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Let's All Save $51

The Oliver Typewriter Now $49Formerly $100


N THIS page we print a coupon which saves you $51. This is the war-
time savings the Oliver Typewriter Company now offers you.

To save you half the former price of $100, we have instituted simpli-
fied selling plans. We no longer have an expensive force of 15,000 sales-
men nor costly offices in 50 cities. And in other ways we have made vast
economies in production and distribution.

ALL of the savings in price come from our new and economi. cal sales plans and increased production.

keep it we will refund the trans.
portation charges.

The Oliver Nine sells itself.
YOU are the judge. Merit must

Used machines accepted in exchange at a fair valuation.


Half Price Wins!
The $100 Oliver for $49 is so
popular that our entire plant, de-.
voted exclusively to the manu-
facture of new Olivers, is now
being enlarged.

Sales are increasing enormously
both to individuals and big con-

Each day adds hundreds of Oliver users. Each day some great company sees the economy of the Oliver way. Over 600,000 Olivers have been sold.

typewriter is worth $100, it is this :
splendid, speedy Oliver Nine.

The Oliver Nine is our latest
and best typewriter. It has all the
wanted improvements. It is built
of the finest materials.

It has a universal keyboard, so any typist may use it. And it has dozens of features not found elsewhere.

The Oliver Nine is preferred by
many of the foremost concerns in
the country, some of whom we
list below. Its popularity is inter-

Save $51
This $49 Oliver is our identical
$100 machine-not a change, not
the slightest cheapening. This is
our $2,000,000 guarantee.

We send you an Oliver for free
trial. You are your own salesman.
Try it for five days. Then if you
want it, pay us at the rate of $3
per month. If you do not want to


Free Trial
Note the two way coupon be-
low. It brings you either
Oliver for free trial or our remark-
able book entitled “The High
Cost of Typewriters—The Reason
and the Remedy."

This book explains how we are
able to save you $51. With it we
send a descriptive catalog.

Fill out the coupon now for
either the free trial Oliver, or for
our book.

Canadian Price, $62.65

1213 Oliver Typewriter Building. Chicago, Iit.

Remember, we offer here perfectly new Olivers-latest models -never used. So do not confuse this offer–because of the pricewith second-hand or rebuilt machines of an earlier model. If any

The only reason we have been able to hold to a $49
price is our very large output. We hope to be able to
maintain this price. Materials and labor costs are in-
creasing. We may be forced to raise. We do not wish to.
We do not expect to. But we advise you to act now to be
certain of getting your Oliver at the present price of $49.


1213 Oliver Typewriter Bldg., Chicago, I.

Ship me a new Oliver Nine for five days' free inspec

tion. If I keep it, I will pay $49 at the rate of $3 per month. The title to remain in you until fully paid for. My shipping point is....... This does not place me under any obligation to buy. If I choose to return the Oliver, I will ship it back at your expense at the end of five days.

Do not send a machine until I order it. • Mail me your

book-" The High Cost of Typewriters-The Reason and the Remedy,” your de luxe catalog and further information.

United States Steel Corporation Hart, Schaffner & Marx
Baldwin Locomotive Works

International Harvester Company
Pennsylvania Railroad

Diamond Match Company
Columbia Graphophone Company

New York Edison Company
Bethlehem Steel Company

Boston Elevated Railways
National City Bank of New York Morris & Co., Packers

Jones & Laughlin, etc., etc.


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Street Address.



This Coupon Is Worth $ 51

placed upon the report of the Federal Trade Commission places the packers in s Year Book, which contains other fact

reader of The Outlook may obtain a cost 390


DISCLAIMER In The Outlook of February 6 there appeared. an article entitled “Hoarding Hides,” in which reference is made to å recent preliminary report issued by the Federal Trade Commission, which is interpreted as indicating that the packers are illegitimately hoarding hides, and therebr increasing unnecessarily the prices of leather and shoes.

The number of cattle slaughtered has increased greatly during the past five years, but the demand for leather and shoes, dué both to foreign purchases and to unprecedented prosperity at home, had increased during 1915 and 1916 even more rapilly than the supply of hides. Our Nation's exports of men's shoes, for example, increased from 4,450,000 pairs in 1914 to 12,800,000 pairs in 1916.

