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served for your grandchildren. It contains extracts from the most important public utterances of President Wilson from the momentous day when he addressed a joint session of Congress on April 2, 1917, and urged American acceptance of the challenge of Imperialism, down to and including his address to Congress on January 8, 1918, in which he defined the terms which this Government would be willing to consider as a basis for peace. Among these extracts areThe Challenge

The Menace The President's Address before joint The President's Flag Day Address, session of Congress, April 2, 1917

June 14, 1917, at Washington The Call to Industry

Civilization's Demands The President's Proclamation from The President's Reply to the Peace the White House, April 16, 1917

Note of the Pope, August 27, 1917 The Selective Principle Justice and Reparation The President's Proclamation from

The President's Address before joint the Executive Mansion, May 18, 1917 session of Congress, December 4, The Goal of Free Peoples

The Bases of Permanent Peace The President's Note to the Russian Government, given under date of The President's Address before joint May 26, 1917

session of Congress, January 8, 1918 THE HE quotations form a continuous chain of thought reflecting the attitude of

the Administration toward the problem of National and business life which comes with extraordinary timeliness to instill new courage, and which should be read and reread by every American citizen in the spirit of renewed resolve to do his share to bring the war to a successful end.

BY THE WAY Apropos of the recent observance of Washington's Birthday, a subscriber writes “My grandmother, Margaret Hill Hilles, retained her keen meinory of early events for practically all of her ninety-six years, and she could clearly tell her great-grandchildren of her meeting President Wasbington in Philadelphia. She was then a lass but six years old. She was sitting on the front steps of her grandmother Morris's house (on the south side of Walnut, just above Fourth Street) with her little cousin Martha Morris, two years younger. Washington, then President, came down the street with his staff and stopped in front of the two children. Addressing the older, he said, “ Well, my little lassie, how is your grandmother to-day? And what makes your cheeks so red?” Answering the last question first, the little girl smiled and said, brightly, “ Mush and milk, sir.” The President shook hands with her and took her cousin in his arms and kissed her ; then said to Margaret, “ Give my love to your grandmother.” Mrs. Hilles was a member of the Society of Friends. She survived until the year 1882.

The buffalo bull that tried to stop the first transcontinental train might turn in his grave and laugh at this item from the “ Railway Age:""* At a highway crossing in West Peabody, Massachusetts, a local passenger train was thrown off the track by an automobile freight truck, the locomotive being overturned.” Thus the industrial "tank" proved its superiority in bucking power to the locomotive. "The railway and the automobile owners in this case brought suits against each other for damages. The railway won; it has just secured a verdict against the truck owners.

A photographic invention developed since the war may possibly prove of use in sending photographs by carrier pigeon or for other purposes where extreme lightness is desired. It consists of a Japan tissue paper coated with a rapid emulsion for making enlargements. Heretofore, as explained in an article in the “Scientific American,” the use of such paper

has not been practicable owing to the durability of the fiber being affected by the chemicals used. In the new process, however, the paper remains so tough that the photograph “may be wet and crumpled like a wash-rag and yet restored to perfect condition.” For storing the enormous number of photographic war records which are being made the new process may prove valuable.

The hobo wood-chopper or wood-sawyer has disappeared, according to the Brooklyn “ Eagle,” with the advent of good times and work for all. “He has been pronounceul as extinct,” says the “ Eagle,” « as the oog bird, the dinosaur, and the Irish elk. Even the hybrid species that deserted his job, leaving on the wood-pile the legend,

*Just tell them that you saw me,

But you didn't see me saw,' has disappeared from the earth.” These statements are based on the fact that the Brooklyn Bureau of Charities is unable now to secure sawyers for their board and lodging, or even for the “real wages” of $2.50 and $3 a day, and has had to install a machine to saw and split wood.

