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Cambridge, December 24, 1917.


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BY NICHOLAS GOLDENWEISER Dr. Goldenweiser is a member of the Moscow bar and an authorized representative in the United States of the All-Russian Zemstvo Union.-THE EDITORS.

(HOW no quarter !” This was the famous order given themselves confronted with the same problem, for to conclude out by the Kaiser to his troops as they were departing an immediate peace means to disband the army at once-that

for China to crush the Boxer uprising. This order was is, to sap the very life-blood of the revolutionary power. The typical not only of kaiserism, but of the whole attitude of the Revolution was won in March and the Romanoffs overthrown Europeans towards the Chinese.

because the great bulk of the army supported the revoluA genuinely national movement which resulted a few years tionary movement. Lenine, Trotsky, and Company are promlater in a successful revolution and the establishment of a

ising peace, but they are taking great care not to disband the Chinese Republic was interpreted by most Europeans and many army or to disarm the soldiery, for they could not last a week Americans as a dangerous, if not a criminal, attempt at mob rule. unsupported by the moral and physical power of the soldiery.

Russia has not been much better understood than China, But it is quite evident that so long as any semblance of a RusChina, in the opinion of all Occidentals, stood for Chinese sian army, or even a mere crowd of several millions of armed bells, Chinese tea, or Chinese embroideries and porcelains. men, remains in the east, Germany will be unable wholly to What did we care or know about Boxers, politics, economics, withdraw men, munitions, or equipment from the Russian front. history, customs, and other tedious items of Chinese life?

The problem so far as it concerns Germany is complicated by Likewise Russia, previous to March, 1917, stood in American two other factors. The present rulers of Germany eannot posopinion for knouting, Cossacks, Siberia, icy winters, samovars, sibly agree to a formal peace treaty with an indefinite group of and tallow candles. Since that date it seems to stand almost visionary radicals who preach anarchy and who deny any stable exclusively for Anarchists, betrayal of the Allied cause, civil organization of the state. And, on the other hand, if the leaders war, and German propaganda. Under such conditions, naturally of the Bolsheviki are found to be conferring with members of nothing but irritation can be expected with respect to Russia. the German General Staff at Petrograd, there will, in my judg

Is this attitude a just one? Does America know enough defi ment, be a strong reaction among the Russian masses against mely

nitely and wholly to condemn? To answer this question intelli the political adventurers who under a false pretense of serving gently the American reader must understand that it has a two their country summon the help of the invaders of Russian soil.

fold character. On the one hand it concerns the political and All these facts must be considered before an intelligent judg. Xcite economic conditions inside of Russia, and on the other it is ment can be formed of the present international influence of it L

related to Russia's international situation. Let me deal with the Russia on the war. second phase first.

Let us now briefly consider the second part of the problem-hope

This war has been often defined as a war of exhaustion. Mili that is to say, the social and political forces that are within

tary experts of all the Allied countries, especially in England, Russia's own boundaries. for for

have declared repeatedly that victory over the German war What are the Bolsheviki, and what will be their future influer like

machine will be achieved, not by territorial or strategical advan. ence on Russian domestic politics? A mob, even while acting tages, but by the wearing out of this machine by slow but per as one man under the impulse of a strong emotion, can never be sistent grinding,

regarded as expressing the whole definite, collected will of all If so, Russia has already done more than her total share in its participants. Mobs are the product of some terrible, unreathe common cause of wearing out the forces of Germany. Rus soning emotion. When that emotion has spent itself in the sia holds at present over two million Austro-German prisoners. attainment of its specific object, the mob quickly transforms If every one of the great Allied belligerents (the United States, itself again into a gathering of law-abiding, reasonable citizens Great Britain, France, Italy, and Japan) will do as much, and seeking order and looking for a legally established authority to

each of the minor Allied belligerents only one-tenth as much, guide and co-ordinate its conduct. This was true of the French ing can the Central Empires will lose in war prisoners alone about Revolution. It will be true of the Russian Revolution.

