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for him is too elusive and vague. As he puts it, his method, which is realistic and critical, does not abandon itself to the "seductions of intellectualism,” but is based upon a pragmatic theme which urges an equilibration of interests as the supreme end of justice.

This is neither the time nor the place to find a quarrel with Geny's point of view. Undoubtedly there may be much to suggest contention, especially where he leaves the groundwork of analysis, where he has rendered incomparable service, and ventures into the field of synthesis and construction. The next years of activity in legal science will find it necessary repeatedly to cover Geny's positions and ideas, and much permanent value undoubtedly will accrue from his pioneer labors.

As yet nothing has been said here specifically of Geny's book, because it is simply a convenient vehicle to carry to a conclusion the ideas already discussed. A “lettre missive" is defined as a written conversation. The subject is well chosen for application of the process of "libre recherche,” in that the author is not inconvenienced at every point, by & large mass of legal materials which have already officially given a quietus to every legal question to be considered, and which, therefore, would leave to the author nothing to do except to record his agreement or dissent. The law of "lettres missives" is an open sea, and accordingly affords the utmost scope for putting into concrete form the abstractions of a theory of legal method.

The entire elaboration of the law governing letters is founded on a central principle of a right of secrecy in letters which is a special aspect of the liberty of the person, which includes freedom of thought and opinion. Geny opposes the view of Valery and Jardel, who recognize no special right of secrecy in letters and put the limits of protection of correspondence at the points where there is a violation of some special or general obligation. His method of attack is hierarchical. He develops his subject in the following order: (1) the general right to liberty and inviolability of correspondence; (2) the right of secrecy; (3) right to the use and possession of letters; (4) the right of publication; and (5) proof of letters for civil and commercial purposes. In a second part he considers in a parallel fashion the law concerning letters in connection with powers and authority over infants, lunatics, prisoners, etc., rights of spouses, heirs, creditors, and letters in the administration of criminal justice. The perpetual contest between form and reason is always resolved by the author as hardly needs to be stated, in favor of the latter.

One's curiosity is aroused in the subject by the fact, apart from the

considerations already noticed, that a great variety of the questions treated touch matters which rarely come into legal conflict, although the possibilities of such conflicts are readily seen. Geny has apparently exhausted everything that has to do with French legislation, jurisprudence, doctrine, and legal history. It does not appear that he has overlooked any source of information. Novel as his subject appears to be in view of the neglect of positive law to deal with it, it is disclosed by his valuable bibliographies that the French and the Germans have contributed an amazing number of monographs in this field. The present work beyond question will be considered a valuable addition to legal literature. It will be commended for its sane idealism, and its clear and outspoken emphasis of the rights of personality which, in a sociological atmosphere, are in danger of being unduly pushed aside by the overwhelming force of the undifferentiated crowd. The world is not yet ready to dispense with individuals. Lastly, this work will be approved not only as based on an essentially sound starting-point, but also as an authoritative reference work in France on these questions as they happen to enter the sphere of litigation.



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