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THE Ray Adding Machine. Saves time,
money, labor. Costs less than an average mis-
take only $25. Adds with speed and accuracy
of highest priced machines. Also directly
subtracts. Used by U. S. Govt., International
Harvester Co., B. &0. Ry., business and pro-
fessional men' everywhere. Handsome desk
stand free. Send no money, but write for 20-
day free trial. The Ray Company, 2146 Candler
Bldg., New York.

SCHOOL FOR SALE. Two or three women

teachers of right training and experience,
pooling interests for ownership of first-class,
splendidly equipped school for girls, may,

$25,000 cash, secure desirable interest

in and entire immediate management and possession of a school most desirably located, conservatively valued at $150,000 to $175,000. Owner, advanced in years, wishes to retire. Future income will

provide means to complete ownerSkijoring, tobogganing, skating, etc.

ship. Please give full information in first let-
Pocono Summit station Lackawanna R. R. ter. 5,702, Outlook.
J. W. HURLEY, Mgr.

PRIVATE school. A small, well-established
(Reference required.)


boarding and day school. Convenient to Make early reservation for week-end parties. New York and Philadelphia. Capacity enroll

ment this year. Principal desires to retire. Health Resorts

Correspondence confidential. T.H.G., P. O.

Box 1,592, Philadelphia, Pa.
Dr. Reeves' Sanitarium

A Private Home for chronic, nervous, and DOMESTIC SCIENCE, home study, good
mental patients. A lso elderly people requiring position. American School Home Economics,
care. Harriet E. Reeves, M.D., Melrose, Mass. Chicago.


Business Situations

Busin, ss Situations
WANTED-Two active, educated men be-

MANAGER, hotel or club. Young woman tween 30 and 60 years of age for special work.

of refinement and tact, with unusual execuAddress Dodd, Mead & Co., Inc., 449 Fourth

tive ability. Scientific training and successful Ave., New York City.

business experience. Very best references.

Locality no consideration. 5,720, Outlook. WANTED-An educated woman between 35 and 50 years of age to make

herself gener

Companions and Domestic Helpers ally useful in office and as assistant to house WORKING companion for invalid or lady keeper. Permanent. Heathcote Inn, Scars living alone. Reference. 5,715, Outlook. dale, N. Y.

WANTED, by refined woman, position as Companions and Domestic Helpers

housekeeper on gentleman's country estate

or club, or care of motherless family. Not PRACTICAL nurse, young American, afraid of work. References exchanged. 5,717, Protestant, wanted March 15, small private Outlook. school. Salary $15 monthly; home, including AMERICAN Protestant gentlewoman, laundry. Off duty three hours mornings; one

middle aged, experienced with infants, chil afternoon weekly; day and a half monthly when no sickness. Seguín School, Orange, N.J.

dren, and elderly people, wishes position of

trust and usefulness with cultured people, WANTED-Pleasant, reliable woman to re resident or traveling. Highest references lieve mother during summer. Modern farm Please state particulars i writing. 5,724, home, have maid, two children. No male help Outlook. in house. Good opportunity for congenial COMPANION. Southern gentlewoman. person. Write to Mrs. Ware, West Chester, Unusual advantages, music, French, travel. Pa., Route No. 7.

Exceptional credentials. Mrs. Farrar, 5640 MOTHER'S helper or nursery governess.

Kenmore Ave., Chicago. Young or middle-aged, Protestant. Two chil GENTLEWOMAN, 40, energetic, ambidren. 5,699, Outlook.

tious, and experienced in the management of MATRONS, governesses, mothers' helpers position housekeeper, hostess, manager club;

servants and all household affairs, desires cafeteria managers, dietitians. Miss Richards, 537 Howard Building, Providence. Boston,

inn, or household. Refined and congenial 16 Jackson Hall, Trinity Court, Thursdays,

surroundings first requisite. Excellent

taste 11 to 1.

