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JAN 19 1918



When you finish reading this magazine, place a one-cent stamp on this notice, hand same to any postal employee, and it will be placed in the hands of our soldiers or sailors at the front. NO WRAPPING NO ADDRESS

A. S. BURLESON, Post master-General.


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A MEDAL HONORING THE ALLIES AND COMMEMORATING THE ENTRANCE OF AMERICA INTO THE WAR This medal is issued 10 its contributors by the American Fund for French Wounded. That organization's fine philanthropy is sending supplies to over 3,000 hospitals in France. Originally the medal bore only the design seen on the left; with the entrance of America into the war the design seen at the right was placed on the reverse side. The motto of the obverse, “ Do Right and Fear No Man,” is from one of George Washington's dress swords. The various symbols of the Allies—the Ship for Great Britain and her Colonies, the Cock for France, the Cross for Italy, the Belgian Lion appealing to England and Fraņce, etc.—appear on this side. On the reverse is the shield of the United States, and across its bar is inscribed the date, April 6, 1917, on which the United States joined the Entente Allies and pledged itself to fulfill, with them, the ideal expressed in Lincoln's words, “ That Government by the

People Shall Not Perish,” the words forming the motto. The artist who designed the medal is Mr. Spicer Simson




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Mr. Vernon L. Mangun, Superintendent of Public Schools in Macomb, Illinois, sends us this picture (Mr. Mangun stands at the extreme right of the photograph) with the following comment :

I am sending herewith a picture of my class in Social Problems in which The Outlook
is used mainly. (Sixteen pupils, it will be seen, are using The Outlook.) It will be
noticed in the picture that each of the pupils has affixed a one-cent stamp so that

the magazine will reach the soldiers. This class is in the junior-senior high school.
The above photograph and letter form an interesting illustration of a widespread and growing friendship
between The Outlook and students and teachers of schools in all parts of the country.

The high school boys and girls of to-day will be to-morrow the makers of Presidents, Governors, and Public Opinion. Even a greater responsibility will be theirs, for in the new National relationships after the Great War they will have a large share in making International Law.

Are there young people in your family or in your circle of friends ? Do you want them to take an intelligent interest in current events and problems of the life of the world ?

Can they have a better helper in developing such an interest than The Outlook ?

It gives the important news from authoritative sources in readable form “with clear, forceful, and well-digested comments on the affairs of the world at this crucial time,” to quote the words of a Chicago man of affairs in a recent letter renewing his subscription.


381 Fourth Avenue, New York City

Never partisan, never neutral, but always independent'
Yearly Subscription, $4.00. At News-stands, 10 Cents a Copy

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has a distinct idea and a definite purpose, and its place in the series is so
arranged as to make the Plan of Reading invaluable for developing child-
character through organized reading in the home.

Right now, while you are thinking of it, send the coupon for a
FREE COPY of the famous address " What Shall Our Children

Read?" "It is a vitally interesting and helpful booklet for parents,
These names of the Board of Parents and children in over 70,000
Editors are sufficient guarantee homes have explored and tested these

volumes and their worth in character
of the exceptional character and
merit of this library:

building-time has proven their value.
Hundreds of letters from mothers, from
educators, librarians, clergymen and
laymen attest their efficacy.
The attached coupon will bring
to you the address and a
FREE BOOK of specimen

pages, etc., and informa-



Dept. T. Milwaukee, Wis.

Will you ķindly any obligation on my part, your booklets and information regarding the Young Folks' Library? No

1-9 Out.


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send to me, without

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SUBSCRIBERS When you notify The Outlook of a change in your address, both the old and the new should be given. Kindly write, it possible, two weeks before the change is to take effect.

TEACHERS! AGENCIES The Pratt Teachers Agency

70 Fifth Avenue, New York Recommends teachers to colleges, public and private schools Advises parents about schools. Wm. 0. Pratt, Mgr. SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES


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23 Highland St., Natick, Mass. A College Preperatory School for Girls. 17 miles from Boston. Miss Conant, Miss Bigelow, Principals,

A course of forty lessons in the history, form, struo
ture and writing of the Short-Story taught by
Dr. J. Berg Esen wein, for years Editor de

Lippincott's. 250-p. catalog free. Please address Dt. Eenwelt

The Home Correspondence School
Dept. 68, Springfield, Mass.

St. John's Riverside Hospital Training

School for Nurses

YONKERS, NEW YORK Registered in New York State, offers a 3 years' course general training to refined, educated women. Require ments

one year high school or its equivalent. Apply to the Directress of Nurses, Yonkers, New York.

