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Real Filet Lace Collars~$2.50, 3.95, 4.25 and up. Imitation Filet Lace Collars--950, Stocks and Jabots of Real Filet Lace-$3.95, 6.50, 9.50, 12.95. We also have a large and attractive assortment of Stocks and Jabots at 95c. Satin Collar and Cuff Sets—$1.50. Crepe de Chine Scarfs in a variety of colors—$1.50, 3.50 to 5.95. Imported Liberty Silk Scarfs—A special collection in plain and novelty effects—$7.95 to 16.50. Lace Scarfs in Spanish Alencon and Shadow effects, also Beaded and Spangled-$7.50 to 39.50.

Orders by mail given special attention.

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Simplified Motoring (Continued) developed for cold-weather driving. Different types of hand-warmers, electrically controlled and attached to the steeringwheel, are appearing The tonneau is warmed by the hot gases from the exhaust carried through a heater before passing through the muffler. Such a heater can be regulated to suit weather conditions The car-owner is relieved of the worry and danger of driving with a snow or rain covered windshield by the use of a windshield cleaner. By merely pulling a string he can be assured a clear vision through the windshield without stopping the car

A popular system of engine temperature control is that employing a thermal coil or thermostat controlling the flow of water through the radiator. When the water is cold, the passage leading to the radiator is closed and the water is forced through the engine jackets. When the water becomes heated, the thermostat automatically opens and the radiator becomes part of the circulating system. In the meantime the engine has rapidly attained its normal efficiency through the rapid heating of the portion of the water which has passed through it.

The man who drives his car in the winter time will require a warm garage. Complete heating plants for garages have accordingly, been devised. One of the best systems burns coal as fuel and distributes hot water through pipes, automatically regulated, to all parts of the garage. The plant burns only about five cents' worth of coal a day, and requires attention only once, or in very cold weather twice, a day. It is absolutely safe from fire and has, indeed, been approved by fire underwriters.

THE MOTOR CAR OF THE FUTURE When we look back upon the motor car of ten years ago, we marvel at the tremendous strides that have been made in securing comfort and simplicity of operation. Accessory manufacturers have been most ingenious in devising mechanical or automatic contrivances to replace practically every operation formerly accomplished by physical effort. One need only push button, turn a lever, or pull a string in order to secure smooth and efficient operation of his car.

A writer in the “ Scientific American" has recently made an interesting prophecy of the motor car of the future. Here are a few of the points that he discusses .

The automobile of the future will be weather tight. It will have glass sides, front, rear, and roof. The glass sides will come down for warm weather and curtains will keep out the glare.

A new fuel will be used, developing direct electrical energy.

It will have electrical brakes using stored engine energy, and an electrical steering control.

Driving will be done from a small control board which can be held in the lap. The driver may sit in any seat he chooses, front or back, as the coutrol board will be readily movable. The car will be low, so one can easily step into it

. A six-inch clearance will be ample, as all roads will be smooth, level, and hard,

The car of the future will carry neither extra tires nor extra wheels. There will be either a polipuncturable tire or an entirely new substitute for rubber.

The above prophecy may or may not come true.

But if automobile and accessory mandfacturers make as rapid strides in the next ten years as they have in the past decade, the perfect motor car will have been almost attained.

James McCutcheon & Co. Fifth Avenue, 34th & 33d Streets, N. Y.



announces that it is prepared to give information concerning all types of schools, viz., preparatory schools, colleges and academies, schools for music, art and the drama, vocational schools, correspondence schools, special schools, etc.—and this information is furnished gratis to our readers.

We cannot over-emphasize the importance of selecting the right school for your boy or girl, and a great deal of time and careful thought should be given to a perusal of school catalogues and other data relative to the schools you are especially interested in before making a definite decision.

Wherever possible a representative of The Outlook, who is in charge of this work, has made a survey of the schools, and will thus give you the benefit of these personal visits.

If you will let us know the type of school you are interested in, the age and sex of your child, and any other data which you think will aid us in making our suggestions, we will gladly see that complete information and literature are sent you.

SCHOOL BUREAU The Outlook Company, 381 Fourth Ave., New York






“hero shrew," bestowed by the Mangbetu on this little animal, which scientists call Scutisorex congicus.

While the shrew family includes the smallest of all


-some being scarcely two inches in length a fully adult hero shrew measures 8.6 inches to 9.6 inches from nose to tip of tail, the latter accounting for about two-fifths of the total length.

New Way

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The thought that I cannot put away is
that whatever I miglit save now and fail to
save now inay be a hundred times the
worst waste I shall ever have committed,
though I have, like most Americans, many
:t past wasteful habit to regret.

