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I was much interested in the article in 604
The Outlook for November 7, 1917,“ The
Pacific Coast and War Relief," and I am

wondering if, in turn, your readers would
care to learn of the relief work being done
by the women of Manila.

JAM Although one might not imagine the tropics to be a place in which to collect heavy clothing for the French, such is really the case, as is being constantly

It has become almost fashionable to speak con and we are going to add new titles regularly, with demonstrated. Americans coming to Ma

temptuously about “ business men,” They have the best introductions we can bay. All the addi. nila from the United States and other cold

become as unpopular as hedgehogs at a picnic. But tional support we will ask of our friends is to buy countries find no use for their heavy gar

it is a cheap pastime to denounce all "business" four volumes where they used to buy two, and ments and shoes, and have donated quanti men as Profiteers. Under the present profit system twenty instead of only ten." ties of practically new clothing to this good what business man is not obliged to make as much cause. By arrangement with the French

money as he legally can, or be forced to the wall by Government and the United States Army, some competitor who has not such fine sensibilities? this clothing is sent free to France.

And which of you, so smug in your virtue, wouldn't One interesting way of raising money

rather eat pate de foi gras than file a schedule of

liabilities ?-which brings us to the real point of for war relief work has been developed by

this discussion : the Woman's Club of Manila, which con

Can we be fair to ourselves in charging only 60e. ducts the collection and sale of old news

for a hand-bound, limp, croft-leather volume in the papers. These are bought by Chinese ped

Modern Library? When sixty cents was fixed as dlers at ten centavos a kilo. Quite a sub our selling price, the United States had not yet destantial sum is raised regularly each month clared war against Germany. Since then, the prices in this manner from material which for of eggs, butter, pork, ice-cream sodas, beef, coal, merly was destroyed. Old books and maga

cotton, talcum zines are distributed to soldiers and sailors

powder, wool,

leather, news on the transports.

papers, filet of The Woman's Club also set in motion

sole Marguery,


etc., etc., have the work of planting vegetables in vacant

advanced about city lots, and has interested more than a

63 132-789%.

WE PAID FOR OUR HATS hundred branch Woman's Clubs in the prov

Even the price inces in this work. (The members of these

of labor has We got our hats (paying for them as usual) and branches are Filipino women, while the

greatly in waited a moment for our friend to join us, but he

creased. Still could only gasp feebly, as he lit his fifth fifty-cent Manila club is composed of both Amer

there is more cigar, “Don't wait for me, boys. The shock is too icans and Filipinos.) Through the efforts

than a vague

great-or may be you're only joking." of the Woman's Club more than 150,000

suspicion that We are not-here's the list of titles now included

the present in the Modern Library. They are all hand-bound. square meters of land in Manila were

JAM startlingly high In limp Croft Leather, and sell at all stores for sixty under cultivation in a few months' time.

prices are not cents per volume, 6c. extra by mail. Check the The club also organized a mammoth

wholly justified titles you want. Agricultural Preparedness Parade, and

by economic
A SELECT FEW causes. Some 1 Oscar Wilde

Dorian Gray this was held on August 19, 1917. The

zealous and 2 Strindberg

Married Mayor, school-children, various Govern righteous citizens even insist that there are more 3 Kipling

Soldiers Three ment bureaus, influential citizens (both diamonds, automobiles, fur coats, and gilt edge se 4 Stevenson

Treasure Island curities being worn by a select few than ever before. men and women), police, etc., took part in But listen to the other side of the question. The

5 H. G. Wells

The War in the Air this parade, which resulted in the estab other day one of our friendly fellow publishers

6 Henrik Ibsen Plays: A Doll's House, Ghosts, lishment of a Food Commission and in treated us to a four-course luncheon and gently

An Enemy of the People suggested that we have a lunacy commission ap 7 Anatole France splendid publicity for the work.