twelve million men. Plainly the wheels of their war machine In Russia, as everywhere else, there is a class of intellectual will be ground off and will crash in ruin. The participation of people trained and educated in various walks of civilized social the Russian Bear in the war has not only caused Germany and life who are the natural and the only possible leaders in a state her allies an enormous lcss of man power in prisoners and in organism. They must and they will come into their own. Their soldiers killed and permanently disabled, but has also cost them advent to power is merely a question of time. As long as there billions of money, untold quantities of war material

, an immense are crowds of credulous individuals who easily absorb all kinds of amount of energy and vitality, and great tension upon their noisy verbosity, taking it at its face value, there will be a chance means of communication brought about by the wide new areas for soap-box orators to persuade the masses to try out some new, which the Central Empires now have to hold on the north and promising political and social experiments. But as soon as these the east. On the western or French front the Germans have experiments have been transformed into bitter experience and fought at a huge expense of steel and explosives. On the eastern have led directly to the punishment of hunger, misery, and genor Russian front they were forced to fight hand to hand and to eral chaos, the flippant crowd will overturn the soap-boxes and

lavishly spend their man power, for the Russians fought with flock in utter despondency to the guidance of those leaders ama!! bayonets against cannon, and they dearly sold every mile of who have proved

their capacity to bring back the lost bliss of Russian soil. So much for Russia's balance in the accounts of law and order and the means of satisfying the first necessities the transaction of the Allies. This balance still stands to her

of life. credit, and in justice ought never to be lost sight of.

The thoughtful, studious, and loyal elements of Russia must Bat Russia has not lost her significance as a military factor not be deprived of the possibility of offering to the masses the for the present or the future. It is logically impossible to conclude blessings of an orderly state organism. If, in a not unnatural 2 separate peace between Russia and Germany even under the impatience with and distrust of the Bolsheviki, the Allies should present chaotic conditions in Russia. The Bolsheviki under the cut off Russia from any aid in money and supplies, they will leadership of Lenine and Trotsky face a problem which they only drive the Russian masses to despair, and will force them thoroughly realize even if they are trying to conceal it from the to grasp

the nearest hand stretched out to them with the offer masses of the people. If their control is overthrown by men of appeasing their hunger and covering their shivering bodies. with an even more " radical" programme, these men will find Whereas by encouraging and supporting the ever-growing

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enterprise of the patriotic and wise elements within Russia to

turies of political twilight sleep and swayed in its bewilderment suppress the rule of anarchy, the Allied Governments will at the by a few visionaries and demagogues, assisted by the agents of very least maintain within Russia a strong and effective oppo- a military foe, should inspire not anger but sympathy. What sition to any settlement with Germany, and thus force the Cen a new-born Russian democracy, which finds itself hard pressed tral Empires to go on expending a great amount of energy, man amid the throes of birth needs to-day, if it is to be firmly estaband munitions in the Russian struggle.

lisherl. in liberty and justice, is compassionate and fraternal help The picture of a great country suddenly aroused from cen from the great democracy of the Western Hemisphere.







JHE Forty-third Battery of the Belgian Artillery had gone American affiliations asked me almost daily:

*** What is Ameren repos. For four days we were to be at the village of ica going to do? Is she coming to help us? Is she going to

Steenkerke (stone church), situated about five miles be stand by little Belgium ?” The exact arguments I used matter hind Dixmude. Four days of comparative peace; four days of not to-day, they are old history by now, but I may say that real, warın food, of plenty of water-for bathing, with plenty again and again I assured my good friends over there” that of soap; and, last but not least, with plenty of sleep.