'It will be far the worst because not to save now is to throw away the co-operation of millions of others : because not to save now will tend to prolong the war; because not to save now will multiply the war's privations, lengthen its death-roll and the vast procession of its maimed men, and will make saving more difficult and less effective by and by when we shall be compelled to save through cruel conditions from which saving now might have saved

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When the war first started, I had an ac-
quaintance, a Prussian woman, who was
caught in this country by the sudden out-
break of hostilities. One day I repeated to
her what I considered a humorous conver-
sation that I had heard between two colored
men. The men were speaking of a mutual

Said one of the men, “ Gus is the funni-
THE HERO SHREW est nigger I ever saw. He just lies all the Learn the New

Shorthand and Type-
In the vast Ituri Forest in the Belgian

“ Dat's right,” agreed the second.
Congo, where the sun rarely pierces through "Now I looks at it dis way," continued writing at Home!
the dense foliage and rain-pools stand for
months in the foot-tracks of the elephants, good, why, lie ; but if it ain't goin' to do you Business concerns and U. 8. Government calling for

stenographers. Demand greater than ever before. Salaries
a new sort of forest creature has been
no good, and you can jest as well tell the

higher. Now is the time to become a stenographer. Right
found. This is the “hero shrew”—a variant
truth, why, tell the truth.”

in your own home, in half the time, at ONE-THIRD THE

USUAL EXPENSE, you can learn New Way Shorthand of the common shrew (or shrewmouse],

Instead of being amused by the conver and Typewriting. Enables you to write 125 to 150 words a
which is very widely distributed over the

sation repeated, my Prussian friend said, minute in shorthand and 80 to 100 words a minute in type-
earth, being found in the Arctic Circle,
“ Now isn't that sensible?”

writing. No local business school can offer this amazing

new system. Instead of learning slowly, laboriously, imAsia, Europe, Australia, England, and the

(Mrs.) E. F. BURCHARD. perfectly and expensively, the New Way enables you to Americas. "The hero shrew, however, is

Washington, D. c.

learn quickly and perfectly, at home, at very little cost, and

so easily that in a short time you become more competent known from only two localities, both in

thau many stenographers with years of experience. the Belgian Congo. These are the villages

of Medje and Bafwabaka, both situated near

Easy Now to Become a
the borders of the tropical rain forest, and

only about thirty miles distant from each The bugle startled me-

The New Way is so simple, so fascinating, that you can now other. Easily recognized among other varie I had called it a day, rolled down my


acquire the highest grade ability. Beginners, who

never could write one word in shorthand are writing 125 to 150
ties of shrew by its more clumsy appear-
desk, and started for my car, when I sud words a minute, and can instantly read every word of their

shorthand notes. And instead of typewriting 15 to 20 words
ance and its longer, denser pelage, the denly remembered that I needed to buy a minute with one or two fingers, with eyes chained to the

keyboard, they can typpurite 80 to 100 words a minute
most striking characteristic of the hero some collars. The nearest source of supply without looking at the keys, using ALL fingers, writing with
shrew is the remarkable strength of its was at the Central Department Store, just

amazing ease, and with an almost entire absence of errors!
vertebral column. Some interesting proof across the street, and a little quick-stepping Secret of the New Way
of the strength of its back is given by Mr. brought me there about three minutes this

The secret of the New Way in Shorthand is borrowed
Herbert Lang, leader of the Lang-Chapin side of closing

time. I had just selected the from the methods used in teaching children to read ! You

learn actual words from the very first lesson, and can use Expedition which was maintained in Africa particular style of collars which my wife

them at once. In a short time you take practice dictation.
for six years by the American Museum of calls the least unbecoming to my style of

The method of teaching is so different, so revolutionary, and
Bo thorough that once you

learn a word you will never forget
Natural History. He says that the natives beauty, when that sharply incisive bugle it. And the study is so fascinating that it is exactly like
of the locality, especially the Mangbetu,

playing a game!

through the store. At the sound I Nothing like the New Way in Typewriting has ever been
«lelight in performing on captive specimens.

discovered. In only 10 easy lessons, you can learn to type noticed a sudden cessation of sound and write 80 to 100 words a minute, with remarkable accuracy, and * After the usual hubbub of various invoca movement about me. The collar man had

with amazing ease. Special Gymnastic Finger Training bringe

results in days that ordinary methods will not produce in tions, a full-grown man weighing some 160 interrupted himself in the midst of a re months. So wonderful are its results that thousands of pounds steps barefooted upon the shrew.

graduates of business colleges are constantly enrolling with mark about the high class of goods he was us and, practically without exception, they are doubling and Stealily trying to balance himself on one giving me, and now stood with his back to trebling their former

best speed in typewriting, and their

salaries are being increased steadily.
leg, he continues to vociferate several me, facing the sound of the call, in a stiff,
minutes. The poor shrew seems certainly rather soldierly attitude, saluting some un.