During 1917 the number of cattle slaughtered was the greatest in our history, and hence the domestic supply of hides was unusually large. On the other hand, the 1917 domestic demand for shoes did not keep pace with this increased supply of hides, and the British embargo and lack of shipping facilities cut down our exports. As a result, the prices of hides, except the heaviest hides, which are used for army shoes, fell appreciably during 1917. Leather prices did not advance during the past year, but slightly decreased.

The packers necessarily have a large supply of hides on hand at any time, owing to the length of time it requires to cure these hides and to sell them. On the declining market of 1917 it was difficult for them to find a market for all their hides,

although Swift & Co. actually sold twenty This Concrete Road

per cent more hides during 1917 than dus

In other words, Swift & Co. has

been hoarding hides about the way that Makes possible efficient, economical opera

Chicago has been hoarding snow and the

freight yards around New York have been tion of motor trucks between Dundee, Illinois,

hoarding freight, and this is undoubtedly true of the other packers. Swift & Ca

has no desire to keep capital tied up in hides and Chicago. And continuous, successful

any more than necessary, and sells them

just as fast as the market can absorb them. motor truck operation

operation requires
requires concrete

The packers do not place values on hides roads—that will stand

in the sense that they control the price ; up under heavily

they have to be governed by the supply of loaded trucks traveling at high speed.

hides on the one hand, and the demand of the leather and boot and shoe industries on

the other. The article mentions that the There would be less likelihood of food or fuel shortages if con price of hides has increased twice as much crete roads were everywhere, so that motor trucks could operate

as the prices that we have paid for cattle. uninterruptedly between farm and town, town and city, trans

The prices of hides do not depend on the

prices of cattle, and the fact that hides porting promptly as wanted the things needed by homes and have risen more rapidly has enabled us to industries.

pay more for cattle, and to sell our meats

at lower prices than would have otherwise Hard roads vitally affect the wage earner, the business man, the

been the case. farmer-YOU. They are a prime factor in fighting the high

In this connection, it is significant that cost of living. They are essential to an early winning of the war.

on its cattle business during 1917 Swift & Co.'s net profit, including the return from

hides, was only about à fourth of a cent Let us tell you where concrete roads are standing up under the heaviest traffic, how little the burden

because we believe that the interpretation of their cost, how insignificant their maintenance


We are sending you a copy about the operations of Swift & Co. An

ing 1916.


per pound of beef. We mention these facts

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wrong light.



Offices at



by writing to the general offices in Chicaga

Per L. D. H. Weld, Manager,
Commercial Research Department.
Chicago, February 13 1918.


A Better Memory
In One Evening

Because you get the Secret right away

One well known pupil

C. Louis Allen

President of the Pyrene
Manufacturing Company


David M. Roth is the acknowledged memory expert. Mr. Roth will teach you his Method by mail to your full satisfaction.

He teaches you how to remember what you want to remember.

He has prepared his complete memory method in a Home Study Course of 7 lessons, which has all the fascination of a game.

You can learn how to remember names, addresses, numbers, people, and business figures—easily and quickly.


There is no longer any excuse for the man who has a poor memory.

He makes needless trouble for himself and everybody around him. He does not deserve to succeed, and unless he has marked capacity in other directions, usually does not. "I forgot" is the most inefficient phrase in the English language.

"Now that the Roth Memory Course is finished, I want to tell you how much I have enjoyed the study of this most fascinating subject. Usually these courses involve a great deal of drudgery, but this has been nothing but pure pleasure all the way through. I have derived much benefit from taking the course of instruction and feel that I shall continue to strengthen my memory. That is the best part of it. I shall be glad of an opportunity to recommend your work to my friends."

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Your memory is the most wonderful instrument in the world if you only know how to use it. It can be readily taught to do things that look marvelous, but are really only the result of your natural mental faculty properly controlled and applied.

No matter what your work is you will find Mr. Roth's Memory Method a priceless aid to achievement and a money making instrument of efficiency.

Mr. Roth is the most successful memory trainer in the country, his Method is the shortest, most direct, most interesting, and most practical, of any that we have seen.

DAVID M. Roth, Memory Expert

The New York Tribune said:

"David M. Roth gave a practical
demonstration of memory at the lunch
meeting of the Rotary Club at the
Hotel McAlpin.
"Mr. Roth asked the men

at any
four tables to call out their names.
This they did—32 of them. Then the
speaker turned his back and they
changed chairs. Mr. Roth then pro-
ceeded to call each one by name and
went through them without error. * * *
Other astonishing illustrations were

will vanish the minute you learn Mr. Roth's
method of remembering.