America had always done the right thing in the end, and would We were billeted in a place which was a combination of dug- do it this time. out and farm-house. The dugout was necessary, as we were All of a sudden, about 11 P. M. I should judge, we heard within reach of the German guns before Dixmude.

loud knocking at the street door upstairs. Unconsciously every Now let me say at once that dugouts are not always as bad as they one of us moved his right hand towards his hip. Presently are cracked down to be. Take ours, for instance. We had three we heard a deep Flemish voice saying: “ Orders van het beils and enough straw for six of us; we had a real table and Hoofdkwartier.(Despatches from Headquarters.)“ Sapristi !!' real chairs-instead of old munition boxes, we had-ah, guess! exclaimed the Colonel ; " what may that be?" You see the ordi

The mere thought of what else we had in that dugout can nary daily despatches from Headquarters usually arrive before give me even to-day a feeling of happy satisfaction. It was a 8 P. M., so as to give every C. 0. an opportunity to have next real, honest-to-goodness piano! None of us could play it-except day's orders copied and distributed among the various units the Colonel, and he only by courtesy—but we all tried. The under his command. many musical evenings we had, now and then with a real artist Presently the Colonel's orderly showed in a mud-begrimed present, some itinerant soldier-musician who in pre-war days despatch rider, who, after saluting, handed the Colonel a sealed had delighted larger-but surely not more appreciative-audi- envelope. We were all electrified and could hardly wait to hear ences in Paris, New York, London, or Monte Carlo. Even the news contained in this urgent despatch. the great Ysaye once played for us, accompanied on our old The Colonel, drawing a little closer to him one of the bottles friend. Yes, I guess that piano earned its purchase price if ever holding a lighted candle, tore open the envelope and proceeded a piano diil. Alas! like so many other things in Belgium these to read. days, it was “ Made in Germany." But, German or not, it gave Heavens, what a long time did he study that paper! Was he as many a happy hour, and of one particular occasion, when its ever going to share the news with us? We tried to read it from notes gave us the thrill of our lives, I am gring to tell you about his eyes. Was it good or was it bad? Were we to “ attack at

One evening during the early part of April, 1917, Monsieur dawn,” or did it mean “ retreat ”? Perhaps it contained news le Curé, shepherd of Steenkerke, was our guest for dinner. In about his son, who was reported “missing” in October, 1914, the days before the war the Curé had been a professor at the and whom he would not believe dead. But the Colonel was slow University of Louvain, but on account of his somewhat too lib to solve our questions. For what seemed to us an interminably eral views he was transferred to the peace and quiet of Steen- long time he sat there staring at that sheet of white paper. kerke, at the end of nowhere. What a charming, dear old chap The old alarm clock on the table ticked the seconds, and I he was, our friend le Curé! He seemed to carry warmth and sun wondered whether it was not my heart that was beating so shine wherever he went. Needless to say, we always heartily loudly. At last he showed some signs of action. The Colonel welcomed him at our simple mess.

had sat down in order to be near the light; now he rose. For The dinner had reached the coffee and pipe stage, and, as the a second or so longer he stood there with large, wide-opened Germans were about due to start their evening hate, we all eyes staring straight in front of him, and then he announced, in descended into our underground " salon."

a slow and trembling voice: Our pipes were lit, our feet stretched out near the impromptu “GENTLEMEN, AMERICA IS OUR ALLY." fireplace, and we felt so comfortable and satisfied that we did Now we understood what had kept him so long. America our not even mind Captain Petit's snoring. We were discussing a ally! Could it be true? Yes, it was; it came officially from Headvery popular topic - America's course. Was she going to join quarters. It thrilled us through heart and soul. It seemed that actively in the war or was she merely going to leave matters as up and down the land of Flanders, of England, across the whole they stood-broken diplomatic relations ? Naturally, as in every world, there must have reverberated the message : “ America, community, large or small, we had our pessimists and our America is our ally. America has come at last." optimists

. Let me hasten to say that I always belonged to the No one here at home can possibly realize the effect of those optimist class as far as America was concerned, and—let me words, the impression they made in Belgium, in France. emphasize it-always shall belong. I have no patience with I don't know how long the silence lasted, but I know that this talk about American slackers, American cannot-get-ready- the ten of us stood there like statues, transfixed for a long time. hess, and many other American shortcomings. Except for her I am not trying to grow poetic, to make fine phrases; let me feet, England was far less prepared in August, 1914, than we assure you, it is no abuse of language, no hyperbole, when I tell were in April