“The house in Joppa, Palestine, where St. Peter stayed with Simon the Tanner,” so a newspaper despatch from London says, “is to be secured by the Church Army as a center for the care of British troops fighting in Palestine.” For the Brit


This beautiful brochure will be sent to any address in the United States, properly protected from damage in mailing, upon receipt of One Dollar


381 Fourth Avenue, New York

By the Way (Continued) ish army to occupy the veritable lodgings of St. Peter would seem to bring it as near to early Christianity as we in America are krought to our Revolution by the houses

where Washington slept.” Unfortunately, the authorities say

that Simon the Tanner's house long ago disappeared, and that even its site is in dispute.

The new "conductorettes ” of the New York City street cars have their troubles.

KE seeks like, and if For one thing, ungallant boys try to “steal


would have quality ric'es.” In one such case, while the car was passing through a section not far from

people believe yours is a * Hell's Kitchen,” several good-sized hood

quality product, be sure the lums treated the woman conductor's efforts to push them off the car merely as a joke.

paper of your printed matter Not till an elderly gentleman armed with

says " quality,” too. a cane went to the conductorette's assistance did the young rutrians retreat. The

We are all such creatures of Boy Scout movement might help, if it could get a lodgment in that region.

the senses that the reader The New York “ Evening Post” has an

absorbs an atmosphere from a enviable reputation for correct typography. Its huge Saturday edition, however, neces

skillfully selected Strathmore sitates " rush ” work, which probably ac

Paper that is more convinc-
counts for two peculiarities in a recent
issue. A 'leadline reads :

ing than formal argument.

Your printer or advertising
The final L “ wouldn't come in,” and the
compositor calmly left it out rather than

agent will help you find the get the word changed. On page 13 a head

particular Strathmore texture line reads “ More New Colonels,” etc., with the explanation, “ Continued from Last

and color that expresses the Page” (page 14). To have to turn to a

idea of your product. preceding page for the continuation of an article is certainly confusing.

Write for “The Language of Answering the question, “ What do you know about Marseilles?" an English school

Paper”-a talk on the exboy wrote, as reported in the London“ Morn

pressiveness of texture and ing Post:" "It is the place where pianos stop.” The instructor had informed the

color in advertising, by Frank class that Marseilles was the stopping-place

Alvah Parsons, President of of the Peninsular and Oriental Steamship Line, commonly known as the “P. and 0.

the New York School of Fine The price of a loaf of bread has so

and Applied Arts. Strathmore greatly increased that in some places in. New York City the loaf is cut into pieces

Paper Co., Mittineague, Mass. and sold by the pound. A huge loaf of solid rye bread, displayed in an East Side shop, was made the subject of inquiry by a prospective purchaser. “How much is that loaf?” was asked. “ The whole loaf ?” “Yes.” “ Vell, it is eight cents a pound. I weigh him. So! it weigh seven pounds. Just fifty-six cent. You don't want the whole loaf? Vell, I cut him and gif you one pound or two pound."

The Red Cross wishes to make it known, as widely as possible, that the report that used postage stamps have any value through the extraction of the dyes contained in them

PUALITY is absolutely false. I'his false report has already resulted in the receipt by the PostOffice Department of many stamps collected by misguided patriots who sought thus to do something to help win the war.

Electra, the unhappy daughter of Agaject of tragedies by Æschylus, Euripides; IS IT FOR SALE OR TO RENT ? and Sophocles. In Miss Anglin's recent performance of the play at Carnegie Hall If so, use the next two Special Real Estate Issues of The in New York City she elected to present the version by Sophocles, without realizing

Outlook, which will appear on March 20 and April 17. that The Outlook, in its review of the per

An advertisement in these issues will cost but a few formance in its issue of February 20, would speak of her as presenting Euripides' play.

dollars and will reach the class of people who will be We cannot even plead ignorance. Our interested in your property. Write us about your property apologies for the slip are due both to Miss Anglin and to Sophocles—though possibly

and we will help you prepare a suitable advertisement. the magnanimous shade of that

playwright might not be displeased at having his | THE OUTLOOK, Department of Classified Advertising work attributed to his great contemporary.




Tours and Travel

Hotels and Resorts



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RIDGEWOOD, N. J. Harvester Co., B. & 0 Ry, business and pro

Laibemarle Park || Herrnhut House

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Direct, without change, on

new American steamships. NEW YORK — VALPARAISO Stopping at principal ports of Peru and Chile. Illustrated folder and information on request.