Then you will be delighted at the new sense
of confidence and power that has come to you,
when speaking on your feet, or in business dis-
cussion, or in making a selling talk, or in hold.
ing up your end of a conversation.

The other six lessons teach the practical application of this principle to the various daily requirements of the human mind and memory. YOU NEED THIS COURSE. It will teach you to remember-quickly and easilyNames and Faces

Business Figures
What You Read

Speeches You Hear Facts

Business Details

Sermons and Lectures
Selling Points

Business Reports
Legal Points

Good Stories

School Lessons

Household Duties History and Dates Business Appointments Streets and Numbers Social Engagements

Mr. Roth's fee for personal instruction to classes limited to fifty members is $1,000. He has authorized the Independent Corporation to offer his complete Course of Seven Lessons at a nation-wide introductory price of

The Seattle Post Intelligencer said:

"Of the 150 members of the Seattle Rotary Club at a luncheon yesterday not one left with the slightest doubt that Mr. Roth could do all claimed for him. Rotarians at the meeting had to pinch themselves to see whether they were awake or not.

“Mr. Roth started his exhibition by asking sixty of those present to introduce themselves by name to him. Then he waved them aside and instructed a member at a blackboard to write down names of firms, sentences and mottoes on numbered squares, meanwhile sitting with his back to the writer and only learning the positions by oral report. After this he was asked by different Rotarians to tell what was written down in various specific squares and gave the entire list without a mistake.

"After finishing with this Mr. Roth singled out and called by name the sixty men to whom he had been introduced earlier, who in the meantime had changed seats and had mixed with others present."

with Mr. Roth. Study the first lesson of his
Memory Course. And you will see how a new
world of names, faces, facts, figures and mental
picture-records opens up to you the next day.

Mr. Roth's method makes the act of remem-
bering a pleasure. By his method it is an
easy, natural, and automatic process of the mind.
You can summon the right fact, name, or num-
ber, for use when you need it most. It all lies
in knowing how.

Mr. Roth's method will be a revelation to you. You will realize the power of your own mind as you never realized it before.


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Roth says: “There is not a
thing that I do with my memory that
any other person of average intelli-

cannot learn to do— probably
more easily and quickly than I.

"You may not want to give a performance, but would you like to remember telephone numbers-engagementsnames and faces?

"In the first evening you spend on my first lesson you will discover a mental power that you never dreamed you possessed. I know this is true because my pupils-thousands of them-have so testified."

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"Irurefully he floated ver the w leuds"

The Christian Science Monitor - the international daily newspaper-has no political axes to grind. Its concept of its responsibility is not limited by partisan affiliations. Its endeavor is to support and protect every righteous activity expressed individually or nationally. It is also ready to risk the displeasure of even the most humanly powerful interests and systems, in order that the light of publicity shall penetrate their motives and actions.

The Christian Science Monitor is on general sale throughout the world at news stands, hotels and Christian Science readingrooms at 3c a copy. A monthly trial subscription by mail anywhere in the world for 75c, a sample copy on request.

Humor Romance Adventure Conquest





U.S. A

Oil ?...

The editor of Life has written the story of the future mechanical and spiritual triumph of man in a novel more amazing than “ Amos Judd and

The Pines of Lory.

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408 Special Correspondence by Frederick M. Davenport Dare We Dicker for Peace P.... ...... 409

By Joseph H. Odell The Heralds of Spring (Poem)......... 412

By Jean Brooke Burt Mobilizing 'Rastus.

412 By Lieutenant Charles C. Lynde Current Events Illustrated..

413 Weekly Outline Study of Current History 418

By J. Madison Gatbany, A.M. The Nation's Industrial Progress... 420 The Secret (Poem)...

421 By Pauline Frances Camp - Two Cheering War Incidents..

421 Investigate Before Investing.

423 The New Books ..

424 The Pastor and the War.......

426 Hoarding Hides-A Disclaimer .

390 By the Way.....



AND PIRIT Just Out. A New Song Book. Sample copy will demonstrate its value. Examination Copy Board 25c. Cloth 3 'The Biglow and Main Co., New York - Chicago SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES


Net $1.50.