, 1917. See what she accomplished in two short you that those four little words sounded to us like a message years! Her armies in France were in 1916, and are today, from heaven. For two and a half years we had been looking man for man and regiment for regiment, better than any army

west, wondering, watching, waiting. For two and a half years Germany ever had in the field or ever will have. In 1916, at the best nianhood of Belgium, France, and England had sucthe end of July, the “ London Scottish,” a regiment made up

cumbed on the plains and in the lowlands of Flanders; for two of former London bank clerks, shop assistants, laborers, college and a half years men, women, and children, many of them men, etc., wiped out seventy per cent of the famous Potsdam homeless, without food, dressed in rags, had been asking me, guards--professional soldiers, mark you! And none of those

“Ah, monsieur, what about that grand contree, America, English chaps had ever done the “ goose-step” in their lives. which you tell us is always fair and always just? When is it What England can do in two years we, with

our industrial coming to help us ; to free us ?” and natural resources, our energies, our “take-off-your-coat And here was the answer. April the 6th. O God, to have roll-up-your-sleeves-get-busy” slogans, our inventive genius, our lived on that day and among those people makes life seem fighting spirit, can do in less than half that time.

worth all sufferings !

Again the Colonel spoke.

Gentlemen, we must commemorate this greatest of all days."

And, addressing the Curé, he said: “And you, Monsieur le For many, many weary months I had listened to the argu- Curé, you must celebrate with us. I know your habits, but I ments of optimists and pessimists, and those who knew of my am going to beg of you to-day to make an exception, because I

But I am digressing

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want you to drink with us to-night the health of our new, our What do you know of the message of hope, promise, courage, and grand ally-America.'

inspiration it carries? I had heard it often before ; I have heard And the dear old Curé, his eyes all aglow, his long white locks it


times since ; but never, never have I heard it under illuminated by the candle-light, replied : “Yes, mon Colonel, just such wonderful, gripping, and moving circumstances as there yes, certainly, and with all my heart will I drink with you to in that dugout “ Somewhere in Flanders.” I can only say that night; but”—and then he rose--" if you will pardon me for it seemed to us like a melody of heaven, like a chant of angels. a few moments, perhaps I can bring something that will add The pessimists had disappeared. We were ALL optimists to this wonderful occasion."

now, and till late in the night we sat there and laughed at the He left us, and we, the younger ones, got busy to open a whining German shells above our heads.“ Bah!” we thought; few bottles of vin ordinaire. The Curé did not keep us “ you have done your worst now. You cannot harm us any waiting long. Presently he returned, followed by a Belgian sol more. Is not America our ally ?” dier. The man, who evidently had been instructed beforehand, And the next day and the next week? Why, on everybody's at once went to the piano.

face there had come that expression of relief, and often it was The ten of us rose, and as we stood round the table, bare expressed in words. They were : headed, our glasses lifted, there suddenly sounded through the # No matter what happens now, whether the war lasts one dugout, and I think I can speak for my friends as well

as for year more, two years, or five years, nothing ill can happen to ng myself-through our hearts, the strains of “The Star-Spangled again ; there can be only one ending-victory, because-ah, Banner.”

Ah, what do you people here at home know of that melody? AMERICA IS OUR ALLY."

