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Because Victor Records and Victor Instruments are scientifically coordinated and synchronized in the processes of manufacture, their use, one with the other, is absolutely essential to a perfect reproduction.

When you want to hear Caruso—or any other of
the world's greatest artists—just as he actually sings
in real life, it is necessary to play his Victor Record
on the Victrola. That is the instrument for which the
record was made, and only by their combined use is
the true tone of the artist faithfully reproduced.

You will desire, of course, to play your records
loud or soft according to the acoustic surroundings,
and as mood and occasion dictate. And
this is accomplished by the Victor system
of changeable needles—with the semi-
permanent Victor Tungs-tone Stylus-
and the modifying doors of the Victrola.

It is the perfection of every Victor
part, and its perfect combination with all
other Victor parts, that results in the
superior Victor tone-quality—that makes
necessary the combined use of the Victrola,
Victor Records, and Victor Needles.

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Get The Best Get The Besta Get The Best Get The Best Get The Best "Ajoy to my familija

This is a day of Service

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G. & C. Merriam Co., Springfield, Mass.

Gentlemen . Please send me specimen of Regular and India Papers, Ilustrations, prices, etc. Include FREE Pocket Maps per offer in The Outlook.


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New Economic


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Put On Like Plaster-Wears Like Iron It is a composition material, easily applied in plastic form over old or new wood, iron, concrete or other solid foundation-Laid 3-8 to 1-2 in. thick-Does not crack, peel or come loose from foundation.

It presents a continu us, fine-grained, smonth, non-slippery surface, practically a seamless tile-No crack, crevice or joint for the accumulation of grease, dirt or moistureIs noiseless and does not fatigue.

The Best Floor for Kitchen, Pantry, Bath Room, Laundry, Porch, Garage, Restaurant, Theater, Hotel, Factory. Office Building, Railroad Station, Hospital-all pla es where a beautiful, sub stantial and foot-easy floor is desired.

Your choice of several practical colors. Full information and sample FREE on request.

IMPERIAL FLOOR COMPANY 957 Cutler Building, Rochester, New York

On the market 10 years


This contract is just what its name

implies. It is "new" for
it has been worked
out recently to meet
special needs.
It is “economic" be-
cause it is low priced

and provides at minimum cost a maximum amount

of insurance at the time when

protection is most needed,

namely, during the earlier years of life when a

man is meeting the hazards of business, and his family is growing up and is absolutely dependent upon him for support.

The “New Economic" is also being adopted to insure the lives of business partners and corporation officials to cover their value to their concerns.

The contract's attractive features will be fully explained on request.

TEACHERS' AGENCIES The Pratt Teachers Agency

70 Fifth Avenue, New York Recommends teachers to colleges, public and private schools. Advises parents about schools. Win. 0. Pratt, Mer.




The University of Chicago

in addition to resident
work, offers also instruc-
tion by correspondence.
For detailed in

formation address 26th Year U. of C. (Div.E) Chicago, II. Mitchell Tower


"Home-Making, the New Profession" opp IN. handbook-it's FREE. Home-study Domestic Science courses. For home-making, teaching and well-paid positions. Am. School of Home Economics, 521

W. 69th St., Chicago, Ill


Dividends Guaranteed is a provision of this Policy as of others and the Usual Contin'gent Dividends are Paid Besides

The Great German Offensive..... 517
The Nature of the Attack..

517 The Paris Mystery.

518 The Dutch Ships .

518 General Wood's View of American Preparedness

518 Submarines and Ship-Building.

519 The New Railway Era.....

519 An Appropriate Memorial..

520 Two Statements ..

520 Conscientious Objectors... Cartoons of the Week ...

521 Raise the Rank of Medical Officers. 522 A State Police....

522 The Painter's Painter....

522 What a German Prince Thinks of Presi. dent Wilson.....

523 Athletics and the War..

523 Gardening by Corporations.

524 The Foyers du Soldat......

524 A Living Wage for Women Workers... 525 Are We Too Late !......

525 Alsace-Lorraine .

526 The Truth and the Whole Truth.

526 America Among the Nations

527 The War and Industrial Workers.

528 The Feet of the Children (Poem)....... 529

By Nora Archibald Smith
Knoll Papers : John Fiske, Evolutionist. 529

By Lyman Abbott
Enlisting the Farm to Win the War- A Dis.

cussion by People Who Know the Facts :
1- What a Woman on the Farm Thinks
of Price-Fixing.