Complete Secretarial Training
to be doomed. But as soon as his tormentor

The New Way in Shorthand and Typewriting includes a seen thing.

complete and thoroughgoing commercial training. Without jumps off, the shrew, after a few shivering My first thought was that the man was

one penny of extra charge, right along with your short

hand and typewriting, you will be trained in Business Engmovements, tries to escape, none the worse an ex-soldier absent-mindedly performing lish, Letter Writing, Office Methods, Secretarial Work for this mad experience, and apparently in

everything needed for fitting you for the highly-paid posisome military rite or other, and a foolish tions in the stenographic field a better training by far than no need of the wild applause and exhorta jest was on my lips when I saw another you can get in a local school. Yet everything is made so

simple, so plain, so practical, that you can learn in far less
tions of the throng." During this demon salesman in the next aisle standing in the

time than any local business school can teach you.
stration the head is always left free. The
heart and other viscera are protected from
same attitude. Glancing about, I found that

Particulars Free! Entire
every employee in the store was facing the

Course on Trial!
crushing by the very strong vertebral bugle and standing at attention with eyes
column, made up of heavy, closely inter closed. And then, as the last notes ceased,

We cannot completely describe here the New Way in

Shorthand and Typewriting. But we have prepared a catalog locking spines, and curiously convex behind

which tells all about this wonderful new system, For over I saw the Flag. It was being slowly lowered

17 years the Tulloss School has been giving training by mail
the shoulder, forming there an arch highly from a tall pole in the very center of the to successful stenographers. The unusual ability of our

graduates is everywhere recognized-everywhere they are
great floor space. Mechanically at first, given the preference in business offices.
The Mangbetu believe that the charred

If you are ambitious to get started right in Shorthand and
and then with a distinct thrill, I straight Typewriting-if you are ambitious to get ahead quickly-if
body or heart of the hero shrew, when pre ened and saluted. Others were wonderfully

you want to earn a big salary as an expert stenographer

don't wait a single minute before sending the coupon or a pared by their medicine-man, lends the doing the same. A moment later the rush postal. The New Way in Shorthand and Typewriting is so quality of invincibility when worn as a

easy to learn, so thorough and practical that you will be of closing up was in full swing.

doing yourself a big injustice if you fail to write for the facts
talisman or taken as medicine. Those about

NOW. Tear off the coupon and send it, or write a posta}
Yes, sir,” said the salesman,

right Now before you turn this page. Address The Tulloss
to engage in warfare or setting out on a toward the bugle and salute the Flag when

School, 2962 College Hill, Springfield, Ohio.
langerous enterprise such as elephant hunt it is raised every morning when the store is
ing are always eager to carry along some

Please send me your free book about the New Way in
opened, and again at closing time, when

Shorthand and Typewriting. This incurs no obligation on
part of a hero shrew as a charm against
danger. Their faith in its protective power

retreat' is played and the Flag lowered.
“ You see,” he continued,“ there are over

is doubtless a strong stimulant to courage

forty of our employees with the colors, and and quick-wittedness, probably often caus some of them won't come back; so the

Address. ing extraordinarily heroic conduct. With rest of us take this way of honoring them

Mail to THE TULLOSS SCHOOL ont doubt this is the explanation of the and the Flag."

2962 College Hill

Springfield, Ohio

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resistant to pressure.

we face

Gentlemen :

my part.

The Outlook Classified Advertising Section

SPECIAL REAL ESTATE ANNOUNCEMENTS The issues of March Twentieth and April Seventeenth will be Special Real Estate Issues particularly adapted for announcements for the Sale or Rental of Property.

Is This Your
Country Estate?

Herrnhut House


MAINE FOR RENT at Windermere, Muskoka

(Near Royal Hotel) For July and August, well-furnished bunga low, 7 rooms and bathroom. Good bathing and safe for children. Apply J. O. ANDERBON, 55 Castle Frank Road, Toronto, Ontario. FOR SALE beautiful wooded tract 75 acres.

Frontage 2,000 feet on ocean, one mile from CONNECTICUT

Boothbay Harbor, Maine. Lying WHOLLY

WITHIN MY TRACT and only 350 feet Litchfield, Conn. Twelve-room attractive cottage, $600 for season,

from ocean is “ Lake Appalachee, a beaufurnished. All improvements, 3 acres, orchard,

tiful spring-fed lake, wooded, irregular

shores, stocked with black bass. Rare opporgarage. Desirable location, fine views and open

tunity for the most unique Country Estate surroundings, C.R. McNeil, 39 E. 42d St., N.Y.

on the Atlantic Coast. Now run as a high

class Camp to accommodate fifty people; FOR SALE or RENT city water, electric lights, sewer, etc. Ideal

site for Clubor Hotel. Mortgage and terms, At Morris Cove, Conn., on the beach,

E. O. GROVER, 1922 Calumet Ave., Chicago i cottage with 16 bedrooms, large living-room with stone fireplace, large dining-room with stone fireplace, 2 screened porches, garage and

MASSACHUSETTS separate servants' quarters. Suitable for boarding house or club. Also 8-room cottage nearby, both beautifully furnished. 7,585, Outlook.