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This is the Most Complete

Single Map of the Western Front When after a long peace, it incurs much It is 28x36 inches in size, but folds into a convenient cover

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DEMOCRACY IN WAR Alexis de Tocqueville, that famous French traveler, historian, and philosopher, in his “ Democracy in America,” has the following to say regarding the probable result when democracy goes to war:

* I am therefore of the opinion that, when engages more risk of defeat than any other nation ; 5%2x7% inches in size, just right to be carried conveniently in the but it ought not easily to be cast down by pocket for frequent, consultation.

frequent, consultation. It is printed on excellent paper, its reverses, for the chances of success for

and can be had mounted on cloth if desired at slight extra cost. Most such an army are increased by the duration of the war. When a war has at length, existing maps of the Western Front are valueless because they are not by its long continuance, roused the whole indexed, or because they do not contain the smaller places. Neither and ruined their minor undertakings, the objection applies to this new map, just published, so complete that it same passions which made them attach so enables one to read the newspapers understandingly. much importance to the maintenance of peace will be turned to arms. War, after it has destroyed all modes of speculation, becomes itself the great and sole speculation, to which all the ardent and ambitious desires which equality engenders are exclusively directed. Hence it is that the selfsame democratic nations which are reluctant to engage in hostilities sometimes perform prodigious achievements when once they have taken the field. ...

“ Thus, while the interests and tastes of the members of a democratic community divert them from war, their habits of mind fit them for carrying on war well; they soon make good soldiers, when they are aroused from their business and their enjoyments.

"If peace is peculiarly hurtful to democratic armies, war secures them advantages which no other armies ever possess, and these advantages, however little felt at first, cannot fail in the end to give them the victory. An aristocratic nation, which in a contest with a democratic people does not succeed in ruining the latter at the outset of the war, always runs a great risk of being conquered by it."

Now de Tocqueville was a close observer of the tendencies in men and governments ; he perhaps saw more of the

This photograph is not the map itself, but is only a miniature reproduction made to

show the vast number of cities, towns, villages and hamlets which appear on this new map. latent possibilities in democracy than most The State of Ilinois contains about the same number of square miles as shown on this map, other men of his time. He saw that free and in Ilinois there are less than 1,700 places of 100 or more inhabitants. On this new map in a peoples were filled with almost boundless territory as said above, about the same size as Illinois, there are shown more than 7,000 energy and enthusiasm. He

places. This fact alone serves to give some idea of the completeness of this wonderful new map. further

more, that this same spirit of energy

enthusiasm which in times of peace spent

The Map

necessity. The smaller towns are the ones usually

mentioned in the news dispatches. They are not itself in the pursuit of commerce and the includes practically every village, town and to be found on ordinary maps, and the locaaccumulation of wealth would when turned hamlet in the territory shown.

tions of most of them were and still are, utterly to the prosecution of a long war acquire in

In addition to this vast number of places, it unknown to the general public, but unless their

gives all woods, fortresses, fortified towns, locations are known their strategical time an almost irresistible momentum. De naval arsenals, forts, redoubts, batteries, importance cannot be grasped. Nothing is mocracy in its present struggle with autoc aircraft depots, wireless stations and rail. more unsatisfactory than searching all over a map for racy has not yet reached, perhaps, the moways.

a small place that may or may not appear upon it. The forests and woods are indicated in green, However, this loss of time and patience is mentum stage, but it is certainly approach giving the map an attractive appearance, and now at an end, for the Index which accoming it. The Prussian host did not ruin its adding a strategical feature of importance.

panies this map makes it vastly more democratic opponents in the summer and

The scale of the map is 10 miles to the incb. useful and valuable. The index contains fall of 1914, and that gave democracy its

It extends west to Ashford, England ; north to over 7,000 names. An idea of the imchance.

Antwerp, Belgium; east to Frankfort, Germany, portance of this statement may be gained and south to Orleans, France.

from the fact that 90 per cent of De Toequeville quaintly remarks in the It shows for comparison the battle line of the war maps available to-day

1914, when the Germans were almost at the contain less than 500 names. preface to his volume that men will seldom

gates of Paris. The ground regained by This index is bound in with the accept the truth at the hands of their the Allies, therefore, may be plainly seen.

map and enables one to locate NELSON enemies . The Potsdam gang, accordingly, It is without exception the most satisfactory map instantly any one of the

DOUBLEDAY would probably not accept at its face value

of the Western Front which has been engraved. It 7,000 places mentioned.
has been prepared especially to throw light on move-

Dept. 11 the philosophy of war as quoted above.

ments as they occur. It may be examined with NELSON But to us it rings true, for history, has

Oyster Bay, N. Y. for the type is bold and clean cut.

DOUBLEDAY proved it. Anyhow, it would seem as if all

Please send me the Large

Scale War Map of the Westthose faint-hearted ones who to-day take

Dept. 11
The Index

ern Front on approval. If it alarm at the present seeming success of the

Oyster Bay, suits me, within five days I will
An index of towns and villages accompanying a
German arms might find splendid encour-

send you $1.0). Otherwise I will

N. Y,
map of this kind has been proven an absolute
agement in the words of this old philoso-

, Nanoč..


Address ..
Use for this Map

United States Naval Academy,

If you want the map mounted on cloth, greatly

increasing its durability, at the special price of $2.00, Annapolis, Maryland.

During the Coming Months if it suite you, write “ Yes" here:

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return it.

pher-historian, who saw with the vision of Every Real American will have

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