in furnishing and decorating. One capable of

making herself invaluable in the right place. WANTED-Experienced young woman as 5,726, Outlook. mother's helper and nursery governess in NURSE, mental or physical; 5 years last family where there are two little girls, ages case. Wil travel. 5,728, Outlook. 2 and 3 years; ALSO competent NURSE,

REFINED Christian woman, a widow, desome hospital training, preferred. Personal interview desired. Address Mrs. E. M. Bull,

sires position as companion, chaperon, or 45 Beverly Road, Ridgewood, N.J.

mother's helper. 5,729, Outlook. COMPETENT nurse, with references,

Teachers and Covernesses wanted immediately, to care for three chil NURSERY governess, mother's helper, dren, ages seven, five, three (two in school), re' ned, trustworthy American Protestant and to assist with light housework. Salary young woman desires situation. New York $35. Address Mrs. THOMAS DORMAN, preferred. Good references. 5,721, Outlook. 182 Cooper Ave., Upper Montclair, N. J.

MIDDLE-aged woman, prominent family, Teachers and Covernesses

with successful teaching experience, wishes

position as governess or managing houseWANTED, for next summer, an experi keeper. Will act as chaperon or hostess. Acenced teacher for three children, eldest thir tive, efficient. Available June 1. 5,716, Outlook. teen. Must be able to play tennis well. Wages GOVERNESS, trained nurse, English, Ger$100 a month or $70 and board. Personal in

man, some French, piano, violin;

takes entire terview

in New York required. 5,698, Outlook. charge of children over five. Best references. WANTED-Competent teachers for public 5,719, Outlook. and private schools and colleges. Send for bulletin. Albany Teachers' Agency, Albany, N.Y.

MISCELLANEOUS CALIFORNIA needs teachers with graduate study. Consult Boynton-Esterly Teachers'

M. W. Wightman & Co. Shopping Agency,

established 1895. Nocharge; prompt delivery. Agency, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Cal.

44 West 22d St., New York. WANTED-Young woman as pursery gov, COLLEGE man desires charge of few boys erness for two little boys, aged 2% and 5% for the summer months. Camp on a Green years. Education and refinement more essen

Mountain lake, trips to famous Green Mountialthanexperience. Permanent position. Send tain and White Mountain peaks, including references and photograph. 5,707, Outlook. Washington, Chocorua, Killington, Ascutney.

TEACHERS desiring school or college 5,722, Outlook.
positions apply International Musical and WANTED-Defective
Educational Agency, Carnegie Hall, N. Y.


Address W. Pawling, w. Persons to board.

Your Property

Is it For Sale or To Rent ?

T If so, use the next Special Real Estate Issue of The

The Outlook, which will appear on April 17. C An advertisement in this issue will cost but a few dollars and will

reach the class of people who will be interested in your property. I Write us about your property and we will help you prepare a

suitable advertisement.
Copy for this number should be in hand not later than April 6.

THE OUTLOOK (Department of Classified Advertising)

You Can Be So Well

66 Art

Do you know, ill health or chronic ailments, in nine out of ten cases are due to improper food, poor circulation, insufficient exercise, incorrect breathing and incorrect poise. Remove those unnatural

conditions and your ailments vanish.

This may surprise you, but I am
doing it daily; I have done it for
eighty thousand women.

Without Drugs
I will send you letters of endorse-
ment from eminent physicians and
tell you how I would treat you.

Physicians endorse my work--their
wives and claughters are my pupils.

Don't let writing a letter stand
between rou and good health, ani.
mation, Correct Weight and a Perfect
Figure. Write me now-today--while
this subject is uppermost. If you
will tell me in confidence your
height, weight, and your ailments...
I will tell you if I can help you.

Susanna Cocroft
Dept. 8. 624 Michigan Blvd.

Chicago, Ill.

