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23 January

Disease Is a Luxury,

Not a Necessity

By R. L. Alsaker, M.D.

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BY THE WAY The experiences of a party of American, Canadian, and English soldiers during a trip to Versailles are amusingly recorded in the National Geographic Magazine by an American woman who regularly conducts such parties of sightseers. Coming into the grand ball-room,“ of a size and splendor never equaled in the history of the world," a laconic trooper remarks, “Some

dugout.” At the dainty luncheon a "CaDear Doctor :- I have read several of your articles. In nearly every one

nuck says that the napkins would make you have repeated the statement, Disease is a luxury, not a necessity. It good souvenirs ; “The English,” he says, diseases, and how can we protect ourselves against them, when they are

jocosely, “fight for honor, the French for everywhere?

glory, and the Canadians for souvenirs." Our family lives simply and moderately. I seldum use liquor, and don't When the waiter presents the bill, a jolly smoke more than three or four cigars a day. Our food consists mostly of cereals, bread, potatoes, and meat. My wife takes coffee only with her regular

trooper "glances at it, falls back in his meals, and does not drink tea in the afternoon, as some of our friends do.

chair, and screams, 'Quick, quick, give me Still we are not well. I have high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis. My

my gas mask !""
wife has had rheumatism off and on for years. One of our children has catarrh.
There is nothing luxurious about disease in my family. It's an infernal nui-

The young woman who led the party sance. My opinion is that people will get sick no matter what they do, con

above referred to is ingenious in her sequently disease is a necessity.-E. T. G.

methods of amusing the men. In the park R. L. ALSAKER, M.D.

at Versailles she stops and says: “ Boys, This is about what I believed years ago, To have health one must know how to

the French have a pretty saying, “The until I found the truth. Now I know select the right kinds of foods, how to pre

smaller the ivy leaf, the dearer the love.' disease is a luxury. It is unnecessary. We pare and combine them, what and when to So I want each one of you to find the tinihave to break nature's laws to get it. We drink, how to use the lungs and how to est leaf possible and send it to the one that's can get along without it. An individual can care for the body in general

. About nine waiting at home.” The men set out to live from childhood to old age without suffer tenths of the subject of health consists in

search for the smallest leaf. “The joker of ing from disease, barring accidents. This is proper eating. Those who live on bread, the party comes to me with a perfectly no theory. It is a fact that everyone can meat and potatoes almost exclusively can enormous leaf, which he informs me he prove for himself. I don't ask the writer not have good health, for these foods do has plucked for his mother-in-law !" Anof this letter to take my word for it. He not contain enough of the natural purify

other sarcastic young fellow brings a leaf can prove it in his own case, in luis ing, cleansing elements to keep the body in even larger, and when asked what loved family—and I have told him how. good condition.

one is to have that tiny leaf, he

says, Germs cause disease, it is said. If this is The body is built of food, water and air.

for the Kaiser !” true, why don't all take the diseases to It is influenced by our surroundings and "A really useful Government,” a subwhich they are exposed? During an epi our thoughts. If we use our brains to good scriber writes, apropos of the Prohibition demic of influenza, why don't all get it? advantage we can live so as to have health. Amendment, " is one that helps to make Why have I not had influenza in the last Instead of living so as to build rheumatism, virtue easy and vice difficult for the people decade? I have been exposed to it hun catarrh and arteriosclerosis (and other dis in whose behalf it is exercised. Therefore dreds of times. The reason is that germs eases), we can conduct ourselves so that I believe in supervised playgrounds and in are not the real cause of disease. They health is ours every day.

using public schools as community centers, can harm only those who are already The fact that we can recover from disease and in Nation-wide prohibition of the saloon run down physically. Those of us who is in itself proof that we can live free from and its drink traffic,” give ourselves proper care can smile com disease. Another proof is that thousands of Is it in order for the birds to adopt a placently at the germs and the germ individuals who used to be ill have learned

prohibition amendment for the good of theory. Health is the normal condition, and how to live properly and are enjoying health their constitution? The question is sugintelligent care of body and mind will bring every day.

gested by the following extract from an health.