FLORIDA MERRITT ISLAND The NARROW PART of this large island (190 miles north of Miami) is now ACCESSIBLE by VIADUCT across the INDIAN RIVER. Its remarkable thermal conditions, due to situation and ample WATER PROTECTION, contribute safety to its Citrus Groves, which bear the sweetest Oranges and Grapefruit

Requiring no Sugar Telephone, Mail, and Delivery Service, School, Village Club, etc., make it desirable for . Thirty

, Berkshire Hills-For Rent
off the Tourist trail (and unexploited)
QUIET IS POSSIBLE, and land prices
are still reasonable. For information, addresa

Large Colonial House
A. R. TRAFFORD, COCOA, FLA. % open fireplaces, 3 bathrooms. Beautifully

located, 1,200 it. elevation. Electric lights,

garage.' 7,545, Outlook. For Sale Penobscot Bay,



Bargain Nine-room house, two barns, eighteen acres.

Ocean front. Summer bungalows furnished $1,200. J. H. JONES, Arlington, Mass.

for housekeeping.5 rooms and bathrooms; fire.

place. $145 season. L. S. RICH, Truro, Mass. Seashore Cottage

Rent for season

6.noomneand bath: CAPE Ballston Beach Bungalows fully furnished ; hot and cold water. 8. W. LITTELL, 138 8. Main St., Rockland, Maine.

by the ocean surf. Choice loca

COD tion. Moderate rents season,

8. W. BALL, 198 Broadway, N. Y.
Near Bath, eastern horn of Casco
Bay. Modern ten room cottage, two

bathsSans Souci Cottage, on ocean front, for rent

Completely Furnished. Ten rooms, Chestnut Hill Philadelphia | bath, sun parlor. Address 7,567, Outlook.



FOR SALE-MOUNTAIN ANDOVER, MASS. . Trout Brook Farm, fifty acres. Price

with furniture $1,500.

Good place to build up 175 Acre Farm, with modern build

one's health. Dr. G. F. PITTS, Warwick, N. Y. ings, fully stocked. Faces lake with

Bungalow. Good going farm and
would be ideal for gentleman's estate.

418 Grand Street, Paterson, N. J.

Small summer hotel on a spur of the Shawangunk Mountains. Extended view overlooking

Ellen ville and Rondout Valley. Twelve acres F S Modern high-class small home,

of land with furnished house accommodating sleeping porch. Nearly acre rich

about 40 guests, 7-room cottage and laundry.
A soil. Stable, shade, fruit, berries,

Episcopal chapel with daily service within
etc. About one mile from center
Choice neighborhood. H. B. BEACH,

five minutes' walk. Moderate price. Address R E 100 Holmes Road, Pittsfield, Mass.

A. KITE, Frankford, Pltiladelphia, Penna. NEW HAMPSHIRE

Residences in 1000 Island region and

Good Farms on shore of St. Lawrence River LAKE SUNAPEE, N. H. FOR RENT! Summer Homos. Prices Charming Summer Homes and Cottages, fur

, Clayton, N. nished, for rent and for sale. Write for booklets. Sargent & Co., New London, N. H. ESSEX ON LAKE CHAMPLAIN Headquarters Luke Sunapee Real Estate

28 miles from Plattsburgh Camp. NEW JERSEY

Old Colonial house, 6 master's bedrooms,

modern plumbing, 9 fireplaces, ample grounds. FOR SALE

For rent furnished by month

or season.

Mrs. W. A. Townsend, 227 E. 72d St., N. Y.
Old Colonial Homestead with 2% acres.
veniences. Ideally located, 22 minutes from Dower Place Charmingly furnished Color
N. Y. Unusual opportunity. 7,577, Outlook.

rooms, 4 baths; 12 acres; delightful situation of NEW YORK

shore Lake Champlain, splendid views; boating facilities; garage. P. N. Boyle, Essex, N. Y. Country Place M.Like miles from

on Lake , Plattsburg: 14 acres, 500 ft, lake front. Apple orchard. Rose and vegetable gardens. House of 10 rooms, 2 baths, sleeping porch. With cottage of 3 rooms adjoining. Allturnished. Electricity, hardwood floors, open fires. For sale at $20,000. Rent for season $850. 7,547, Outlook.