TEACHERS' AGENCIES The Pratt Teachers Agency

70 Fifth Avenue, New York Recommends teachers to colleges, public and

private schools. Advises parents about schools. Wm. 0. Pratt, Mgr. SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES



University Privileges For the year 1918–19 two resident (Williams) Fellowships of $500 each are offered to graduates of Theological Schools who intend to devote themselves to the Christian ministry. These Fellowships are designed to encourage advanced theological work of a high order. Applications, accompanied by testimonials and specimens of work, must be made before March 31st, 1918, on special blanks to be obtained by addressing

THE SECRETARY OF THE FACULTY, 1 Harvard Divinity School, Cambridge, Mass.

NEW YORK, Binghamton.

35th year

Certificate The Lady Jane Grey School for Girls admits to Vassar, Smith, Wellesley, Mount Holyoke. General Courses Special courses for High School graduates. Music and Domestic Science. Exceptional home life. THE MISSES HYDE, ELLA VIRGINIA JONES, A.B., Principals.

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St. John's Riverside Hospital Training

School for Nurses


23 Highland St., Natick, Mass. A College Preparatory School for Girls. 17 miles

from Boston. Miss Conant, Miss Bigelow, Principals.

YONKERS, NEW YORK Registered in New York ştate, offers a 3 years' course general

training, to refined, educated women. Require. ments one year high school or its equivalent. Apply to the Directress of Nurses, Yonkers, New York.


A course of forty lessons in the history, form, struc-
ture and writing of the Short-Story taught by,
Dr. J. Berg Esen wein, for years Editor of

250-p. catalog free. Please address . Esamela

The Home Correspondence School

Dept. 68, Springfield, Mass.

BY SUBSCRIPTION $4.00 A YEAR. Single copies 10 cents. For foreign subscription to countries in the Postal Union, $5.56.

Address all communications to


New York City


for Girls

DR. D. A. SARGENT, President. Illustrated Catalog. SECRETARY, Cambridge, Mass.


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Dental practice in late years has made enormous progress. Many old theories have been abandoned. Many new methods have been adopted, after long clinical tests.

Thisis one which refers to teeth cleaning. And dental authorities feel that everyone should know it.

An evident fact is that old tooth-brushing methods have failed. Statistics show that tooth decay and pyorrhea have constantly increased. Tartar forms and teeth discolor - all despite the daily brushing. And dentists now know why.

The reason lies in a film - that slimy film. You can feel it. It constantly accumulates. It gets into crevices and hardens and stays. Even on smooth surfaces it accumulates.

That film absorbs stains and discolors. It hardens into tartar. It holds food particles which ferment and form acid. It holds the acid in contact with the teeth - the cause of decay.

It harbors germs and breeds them-millions of them. They, with tartar, are the chief cause of pyorrhea. In various cases they enter the tissues and enter the stomach, causing many serious troubles. Nearly all tooth troubles and many others are now traced to that film on teeth.

Much of that film escapes the tooth brush. The ordinary dentifrice cannot dissolve it. Many kinds make it more difficult to remove. That is why tooth cleaning has been so ineffective.

But now a new-day dentifrice-called Pepsodent-acts directly on that film. It solves the problem of clean, safe teeth as nothing else has done. And now, having been accepted by able authorities, we urge you to prove it by

a one-week test.

Pepsodent is based on the fact that the film is albuminous matter. The basis of Pepsodent is pepsin, the digestant of albumin.

The object is to dissolve the film. Then to daily combat the film, preventing its accumulation.

Pepsin long seemed forbidden. It is useless unless activated. And the usual activating agent is an acid, harmful to the teeth.

But science has now solved that problem. It has discovered an activating method which is absolutely harmless. Five governments have already granted patents. That activating method is now used in Pepsodent.

Dental authorities have now submitted this dentifrice to three years of clinical tests. They have applied it in thousands of cases, carefully watching results.

Now that thcy have accepted it, we offer the product to everyone for home tests. And we urge its universal use.

Send the coupon for a One-Week Tube. Use it like any tooth pastemit is delightful. Then watch the results.

Note how clean your teeth feel after using. Mark the absence of the slimy film. Note how the teeth whiten as the fixed film disappears. Note how it polishes the teeth.

That 7-day test will be a revelation. You will know what clean teeth mean. You will know that your teeth's chief enemy -film-can be defeated daily. And we do not believe that you will ever again return to old teeth-cleaning methods.

As a reminder, cut out the coupon now.

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