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Old methods of tooth brushing don't save the teeth, as millions of people know. They remove some part of the debris, but often leave the chief tooth destroyer.

That is why brushed teeth discolor and decay. Why tartar forms, and pyorrhea starts. And why safety requires a periodic dental cleaning.

There forms on teeth a slimy, clinging film. You can feel it with your tongue.

It gets into crevices, hardens and stays and resists the tooth brush. The ordinary dentifrice cannot dissolve it. And that is the cause of nearly all tooth troubles.

That film absorbs stains and discolors. It hardens into tartar. It holds portions of the food which ferment and form acid. It holds the acid in contact with the teeth-the cause of decay.

Dentists call it bacterial plaque, because it breeds millions of germs. And they, with tartar, are the chief cause of pyorrhea.

That film is the teeth's great enemy. Brushing teeth does little good if the film is not removed.

Now a way has been found to combat that film. It is used and endorsed by many modern dentists. And to quickly bring it into general use we are offering a One-Week test.

This method-called Pepsodent is a dainty tooth paste. You use it like 'any, dentifrice. But, unlike others, it contains an activated pepsin-the digestant of albumin.

The film is albuminous matter. The object of Pepsodent is to dissolve it, then to daily prevent its accumulation.

The reason why pepsin was not used before is the fact that it must be activated. The usual agent an acid, harmful to the teeth. So pepsin long seemed forbidden.

But science has found a harmless activating method, and Pepsodent employs it. Five governments have already granted patents.

After three years of clinical tests, Pepsodent has been accepted by many high authorities. It has proved itself a marvel of efficiency. And it seems to solve this allimportant film problem.

Now we are stating the facts to millions, and are urging all to prove them by a home test.

Send the coupon for a One-Week tube. Use it like any tooth paste, then watch the results. Note how clean your teeth feel after using. Note the absence of the film. See how they whiten as the fixed film disappears.

Those results mean that Pepsodent does what old methods have not done. They mean real tooth protection. After that week you will want those results continued, we believe. Cut out ihe coupon now.



One-Week Tube Free

1 THE PEPSODENT CO. : Dept. 123, 1104 S. Wabash Ave., Chicago, II.

Mail One Week Tube of Pepsodent to

The New-Day Dentifrice
Sold by Druggists in Large Tubes

Dept. 123, 1104 S. Wabash Ave., Chicago


I Address

No Other Typewriter The Outlook

The PrattTeachers Agency

70 Fifth Avenue, New York
Advises parents about schools. Wm. O. Pratt. Met


Can Do This

The University of Chicago


High School Course
in Two Years


2:1 home. Her is a com



Recommends teachers to colleges, public and private schon SPIRITUAL SONG

THE OUTLOOK (Department of Classified Advertising

One of a Series of 16 Things No Other Typewriter Can Do

Copyright, 1918, by The Outlook Company (No. 2 of the Series)

TABLE OF CONTENTS Condense typewriting from 42 to 14 of space usually occupied Vol. 118 April 17, 1918 No. 16

in addition to resident

work, offers also instrucWonderful for loose-leaf manuals, index cards,

tion by correspondence. statistics and refined correspondence. THE OUTLOOK IS PUBLISHED WEEKLY BY THE OUTLOOK COMPANY,

For detailed in. Multiplex Hammond type is instantly interchange 381 FOURTH AVENUE NEW YORK. LAWRENCE P. ABBOTT,

formation address able for many languages in many styles of type. PRESIDENT N. T. PULSIPER, VICE-PRESIDENT. FRANK C. HOYT,

26th Year U.ofC. (Div.E) Chicago, I. Mitchell Tone TREASURER. ERNEST H. ABBOTT, SECRETARY. TRAVERS D.





Many styles, many languages
Two types or languages al ways in the machine
Just Turn the Knob to change

Why Buy Liberty Bonds ?.


plete, simplified high school course that you can finish 1 The Opening of the Liberty Bond Campaign 607

two years,

Meets all college entrance regarces.
Performance versus Promise in Our Air

Prepared by leadirg members of the faculties of universi

ties and academies. Your opportunity. Write for booder Programme..


and full particulars. No obligations. Write todayson

American School of Correspondence, Dept. 29424. Whicago, U.S.A
Our Navy.....

Four Army Bills...


Is Lynching a Good Way to Fight Germany? 609

Every University and College is plentifully

Conscription Riots in Quebec.


