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December, 1913.

$17,000,000 to $20,000,000. The first line is to run from Kaomi near Kiao-chou on the Shantung Railway southward to Hanchwang, where the Tien-Tsin-Pukow Railway crosses the Grand Canal. The second line is to extend the Shantung Railway from its present terminus at Tsinan to Shunteh, on the Hankow Railway. The concession for the Kaomi line was granted in the Kiao-chou treaty of 1898 but never before undertaken. N. Y.

Herald, Dec. 24, 1913. 30 ITALY—PORTUGAL. Italy has accepted for the settlement of her

claims against Portugal for confiscation of property belonging to Italian religious associations, the principle of arbitration agreed upon by Portugal with Great Britain, France and Spain.


Adhesions, Ratifications and Denunciations
AUTOMOBILES. Paris, October 11, 1909.

Denmark for Danish Antilles, except Faroe Islands (R).

Aug. 13, 1913. J. O., 1913:7493.
Great Britain for Barbados, Leeward Islands, Northern Nigeria,

Southern Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Seychelles. Aug. 13,

1913. R. gen. de dr. int. pub., 20:605. COLLISIONS AT SEA. Brussels, September 23, 1913. Ratifications:

Greece. J.O., 1913:9325.
Nicaragua. Reichs-G., 1913:707.
Norway. J.O., 1913:10482.


1896; Berlin, 1908. Adhesions:

Great Britain for Newfoundland, July 1, 1912.


Declaration concerning the laws of naval warfare. Signed by Ger

many, United States, Austria-Hungary, France, Great Britain,

Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Russia and Japan.
Ratification advised by the United States Senate April 26,

Ratification voted down in the Parliament of Great Britain.
English text: Malloy, Vol. 3 (Charles), 266; United States Senate,
61st Cong., 1st sess., Confidential, Ex A.

INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY. Washington, June 2, 1911.

Convention of the union of Paris March 20, 1883, revised at

Brussels, December 14, 1900, and at Washington June 2,
1911. Signed by Germany, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Cuba,
Denmark, Dominican Republic, Spain, United States, France,
Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Norway, Portugal,

Servia, Sweden, Switzerland, France for Tunisia.
Ratifications, up to April 1, 1913:
Germany, Austria-Hungary, Dominican Republic, Spain,

France, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Norway,
Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland and Tunis. Ratified by

United States, June 20, 1912, proclaimed, April 29, 1913.

Great Britain for New Zealand, Ceylon, Trinidad and Tobago.

R. gen. de dr. int. pub., 20:509.
Great Britain for Papua, Feb. 1, 1913; Norfolk Island and

Australia, July 1, 1912. J. O., 1913:10482.
French and English texts: U. S. Treaty Series, No. 579; French

text: Arch. dipl., 126:65; German text; Reichs-G., 1913:236,

PUBLIC HYGIENE. Rome, December 9, 1907.

Uruguay. J. O., 1913:8773.
French and English texts: Malloy, Treaties, Conventions, etc.,

Vol. 2, 2214.

SALVAGE. Brussels, September 23, 1910.

Greece. J.O., 1913:9325.
Norway. J.O., 1913:10482.

SANITARY CONVENTION. Paris, January 17, 1912.

Signed by Germany, United States, Argentine Republic, Austria,

Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica,
Cuba, Denmark, Ecuador, Spain, France, Great Britain, Greece,
Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Italy, Luxemburg, Mexico, Mon-
tenegro, Norway, Panama, Netherlands, Persia, Portugal, Rou-
mania, Russia, Salvador, Servia, Siam, Sweden, Switzerland,

Turkey, Egypt, Uruguay.

United States: ratification advised by the Senate, Feb. 26, 1913.
French and English texts: Malloy, Vol. 3 (Charles), 390; Spanish

text: B. Rel. Ext. (Colombia), 4:435.

TRADE-MARKS. Madrid, April 14, 1891. Washington, June 2, 1911.
Signed by Brazil, Cuba, Spain, France, Great Britain, Portugal,

Switzerland and Tunis.

France. April 17, 1913.
Great Britain for Ceylon, Trinidad, Tobago. R. gén. de dr. int.

pub., 20:605.
French text: Arch dipl., 126:80.

