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. Mat iv. l. Luke iv I. p Mat. iv. 11. A. D. 80, endIng. Mar. iv. 12. r Mat. iv. 23. Dan. ix. 25. Gal. ir 4. Eph. i. 10. 1 Mat. iii. 2; & iv. 17. u Mat. iv, 18. Lele s. 4. Mat. xix. 27. Luke v. ll. y Mat. iv. 21. A. D.31. Mat. iv. 13 Luke iv. 13. @ Mat. vii. 28.

20 And straightway he cal- , saying, Hold thy peace, and led them; and they left their come out of him. father Zebedee in the ship with 26 And when the unclean the hired servants, and went spirit had torn him, and cried after him.

with a loud voice, he came out 21 ' And they went into of him. Capernaum : and straightway 27 And they were all amazed, on the sabbath day he entered insomuch that they questioned into the synagogue and taught. among themselves, saying, What

22 ' And they were aston- thing is this? what new docished at his doctrine: for he trine is this? for with authority taught them as one that had commandeth he even the unauthority, and not as the scribes. clean spirits, and they do obey


28 And immediately his fame

spread abroad throughout all See & XII.

the region round about Galilee. Matthew IV. 1-11.

29 And forth with, when And § XIII.

they were come out of the synMatthew IV. 12–25. agogue, they entered into the

house of Simon and Andrew,

with James and John. C.

30 But Simon's wife's mother CHAP. I. 23-34.

lay sick of a fever, and anon

they tell him of her. Christ healeth one that had a devil ; 31 And he came and took Peter's mother in law ; and many diseased her by the hand, and lifted her persons.

up; and immediately the fever 23. And there was in their left her, and she ministered synagogue a man with an un- unto them. clean spirit ; and he cried out, 32" And at even, when the

24 Saying, Let us alone ; sun did set, they brought unto cWhat have we to do with thee, him all that were diseased, and thou Jesus of Nazareth ? art them that were possessed with thou come to destroy us? I devils. know thee who thou art, the 33 And all the city was Holy One of God.

gathered together at the door. 25 And Jesus rebuked him, 34 And he healed many that

saw me,

order to the ends of my undertak- | labours and sufferings, as if you ing, the Father hath given me an universal propriety and governing NOTE 1. Christ's right of dopower by the right of redemption, minion and empire is founded in as chief administrator under him the Father's covenant with him as in heaven and in earth. So that Redeemer.- And, being universal henceforth all the concerns of men Lord, redemption is so far universal, in this world and the other are at as to prove these and other commy disposal ; and all men under mon effects. “To this end Christ my government by right and ob- died, and rose, and revived, that ligation. By which authority I he might be Lord both of the dead now commission you to go abroad and of the living.” Rom. xiv. 19. into the world, and make all nations 2. The word translated teach, (to the uttermost of your power) signifieth disciple to me,' or 'make my disciples; taking them into my (nations) my disciples.' church by solemn covenant, cele 3. All Christians should endeabrated by baptizing them into the vour to make Christianity the naname of the Father, Son, and Holy tional religion, that the kingdoms Ghost. And when you have bap- of the world may become the king. tized them, and so united them doms of the Lord, and of his Christ; to me and my universal church, that is, that they may be Christian (upon their understanding professed kingdoms, and not only Christians faith and repentance, and dedica- gathered out of kingdoms. tion of their children to me), then 4 This maketh not all to be congregate them in order under Christians who are in those king. ! faithful pastors. And as you, as doms, but only such as general teachers to all the churches, cipled. must deliver to them all the com 5 Infants being part of all kingmands which I have committed to doms, this text commandeth to disyour trust (by word and writing), ciple and baptize them. They are so these pastors must further in- made disciples by being justly destruct them that they may grow dicated to Christ, (by those who up in knowledge of all these my have true power to dispose of them) commands. And in the perform to learn of him, and obey him as ance of this charge, I shall, by the they grow up and are capable. As help of my Spirit and protection, Christ was relatively head of the be present with you and such pas church in his infancy, when his tors in their course, to the end of human nature was not capable of this world (or age), till I shall come the actual administration, so are in glory to the final judgment. infants capable of being disciples Though you see me not, I shall be by covenant dedication (by those as really assisting to you, and that have the disposal of them for regardful of you, even in your their good, and can covenant for

are dis



them with men), and by relation 9. The general command to the and obligation. God had never a disciples of teaching all nations church on earth of which infants Christ's commands, includeth writwere not infant members, since ing the Scriptures, without which there were infants in the world. they could not teach posterity in

6. To be baptized into the name all nations his commands. of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, 10. It maketh them his intrustis no less than by solemn covenant ed apostles, from whose fidelity we to give up one's self to God the Fa- may believingly receive his comther, as our Father reconciled by mands; and therefore it includeth Christ, our chief owner and ruler, the promise of his Spirit to make and chief benefactor, even as our them true and credible reporters. God; and to Christ as our Saviour, 11. It implieth that his comand the Holy Ghost as

mands are the universal laws for tifier. And merely to consent to his catholic (1. e. whole) church. learn of Christ makes one a baptiz- And no man or men have authority able disciple.

to make laws for the universal 7. Baptism is christening, and church on earth but he. is the badge of those that must love 12. Yet the precept of observand take each other for Christians; ing his commands forbids not the and the terms of church unity, till observing of the commands of any it be nullified by verbal or actual lawful limited local rulers under apostasy.--And it is church tyranny him, not crossing his commands; and schism to make canons which parents, masters, pastors, princes, shall exclude those from the Church must be obeyed in their provinces of Christ whom he taketh in by and places, even about God's worbaptism ; before they impenitently ship. If men

make subordinate nullify that covenant, in whole, or laws, according to God's general in some essential part, namely, by laws of love, concord, edification, proved denying essentials of faith, order, they must be obeyed. — or forsaking some essential part of BAXTER. obedience.