Passenger Department

Telephone Broad 5570.


Evergreen and evercool!
Snow-capped iountains, virgin
pine forests, national parks,
seas, lakes, waterfalls, roads
into the heart of it all I And
Alaska, the wonderland at

our door! This book.beautiTOURIST-BOOK fully illustrated, tells you. FREE Write : 1. M. Howell, Sec. of

State, Depf. O, Olympia, Wash,


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Real Estate


THE Ray Adding Machine. Saves time, money, labor. Costs less than an average mis

take-only $25. Adds with speed and accuracy FOR SALE, one of the choicest homes in of highest priced machines. Also directly

Price $25,000. Address Owner, 7,615, Outlook. fessional men everywhere. Handsome desk

stand free. Send no money, but write for 20 NEW YORK

day free trial. The Ray Company, 2145 Candler

Bldg., New York.


PRIVATE school. A small, well-established CRAGSMOOR, N. Y.

girls' boarding and day school. Convenient to

New York and Philadelphia. Capacity enroll. Small summer hotel on a spur of the Shawan

ment this year. Principal desires to retire. gunk Mountains. Extended view


Correspondence confidential. T. H. G., P. O. Ellenville and Rondout Valley. Twelve acres

Box 1,592, Philadelphia, Pa. of land with furnished house accommodating

OPPORTUNITY to secure directorship of about 40 guests, 7-room cottage and laundry. girls' camp in White Mountain foothills, ChiEpiscopal chapel with daily service within matic, housing equipment, and other condi. five minutes' walk. Moderate price. Address tions exclusively superior. Big opening for A. KITE, Frankford, Philadelphia, Penna. right person. Address Dr. J. M. W. Kitchen.

East Orange, N. J.
FOR SALE Country residence.

SECURE local agency-guaranteed line
Also furnished bun men's shirts and furnishings. Send 15c. for
galow. Farm land and orchards with each. pocket outfit. Goodell & Co., Room 2014
Owner, Box 126, Esopus, N. Y.

Duratex Bldg., New York.

Why not buy a comfortable and artistic little
house in suburb 20 minutes' train ride from

Business Situations
New York
these days

of high rents in the city ? WANTED-Two active, educated men be 8 Good Sized Rooms

tween 30 and 60 years of age for special work.

Address Dodd, Mead & Co., Inc., 449 Fourth and bath, laundry, garret space. Choice

Ave., New York City.
location: no trouble with heating and pipes,
even this winter.

7,639, Outlook. Companions and Domestic Helpers

WANTED - Refined Protestant woman, PENNSYLVANIA about 40, good practical cook, to teach cook

ing and have charge of kitchen department in children's home. Must be good disciplinarian. References required. 5,683, Outlook.

TRAINED institution managers, matrons. dietitians supplied. American School of Homo Economics, Chicago, II.

WANTED-Boys' caretaker, also assistant matron, for children's institution. 5,662 Outlook.

MATRONS, governesses, mothers' helpers, cafeteria managers, dietitians. Miss Richards, 537 Howard Building, Providence. Boston. 16 Jackson Hall, Trinity Court, Thursday,

11 to 1. One of the best established and most Teachers and Covernesses prosperous privately owned military

TEACHERS desiring school or college academies in the country is for sale for about the actual value of the real estate

positions apply International Musical and

Educational Agency, Carnegie Hall, N. Y. it occupies. It had a record attendance in 1916-17 and made a net profit in excess

GOVERNESSES, nurses, housekeepers, of 2, vo that year. The new year has dietitians; primary teacher. $100 a month. opened with the largest attendance in its

Other openings.