By Helen Christine Bennett
II—What an Eastern Farmer Thinks of
the Food Shortage....

By J. L, Dean
III--What an Agricultural Engineer
Thinks of Our Farming System. ... 534

By Elwood Mead
How Spring Came to New York (Poem) 536

By Hermann Hagedorn
Soldiers of Law and Order : III-Get Your

537 By Katherine Mayo Current Events Illustrated....

539 Pacificism, Socialism, and the Fire of Life 542

By John Jay Chapman
Weekly Outline Study of Current History 544

By J. Madison Gathany, A.M.
The Nation's Industrial Progress..

546 The Book and the Soldier..

548 The New Books ....

550 An April Battle-Ground (Poem)... 555

By Adelaide Prouty The Work that Jacob Riis Started...... 555 Gardening and the War: I-Wasting Seed....

556 By J. B. Haines II-Slacker Land.

556 By Charles Lathrop Pack By the Way...

..... 562

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Dr. Eserweta

MASSACHUSETTS SHORT-STORY WRITING A course of forty lessons in the history, form, structure and writing of the Short-Story tanght by Dr. J. Berg Esen wein, for years Editor of Lippincott's. 250-p. catalog free. Please anidress The Home Correspondence School Dept. 68, Springfield. Mass.

NEW YORK St. John's Riverside Hospital Training

School for Nurses

YONKERS, NEW YORK Registered in New York State, offers a 3 years' course-> general training to refined, educated women. Require ments one year high school or its equivalent. Apply to the Directress of Nurses. Yonkers, New York.

NURSING COURSE Three years, medical, surgical, obstetrics, contagion, dispensary, private patients, and children's ward. Allowance 3.0 per month and board.' THE STATEN ISLAND HOSPITAL TRAINING SCHOOL FOR NURSES (a branch of the University of New York State), Tompkinsville, N. Y.


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The policyholder thus participates in the earnings of the Company.

In arranging insurance-protection the best way is to have the whole matter submitted to you by mail with helpful suggestions, and you can then consider the subject at your convenience—when and where you like.

- That's the now familiar “Postal Way"—the direct way that enables the Company to supply sound insurance-protection at low net cost.

Find out what
you can save

at your age. Simply write and say “Mail me Leaflet about your New Economic Policy mentioned in The Outlook of April 3." When you write be sure to give

1. Your Full Name

2. Your Occupation 3. The Exact Date of Your Birth No agent will be sent to visit you. The Postal Life employs no agents: the resultant commission savings go to you because you deal direct. POSTAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY

WM. R. MALONE, PRESIDENT 511 Fifth Avenue, Cor. 43d St., New York

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Camp Pinnacle

BY SUBSCRIPTION $4.00 A YEAR. Single copies 10 cents. For foreign subscription to countries in the Postal Union, $5.56.

Address all communications to


New York City


Wholesome food, mountain air. Best ALVIN D. TBAYER, Director, 67 Alexander St., Springfield, Mass.

of equipment. Shower bath. Booklet. KAMP KILL KARE On Lake Champlain, 12th Season

Tutoring Camp

for older boys. RALPH F. PERRY, Director

, 136 South St., Morristown, N. d. Two distinct Camps. For information address

Recreation Camp for small boys.

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Times the War Ships of Uncle Sam and Britain
Dreadnoughts of war guarding the gateways of nations; destroyers
vigilantly roaming the seas in quest of their hidden prey; ocean levia-
thans that carry their passengers safely from shore to shore when peace
reigns — these are guided in their activities by Waltham Chronometers.

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No greater faith was ever shown in the precision of a timepiece than when the war governments of the United States, England and Canada placed their orders at Waltham. Faith based on

tests which proved the reliability and precision of the Waltham Chronometer. Waltham, the only watch factory in the world that is equipped to make Chronometers

, is also supplying other timepieces for war work. Deck clocks, comparing watches, airplane clocks, wrist watches—all made at Waltham-are.doing their bit in helping the Allies go

over the top” to victory.

The Riverside symbolizes that lofty ideal of fine watchmaking which has led the horological experts of the greatest nations to choose Waltham in preference to any other watch made in America—in preference also to the finest timepieces of Switzerland, England or France.




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