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Eatered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1902, by

CENTRAL LAW JOURNAL COMPANY, In the Office of the Librarian of Congress at Washington.



This list includes only those cases commented upon editorially or in our Notes of Important Decis-
ions, or in full annotated. The abbreviation Ed., indicates editorially-R. D., cases commented upon
in our Notes of Important Decisions; and ann. case, annotated case.
Adams v. Candler (Ga.) Sunday-Whether Execution Campbell v. Watson (N.J.) Banks and Banking-Lia
of Recognizance on Sunday Is Valld, R. D. 362.

bility of Directors for Defalcation of Oficers Due to

Altken v. London & Northwestern Railway Co. (En. Their Negligence, R. D. 482.

glisb) Dead Body-Right of Property in Mummies, Capital City Diary Co. v. State of Ohlo (U.S.S. C.)

R. D. 203.

Constitutional Law-Validity of State Statute Ro

American Base Ball & Athletic Exhibition Co. v. Har. stricting Manufacture and sale of Oleomargarine,
per (Mo.) Injunction-Contract for Personal Sery-

ann. caso, 348.
ices-Mutuality, ann. case, 446.

Cave, In re (Wash.) Divorce-Imprisonment for Debt
Anderson v. Comptois, (U. 8. O. C. App. 9th Cir.) Con. In Cases on Non-payment of Allmony, R. D. 222.
tempt-Rigbt of Attorney to Counsel Disobedience

Central Pac. R. R. V. Evans (U.S.C.C., D. Nev.) Taxa

of Order of Court, R. D. 183.

tion-Proper Classification for Assessment, R. D.

Baer v. Glaser (Mo.) Trade Customs as to Weight and
Measures, Ed. 21.

Chamberlin v. Wood (8. Dak.) Elections-Power of

Baker, Ex parte (Tex.) Criminal Law-Interstate Ex. Legislature to Prevent the writing of Names on

tradition-Federal Statutory Requirements, ann. Ballot, ann. case, 189.

case, 393.

Chicago City Railway Company V. Anderson (III.)

Baker v. Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. (Ky.) Con. Trial and Procedure-Error in Judge Going to sleep

spiracy-Rigbt of Civil Action for Conspiracy Re- During Trial, R. D. 222.

sulting in Discharge of Employee, R. D. 182.

City of Rome v. Cheney (Ga.) Negligence- Whether a
Baker v. Sun Life Insurance Co. (Ky.) Conspiracy-

Properly Constructed sewer or Drain is Inviting to
Right of Civil Action for Conspiracy Resulting in Children so as to Render a City Liable, R. D. 423.
Discharge of Employee, R. D. 182.

City of Salem v. Anson (Oreg.) Damages-Distinction
Bank v. Finnell (Cal.) Depositions-Right of a Party Between Liquidated Damages and Penalties, R. D.

to Read Only a Selected Part of Deposition of His 183.
Own Witness, R. D. 84.

Conant v. Deep Creek & Curlew Valley Irrigation Co.

Bastrop State Bank v. Levy (La.) Trial and Procedure

(Utah) Waters and Water Courses-Wrongful Di

-Fallure of Defendant to Testify as Raising an Un. version of a Stream in Different states for Irriga..

favorable Presumption, R. D. 321.

tion Purposes, R. D. 262.

Battle Creek Valley Bank v. First Nat. Bank of Madi.

Crane v. Crane (N. J.) Marriage-Suit to Annul-
son (Neb.) Execution-Levy on Chattels-Young Fraudulent Representations, ann. caso, 92.
of Mortgaged Animals-Agreement for Lien, ann.

Cumberland Telephone & Telegraph Co. v. Home

case, 170.

Telephone Co. (U. 8. C. U. W. D., Ky.) Telegraphs

Beattie v. City of Detroit (Mich.) Municipal Corpora. and Telephones-Rights and Priority of Occupa-

tiong-Llability for Negligence of Contractor in tion Under Conflicting Grants, R. D. 182.
Excavating or Repairing Streets and Sidewalks, R.
D, 162.

Delaware, L. & W. R. R. v. Frank (U. 8. O.O., W. D. N.

Y.) Right to Relief in Equity Against Ticket
Bennett v. Insurance Company (Teon.) Life Iogur.

"Scalperg" by Rallroads Who Are in Unlawful
anco-Rigbt of Insured to Rescind Contract and Re.

Combination to Fix the Rates, Ed. 61.
cover Premiums Because of Misrepresentation of
Medical Examiner, R. D. 102.

