of animals and vegetables on air?

Questions on Chap. XXI. XXII. and XXIII. 251 when are the terminations ous and ite used ? 252 what is the power of ascension of a spherical balloon 40

feet in diameter, the silk, netting, and car, weighing 500

pounds ? 253 what is nitrogen? 254 what is lightning? 255 what is the exact bearing and dip at this time of the

magnetic needle at London ? 256 what is supposed to be the cause of earthquakes ? 257 which are the chief volcanoes in Europe ? 258 what is meant by a salt in chemistry ? 259 what are the elements of all bodies, according to the

moderns? 260 what is the choke-damp, and what the fire damp of

mines ? 261 what is that acid which dissolves silver? 262 what is the acidifying principle, and how much is there

of it, in 100 parts of atmospheric air? 263 How are mineral waters formed? 264 what is the name of the acid used in etching on glass? 265 How many different kinds of rocks are there? 266. What are the scientific names of clay and flint ? 267 what is the peculiar property of phosphorus? 268 what is it that renders solids fluid, and fluids solid? 269 By what terminations are the strongest acids indicated ? 270 what is that gas which is essential to animal life, and in

what proportion is it necessary? 271 what is the use of the large glass cylinder which is made

to turn round during electrical experiments ? 272 what is meant by distilled water? 273 what does water become when it has been deprived of

its caloric ? 274 what is combined with those waters called chalybeate ? 275 How is the presence of the electric power discovered? 276 How is the electric fluid known to be the same as light

ning ? 277 what is the electrical shock ? 278 Is a glass cylinder necessary to the production of elec

tricity ?

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