The Red Lily pointed for ourselves. “Why, boys," he groaned, 8 De Maupassant Much interest has been taken in both

Mademoiselle Fifi to here you have about two hundred magazines and g' Nietzsche

Thus Spake Zarathustra the Allied and the American branches of newspapers and the leading colleges and schools and

10 Dostoyevsky

Poor People the Red Cross. Many American women libraries singing the praises of the Modern Library

11 Maeterlinck

A Miracle of St. Antony in so many different, yet singularly harmonious devote a large part of their time in workstrains, that if you only had an ear for music you


Studies in Pessimism ing at the headquarters in the Manila would recognize the tune. It's Johnnie, Put Your


The Way of All Flesh
Hotel. At the times of the sale of Liberty Price Up!'* “Well, we have been seriously con 14 George Meredith

Diana of the Crossways bonds the women have taken a very active sidering raising our price," we answered. “ I should 15 Bernard Shaw

An Unsocial Socialist
hope so," he continued, somewhat less gloomily, 16 Geo. Moore
part in getting subscriptions. About fifteen

Confessions of a Young Map
Smyth of the New York Times, Kerfoot of Life,

17 Thos. Hardy The Mayor of Casterbridge desks in centrally located stores and offices Davis of the Evening Post, Gerould of the Bellman,

18 Thos. Seltzer Best Russian Short Stories were used as their headquarters.

Sell of the Chicago News, N. P. D. of the Globe,
and the Independent, Reedy's Mirror, Philadelphia

19 Oscar Wilde

Over three hundred pesos was recently
Ledger. The Boston Transcript, the Philadelphia

20 Nietzsche

Beyond Good and Evil sent to New York for the purchase of Press, the best papers on the Pacific coast--why, 21 Turgenev

Fathers and Sons
Lafayette kits from this Club alone. great guns, all the critics say the Modern Library 22 Anatole France Crime of Sylvestre Bonnard
I have not mentioned private work in
was the literary sensation of 1917. You have given 23 Swinburne

Poems the book-loving public the biggest bargain ever. 25 Wm. Dean Howells Hazard of New Fortunes behalf of the Belgians or of the French With your fine titles and valuable introductions

26 W. S. Gilbert orphans, nor the work for rebuilding French and attractive binding and clear print, sixty cents

The Mikado, and Other Plays is simply ridiculous. What is the

new price going

27 H. G. Wells devastated towns. Many organizations, such

Ann Veronica
We have been thinking of seventy-five

28 Gustave Flaubert

Madame Bovary as the local chapters of the Daughters of Figure your costs?" he angrily inter 30 James Stephens

Mary, Mary the American Revolution and of the Asso

rupted, gulping down a Benedictine and brandy. 31 Anton Chekhov Rothschild's Fiddle, etc. ciation of Collegiate Alumnæ, are working

"You can't do it! Everything is up from 10 to 32 Arthur Schnitzler Anatol and Other Plays along these lines. 200% since you started from composition and

33 Sudermann

Dame Care
plates to binding, from office salaries to royalties.
I feel it a matter of some pride that the

34 Lord Dunsany

A Dreamer's Tales
And I understand one of you had the nerve to get

35 G. K. Chesterton The Man Who Was Thursday
women here have shown such an active married recently. Heaven help her at 75c a volume.
"Yes, there is a lot in what you say, my friend,"

36 Henrik Ibsen Plays interest in relief work. We are so far out

Hedda Gabler, Pillars the newly married one of us admitted, after the

of Society, The Master Builder of the center of things. Our interest in the

waiter had softly reminded us that we were not 37 Haeckel, Thompson, Weismann, etc. war has thus far been derived mainly from the only ones in the room. "We don't criticise you

Evolution in Modern Thought
the magazines, such as The Outlook. Only or any of the others for asking more money for the
recently have home letters begun to convey
books you are publishing. We know you are en-

Many of these volumes contain authoritative
titled to it. We know
that you are simply business

introductions that can be found only in the Modern
grim news of friends and relatives off to men-Dot Profiteers. We, too, have been thinking

Library-Hand Bound in Limp Croft Leatherthe front. MRS. LEVANT BROWN, about a higher price, but we cannot forget that the

stained tops-gold decorations, 60c, per volume-
Chairman of the Civic Committee of Modern Library is a unique institution. When we

postage 6c. per volume extra.
started it we announced that we did not expect to
the Woman's Club of Manila.
get rich, and that that was not primarily our am-

BONI & LIVERIGHT, Publishers
Manila, Philippine Islands,
bition. So we have decided to stick to the old

101 West 40th Street

New York
January 9, 1918.

price-sixty cents per volume, postage 6c. extra

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to be rie"



for the
Selection of Candidates for the next Congress

from the
most able men in the country.


