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- Hearings. 262 p. il. Foreign Relations Committee.

- Report to President of United States submitted by Andrew Furuseth after his resignation as Commissioner from United States to International Conference on Safety of Life at Sea which met in London, Nov. 12, 1913. 12 p. Foreign Relations Committee.

- Memorial of seamen of United States praying for disapproval by Senate of, and for enactment by Congress of S. 136. 22 p. S. doc. 452. Paper, 5c.

International Exposition of Sea Fishery Industries at Boulogne-surMer, France, June 15-October 1, 1914, Communication in regard to invitation from French Republic to United States to participate in. April 10, 1914. 2 p. H. doc. 894. State Dept.

International Joint Commission on Boundary Waters between United States and Canada. Opinion and order of approval in matter of application of Greater Winnipeg water district for approval of diversion of waters of Lake of the Woods and Shoal Lake for sanitary and domestic purposes. Jan. 14, 1914. 22 p. State Dept.

International law topics and discussions, 1913. 203 p. Naval War College. 1914. Cloth, 30c.

International Sanitary Conference of American Republics. Letter relative to item of appropriation to enable United States to be represented by Public Health Service in Sixth, to be held at Montevideo, Uruguay, in December, 1914. April 10, 1914. 4 p. H. doc. 892. State Dept.

International Water Boundary Commission, United States and Mexico, Hearings relative to, February 5 and 11, 1914. 65 p. Foreign Affairs Committee.

Jews of Roumania. Hearings on H. J. R. 138 and H. R. 183, Dec. 10– 22, 1913. 39 p. Foreign Affairs Committee.

Mexico. Address of President of United States, delivered at joint session of two Houses of Congress, April 20, 1914, on situation in our dealings with Victoriano Huerta. H. doc. 910. 5 p. Paper, 5c.

- Message recommending appropriation for purpose of providing means to bring to their homes in United States American citizens now in Mexico. April 22, 1914. 1 p. H. doc. 916. State Dept.

- Exportation of arms or munitions of war to. Proclamation revoking proclamation of March 14, 1912. Feb. 3, 1914. 1 p. No. 1263. State Dept.

· H. J. R. 251, justifying employment by President of armed forces to enforce his demand for unequivocal amends for affronts and indignities committed against United States in Mexico. April 22, 1914. 1 p. Pub. No. 22. 50.

Naturalization, Annual report of Commissioner of, fiscal year 1913. 36 p. Naturalization Bureau.

- Hearings on H. 7781 admitting to citizenship and fully naturalizing Gordon W. Nelson, 1914. 16 p. Immigration and Naturalization Committee.

Niagara River, Diversion of waters of. Hearings on H. 2498, Feb. 9, 1914. ii + 25-92 p. Foreign Affairs Committee.

Opium and cocaine, importation of opium and preparations and derivatives thereof and exportation of opium or cocaine or salts, derivatives, or preparations thereof, under act approved Jan. 17, 1914. 6 p. Treasury Decision, 34221. Treasury Dept.

Panama Canal. Canal treaties, executive documents presented to Senate with proceedings by Senate thereon. 1914. 84 p. S. doc. 456. Paper, 10c.

- Hearings before Committee on Interoceanic Canals, 62d Congress, on S. 8114, to prevent discrimination in Panama Canal tolls. Statement of Elihu Root. Feb. 12, 1913. 23 p. S. doc. 450. Paper, 5c.

- Executive order establishing regulations relative to payment of tolls and of bills for materials, supplies, repairs, harbor pilotage, towage, and other services, furnished to vessels by Panama Canal. April 16, 1914. 3 p. No. 1917. State Dept.

- Executive order, providing conditions of employment for permanent force for. Feb. 2, 1914. 5p. No. 1888. State Dept.

- Executive order providing method for determination and adjustment of all claims arising out of personal injuries to employees engaged in actual work on Panama Canal or Panama Railroad, and prescribing schedule of compensation therefor. March 20, 1914. 11 p. No. 1902. State Dept.

- Executive order to establish Washington Office of Panama Canal, to provide temporarily for organization, officials and employees thereof, and to continue in force for Panama Canal rules, regulations and Executive orders which may have been made for Isthmian Canal Commission. March 2, 1914. 3 p. No. 1897. State Dept.