Comfortable Home

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Country home in Finger Lake District of
Central New York. One thousand feet front-
age on Owasco Lake, fertile farm of 220 acres,
30 in woods, 25 in brook pasture, 7 in apple
orchard, rest under cultivation, Main house

about 1800, remodeied, 15 rooms, 2 batho,
furnace, gas, open fireplaces, sleeping porches,
garage, icehouse. New tenant house of g
state road one mile from station of Lehigh Val-
ley R. R. and 6 miles from the city of Auburn.
ApplyT. M. Hunt, 41 Genesee St., Auburn, N.Y.

Bensonhurst Section of

Brooklyn, N. Y. House with 12 rooms, 3 baths, garage for two cars, on 13 lots. Easy access to New York by machine or subway. Address E. H. MADISON, P. O. Box 1977, New York. PENNSYLVANIA


For Rent

Attractive furnished cottages and bungalows, with jmprovements, E. E. MERWIN, Mt. Pocono, Pa.

Mt. Pocono,


Hotel Le Marquis



Tours and Travel Hotels and Resorts Hotels and Resorts Hotels and Resorts


If You Are Tired or Not Feeling Well
you cannot find a more comfortable place in

New England than
31st Street & Fifth Avenue


New York

VIA PANAMA CANAL Combines every convenience and home

It affords all

the comforts of home without
comfort, and commends itself to people of

extravagance. Outdoor sports if desired. Good
Direct, without change, op
refinement wishing to live on American Plan

Bleighing and skating is now being enjoyed.
and be within easy reach of social and dream
new American steamships.

patic centers.
Room and bath $3.50 per day with meals, or

Albemarle Park

Health Resorts
NEW YORK — VALPARAISO 82.00 per day without meals.

Asheville, N.C.
Illustrated Booklet gladly sent upon
Stopping at principal ports of Peru request.


One of those and Chile. Illustrated folder and in

LINDEN The Ideal Place for Sick HOTEL formation on request.

"wholly satis

Doylestown, Pa. an institution devoted to

fying ” places the personal study and specialized treatSAILING DATES

found once in meut of the invalid. Massage, Electricity,

Hydrotherapy. Apply for circular to
Montague, Hicks, and Remsen Streets


never forgot

(late of The Walter Sanitarium) U, S. & PACIFIC LINE TRANSIENT AND RESIDENTIAL

ten; simple,
Passenger Department

The science of conducting a hotel properly
is at its highest when it is least apparent.
perfect service, informality,

Dr. Reeves' Sanitarium 104 PEARL ST., NEW YORK This is exemplified by the cultured, concentrated comfort.

A Private Home for chronic, nervous, and
livable atmosphere of the Hotel Bossert.

mental patients. Also elderly people requiring
Telephone Broad 5570.
Send for illustrated booklet “B”

care. Harriet E. Reeves, M.D., Melrose, Mass.

Perfect Golf in a Delightful Summer Outing through

NEW YORK the Great West for young people. Con

Perfect Climate

Apartments ducted by well-known artist and his wife. Res

ADIRONDACKS ervations made now. Start June 15. For partio THE CRATER CLUB

Open All Year

New York City ulars address 7,573, Outlook. Rets. exchanged. Of the Burnham Cottage Settlement, Essexon-Lake-Champlain, offers to families of re

Write for Booklet "0." Make reservation An attractive 5-room apartment finement at very moderate rates the attrac

to sublet for spring and summer. One block Hotels and Resorts

tions of a beautiful lake shore in a locality In America-- An English Inn from Riverside Drive, facing Columbia Co
with a remarkable

record for healthfulness,
The club affords an excellent plain table and

station. First-class service, two elevators. Fery
accommodation. The boating is safe, there are

reasonable rental. Address 7,575, Outlook.
attractive walks and drives, and the points of
interest in the Adirondacks are easily access.

HOTEL JUDSON 53 Washing-
ible. Ref. required. For information relative

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES adjoining Judson Memorial Church. Rooms to board and lodging address Miss MARGARET

ALL SEASON CAMP with and without bath. Rates $2.50 per day, FULLER, Club Mgr., 115 E. 71st St., New York.

PRIVATE school. A small

, well-established including meals. Special rates for two weeks

Wyoming sunshine for young men, with New York and Philadelphis Capacity enrol

giris boarding and day school. Convenient de Furnished cottages without housekeep trapping and horseback riding on a real ranch. or more. Location very central. Convenient ing cares. Circular and particulars on applica to all elevated and street car lines.


ment this year. Principal desires to retire tion. John B. Burnham, 233 B'way, New York. Shell, Big Horn County, Wyoming | Box 1,592, Philadelphia, P.

Correspondence confidential. T. H. 6. P.O.


Your Property

Is it For Sale
or To Rent ?


I CA is ex his

Sanford Bennett at 50

Sanford Bennett at 78
The Remarkable Story of Sanford Bennett, a San Francisco
Business Man, Who Has Solved the Problem of Prolonging Youth.