HIS advertisement is the initial step in
an endeavor to focus attention upon

the vital importance of insuring the
selection of candidates for the next National
Congress who shall be of the highest type
of American citizenship, not only in dis-
interested patriotism, but in co-ordinated
vision, judgment and ability.

Great as are the responsibilities and problems which to-day face the Government of the country, they sink into relative insignificance beside the terrific responsibilities and complications of the future. This will be true whether peace comes in 1918, or the war continues into 1919.

date should become so popular and powerful
that no party will dare to disregard it, but
will be compelled by the desire for self-
preservation to offer its candidacies only to
men who measure up to the standard which
will have been established in the public mind.

The cost of this advertisement has been
contributed by a private citizen with no
axe to grind and who merely desires to
serve his country in a constructive manner
in her time of need.

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Other citizens of undoubted Americanism, who are animated by, and limited to, the same motives, are invited to co-operate.

As soon as possible a meeting will be arranged for discussion and organization, but it is desired that replies be sent from any part of the country by men and women to whom the matter appeals.

It is requested that replies state:

Unless constructive action is taken to influence the character of the candidates for the Sixty-sixth Congress, there is no reason to expect that they will be selected by any other means, or measured by any other standards, than those which have applied in the past.

The election will not take place until November, but “ nine-tenths of wisdom is being wise in time." It is none too soon to plan to create a nation-wide demand for the selection of proper candidates. The endeavor should be made to appeal and apply equally to every party. But the man

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Post Office Box 533,


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On account of the war and the consequent delays in the mails, both in New York City and on the railways, this copy of
The Outlook may reach the subscriber late. The publishers are doing everything in their power to facilitate deliveries


favors the movement to secure in every district the re-election On Washington's Birthday, New York City saw one of the of all members of Congress who have supported the war, withmost notable military parades that has ever drawn a cheering out regard to party. He has already written a letter urging the crowd into its streets. Nearly ten thousand men of the National Democrats in Minnesota to make no nomination against SenaArmy marched in uniform and under arms as they will appear tor Nelson, who comes up for re-election next fall, and who, sooner or later on the French front. The soldiers who formed though he is a strong Republican, has been a strong supporter this great marching body were all from Camp Upton, on Long of the Administration in all its war measures. Island, and most of them were recruits under the selective In the judgment of The Outlook, the one issue which confronts draft four months ago. A battalion of Negro soldiers formed a

the Nation at this time is the vigorous, efficient, and prompt part of the procession. Half of this considerable army of men prosecution of the war. The prohibition issue and the woman marched up Eighth Avenue, in order to give the West Side a suffrage issue should by every voter be regarded as subordinate view, and half up First Avenue, to give the East Side a chance to the war issue. The one question which every voter should ask to see the soldiers. Both sections then marched toward each himself is, not, To what party does this candidate belong-Demoother on Fifty-seventh Street, and united and continued the cratic, Republican, Socialist, Prohibition, or what not?—but, joint parade down Fifth Avenue.

What are his views on the war measures before Congress ; what, All observers agree that rarely have such crowds been seen if he is up for re-election, has been his action, and how far can he in the streets of New York as those that gathered to watch be depended on to support the vigorous prosecution of the war, this unique parade. The soldiers made a remarkable impression with no peace until the military power which seeks to dominate not only upon civilians but upon expert military judges who Europe is destroyed ? reviewed the parade. In physique, in military bearing, in quick response to orders, in thorough knowledge of marching technique, this body of men, only a few months ago untrained civilians,