Hopkins Educational history, at a higher rate than ever before Agency, 507 Fifth Avenue. received. Will be sold as a going concern, WANTED-Competent teachers for public purchaser assuming contracts with teach anu pire schools and colleges. Send for bul ing staft, etc.

letiu. Albany Teachers' Agency, Albany, N.T. The School has made its owner inde pendent, and after many years of service

CALIFORNIA needs teachers with graduhe desires to retire. The fullest investigar

ate study. Consult Boynton-Esterly Teachers' tion permitted by any intending pur

Agency, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Cal. chaser who furnishes satisfactory reference as to financial and executive

ability. SITUATIONS WANTED To the right party a very moderate cash investment is possible with privilege of

COLLEGE man, experienced chauffeur paying balance from the profits. Princi

mechanic, capable child's tutor, summer pals only. Address

position. References. 5,681, Outlook. Academy, P. O. Box 1592, Philadelphia, Pa.

Companions and Domestic Helpers

GENTLEWOMAN with well-trained baby A camp in the Pocono Mountains girl, 3 years, desires position as housekeeper,

to be SOLD because of death. mother's helper, office assistant in doctor's Halcyon Camp Monroe Co., Pa. at FERN RIDGE home, private sanatorium, or housekeeper in

nurses' home. Good home rather than remu Conducted successfully by the MISSES MET neration. 5,682, Outlook. CALF for 14 years. For terms address

EXPERIENCED, educated woman, prao Miss HELEN METCALF, Tarrytown, N. Y. tical nurse, desires

position as nurse-compan

ion after April 30. References. 5,684, Outlook. VERMONT

CAPABLE and educated gentlewoman of unusual executive ability, traveled in Europe, desires management of private home or to travel. Good reader. Highest credentials. 5,686, Outlook.

COMPANION-Refined widow, 43, unen cumbered; willing to travel. Salary $35. 5,689, Outlook.

REFINED American nurse-companionhousekeeper, unusually capable, long engaga ment. 5,691, Outlook.

LADY recommends highly her very competent companion-housekeeper-nurse. New York or elsewhere. 5,692, Outlook.

NURSE, five years on last case. Highest The moderate cost of owning your own references. 5,693, Outlook. summer home among the Green Mountains of Vermont will be a revelation to

Teachers and Covernesses you.

COLLEGE English position, college gradu. In Vermont there are thousands of

ate, woman, traveled, cultured, experienced beauty spots, obtainable at very reason

who can make two authors grow in minds able cost-just waiting for you to mold where one or none has grown. 5,685, Outlook. them into your ideal summer home. Over one hundred Green Mountain peaks more

HEADMASTER, successful with boys, parthan 2,000 feet high ; hundreds of lakes

ticularly strong in religious education, desires and ponds in beautiful mountain settings,

position of responsibility where personality Let this State Bureau help you find

will count. 5,660, Outlook.
yours. Free booklets, "Summer Homes
in Vermont and Cottage Sites and Farms

For Sale," by writing

Publicity Department C, Morrisville, Vt.



Winter Inn

Hotel Le Marquis



GREENFIELD, MASS. It affords all the comforts of home without extravagance. Outdoor sports if desired. Good sleighing and skating is now being enjoyed. Skijoring, tobogganing, skating, etc.

Pocono Summit station Lackawanna R. R. NEW YORK CITY

J. W. HURLEY, Mgr.

(Reference required.) HOTEL JUDSON 59 Washing

Make early reservation for week-end parties.
adjoining Judson Memorial Church. Rooms
with and without bath. Rates $2.50 per day, Health Resorts
including meals. Special rates for two weeks
or more. Location very central. Convenient
to all elevated and street car lines.

Dr. Reeves' Sanitarium
A Private Home for chronic, nervous, and
mental patients. Also elderly people requiring

care. Harriet E. Reeves. M.D., Melrose, Mass.
31st Street & Fifth Avenue
New York

LINDEN|The Ideal Place for Sick

People to Get Well Combines every convenience and home Doylestown, Pa. An institution devoted to comfort, and commends itself to people of the personal study and specialized treatrefinement wishing to live on American Plan

ment of the invalid. Massage, Electricity, and be within easy reach of social and dra

Hydrotherapy. Apply for circular to matic centers.