NEW AUTOMATIC ADDER $2.50 Makes adding easy for anyone. It's accurate, quick, duralsle and easily oper ated. Capacity 999.999.99. Saves time, brain work and eliminates errors. Thousands of

pleased owners. Guaranteed one year. De

livered, complete, $250. Order yours today. Agents wanted. J. H. BASSETT & CO., Depl. 72, 5921 Indiana Ave., Chicago, IL

BY THE WAY A collection of autographs of the signers On this point Chairman Robb disagreed of the Declaration of Independence was with him, saying that, if the law compelled recently sold at auction in New York City. a master to take a pilot, the master was It contained all the signatures except those

relieved of responsibility. of Button Gwinnett and Thomas Lynch,

“Some sort of a state-sanctioned Salon is Jr.

, " whose autographs,” the catalogue to be held this year,” says the Paris correstated," as is well known, are quite unpro- spondent of “ American Art News.' curable.” The scarcity of these autographs ists will be asked to offer. only works of is perhaps to be explained by the fact that

moderate size. The majority of the artists in the Revolutionary War Button Gwin

will not really suffer by this rule, since nett's property was destroyed in a raid by

most of the enormous canvases that forthe British and that he fell in a duel a

merly encumbered the walls of the Salons little later; while Thomas Lynch died at

were never bought by private individuals, the early age of thirty, not long after he

but in the end, through the influence of had signed the Declaration. The collection,

some Deputy or other, helped to fill up usebound in a handsome quarto volume, sold for $860. A complete set of the autographs lessly the provincial museums. was, it is said, sold a few years, ago for

A colored minister of the Baptist Church, about $25,000.

so runs a story told in the “ Christian Reg

ister,” in order to strengthen and confirm A small monument reminiscent of old the faith of his congregation, took as his time New York is often noted on River

text; “ In those days came John the Bapside Drive, near that somber memorial,

tist, preaching in the wilderness of Judea. Grant's Tomb. The little stone is inscribed,

“ Oh,” said he,“ how I like to read these “ Erected to the Memory of an Amiable precious words in the blessed Bible! You Child." The touching inscription has aroused don't read anywhere about John the Presmuch curiosity as to the unrecorded name byterian, or John the Methodist, or John of the victim of an untimely fate. A New the Episcopalian. No, brethren, it is John York City paper says that the child was the

the Baptist.” son of George Pollock, who owned a tract of land in this section in 1797. While this

Women, who have motor cars of their "amiable child” was on a fishing excursion

own and a desire to use them for the good with his father at a place called “ Fishing

of our soldiers and sailors in any of the Rock,” a short distance out in the river, he

great centers may find inspiration in this fell overboard and was drowned. The

note from a subscriber: father wrote, in conveying to another per

There is a constant demand for books for the son the land where the monument stands :

thousands of volunteer and drafted sailors stationed

at the Navy-Yard and other points in New York. “The surrounding ground will fall into the hands of I know not whom, whose

I have asked all my friends for books for this pur

pose, calling for them in my car and delivering prejudices or better taste may remove the them to the Navy-Yard and training ships. In this monument and lay the inclosure open.


way over ten thousand books have been secured for will confer a peculiar and interesting favor the boys. I will gladly call anywhere in Manhattan upon me by allowing me to convey the in or Brooklyn, if any one who has attractive books, closure to you,

.. keeping it, however, new or old, and is willing to give them for this good always inclosed and sacred.'

purpose, will send a postal or telephone to Mrs.

Thomas S. Moore, 91 Willow Street, Brooklyn, In a newly published “Short History N. Y. (Tel. Main 1045). of Rome,” by Dr. Ferrero and Dr. Bar

A grind on the plumber, as reported by bagallo, this interesting passage occurs : the San Francisco “Argonaut," is this : "This campaign [after the battle of The

young man and his bride-to-be went Thapsus] differed from its predecessors, in

to the minister's house to get married. the ferocity with which it was carried on. After the ceremony the bridegroom drew This time Cæsar showeď no mercy. It

the clergyman aside and said in a whisper, is an eternal law that a struggle, as it is

“ I'm sorry I have no money to pay your protracted, becomes more ferocious.” The

fee, but if you'll take me down into the last sentence may have its bearing on pres cellar I'll show you how to fix your gas ent-day history.

