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State of California.

10--Report of Committee on Counties and Gounty Boundaries upon Assembly Bill No. 302.

11-Report of the Judiciary Committee in relation to Pueblo Lands in San Francisco.

12-Report of Assembly Committee on the Culture and Improvement of the Grapevine in the

State of California.

13-Report of the Committee on Public Lands, with statistical tables.

14-Report of Committee on Commerce and Navigation in relation to San Francisco Tide Lands.

15 Report of Committee on Public Lands in relation to Lands in New San Diego.

16-Memorial of L. Prevost in relation to publishing Information on the Silk Culture of Cali-


17--Report of the Committee on Agriculture in relation to Fencing Agricultural Lands.

18.--Report of the Committes on Fees anil Salaries on the compensation of County Officers.
19_Report of the Judiciary Committee on the proposed Constitutional Amendments in relation

to changing the time for election of Judges and Superintendent of Public Instruction.

20--Report of Amos Mathers to the Surveyor-General in relation to an aditional outlet for the

fiood-waters of the Sacramento Valley.

21--Report of the Senate Comunittee relative to the payment of rertain War Bonds,

22---Petition of Inhabitants of Antelope and Slinkard Valleys, relative to division of Jono


23–Report of the Judiciary Committee on Special Legislation.

-Memorial of the Committee of Pioneer Silk-Growers of California to the Legisiata re,
--Biennial Report of the State Capitol Commissioners from Nov. 1, 1865, to Nov, 1, 1867.

26–Biennial Report of the Secretary of State from Nov. 1, 1865, to Nov. 1, 1867.

27-Biennial Report of the Board of Agriculture of the State Agricultural Society for the yeare

1866 and 1997.

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In preparing this, the tenth volume of Transactions of the State Agricultural Society, for publication, the chief aim has been to present to the reader a truthful index of the resources of the State and their present stage of development. Experience has taught us that, among the many patrons of the Society, each one expects to find in the report of its transactions something interesting and instructive touching not only every branch of industry now pursued in the State, but also some information relative to every branch that might or should be introduced. We have, to & certain extent, endeavored to answer this expectation; and while to succeed fully we know would be an impossibility, yet we believe we have not entirely failed, and we hope the present volume will prove not only interesting but valuable to all classes of the community.

The Society recognizes Agriculture, which must always be the chief occupation of our people, as its prime object of support; but as all other branches of industry are closely allied to and dependent upon Agriculture for their existence and prosperity, so the Society recognizes all industrial

pursuits as among the legitimate objects of its fostering care.

While one of the principal means of aiding in the developing of the State's various resources is the holding of Annual Exhibitions of all the products of industry by the Society, another and no less important one is the keeping a correct and reliable record of the progress of such developments, whether accomplished through the direct or indirect aid of the Society. Such records are more valuable and reliable when made by men of actual and practical experience in each department of industry. Bearing this fact in mind, the Board of Agriculture has made it a rule to give to each industrial pursuit a voice and a pen, and encourage their use for the benefit of all, The statements of the several claimants for the gold medals awarded by the Society for the most meritorious exhibition in each of the several general departments of industry into which the last Annual Exhibition was divided, forming as they do a new and very interesting feature of this volume, indicate the success which has attended the efforts of the Board in this particular


The reports of the various Commissioners to the Paris Exposition, both from this State and the National Government, will be read with much interest, and will repay a careful examination by all who do or do not believe that California is fast assuming the position which nature seems to have assigned her as the Eden of the world. The report of our own Commissioner, Professor William P. Blake, is very full and valuable; and while his services were undertaken and performed gratuitously, we think the State should recognize the value of such service by a substantial


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