There no longer any occasion to go hunting for cloth, contains as much material as many Courses
the Spring of Eternal Youth. What Ponce de Leon of Instruction selling for $25 or more. But you
failed to discover in his world-famous mission, ages can secure a copy of this book for only $3. Be-
ago, has been brought to light right here in staid, fore committing yourself in any way, however, the
prosaic America by Sanford Bennett, a San Fran publisher will send you “Old Age-Its Cause and
cisco business man. He can prove it too, right in Prevention " on approval without deposit. In addi-
his own person. At 50 he was partially bald. Today tion, you will receive one of Mr. Bennett's Backbone
he has a thick head of hair, although it is white, Boards—his own invention for exercising the spinal
At 50 his eyes were weak. Today they are as strong as when cord. This simple device is alone worth many times the
he was a child. At 50 he was a worn-out, broken-down, price asked. It increases nerve force and nerve energy,
decrepit old man. Today he is in perfect health, a good benefiting every organ of the body--the brain included-by
deal of an athlete, and as young as the average man of 35. keeping the vertebræ of the spinal column young, flexible,

All this he has accomplished by some very simple and elasticand in perfect alignment. If after examination in your
gentle exercises which he practices for about ten minutes own home you feel you can afford to be without youth
before and three minutes after arising in the morning. Yes, and health, send them back within five days and you will owe
many of the exercises are taken in bed, peculiar as this may nothing. If you decide to keep them, send your check for $3,
seem. And three minutes a day after arising, is devoted to There are no strings to this offer. No money is required in
abdominal massage. As Mr. Bennett explains, his case was advance. Merely fill out and mail the coupon and by return
not one of preserving health, but one of rejuvenating a weak, post “Old Age-Its Cause and Prevention," and the new
middle-aged body into a robust old one, and he says what he Backbone Board will be sent to you at once.
has accomplished anyone can accomplish by the application
of the same methods, and so it would seem. All of which

Mail Coupon
puts the Dr. Osler theory to shame. There isn't room in this

For having solved the problem of proarticle to go into a lengthy description of Mr. Bennett's

longing youth during life, the world owes

methods for the restoration of youth and the prevention of

Sanford Bennett a vote of thanks. Of
old age. All of this he tells himself in a book which he has
written, entitled “Old Age-Its Cause and Prevention".

course, there are those who will scoff at

the idea, but the real wise men and wo-
This book is a complete history of himself and his experi-
ences, and contains complete instructions for those who men among those who hear of Sanford
wish to put his health and youth-building methods to their

Bennett, will most certainly investigate
own use. It is a book that every man and woman who is de-

further and at least acquire a knowl

edge of his methods. This the publisher
sirous of remaining young after passing the fiftieth, sixtieth,
seventieth, and, as Mr. Bennett firmly believes, the one

will allow you to do without cost or
obligation, through his

.. send no
hundredth milestone of life, should read.

money ” offer. But it is advisable to
Partial Contents

mail the coupon today, because this un

usual no-risk offer is liable to be withla

Some idea of the field covered by the author may be

drawn any moment. Address CHAS. H. gained by the following topics : Old Age, Its Cause; How

DESGREY, Book Publisher, Dept. 12, to Prevent It; The Will in Exercising ; Exercising in Bed

5084 Metropolitan Building, New York.
shown by fifteen pages of illustration. Sun, Fresh Air and
Deep Breathing for Lung Development ; The Secret of Good
Digestion ; Dyspepsia; How I Strengthened My Eyes ; The MAIL THIS TODAY-NO MONEY REQUIRED
Liver ; Internal Cleanliness ; Massage of the Colon-how it Send me Sanford Bennett's book-"Old Age--Its Cause
removes and prevents constipation and its many attendant and Prevention," and his wonderful new Backbone Board.
ills ; external cleanliness; Rheumatism ; Varicose Veins in I will either remail the book and the Exerciser within five
the Legs ; The Hair ; The Obese Abdomen ; The Rejuvena days after receipt and owe you nothing, or will send $3

in full payment.
tion of the Face, Throat and Neck ; The Skin, and many
other experience chapters of vital interest.

Don't Send Any Money

"Old Age-Its Cause and Prevention," with its 400
pages, profusely illustrated and handsomely bound in City..