meter so that it won't register.” This The immense increase in the price of occurrence no doubt took place before the food products in Germany, indicating a

plumbers and gas-fitters had their pay food shortage, is seen in a table drawn from raised to $7 a day. German sources by the Bureau of Labor at Don't shock the sensibilities of your Washington. Since the beginning of the

officer friend by asking him if he is ' home war beef has increased 129 per cent in on furlough, says a correspondent of price ; geese, 129 per cent; tomatoes, 500 “ The Writer.” “ Officers,” he goes on, “ if per cent; green peas, 900 per cent; sauer they are fortunate, come home on leave.' kraut, 167 per cent ; eggs, 357 per cent; Only privates and non-coms. have fursoap, 456 per cent. In percentage of in

loughs." In the British army, however, it crease “ bloaters are at the head of the

appears, the word furlough is used to exlist, these delectable sea dainties having

press a leave of absence for both officers increased 1,700 per cent in price. While and enlisted men. they used to be about a cent each, they are now nearly a mark (24 cents).

Thomas Hardy drew most of his charac

ters from life, he declared in an interview Is a pilot an adviser to the captain of a with Raymond Blathwayt.“ Tess,” said ship, or is he the responsible navigator Mr. Hardy," I saw only once in the flesh. while he is in charge? It would seem that I was walking along one evening and a this question should have been threshed out cart came along in which was seated my long ago, but “ Shipping,” in its report of beautiful heroine, who, I must confess, was testimony before an investigating commis- urging her steed along with rather unnecession at Halifax, says: “ Captain Hannan sary vehemence of language. She colored said that the pilot acted only in an advisory up very much when she saw me, but, as a capacity and that the responsibility for novelist-I fell in love with her at once navigation lies always with the master. and adopted her as my heroine.”

National Progress,
By Frederic Austin Ogg,

Have you a clear idea in your
mind of the various steps America
has taken, as a nation, during the
last ten years? Are you familiar
with the policies of the three
Presidents who were in office dur-
ing that time? The governmental
problems? The relations of the
United States in the Pacific, the
Caribbean and elsewhere?

In this book Prof. Ogg has given us information on every phase of national advancement, even as far back as 1900. $2.00.

This is the latest volume of

the American Nation Series HARPER & BROTHERS

Established 1817

Special Publishers


April 3—May 1-October 2
November 6-December 4

Each of these issues of The Outlook will contain, in addition to the usual number of book reviews, a special article of timely interest on the general subject of books.

Special reprints of the publishers'announcements, the book reviews, and the article appearing in each of these pub. lishers' numbers, will be sent, coincident with their dates of publication, to a list of approximately nine hundred of the leading book dealers of the country, who in turn will be advised that additional reprints, bearing their own imprint, can be secured from The Outlook at cost price.

Copy for each of these special publishers' numbers should be in hand not later than two weeks prior to date of publication.

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It comes with every letter from the boys in active service. They say woolen garments, sweaters, especially socks, are needed for health and comfort the year round.

Worsted Knitting Yarn of

Highest Quality

The Patriotic Yarn Association was organized to supply the women of this country with the best worsted knitting yarn in the market at the lowest possible cost, allowing only for the expense of distribution—with the understanding that they will make up garments for men in the service of the United States and her Allies.

We desire to reach the individual kniiter direct that she may be unrestricted in the disposition of her finished garment, provided only that she knit solely for the above-mentioned cause and give her written word of honor to that effect. We also gladly help out small organizations of recognized reputation working for patriotic purposes. Mail orders promptly filled. Virite for samples and prices.


Miss ROSALIND WOOD, President Room 805, 225 Fourth Ave.