ROBERT LIPPINCOTT WALTER, M.D. Room and bath $3.50 per day with meals, or

(late of The Walter Sanitarium) $2.00 per day without meals. Illustrated Booklet gladly

sent upon request.


oung woman will share four-

room apartment. Modern, attract

ive, accessible, reasonable. Downtown BrookMontague, Hicks, and Remsen Streets

lyn near Broadway subway. 7,635, Outlook. BROOKLYN TRANSIENT AND RESIDENTIAL The science of conducting a hotel properly is at its highest when it is Jeast apparent. This is exemplified by the cultured, livable atmosphere of the Hotel Bossert.

with cancer and feeble-minded daughter. Send for illustrated booklet “B

State price and particulars. 7,631, Outlook.

Real Estate

of the Burnham Cottage Settlement, Essex-
on-Lake Champlain, offers to families of re-
finement at very moderate rates the attrac-

rent, fully furnished. Best elections now. tions of a utiful lake shore in a locality with a remarkable record for healthfulness.

J. R. Prescott, Newton ville, Mass. The club affords an excellent plain table and accommodation. The boating is safe, there are Seashore Cottage Rent, for season attractive walks and drives,

and the points of interest in the Adirondacks are easily access

fully furnished; hot and cold water. S. W.
LITTELL, 138 Š. Main

St., Rockland, Maine.
ible. Ref. required. For information relative
to board and lodging address Miss MARGARET
FULLER, Club Mgr., 115 E. 71st St., New York.


housekeeption. John B. Burnham, 233 B'way, New York.

by the ocean surf. Choice loca

Moderate rents season.


Wyoming sunshine for young men, with trapping and horseback riding on a real ranch.

For SALE White Mountains. The picturAddress TRAPPER LODGE

or RENT esque Satchell Cottage, sugar

Hiii, N. H. Wm. E. Satchell, OwnShell, Big Horn County, Wyoming Furnished er, 162 Gates Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.

Own Your Own

Country Board
BOARD and CARE Wanted for Old Lady

CAMDEN, ME. High class


ing cares, circular and particulars on applica CAPE Ballston Beach Bungalows

COD on


UNITED Hospital Training School for Nurges, registered by the State Board of Regents, offers a two and one-half years' course to students. Affiliation with Mount Sinai Hospital, New York City. New hospital, well equipped, beautifully located; delightful nurses' residence. Further information upon request to Superintendent of Training School, Port Chester, New York.

WANTED-Defective persons to board. Address W., Pawling, N. Y.

M. W. Wightman & Co. Shopping Agency, established 1895. Nocharge; prompt delivery. 44 West 22d St., New York.

GIRL of seventeen, junior in academy, de sires expenses in return for services in girls' camp. 5,680, Outlook.


Religion in harmony with reason and emotion.

Free literature.
ASSOCIATE DEPARTMENT E. 25 Beacon St., Boston, Mass.

DOMESTIC SCIENCE, home study, good
position. American School Home Economics,

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Talk It
Over With
Your Men


i 치

The Outcome of the War Depends on Ships!

When we can build ships faster than the U-boats can sink them, the submarine peril will vanish-and America's might will win the war.

This is why the Government's call to enroll 250,000 skilled workers for the shipyards is so urgent; so vital.

Every employer is asked to help.
Will YOU make some sacrifice, so that the to your country than by helping to build ships.
Government can get the skilled men required? Greater than the need for money, is the need
Talk it over with your employees; explain the for men-skilled men.
great need to them, and if some of them wish

Will you help?
to enroll in the United States Shipyard Volun-
teers, make it easy for them to help the Govern-

Mail the coupon today-get all the facts

and talk it over with your men. ment. They will be paid good wages; millions are

-For Further Information Mail This Coupon being spent by the Government to give them

EDWARD N. HURLEY, Chairman good homes; they will work at trades for which

U. S. Shipping Board, Washington, D. C. their experience has fitted them; they will come

Please tell me how I can help the Government | back to you better, faster workers. Every Vol

| enroll 250,000 Shipyard Volunteers.

J unteer will receive a badge and a certificate,

| Name

1 showing that he is doing his bit for America.

| Address :

| Firm Name You can perform no greater patriotic service


U. S. Shipyard Volunteers

FOR THE WINNING OF THE WAR This space contributed by the Publisher through the Division of Advertising of the U. S. Committee on Public Information

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