GERMANY'S ADVANCE ON RUSSIA was really magnificent. It should be remembered, too, that most The advance of German armies against Russia has been rapid, of the officers in command were from the Officers' Reserve and has been practically unresisted both in the north and in the Corps, and were themselves civilians not so very long ago. south. The capture of Dvinsk and Lutsk, reported last week, Even more striking than the paraile itself was the formation

of was merely the prelude to the occupation of the great naval the men on the street as they arrived at the great Pennsylvania fortress of Reval, on the Baltic, which guards St. Petersburg ; Terminal on their way up from Camp Upton the day before on the center of the line came the capture of Minsk, and to the the parade. They stood on Thirty-fourth Street in parade or south Rovno, formerly a serious obstacle to any German attempt inspection formation two deep until they turned in a column of to occupy the Ukraine from the west. Everywhere the German fours and marched away.

troops took possession of vast quantities of booty-hundreds of As one coming out of the Pennsylvania station on that Thurs cannon and machine guns, thousands of motor cars, and an day morning looked upon the long line which stretched a quarter incalculable amount of food and supplies. From the coast of of a mile away, one understood as never before the phrase “ in Esthonia to the southern border of Volhynia Germany has the pink of condition.” In the brilliant sunshine of the morn cleared of Russian soldiers a deep section of country and is in ing the splendid and healthy color of every man's face made a full possession. long streak of pink, as though a painter had taken a mixture The leaders of the Bolsheviki in Petrograd soon saw that of cream-white and rose madder from his palette and had Germany was following by deeds its declaration that until a painted it on canvas. This great citizen-soldier parade reflected peace treaty was signed Germany was at war with Russia, whathonor on the men, their officers, the War Department, Presi ever Russia might say as to its no longer being at war with dent Wilson, their Commander-in-Chief, and on the fathers and Germany. The Lenine-Trotsky Government at once withdrew mothers of the country who so promptly and patriotically have its refusal to accept Germany's former terms. But the new given their sons to the great cause of liberty,

offer met at first with little attention. Germany insisted on This visible manifestation of what the right kind of military formal written statements and delayed all efforts towards a discipline will do for the physique, minds, and morale of Amer peace settlement. It became evident also that now Germany ican young men is an argument in favor of universal military proposed to insist on enormous new demands. The proposals training and service which cannot be gainsaid.

first made at Brest-Litovsk (commonly called the Hoffmann terms, because they were formulated by General Hoffmann)

were enlarged, and the Russian territory to be held by GerLOYALTY FIRST

many, or to be indirectly controlled by it, was made to include The League for National Unity, of which Cardinal Gib- almost all of the Baltic provinces, a considerable portion of Esthobons is Honorary Chairman and Mr. James M. Beck is Chair- nia, Poland, and the Ukraine. The new terms proposed also man of the Executive Committee, has issued “ An Appeal to include very large commercial concessions, and, according to the Voters of the United States to Elect a War-Till Victory some accounts, a large money indemnity. It is perfectly evident Congress Next November.” Among the signers to this appeal that under any circumstances Germany. will. Iong maintain an is the Hon. Elihu Root, who suggests as a motto for the Con- overlordship in these great sections of Russia, and this control gressional campaign “ Loyalty First for Congress.” We heartily may be permanent if the result of the world war permits. agree with his statement that “what we want for Congress

The disillusionment of the Bolsheviki must now be complete. is the quality of loyalty. Our present business is to elect loyal They were sanguine enough to think that their effort at peace

would precipitate a social revolution in Germany. Now they Washington correspondents report that President Wilson know it will not. They were weak enough to believe that Ger


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The vast extent of the Ukraine, to the south, is actually invaded by Germany because all of its people will not accept the treaty made with Germany by the anti
Bolshevik faction. Cholm, to the west of the Ukraine, has been included in the treaty, although it is part of Russian Poland. Although the German Chancellor say?