SITUATIONS WANTED THE Ray Adding Machine. Saves time, Companions and Domestic Helpers Companions and Domestic Helpers Teachers and Covernosses money, labor. Costs less than an average mis take only $25. Adds with speed and accuracy

MATRONS, governesses, mothers' helpers, COMPETENT and companionable gentle WOMAN of 27, college graduate, 6 years' of highest priced machines. Also directly

cafeteria managers, dietitians. Miss Richards, woman would like position as managing experience as teacher in private school, de

Providence. Boston office, 16 Jackson Hall housekeeper for widower, or as companion subtracts. Used by U. S. Govt., International

sires summer position as tutor, companion Harvester Co., B. &0. Ry., business and pro Trinity Court, Thursdays, 11 to 1.

for small children or lonely lady. References or chaperon, or secretary. References exfessional men everywhere. Handsome desk YOUNG or middle-aged Protestant woman

required and given. L. S., care Editor Yale

changed. 5,645, Outlook. stand free. Send no money, but write for 20

Alumni Weekly, New Haven, Conn. to assist mother in care of two children.

LADY recommends highly her very comday free trial. The Ray Company, 1550 Power 5,646, Outlook.

WOMAN of refinement and education de petent governess-housekeeper. 5,652, Outlook. Bldg., Richmond, Va.

sires resident position as companion, chap FRENCH teacher, Parisian, wishes pupil WANTED, Hartford, Conn., mother's as eron, or supervising housekeeper. 5,647, at her residence, private house,

quick results, sistant. Happy disposition and refinement Outlook

highest references. Madame Rocheville, 108
more necessary than experience.

YOUNG lady, English, desires position as West 87th. Schuyler 9272.
DOMESTIC SCIENCE, home study, good

companion. Willing to travel. 5,649, Outlook. HEADMASTER, successful with boys, parposition. American School Home Economics,

Teachers and Covernesses GRADUATE nurse attendant in private ticularly strong in religious education, desires Chicago

WANTED-Competent teachers for public sanitarium. Physicians' references. 5,650, position of responsibility where personality
and private schools and colleges. Send for bul Outlook.

will count. 5,660, Outlook.
letin. Albany Teachers' Agency, Albany, N.Y. DIETITIAN, experienced, desires institu-

CALIFORNIA needs teachers with gradu-

tional position March 1. 5,644, Outlook. Business Situations

ate study. Consult

Boynton-Esterly Teachers' COMPANION-nurse, useful in any capacity. THE Red Cross needs nurses. The Cooley
WANTED-Two active, educated men be-
Agency Los Angeles, San Francisco, Ca). City or out of town. 5,651, Outlook.

Dickinson Hospital, Northampton, Mass., can tween 30 and 60 years of age for special work.

WANTED-Governess for two little girls, REFINED woman would assist mother care train you. Send for information. A small Address Dodd, Mead & Co., Inc., 149 Fouth five years and seven years old. French con infant half day. 5,657, Outlook.

hospital, excellently managed. Corps of ex-
Ave., New York City,
versation necessary. 5,631, Outlook.

REFINED, educated widow of Presbyterian perienced graduate nurses direct training
TEACHERS desiring school or college minister, 41 years old, wishes positiou as reader
Companions and Domostic Helpers positions apply International Musical and

school. University, extension work for our

and companion, or in motherless home where school in Smith College Laboratory. DIETITIAN wanted. A large State institu

Educational Agency, Carnegie Hall, N. Y. servant is kept, or as pastor's assistant. Has M. W. Wightman & Co. Shopping Agency, tion in the Rocky Mountain region needs an NURSE or nursery governess, preferably had experience. 5,656, Outlook.

established 1895. No charge; prompt delivery. experienced dietitian. Liberal salary paid and

CHICAGO graduate nurse wishes infant or 44 West 22d St., New York.
maintenance allowed. Give age, education,
French, wanted for two little boys, three and

adult patient going California. February, WANTED-Defective persons
five years old, in suburban town an hour from
experience, and references. 5,634, Outlook.

to board.

New York. 5,654,
March. 5,655, Outlook.

Address W., Pawling, N. Y.

If so, use the next
two Special Real
Estate Issues of The

An Old Man at Fifty
Outlook, which will A Young Man at Seventy
appear on March
20 and April 17.
An advertisement
in these issues will
cost buta few dollars
and will reach the
class of people who
will be interested
in your property.

us about your property and prepare a

suitable advertisement.

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THE OUTLOOK Department of Classified Advertising

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The famous old English convict ship the war will end. “ I'll lay you 3 to 1 that the
Success, which has been on exhibition in war will end by April,” declared a member
this country for several years, went to the of one of these clubs, a Colonel who has
bottom for the second time a few days ago seen a lot of services out there,” according
-strangely enough, not at sea, but in the to a despatch to the New York “Sun.” A
Kentucky River. She was making a tour of favorite bet with other clubmen is that the
inland waters, and got
into an ice

war will end by next Christmas, as "the
Carrollton, Kentucky, which tore a hole in Kaiser's Christmas gift to the world.”
her stout teak timbers. During her eventful An unusual advertisement is this from a
history the Success lay for several years at New York City newspaper :
the bottom of Sydney Harbor in Australia,