Dinkens v. Crunden Martin Woodenware Co. (Mo.)
Booth's WiII, In re (Oreg.) Wills-Effect of Married

Garnishment-Cannot be Defeated by Advancing
Women's Acts on Rule Revoking Will of Unmarried

Salary, R. D. 123.

Female on Her Marriage, R. D. 442.

Donogby v. Brennan (New Zealand Sup. Ct.) Insane

Booth v. State of Illinois (U. S. S. C.) Contracts-

Persopg-Insanity as a Defense to an Action to Re-
Right of State 10 Prohibit Contracts for Future cover Damages, R. D. 242.
Delivery, apn. case, 230.

Dooley v. United States (U.S.S.O.) Taxation of Goods

Bradley Livery Co. v. Snook (N. J.) Inokeepers-Lla. Exported from the United States lato Porto Rico,

bility for Theft of Guest's Property, R. D. 281.

not Unconstitutional, Ed. 141.

Brandenburg v. Leigler (s. Car.) Waters and Water Erie Rallroad Company v. Salisbury (N. J.) Master

Courses-Liability for Draining Surface Water Onto and Servant-Liability of Railroad for Negligence

Another's Land, R. D. 882.

of Superintendent in Lending Push Car, R. D. 322.

Farmers' Loan & Trust Co. v. Smith (Conn.) Execu.

tors and Administrators-Right of Foreign Corpora.

tions to Act as Administrator, R. D. 342.
Farwell v. Babcock (Tex.) Right of Minority Stock.

holders to Interfere with Transactions of the Cor.
poration Prior or Subsequent to Their Becoming

Stockholders, Ed. 381.
Foote, Ex parte (Ark.) Nuisances- Right of Munic.

ipality to Declare the Keeping of a Jackass a Nui.

sance, R. D. 442.
Frank Monroe, Bankrupt, In re, (U. 8. D. C., N. D.

Wash.) Discharge in Bankruptcy Where Debt is

not Scheduled, Ed. 321.
Galveston, etc. Ry. Co. v. Hitzfelder (Tex.) Trial and

Procedure-Actions of Plaintiff Arousing the Jury's

Sympatby, R. D. 302.
Gano v. Minneapolis & St. L. R. Co. (Iowa) Constitu.

tional Law-Attorney's Fees as Part of Costs in

Condemnation Proceedings, ann. case, 367.
Gibson V. Tarbert (Iowa) Negligence-Liability of

Seller of Explosives Falling to Give Notice of Dan.

gerous Properties, R. D. 263.
Glascott v. Bragg (Wis.) Wills-Revocation by Adop.

tion of Child and subsequent Marriago, R. D. 362.
Gorrell v. Taylor (Tenn.) Contracts — Presumption

Against Implied Contractor Services in Family, R.

D. 102.
Hartley v. Sanford (N. J) Statute of Frauds-Promise

to Answer for Debt of Another as Surety, ann. case,

Hildenbrandt v. Ames (Tex.) Life Insurance – Dig.

tribution of Proceeds of Policy where Insured and

Beneficiary Perish in a Common Disaster, Ed. 261.
Homer Ramsdell Co. v. La Compagine Transatlantique

(U. 8. 8. C.) Ships and Shippiog-Effect of Statutes
Requiring Employment of Licensed Pilots on Lla.
bility for Pilot's Negligence--Compulsory Pilotage,

R. D. 163.
Huber v. Miller (Oreg.) Trial-Misconduct of Counsel

-Abusive Language, ann. case, 429.
Iron Ore Rate Case (loter. Com. Rep.) Power of State

to Regulate Shipments Within the State When Ulti.
mate Destination is Bt yond its Boundaries, Ed.

Ivey v. State (Ga.) Criminal Trial-Uotair Means of

Prosecutions and Arguments of Counsel, R. D. 62.
Jackson v. Pennsylvania R. R. (N. J.) Accord and Sat.

isfaction-Payment by Stranger as a Complete Sat.

isfaction, R. D. 85.
Kansas v. Colorado (U. S. S. C.) Federal Jurisdiction

-Controversy Between States as to Diversion of

Water by One to the Injury of the Other, R. D. 483.
Kelly v. Steamboat Company (Conn.) Master and Serv.

ant-Deck Hand and Mates on Board Ship as Fel.

low-Servants, R. D. 862.
Kloman v. Kloman (N. J.) Divorce-Uncorroborated

Confessions of Adultery as Ground for Divorce, R.