that Germany will give Esthonia and Courland self-government, German troops may be kept there indefinitely if a treaty is signed by Russia
many's willingness to talk about" no annexations and no indem But he insisted that first “all states and people must recognize
nities” meant something. They now know that Germany defined

these principles," and added, “ When President Wilson inci

. the phrase so as to allow her grasping and greedy hand to seize dentally says that the German Chancellor is speaking to the immense and valuable territories. Whether the very capital of tribunal of the entire world, I must decline this tribunal as Russia will fall into German hands or not depends upon Ger- prejudiced, joyfully as I would greet it if an impartial court of many's present willingness to make a peace even more favor arbitration existed, and gladly as I would co-operate to realize able to itself than it proposed at the first Brest-Litovsk confer such ideals." Whether it be

no annexations and no indemence. A study of the accompanying map will give our readers nities ” or a theoretical “mutual rapprochement,” Germany's an idea of the extent and possession of the territory over which expressed

willingness to discuss anything is meant to cover her the German shadow has fallen.

military effort. Å direct answer to President Wilson's " fourteen Germany's whole course forms an ironical comment on the points” would be more to the purpose. statement of the Chancellor, Count von Hertling, on February Elsewhere in this paper we comment editorially on Russia's 25. He declared: “I can fundamentally agree with the four position and its future. How the situation is regarded in principles which in President Wilson's view must be applied in America may be indicated by two extracts. The New York a mutual exhange of views, and thus declare with President “ Times” comments: “Of course there is no peace for Russian Wilson that a general peace can be discussed on such a basis." no freedom for Russians, no future either for the state as a

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whole or for a federation of its parts, so long as Germany given to the support of our Army or our allies, and that each
remains unconquered. They will be enslaved and Germany will pound wasted or eaten unnecessarily is a pound withheld from
take from them what she needs:” And the New York “Sun” them.
asks : “ Will the vast and productive territory comprehended
in the Kaiser's programme of rescue' become a possession of
the German Empire, to be governed directly or indirectly from

WHEAT AT $2.20
Berlin, to sustain perhaps the same relation to the imperial The country is heeding the Food Administration's recon-
system which India sustains to Great Britain, or will the de- mendations. One indication is that the prices of the most popu-
posed Czar be restored to his throne for the safeguarding of lar wheat substitutes have lately advanced, so we learn, about a
world autocracy?"

cent a pound wholesale. They may go higher.

If the food problem of the Nation is to be successfully carried

out, should not the price for these cereals be fixed ? Why should THE FALL OF JERICHO

not the Government take the same action regarding corn, rye, The occupation of Jericho by the British army operating barley, and oats that it did with wheat? The answer is that, in Palestine recalls many Biblical and historical associations. while normal distribution of all our farm products has been sub1 he ancient Jericho, whose site is near the modern Jericho, was ject to great disturbances during the last three years because of the first city of Canaan to be reduced by the armies of Israel, war conditions, only two commodities, namely, wheat and sugar, and

every child knows the famous story of its destruction by have been so seriously affected as to require Governmental interthe blowing of Joshua's trumpets.

From the military point of view, the occupation of Jericho is In the attempt to prevent the farmers from holding back
a valuable asset. If the advance is pushed twenty-five miles their grain, the minimum price for last year's crop was fixed
eastward, the British will cut the railway from Damascus to at $2.20, or more than three times the average price of any
Mecca. This would be of importance in more ways than one, wheat crop during the two decades before the war. The price
but especially because it would establish communication with of this year's crop was fixed at $2, but so great has been
the Arab tribes which are fighting the Turks in that direc the reluctance to plant among certain classes of farmers, due to
tion. The new position also helps in the control of the Dead more costly labor, seed, and machinery, that bills have been
Sea and in giving access to the rich agricultural country east of introduced in Congress increasing that figure to $2.50 and even
the Dead Sea and to that which borders the Jordan north of the to $2.75.
Dead Sea. The actual occupation of Jericho by the Australian The President has now taken matters into his own hand and
cavalry under General Allenby's command met with little has fixed a general price of $2.20 for this year's crop, establish-

ing differential prices according to the place of delivery, as of
course freight differences should be considered in the price fixed.