8. He that consenteth heartily and unfeignedly to the baptismal corenant, is regenerate and justified, READER.

Jesus came and spake and shall be saved. And he that unto them, saying, All power is given doth consent but with the mouth unto me in heaven aud in earth.-See and outward sign, or leaveth out Psalm cx. 1; Eph. i. 20, 21. By some essential part in his heart- this is expressed his dominion and consent, is regenerate only sacra- rule as Prince of Peace, the alone mentally, and a visible member of king of his church, her supreme the church, but is not justified, nor lawgiver and mighty protector, and shall be saved.

the conqueror of all his enemies;

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S Mat. viii. 14. Luke iv. 38.-& Mat. viii. 16.
40.---h ch. iji. 12. Luke iv. 41.
11 Or, lo say that they knew him.

were sick of divers diseases, him, they said unto him, All and cast out many devils ; and men seek for thee. A suffered not the devils 'to 38 And he said unto them, speak, because they knew him. Let us go into the next towns, Lake iv, 23.-c Mat. vili 29.-d ver. 34.-e ch. ix. 20. that I may preach there also: See Acts xvi. 17, 18. for 'therefore came I forth.

39" And he preached in The leading features of the his- their synagogues throughout tory of the poor demoniac, namely, all Galilee, and cast out devils. the sufferings to which he had been

40 " And there came a leper exposed, and the recognition of Christ by the evil spirit, and the to him, beseeching him, and ejection of that spirit by his divine kneeling down to him, and power,-bear a strong resemblance saying unto him, If thou wilt, to those of the miracle performed in thou canst make me clean. the country of the Gergesenes,

41 And Jesus, moved with recorded in Matt. vii. 28—34, and in the fifth chapter of this Gospel.

compassion, put forth his hand,

and touched him, and saith See $ XXX.

unto him, I will ; be thou Matthew VIII. 28-34.


42 And as soon as he had And 9 XXIX.

spoken, immediately the leprosy Matthew VIII. 14-17.

departed from him, and he was

cleansed. Ś CI.

43 And he straitly charged

him, and forthwith sent him CHAP. I. 35–45.

away ;

44 And saith unto him, See Christ preacheth in Galilee ; and

thou say nothing to any man; cleanseth the leper.

but go thy way, shew thyself 35 And 'in the morning, to the priest, and offer for thy rising up a great while before cleansing those things which day, he went out, and departed Moses commanded, for a tesinto a solitary place, and there timony unto them. prayed.

45 P But he went out, and 36 And Simon and they that began to publish it much, and were with him followed after to blaze abroad the matter, him.

insomuch that Jesus could no 37 And when they had found more openly enter into the



& xvii. 4.-m Mat. iv.23. Loke iv. 44.-n Mat viii 2. -Luke v. 12.- Lev. xiv, 3, 4, 10. Luke v, 14. -p Luke


city but was without in desert 5 When Jesus

their places : ' and they came to him faith, he said unto the sick of from every quarter.

the palsy, Son, thy sins be fori Luke ir. 42–k Luke iv. 43. 'Is Ixi 1.-John xvi. 28; given thee.

6 But there were certain of 0.15.-q ch. ii. 13. See § XIII.

the scribes sitting there, and Matthew IV. 23-35.

reasoning in their hearts,

7 Why doth this man thus And $ XXVIII.

speak blasphemies? who can Matthew VIII. 1-4.

forgive sins but God only?

8 And immediately when

Jesus perceived in his spirit

that they so reasoned within CHAP. II. 1-17.

themselves, he said unto them, Christ healeth one sick of the palsy ; Why reason ye these things calleth Matthew from the receipt of cus

in your hearts? tom; and eateth with publicans and sin- 9 - Whether is it easier to

say to the sick of the palsy, AND again "he entered into Thy sins be forgiven thee: or Capernaum after some days ; to say, Arise, and take up thy and it was noised that he was bed, and walk ? in the house.

10 But that ye may know 2 And straightway many that the Son of man hath were gathered together, inso- power on earth to forgive sins, much that there was no room (he saith to the sick of the palsy,) to receive them, no, not so much 11 I say unto thee, Arise, as about the door : and he and take up thy bed, and go preached the word unto them. thy way into thine house.

3 And they come unto him, 12 And immediately he arose, bringing one sick of the palsy, took up the bed, and went forth which was borne of four.

before them all ; insomuch that 4 And when they could not they were all amazed, and glocome nigh unto him for the rified God, saying, We never press, they uncovered the roof saw it on this fashion. where he was : and when they 13 ° And he went forth ag in had broken it up, they let down by the sea side ; and all the the bed wherein the sick of the multitude resorted unto him, palsy lay.

and he taught them.

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