D. 85.
Lambourne v. Haliin (Utah) Trial and Procedure-

Validity of "Chance" or Quotient Verdicts, R. D. 22.
Levin v. City of Burlington (N. Car.) Compulsory Vac.

cination and Detention in a Pest House as an In.

fringement of Personal Liberty, Ed. 361.
London Guarantee & Accident Co. v. Horn (Ill.). Mas.

ter and Servant-Maliciously Procuring Another's

Discharge from Employment, R. D. 425.
Love v. Phalen (Mich.) Constitutional Law-Validity

of City Ordinance Prohibiting Public Speaking on

Streets, R. D. 403.
McLain, Ex parte (Cal.) Municipal Corporations-Rea.

sonableness of Ordinance Penalizing Purchase of

Lottery Tickets, R. D. 203.
McClain v. Life Assurance Society (U.S.C. 0. App., 3d

Cir.) Life Insurance-Stipulation that Polcly sball

be Controlled by the Law of the Insurance-Com-

pany's Domicile, R. D. 122.
McFadyen v. Masters (Okla.) Fraudulent Conveyances

-Effect of Notice of Fraudulent Iptent Upon Pur.
cbaser Before Entire Purchase Price Has Been

Paid, R. D. 83.
Maag v. Williams (Mo.) Exemptions-Divorced Man

May Be Head of Family, R. D. 82.
Maddox, In re (Md.) Attorney and Client-Right of Fe.

male to Gala Admission to the Bar, R. D. 462.
Mathews v. Board of Education of School Dist. No. 1,

of the City and Township of Kalamazoo (Mich.)
Vaccination-Requirement of School Board, ann.

case, 54.
Miller v. Black Rock Springs Improvement Co. (Va.)

Waters and Water Course8- Rigbt to Intercept the

Percolation of Subsurface Water, R. D. 363.
Missouri, K. & T. Ry. Co. v. Simonson (Kan.) Consti.

tutional Law-Making Specifications in Bill of Lad.

ing Conclusive, ann. case, 488.
Mitchell v. Raleigh Electric Co. (N. Car.) Electricity

-Negligence Per Se in Permitting Wires to be

Uninsulated Contrary to Ordinance, R. D. 402.
Moore, In re (U. 8. D. C., W. D. Ky.) Probability in

Bankruptcy of a Fine Imposed by the Common.

wealth for a Misdemeanor, R. D. 1203.
Mumfordv. Development Co. (U. 8. C. O., S. D. N. Y.)

Corporations - Rights and Remedies of Minority

Stockholders Because of Fraud, R. D. 423.
Xelboer v. Detroit Electric Railway (Mieh.) Street

Railroads-Contributory Negligence of Passenger

Riding in a Place of Danger, R. D. 442.
New York, N. H. & H. R. Co. v. Bork (R. I.) Railroads

-Depots-Rights to Premises-Hack Drivers, ann.

case, 27.
Niagara Fire Insurance Co. v. Cornell (U.S.C. C., D.

Neb.) Nebraska Anti-Trust Act Held Void as Depy
ing Foreign Insurance Companies the Equal Pro-

tection of the Laws, Ed. 61.
Nixon v. Rauer (Cal.) Sheriffs-Liability for Acts of

Deputy, R. D. 202.
Ogden v. City of Madison (Wis.) Municipal Corpora-

tlong-Validity of Ordinance Punishing a Crime Al.
ready Punishable by the Laws of the State, R. D.

403, 462.
Olson v. Birch (Cal.) Admiralty-Extent of State Juris

diction Over Ships and Ship Owners, R. D. 41.
O'Rourke v. Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Co. (R.

1.) Life Insurance-Plea of Infancy-Against For.
feiture Because of Fraudulent Warranty of Minor

R. D. 243.
People v. Prather (Cal.) Criminal Law-Constitution.

ality of Statutes Making the Venue of Crime in any
Other County Thun That in Which it is committed,

R. D. 63.
Philadelphia Ball Club, Limited, v. Lajoie (Pa.) Injunc.

tion-Contract for Personal Services-Mutuality,

ann, case, 446.
Pollock v. German Fire Insurance Company of Pitts.

burg, Pa. (Mich.) Fire Iosurance-Removal of Stock

-Consent of Agent, ann. case, 10.
Quinn v. Leathem (English) The Value and Authority

of Case Law, Ed. 21.
Shobert v. May (Oreg.) Negligence - Right to Trial by

Jury Where Facts Are Undisputed, R. D. 461.
Sibley v. State (Tenn.) Fish-Constitutionality of

Legislation Protecting Fish in a River by Prohibit.

ing the Erection of Dams, R. D. 124.
Selber v. Pettitt (Pa.) Husband and Wife-Husband's

Action for Damages for Debauchery of Wife, ann.

case, 69.
Smith v. Baer (Mo.) Appeal and Error-Distinction

Between Cases at Law and in Equity as to the Prac
tice of Reviewing the Facts, R. D. 342.

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