Two things have been said in adverse criticism of the Presi-

dent's latest price-fixing : First, that future laws having to do The problem of saving food for our allies is growing daily with price-fixing will lose all value if the public were to believe more serions. By May 1 we must send abroad no less than one that they were subject to change at almost any moment; and, hundred million bushels of wheat. To do this, while not eating second, and curiously enough on the contrary, that the worst way less than is necessary for good health, we must use food substi to regulate prices is by statute, because such a price is regarded tutes for wheat. Instead of white flour we could use rye flour as a finality; instead it should be revised according to varying or corn-meal. Incidentally, bread and muffins made from these conditions. This disagreement indicates the difficulty inherent are not only nourishing but extremely appetizing:

in any plan of price-fixing. We must feed the Allies and our own soldiers by sending to It is more comfortable to think that our farmers in general them as much food as possible of the most concentrated and will loyally accept the present decision as an incentive to pro nutritive value in the least shipping space. These foods are duction, following their action last autumn when they planted wheat, beef, pork, butter, and sugar. As a programme of saving, an acreage larger than the record of any preceding year. As the Food Administration asks that a “Home Card” be hung the President

the President says: “The chief thing to be kept clearly in mind in every

kitchen. We have already summarized the recommen is that regulations of this sort are only a part of the great gendations on this card, but it may be worth while to print them eral plan of mobilization into which every element in the Nation in full:

enters in this war as in no other." Have TWO WHEATLESS DAYS (Monday and Wednesday)

in every week, and ONE WHEATLESS MEAL in every day.

THE WISCONSIN SITUATION EXPLANATION-On" Wheatless” days and in “ Wheatless" meals of

Paul Husting, patriot, died last October. He was United other days use no crackers, pastry, macaroni, breakfast food, or other cereal food containing wheat, and use no wheat flour in any form except

States Senator from Wisconsin. He came from a pro-pacifist, the small amount that may be needed for thickening soups or gravies, or pro-German region. But he was ruggedly loyal and militant in for a binder in corn bread and other -coreał breads. As to bread, if you bake it at home, use other cereals than wheat, and if you buy it, buy only

his principles and policies of war efficiency, war bread. Our object is, that we should buy and consume one-third less Wisconsin's living Senator, Robert M. La Follette, is in bad wheat products than we did last year.

odor because of the speeches, provocative to disloyalty, he has
Have ONE MEATLESS DAY (Tuesday) in every week and made since the war began, and a Committee of the Senate is
ONE MEATLESS MEAL in every day. Have TWO now considering a proposal recommending his expulsion from
PORKLESS DAYS (Tuesday and Saturday) in every week. that body.

EXPLANATION—“Meatless means without any cattle, hog, or sheep It is doubtful if Mr. Husting, a Democrat, would have been
products. On other days use mutton and lamb in preference to beef or
pork. “Porkless" means without pork, bacon, ham, lard, or pork prod-

chosen had Mr. La Follette not bitterly opposed the Republican ucts, fresh or preserved. Use fish, poultry, and eggs. As a nation we eat candidate, ex-Governor Francis E. McGovern. One of the and waste nearly twice as much meat as we need,

problems now confronting Wisconsin is to determine how much Make every day a FAT-SAVING DAY (Butter, lard, lard

of Senator La Follette's former prestige still remains. Of course substitutes, etc.).

Mr. La Follette will endeavor to dictate the selection of a sucEXPLANATION-Fry less ; bake, broil, boil, or stew foods instead. Save meat drippings; use these and vegetable oils for cooking instead of butter. cessor to his departed colleague. Butter has food values vital to children ; therefore give it to them. Use it In providing for the election of the United States Senators only on the table. Waste no soap ; it is made from fat. Be careful of all fats. We use and waste two and a half times as much fat as we need.

and for the filling of vacancies due to death, resignations, or Make every day a SUGAR-SAVING DAY.

removal, the Seventeenth Amendment to the Federal ConstituEXPLANATION-Use less sugar. Less sweet drinks and candy contain

tion directs the Governors to issue writs of election, but permits ing sugar should be used in war time. As a nation we have used twice as the Legislatures to empower the Governors, until elections shall much sugar as we need.

be held, to make temporary appointments. Some States have Let us remember that there is starvation in Belgium and pri- already-so-empowered their Governors. But not Wisconsin. vation elsewhere, that each pound of food saved by us is a pound Governor Philipp, who delayed action three months, called a

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