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WHERE are two kinds of superiority--real and inherited. Almighty. To be sure, it was not a full partnership. It was no

All the troubles of this world have come of inherited absolute Hohenzollern monopoly of mortal participation. It was

superiority. Of all the defects that flesh is heir to, comparatively modest, but it was enough to outrage the cominherited superiority is the most deplorable. It is worse than mon sense of the English. After all, divine partnerships were insanity or idiocy or curvature of the spine. There are millions not for the land of Fielding and Smollett and Swift and Dickens of acres of land in Europe occupied by nothing but inherited and Thackeray. Too much humor there. Too much liberty of superiority; there are millions of hands and intellects in Europe the tongue and pen. Too great a gift for ridicule. Where there occupied by nothing but inherited superiority, while billions of is ridicule there

can be no self-appointed counselors of God, and wealth have been devoted to its service and embellishment. A hand-made halos of divinity find their way to the garbage heap. man who has even a small amount of it needs a force of porters Now, if we are to have sound common sense, we must have and footmen to help him carry it around, and a guard to keep humor, and if we are to have humor we must have liberty. watch for fear that some one will grab his superiority and run There can be no crowned or mitered knave, no sacred, fawning off with it when his back is turned.

idiot, who is immune from ridicule; no little tin deities who can A full equipment of inherited superiority, decorated with a safely slash you with a sword unless you give them the whole title, a special dialect, a lot of old armor and university junk, of the sidewalk. Humor would take care of them ; not the exuberstuck out so that there wasn't room for more than one outfit ance that is born in the wine-press or the beer-vat-humor is no in a township. Most of the bloodshed has been caused by the by-product of the brewery-but the merriment that comes blunders or the hoggishness of inherited superiority. It is when common sense has been vindicated by ridicule. the nursing bottle of insanity and the Mellin's Food of crime. Solemnity is often wedded to Conceit, and their children

There are two kinds of sense in men-common and preferred, have committed all the crimes on record. You may always plain and fancy. The common has become the great asset of look for the devil in the neighborhood of some solemn mankind; the preferred its great liability. Our forefathers had and conceited ass who has inherited power and who, like large holdings of the common, certain kings and their favorites the one that Balaam rode, speaks for the Almighty. So, of the preferred. The preferred represented an immense bulk when the devil came back, he steered for Germany. There of inherited superiority and an alleged pipe line leading from he began to destroy the common sense of a race with the atmosthe king's throne to paradise, and connected with the fount of phere of hell_hot air. We have seen its effect. It inflates every blessing by the best religious plumbers. It always drew the intellect. It produces the pneumatic rubber brain-the dividends, whether the common got anything or not. The pre brain that keeps its friends busy with the pump of adulation ; ferred holders ran the plant and insisted that they held a first the brain stretched to hold its conceit, out of which we can hear mortgage on it. When they tried to foreclose with military the hot air leaking in streams of boastfulness. The divine power to back them, some of our forefathers got out.

afflatus of an emperor is apt to make as much disturbance as a We, their sons, are now crossing the seas to take up that leaky steam-pipe. When the pumpers cease because they are ancient issue between sense common and preferred and to deter weary, it becomes irritated. Then all hands to the pumps again

. mine the rights of each. We are fighting for the foundations Soon there is no illusion of grandeur too absurd to be real

, no of democracy—the dictates of common sense.

indictment of idiotic presumption which it is unwilling to admit For the sake of saving time, I hope my readers will grant me By and by it breaks into the realm of the infinite and license to resort to the economy of slang. A man might do hastens

to the succor of God, for, to the pneumatic brain

, God worse these days. There is one great destroyer of common sense. is slow and old-fashioned. Thereafter it infests the heavenly It is hot air. Now hot air has been the favorite dissipation of throne and seeks to turn it into a plant for the manufacture of kings. James the First was one of the world's great con improved morals, and, so as to insure their popularity, every sumers of hot air. He and his family and friends took all that agent for these morals is to carry a sword and a gun and a Great Britain could produce-never, I am glad to say, a large license to use them. The alleged improvement

consists in taking amount, but enough to put James into business with the all the nots out of the ten commandments. Nots are irritating

to certain people who have plans for murder, rape, arson, and 1 Mr. Bacheller is the author of "Eben Holden,” “Dri and I," “Keeping up with Lizzie," "The Light in the Clearing," and other well-known novels charac piracy. Hohenzollern and Krupp had taken the Lord into teristic of American life, spirit, and humor. This paper on Common Sense, which partnership and begun to give Him lessons in efficiency. More seems to us to be an unusual and happy blending of humorous satire and deep sen over, they were not to be free lessons. The lessons were to be timent, is the substance of an address made by Mr. Bacheller at the one hundred and twelfth Festival Dinner of the New England Society of New York City, held paid for, but they were willing to give Him easy terms, for which at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel on the evening of December 22.—THE EDITORS. they were to show Him how to hasten the slow process of evolu