Do you wake up in the morning feeling article in “ American Forestry :"
Here is a family living as many families dull, or do you have a bad taste in your At times sapsuckers behave in an erratic and
do. There is not a healthy member in the mouth? Is water ever disagreeable to you? foolish manner, zigzagging through the trees with
family, and this is not exceptional. What Do

have coated or furred tongue? Do no apparent reason, flying into windows or walls or

the sides of houses, even becoming so stupid as to
is the trouble? The living is such that these you have heartburn, gas in the stomach

allow themselves to be picked from the trees, or people can not get rid of the waste made and bowels, or burning or tenderness in the alighting on one's person and climbing up his leg as in their bodies. The child doubtless gets region of the stomach? Is your right side though it were the limb of a tree. It has been sugtoo many sweets and swallows his food sore? Do you suffer from twinges of pain?

gested that the sap ferments in the sun and that tho

sapsuckers become intoxicated, but this theory has
without thoroughly masticating it. Bread, Do you have stiff joints or rheumatism?

by no means been proved.
meat, and potatoes, with a liberal addition of sweets, Are you dizzy or a sufferer from headaches ? Are
manufacture heat and energy, but they are not the you bothered with catarrh or constipation? Do you

Among the numerous advertisements
proper foods for health building in youth.

find it hard to concentrate your mind ? Do you have offering estates for sale to be found at presThe parents are middle aged and they live too that tired feeling? Have you shortness of breath or ent in English magazines is one announcing exclusively on the staple foods mentioned. They oppression in the region of the heart? Do you ever

that Dryburgh Abbey is to be sold." The make the same mistakes that nearly all commit : have blotches, pimples or boils ? They eat foods for their feeding value exclusively, If you have any of these signs and symptoms of

Abbey dates from 1150,” says the advertiseand forget to eat foods for their health value. disease, it is conclusive evidence that you are not nient," and is well known to every lover of Apples and lettuce, for instance, are not high in giving your body the proper care and attention. the Scott country.”

Sir Walter Scott lies
food value, but they are rich in health value. They The question is: Do you really want health ?
belp to keep the body sweet and clean.

Disease is a luxury, not a necessity.

buried in the Abbey church. Catarrh, arteriosclerosis and rheumatism indicate

An advertisement of another sort in :
that the body is not internally clean, They show Announcement : Thoughtful readers of the above

London newspaper should give comfort to
that waste is clogging the entire system. There is article will at once appreciate the fact that Dr.
an excess of waste in the muscles, joints, perves, Alsaker knows his subject from the ground up-

Americans who bewail the high cost of
blood stream and the bowels.

knows it so well that he does not need to use a shoe leather in this country. It describes a
Nearly all cases of arteriosclerosis are curable, lot of so-called scientific expressions and many super trench boot," and one may buy it in
and as the arteries soften the blood pressure goes mysterious assertions to hide any want of knowl-
down. Rheumatism vanishes when the body is edge. Dr. Alsaker is a regular medical graduate, a

two models-one for £5 5s. ($26.25) and
cleared of poisonous waste. Catarrh in youth is physician in active practice and as the N. Y.

another for £6 15s. ($33.75).
based on wrong feeding ; correct the eating and Tribune says “a competent professional authority.' A bon mot of Lord Melbourne's is quoted
the catarrh disappears.

Dr. Alsaker's work is constructive and takes the
This is so easily proved that it is to the advan form of personal consultations, letters of advice, in a recently published book. Referring to
tage of all to give it a fair trial. Give the body good public lectures, magazine articles, health books, one of his contemporaries, a notoriously
care and learn how to eat properly, and nearly all pamphlets, etc. A complete list of his works

contentious person, Lord Melbourne said
diseases vanish, even most of those that are consid together with a most interesting booklet entitled
ered incurable. You may have consumed great "Building Health or How to Live Loug and Pros-

that this man would dispute with the Re.
quantities of drugs without benefit, and still be per," will be sent absolutely free to any one men cording Angel as to the number of his sins.”
curable. Drugs don't cure; they simply change tioning this offer. FRANK E. MORRISON,
the symptoms and conceal the pains. The body is PUBLISHER OF EDUCATIONAL HEALTH

A“ prize misprint of the year" is sent
not built of mercury, strychnin, arsenic, opium and BOOKS (Established 1889), Dept. 117, 1133 Broad-

in by a subscriber, as found in a report of other popular drugs, and none of these are needed. way, N. Y, C.

the grounding of the Olympia off Block

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By the Way (Continued)
Island, when the types of a New York
daily made the statement that there were
no casualties except that one man
killed by a falling match” (hatch).