WHITE SLAVERY. Convention, Paris, May 4, 1910.
Great Britain for Canada, April 25, 1913; R. gen. de dr. int.

pub., 20:605; J. O., 1913:8773. Great Britain for South
African Union, Sept. 19, 1913. R. gen. de dr. int. pub., 20:
605; J. O., 1913:8773. Great Britain for Newfoundland and
New Zealand, Oct. 1, 1913. J. O., 1913:10151. Portugal,

Sept. 9, 1913.
French text: J.O., April 23, 1913; French and German texts:
Reichs-G., 1913:31.




Aliens Act, 1905. Return of alien passenger traffic to and from the United Kingdom, and number of expulsion orders made, during the three months ended June 30, 1913. Cd. 7047, 2d.

Aviation, Memorandum on naval and military. Cd. 6695. 192d.

China. Further correspondence respecting the affairs of. (February to December, 1912.) Cd. 7054. 1192d.

East Africa Protectorate. Judgment, dated May 26, 1913, of the High Court in the case brought by the Masai Tribe against the AttorneyGeneral of the East Africa Protectorate and others. Cd. 6939. 1Y2d.

Egypt. Translation of organic and electoral law, promulgated July 21, 1913. Cd. 6878. 3%2d.

Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Co., Ltd., Agreement between, and the Postmaster General, with regard to the establishment of a chain of Imperial wireless stations; with Treasury minute thereon. H. of C. Reports and Papers, 1913, No. 217. 772d.

Opium. Agreement between United Kingdom and Portugal for regulation of opium monopolies in the colonies of Hong Kong and Macao. Signed at London, June 14, 1913. Treaty ser., 1913, No. 11. ld.

Persia. Financial advances made by H. M. Government and the Government of India to the Persian Government. Cd. 7053. ld.

Sierra Leone. Despatch from the Governor, reporting on the measures adopted to deal with unlawful societies in the protectorate. Cd. 6961. 272d.

UNITED STATES 2 Alaska fisheries, Laws and regulations for protection of. 5p. Commerce Dept. (Circular 251; Bureau of Fisheries.)

Official publications of Great Britain and many of the British colonies may be purchased of Wyman & Sons, Ltd., Fetter Lane, E. C., London, England.

2 When prices are given, the document in question may be obtained for the amount noted from the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, D. C.

Canal Zone, Executive order to punish deported persons who return to. Sept. 25, 1913. 1 p. fo. (No. 1832.) State Dept.

Extradition between Philippine Islands or Guam and British North Borneo. Arrangement effected by exchange of notes, signed Sept. 1-23, 1913. 4p. Treaty ser., No. 582. State Dept.

Indemnity. Report favoring H. 7384 to authorize payment of indemnity to Italian Government for killing of Angelo Albano. Oct. 2, 1913. 1 p. S. rp. 118.

International conference on safety at sea, preliminary work for. Report to Secretary of Commerce of committee on aids and perils to navigation. [1913] 13 p. Commerce Dept.

- Report of committee on efficiency of officers and crews. [1913] 6 p. Commerce Dept.

- Report of committee on radiotelegraphy. [1913] 6 p. Commerce Dept.

- Report of committee on fire protection. [1913] 3 p. Commerce Dept.

- Report of committee on hulls and bulkheads. [1913] 47 p. il. Commerce Dept.

- Report of committee on lifeboats. [1913] 6 p. Commerce Dept.

International Cotton Congress, The Hague, June 9-11, 1913. Report by sub-committee to permanent American commission on agricultural finance, production, distribution, and rural life. 1913. 5 p. S. doc. 176. Paper, 5c.

International Institute of Agriculture, Rome, May, 1913. Report of delegates of United States to general assembly of, with annual report of permanent delegate. Sept. 29, 1913. 64 p. S. doc. 196. Paper, 5c.

International Joint Commission on Boundary Waters between United States and Canada. Decision and order of approval in matter of application of Watrous Island Boom Co. for approval of plans for boom in Rainy River. 89 p. map. State Dept. Paper, 10c.

International radiotelegraph convention. List of abbreviations to be used in radio communication. [1913] 1 p. il. fo. Navigation Bureau. (Radio service.) Paper, 5c.

Mexico. H. J. R. 130 for relief and transportation of destitute American citizens in. Sept. 16, 1913. (No. 8.)

Naturalization laws and regulations, Aug. 20, 1913. 33 p. Paper, 5c. Naturalization Bureau.

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