New York City

Here are twelve successful men preparing for still greater success

-and how the lesson they have learned

is directly applicable to You! James Leffel & Company,

The function of the Alexander Hamilton ness quantity whose services are always in

Institute is to give you thru its Modern Busi demand at the higbest market value. Springfield, Ohio, make turbine

ness Course and Service the best thought and engines-good turbine engines. experience of hundreds of successful business The kind of men enrolled

men—to bring them to you in the most pracTwelve men in this organization

tical, most interesting and easily readable form Presidents of big corporations are often are enrolled in the Alexander for absorption in your leisure time.

enrolled for the Modern Business Course and Hamilton Institute.

Service along with ambitious Most of them are past

young men in their employ. middle age. Included in

Among the 70,000 subscribthis group are the Pres

ers are such_men as George ident, Vice-President

M. Verity, President of the and General Manager,

American Rolling Mills; E.

R. Behrend, President of the Treasurer, the Sales

Hammermill Paper Company; Manager, Superintend

N. A. Hawkins, Manager of ent, two department

Sales, Ford Motor Company; managers, a salesman,

William C. D'Arcy, President two draftsmen and two

of the Associated Advertising

Clubs of the World; Melville foremen.

W. Mix, President of the The motive that

Dodge Mfg. Company, and prompted these men to

scores of others equally

prominent. enrol was the determination to better themselves-to This Course and Service gives you a In the Standard Oil Company 360 men learn how to developtheir positions thoro understanding of businessfundamentals. are enrolled in the Alexander Hamilton Insti-to make themselves and their Once mastered, they can be applied success

tute, in the United States Steel Corporation, fully to any business.

450; in the National Cash Register Company, work just one hundred per cent

194; in the Pennsylvania Railroad Company, worth while.

If you are an Executive in your own 122, in the General Electric Company, 399;

business or another's, to develop yourself and so on down the list of the biggest conTo accomplish this, for these and your job, you need the positive helpful. cerns in America. men in their maturity of years,

ness the Alexander Hamilton Institute can there was only one open course, bring.

Advisory Council only one way. There was only If your eye is on the Executive desk ahead,

you need the business information this Course Business and educational authority of the one thing to do:

furnishes. You need it more now than ever highest standing is represented in the Ad. To master the essentials of business because the need for better Executives is visory Council of the Institute. to acquire a first-hand and practical greater now than the business world has

This Council includes Frank A. Vander. ever known. knowledge of how all business success

lip, President of the National City Bank of is built to absorb for application in their

New York; Judge E. H. Gary, head of the Wherever the wheel of business United States Steel Corporation; John Hays own day's work those business facts and

turns--the need is great

Hammond, the eminent engineer; Jeremiah basic fundamentals which underlie all

W. Jenks, the statistician and economist; and business.

Opportunities abound in every field. The Joseph French Johnson, Dean of the New

demand for trained men is far and away in York University School of Commerce. These men are acquiring valua excess of the supply. The war is forcing

thousands of businesses to readjust their Ex Get further information ble mental capital

ecutive staff. Every man called for duty

"over there" affects the status of some other A careful reading of the 112-page book. "Forging These men have all progressed one man here.

Ahead In Business," will show you how you can de

velop yourself for bigger responsibilities the same as far along the business highway.

The sooner you enrol, the sooner there is these twelve men in the Leffel Company are doing. But they realized the need for brought to you the business information that

Every man and woman with either a business or a something greater than their own has been successfully applied by hundreds career to guide to bigger, surer success should read experience to carry them on. of our subscribers.

this book. Simply fill out and send the coupon below. The bigger the man in business,

Daily we are in receipt of stories of success won by men who have applied the

Alexander Hamilton Institute the greater the natural need to abprinciples the Course explains.

51 Astor Place New York City sorb more business knowledge

These letters come to us from all sections. the stronger the desire to have

Send me "FORGING AHEAD From the big cities, the villages, and even actual contact with other great the remote and isolated mining camp

IN BUSINESS” - Free business minds.

proof conclusive that environment is no bar
to advancement.

No business brain can be suc-


Wherever there is a man with the deter. cessfully nourished without using

mination to take the Course and apply the as a feeder the best product of principles, there will be developed a clear

Business other more successful brains.

ihinking, quick-acting, understanding busi Position


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