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toler Peter for all the reserved seats-nothing but standing room left. ratie lewe gether their God. Of course! Was he not a member of the firm

tion. Evolution was hindered and delayed by sentiment and only. And as he crowded, he began to pray, and his prayers

came out of lips which had confessed robbery and violated Sentiment and emotion were a needless inheritance. Hohen- good faith and inspired deeds of inhuman frightfulness. His zollern and Krupp proposed to cut them out of life and abolish

prayers were therefore nothing more nor less than hot air aimed tears. Tears consumed the time and strength of the people. at the ear of the Almighty and carrying with them the flavor of They were factors of inefficiency. What was the use of crying the swine-yard. In all this Church and people stood by him. It over spilled milk and dead people ? Tears were in the nature of would seem that the devil had taken both unto a high mountain a luxury. The poor could not afford them. Life was not going and showed them the kingdoms of the earth and their glory, and to be lived any longer-it was to be conducted. It was to be a that they had yielded to his blandishments. kind of a hurried Cook's tour. Nobody would have to think or Now the thing that has happened to the criminal is this. In

feel. All that would be attended to by the proper official. Life one way or another, he loses his common sense. He ceases to Tery was to be reduced to a merciless iron plan like that of the bee see things in their just relations and proportions. The differ

hive—the most perfect example of efficiency in nature, with its ence between right and wrong dwindles and disappears from

two purposes of storage and race perpetuation. No one ever saw his vision. He convinces himself that he has a right to at least a - last a bee shedding tears or worrying about the murder of a drone. part of the property of other people. Often he acquires a comic

The ideal of Germany was to be that of the insect. To the bee sense of righteousness. there is nothing in the world but bees, enemies, and the nectar I have lately been in the devastated regions of northern in flowers; to the German there was to be nothing in the world France. I have seen whole cities of no strategic value which but Germans, enemies, and loot. With no wall of pity and senti the German armies had destroyed by dynamite before leaving ment between them and other races they could rain showers of them in a silence like that of the grave—the slow-wrought walls bursting lyddite on the unsuspecting, and after that the will of of old cathedrals and public buildings tumbled into hopeless the Kaiser and God would be respected. The firm would pros ruin; the château, the villas, the little houses of the poor, shaken per. It is not the first time that conceit and Kultur have hitched into heaps of moldering rubbish. And I see in it a sign of that their wagon to infinity. It is the old scheme of Nero and Calig- greater devastation which covers the land of William II—the ula—the ancient dream of the pneumatic prince. He can rule devastation of the spirit of the German people; for where is a great nation, but first he must fool it....

that moral grandeur of which Heine and Goethe and Schiller You

may think that this endangered the national morals, but and Luther were the far-heard compelling voices? I tell you do not be hasty. The morals were being looked after.

it has all been leveled into heaps of moldering rubbish-a thouEvery school

, every pulpit, every newspaper, every book, sand times more melancholy than any in France. became a pumping-station for hot air impregnated with the new Behold the common sense of Germany become the sense that morals. Poets, philosophers, orators, teachers, statesmen, ro is common only among criminals ! The sooner we recognize that, mancers, were summoned to the pumps. Rivers of beer and the better. They are really burglars in this great house of God wine flowed into the national abdomen and were converted into we inhabit, seeking to rob it of its best possessions—Hindenmental and moral flatulency.