Carmela is looking for her husband, Pag-
after her career as a convict ship had ended. quale who has been missing from her seven
She was later raised and then went forth years. She is anxious to find where he is and is
in her new guise as a museum of the hor-

willing to forgive everything and do as he says. If

any one happens to know him, kindly call at -
rors of the time when she was a prison That the lady should have stood out seven
ship. She was built in 1790.

years and then surrendered so meekly is
An old London firm of booksellers re pathetic.
joiced in a five-barreled appellation-

Referring to the statement recently pub-
Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown.

lished, that the postal rate established in
A book published in 1825 by this firm,

1851 was

“ from two to four times the
recently picked up at auction in New York
City, brings to memory this story : Archi-

present one,” a subscriber writes : “ It


help further to contentment with the presbald Constable, the famous publisher of

ent cost to learn that in 1834–only sevenEdinburgh, was fond of a joke. Mr. Long

teen years earlier—the postage from New
man, of the above-named firm, once visited

York City to the newer settlements half-
Constable's palatial home. During conver-
sation he remarked : “ What fine swans

way across New York State was 1834 or

1934 or 371. cents. The correct change
you have in your pond there !" Swans !"
cried Constable ; " they are only geese,

was easily made by use of the coins then
man. There are just five of them, if you

current-sixpences and New York State

shillings, worth about half as much as the
please to observe, and their names are

English coins of the same names. There
Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown.”
This skit is said to have cost Constable a

were no postage stamps ; the amount to be
fat contract with Longman.

paid was written by hand upon the corner.

There was no railway; the stage took sevThe yield of peanuts in 1917 totaled eral days for that trip, one way. Envemore than sixty million bushels nearly lopes were not in use; the large square twice the quantity raised in 1916.. The leiter sheets were folded in an ingenious crop's money

more than doubled.

and rather intricate manner to make the The popularity of “ peanut butter" proba outer leaf form a secure wrapping, then bly accounts for the increase.

fastened by a wafer or sealing-wax. This For saving coal during zero weather, folding was taught in school by the writing Popular Mechanics” suggests that, in teacher and was puzzling to learn." stead of shaking the grate of a furnace, a The small people of the country will hooked poker be used to rake out the hear with delight that the circuses do not aslies between the sections of the grate.

all expect to be put out of business this This will, it is claimed, lessen the waste of spring because of war conditions. “We half-burned fuel. A further suggestion as have our own baggage cars and freight to heat-conserving is that frames of corru trains,” said one circus manager, " and all gated paper be used to cover the north and

we require is an engine to hanī them. But if west windows of rooms at night.

worse comes to worst we can return to the The - Dramatic Mirror," complaining wagon route that formerly prevailed.” The about the restrictions on American theat sight of those gay wagons and strange beasts rical activities, says that more than thirty on the country roads again would bring joy playhouses in Paris are open every night. to a host of circus-lovers, young and old. without restriction as to hours of opening The recent sale of the paintings collected or closing, and that even London, beset by

by James W. Brady (« Diamond Jim") Zeppelin and airplane raids, objected to bronght out this anecdote from a dealer : the order to quit “ carrying on

at the

"One morning my telephone rang. Mr. playhouses and succeeded in having it

Brady was at the other end of the wire. rescinded, so that its theaters now give Nioss,' he said, • burglars got into the house their performances as usual.

last night. I'm short a Diaz and two other A rabbi in New York City, so a contribu pictures. What had really happened, 1 tor to the “ Christian Register” says, was found, was that guests he had bad at dinner catechizing a class of small boys whose had admired these paintings and that he parents had come from the land of the

had made presents of the pictures to them. Czar. “Now, Isaac, tell us who was the His object in calling me up was to order first man?” “George Washmgton,” came me to have the gifts packed and delivered. the prompt reply. Exclaimed the amazed Many a collection in this country started rabbi: " Surely you know better, Isaac. with the gift of a painting from Mr. Brady." Yon, a Jew, to say that George Washing

A subscriber writes from Rangoon, ton was the first man? You ought to know Burma : “ The following is an excerpt from Adam was the first man.” “My teacher

an essay by a Burmese student in the last she say George Washington was first in

gradle of my high school (a school of 967 war, first in peace, and first in the hearts

students—the largest school in Burma); of his countrymen. And, anyway, you know we Americans don't take much stock in

Camouflage-this is the French waru,

• Artificial tree.” In the sea the those foreigners."

steamer pretends herself as a tree growing People who think that the betting odds on an island situated in the sea. Thus the are indicative of forthcoming events will

enemy is deceived and the steamers are be interested in the report that London

largely escaped from the danger of the clubs are again betting as to the time when enemy's subinarines.'


Don't Let Rupture
Spoil Your Fun

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