The cold snap in New York City seriously affected the patronage of the theaters, according to the “ Dramatic Mirror.” Many of the playhouses suffered owing to the prevailing shortage of coal, from the small places “ that burn one or two tons daily up to the Hippodrome, the biggest theater in New York, v nich burns twelve tons daily.”

John Fiske said of George Eliut, as recorded in his recent biography : “I never saw such a woman. There is nothing a bit masculine about her. She is thoroughly feminine. But she has the power of stating an argument equal to any man. Equal to any man, do I say? I have never seen any man except Herbert Spencer who could state a case equal to her.”

Mahlon Shaaber, called “Lincoln's Tall Soldier Boy," recently died. The sobriquet was given to him, it is said, because of an experience during the Civil War in Washington. Shaaber, then only seventeen, was marching in review with his regiment. A tall man standing in a group of tall men called Shaaber out of the ranks as he passed. “ Excuse me,” he said, “but it was jealousy that made me call you out of ranks. I wanted to size you up. How tall are you and what is your age ?" It was President Lincoln who spoke. Shaaber proved to be two and a half inches taller than the President, who was himself six feet four inches in height.

The order making Saturday a "porkless day,” issued by the Massachusetts Committee on Public Safety, specifically exempted that small piece of pork, so a despatch states, which is ordinarily used in the preparation of " Boston baked beans, famous as a Sunday morning dish in New England. Any one who has ever tasted the real“ Boston baked beans," as prepared on their native heath and there alone, will congratulate New Englanders on the exemption.

Lady Bessborough, a clever Englishwoman of the last century, traveled in France soon after the downfall of Napoleon. many

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heie talem co&querox in a recent book giving SPIRITUAL SONG


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S| Don't Let Rupture

Spoil Your Fun Japo resolene ,

extracts from her correspondence is this : While he was in exile on the island of Elba, a workman who was making repairs on his :hâteau fell from the roof and was instantly killed in the presence of Napoleon. He gazed at the lifeless figure and said: “A fall does not always kill. I have fallen farther than that.”

An American pedestrian tells in “ Harper's” of the joy of unexpectedly getting an iced drink in a remote Japanese village on a sweltering summer day. “A maid,” he says, “ was hoisting a flag over the door of the shop. It is the sign of a fresh supply of ice

. A coolie came running in. He was carrying a dripping block of ice

in many folds of brown hemp cloth. The maid seized the ice, sawed off an end, and then ocraped the surface across

an inverted plane. Shavings of sparkling snow fell into her hand. She packed this whiteness into two large, flat glass dishes. She poured over the snow an effervescing champagne cider and brought us the adventure.

I ordered another bowl of snow and another bottle. It was costing sen after sen, but I knew in my soul that the uttermost payment could be in no proportion to the value."


On the ice last winter, 9 group of men decided to go skating In a jiffy they had their skates on and were dashing off over the shining ice-all except one. He was ruptured. He wore a steel band truss and dared not en. joy himself because he feared his truss would fail him. This unsmile ing man was needlessly robbed of healthful, invigorating fun. Had he worn

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MAR 25 '918

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When you finish reading this magazine. place a one-cent stamp on this notice. hand save to 2ný postal employees and it will be placed in the hands of our soldiers or silors at the front. NO WRAPPING NO ADDRESS

A.S. BIRLEHON, Denmaster General.



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[blocks in formation]

Admitted Assets, Dec. 31, 1917

$934,929,381.52 These assets are the property of over 1,000,000 people with their dependents in accordance with their contractual rights). The Company is

purely mutual; it has no capital stock. Legal Liabilities

$760,742,335.52 Reserved for dividends payable in 1918

$26,561,063.64 Reserved for dividends on deferred dividend policies maturing subsequent to 1918

107,041,778.00 Reserved for Contingencies

40,584,204.36 $174,187,046.00 Total


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For the year 1917 the Company's mortality rate

was the lowest in its history

Average earning power of total Ledger Assets

December 31, 1917, 4.59%.
December 31, 1916, 4.54%.

New paid business for the year
Outstanding insurance, end of 1917
Paid policy-holders during year

$316,000,000 $2,673,000,000


The annual dividend rate of 1917 will be maintained in 1918.


Liberty Loan Bonds owned Dec. 31, 1917


We urge all policy-holders to buy War Savings and Thrift Stamps. We have directed all Agents to take no application for insurance from a sol. dier or sailor unless the applicant already has the limit with the Government.


A detailed statement will be sent to any person asking for it.

January 14, 1918.


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