- Strategic value of. By J. S. McKean. 1914. 8 p. 2 maps. Paper, 15c. Naval War College.

- Treaties and acts of Congress relating to Isthmian canal. 1914. 55 p. House of Representatives.

Panama Canal Act. Index of proceedings in Senate, 62d Congress, 2d session, May 29-Aug. 26, 1912, on H. 21969 for opening, maintenance, protection, and operation of Panama Canal, and sanitation and government of Canal Zone. p. 1-3+1, 4-8. [Proceedings and debates in Congressional Record, v. 48, pts. 7–11.)

- Report favoring H. 1922 to amend, so as to repeal that part of the act which exempts vessels engaged in coastwise trade from tolls. March 6, 1914. 14 p. H. rp. 343. Paper, 5c. Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee.

- Report favoring H. 14385 to amend, so as to repeal that part of act which exempts vessels engaged in coastwise trade from tolls. March 10, 1914. 14 p. H. rp. 362 [pt. 1]. Paper, 5c. Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee.

- Views adverse to H. 14385. March 14, 1914. 1 p. H. rp. 362, pt. 2. Paper, 5c. Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee.

- Views of minority adverse to H. 14385. March 14, 1914. 22 p. H. rp. 362, pt. 3. Paper, 5c. Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee.

- Views of minority adverse to H. 14385. March 14, 1914. 12 p. H. rp. 362, pt. 4. Paper, 5c. Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee.

Panama Canal and our relations with Colombia. Papers relating to acquisition of Canal Zone, including extract from message of President Roosevelt, Dec. 7, 1903, and message relating to Isthmian Canal, Jan. 4, 1904, address by Elihu Root before Union League Club on ethics of Panama question, editorial from Outlook of Oct. 7, 1911, on how United States acquired right to dig Panama Canal, letter of Mr. Hay, Secretary of State, to Gen. Rafael Reyes, dated Jan. 5, 1904, and extraet from autobiography of Mr. Roosevelt. April 23, 1914. 75 p. S. doc. 471. Paper, 5c.

Panama Canal tolls. Address of President of United States delivered at joint session of two Houses of Congress, March 5, 1914. 3 p. H. doc. 813. Paper, 5c.

Panama Exposition, Communication in relation to invitation from Government of Panama to United States to participate in exposition at city of Panama, with accompanying papers. March 17, 1914. 15 p. H. doc. 840. Paper, 5c. State Dept.

Phytopathology, International Commission on. S. J. R. 110 authorizing President to accept invitation to participate in, to be held in Rome, Feb. 24, 1914. Pub. No. 18, 5c.

Shipping Combinations. Proceedings and report of Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries on steamship agreements and affiliations in American, foreign and domestic trade, including recommendations of committee. 1914. v. 4, xv + 459 p. 5 pl. H. doc. 805. Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee.

GEO. A. Finch.





Claim No. 3

[Arbitrators: M. Henri Fromageot, Sir Charles Fitzpatrick, Hon.

Chandler P. Anderson]

Decision rendered May 1, 1914

This is a claim presented by His Britannic Majesty's Government on behalf of Messrs. Sivewright, Bacon and Co., of Manchester, England, against the Government of the United States for the sum of eight hundred forty-nine pounds eight shillings nine pence (£849/8/9) with interest at four per cent (4%) for nine and a half years, i. e., from December 9, 1902, the date on which His Majesty's Government first brought the claim to the notice of the United States Government, to April 26, 1912, the date of the confirmation of the first schedule of the Pecuniary Claims Convention, viz., three hundred twenty-three pounds (£323), making a total of one thousand one hundred and seventy-two pounds, eight shillings, nine pence (£1,172/8/9).

By the certificate of registry, produced at the request of this Tribunal, it appears that the steamship Eastry, belonging to Messrs. Sivewright, Bacon and Co., was in June, 1901, a British ship.

It is admitted by both parties that, at that date, the Eastry was under time charter to one Simmons by whom she had been sublet to the Compania Maritima, a company then under contract with the United States Government to carry a cargo of coal to be delivered at Manila Bay.

It appears by the logbook of the Eastry, and it is not contested, that she arrived and anchored at Cavite, Manila Bay, on June 7, 1901, and that, on the same and following days, i. e., on June 7, 8, 13 and 15, she was damaged by certain coal hulks that came alongside to take off her

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