burglars ! In this war we must give them the consideration due soli

For thirty years Germany had been on a steady dream diet. a burglar, and only that. We must hit them how and where we garle It took its morning hate with its coffee and prayers, its hourly may. We are bound by no nice regard for fair play. We must

self-contentment with its toil, its evening superiority with its kill the burglar or the burglar will kill us. beer and frankfurters. History was falsified, philosophy bribed, When I went away to the battle-front, a friend said to me: religion coerced and corrupted, conscience silenced-at first by * Try to learn how this incredible thing came about and why it sophistry, then by the iron hand. Hot air was blowing from all continues. That is what every one wishes to know.” sides. It was no gentle breeze. It was a simoom, a tornado. No Well, hot air was the cause of it. Now why does it continue? one could stand before it—not even a sturdy Liebknecht or an My answer is, Bone-head-mostly plumed bone-head. unsullied Harden.

Think of those diplomats who were twenty years in Germany Germany was inebriated with a sense of its mental grandeur and yet knew nothing of what was going on around them and and moral pulchritude. Now moral pulchritude is like a forest of its implications! You say that they did know, and that they flower. It cannot stand the fierce glare of publicity; you warned their peoples? Well, then, you may shift the bone cannot handle it as you would handle sausages and dye and heads onto other shoulders. Think of the diplomatic failures fertilizer. Observe how the German military party is adver that have followed ! tising its moral pulchritude-one hundred per cent pure, blue I bow my head to the people of England and to the incomribbon, spurlos versenkt, honest-to-God morality!—the kind parable valor of her armies and fleets. My friendly criticism is that made hell famous. I don't blame them at all. How would aimed at the one and only point in which she could be said to any one know that they had it if they did not advertise it? resemble Germany, viz., in a certain limited encouragement of

It is easy to accept the hot-air treatment for common sense supermen.

easy even for sober-minded men. The cocaine habit is not more Now, if the last three years have taught us anything, it is podzi swiftly acquired and brings a like sense of comfort and exhilara this: the superman is going to be unsupered. Considering the che tion. Slowly the Germans yielded to its sweet inducement. high cost of upkeep and continuous adulation, he does not pay. They began to believe that they were supermen-the chosen

He is in the nature of a needless tax upon human life and seListarët people; they thanked God that they were not like other men. curity. His mistakes, even to use no harsher word, have slaugh

Their first crime was that of grabbing everything in the heaven tered more human beings than there are in the world. The born of holy promise. Those clever Prussians had arranged with St. gentleman and professional aristocrat

, with a hot-air receiver on

his name, who lives in a tower of inherited superiority and looks Heaven was to be a place exclusively for the lovers of frank- down at life through hazy distance with a telescope, has and can furters and sauerkraut and Limburger cheese. God was alto have no common sense.

He has not that intimate knowledge

of human nature which comes only of a long and close contact of Hohenzollern & Krupp? And, being so, other races were a

with human beings. Without that knowledge he will know no bore and an embarrassment. Would he not gladly be rid of more of what is in the other fellow's mind and the bluff that them ? Certainly. Other races were God's enemies, and there covers it in a critical clash of wits than a baby sucking its fore German enemies. So it became the right and duty of the

bottle in a perambulator. He fails, and the cost of his failure (termans to reach out and possess the earth and its fullness. no man can estimate. He stands discredited. ... The day had arrived. There was nothing in the world but Ger Now is the time when all men must choose between two mans and enemies and loot.

ideals: That of the proud and merciless heart on the one hand, Their great leader, in their name, had claimed a swinish mo that of the humble and contrite heart on the other; between popoly of God's favor. His was not the contention of James the the Hun and the Anglo-Saxon, between Jesus Christ and the First, that all true kings enjoy divine right-oh, not at all! Bill

devil. Faced by such an issue, I declare myself ready to lay all had grown rather husky and had got his feet in the trough, and that I have or may have on the old altar of our common faith. was going to crowd the others out of it. He was the one and My friends, be of good cheer. The God of our Fathers has


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