A course of forty lessons in the history, form, st

ture and writing of the Short-Story tangen equipped with this type of machine because Count Czernin's Camouflage.


Dr. J. Berg Esenwein, for years Editer à of its especial adaptability to many kinds of

Lippincott's. 250-p. catalog free. Please edire
Japan and Siberia..


The Home Correspondence School writing. It is more than a

Dr. Esentep
The Battle-Line in France.


Dept. 68. Springfield, Mass. BUSINESS EXECUTIVES having more Cartoons of the Week...


611 than the ordinary quality of correspondence use the MULTIPLEX because of its clean

The Wisconsin Election

612 St. John's Riverside Hospital Training cut type impression, which gives a "page" Good News for Oil and Steel Workmen. 612

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Literary People
Concerning the Difficulty of Doing One's

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general training. to refined, educated women. Reger

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Knoll Papers : The Spiritual Meaning of


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618 Linguists

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Glimpses of Our Soldiers in France : capability of writing both Occidentaland Oriental EThe American Private and the French

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622 By Katherine Mayo

Mrs. Henry Ward Beecher

Mr. B. F. Long
A Conflict of Racial Ideals : An Explana.

611 W. 158th St., New York City
tion of the Origin of the War...

627 Condensed

By Dr. M. R. Vesnitch Aluminum

Current Events Illustrated.

629 Only 11 Pounds

The American..

632 Full Capacity By Hawthorne Daniel


Wholesome food, mountain air. Bes
The Outdoor Lure-Two Poems :

of equipment. Shower bath. Booklet Many Typewriters



ALVIN D. THAYER, Director, 67 Alexander St.. Springfield, Mes
in One
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I1-Escandido ..


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The Biglow and Main Co., New York - Chicago and occupation in Coupon and mail to What Can We Others Do ?.


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638 By the Way....


BY SUBSCRIPTION 84.00 A YEAR. Single copies 10 cents.

For foreign subscription to countries in the Postal Union, $5.56.

You can supply the answer by telling Outlook reader
Address all communications to

about your camp. The second and fourth issues of
(Please State Your Occupation)

May and June will contain special camp announce
Inquire of special terms to projessionals
381 Fourth Avenue

ments. Copy must reach us two weeks in advance. New York City




Camp Pinnacle


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What has This

to do with your Bank Account O

NE of the great responsibilities ențailed by the war has fallen on

the shoulders of the industrial plant. With restricted fuel supply, they are now accepting the role of “commissaries to the world.” But were it not for one thing-industrial efficiency-this enormous overload might have left you neglected-deprived of necessities--and perhaps with an even lower valued dollar. Plant efficiency has absorbed a great part In our measure of values, there is no of the overload-and thus protected your

more important group of products among share of the supply. Ten thousand ma the many we make than those whose terials as strange looking and strange function it is to save power, heat, fricworking as this Sea Ring Packing * tion, wear and leakage, used in the main(maintenance materials as they are called) tenance of hundreds of plants. For to have added mightily in raising the pro the extent that they have served and are duction of the manufacturers -and pro serving industry, they are serving the tected your purchasing power your public, which is the ultimate realization Bank Account.

of this company's aims.

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*Sea Ring Rod Packing marks a new era in packing rods and plungers of engines, pumps and other machines. Other packings are put into the stuffing box and constantly forced against the rod by the pressure of the stuffing box gland. Constant friction between rod and packing consumes and wastes power. Sea Rings are not forced against the rod by gland pressure. Their packing lip is forced against the rod by the pressure of the fluid that tries to escape and so the pressure of Sea Ring Pack. ing automatically varies as the tendency of leakage. This automatic action saves power due to elimination of unnecessary friction between rod and packing. A reduction of friction also means less wear on packing and rod and longer life for both. The Sea Ring typifies the aims of the Johns-Manville Company in their conscientious effort to better conditions in every field to which we render service.


10 Factories Branches in 61 Large Cities



Service to you through Power Plants

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At this period of the year
when womankind, taking her
cue from Spring, is busy
re arranging the home and
finding new opportunities
to add to its attractiveness

and to improve its service

is both an inspiration and an
investment, for it enriches
the home by its utility and
beauty, and enriches the
possessor by the lifetime
length of its service and its

permanent intrinsic worth.

is sold by leading jewelers
everywhere and

bears this trademark

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On account of the war and the consequent delays in the mails, both in New York City and on the railways, this copy of
The Outlook may reach the subscriber late. The publishers are doing everything in their power to facilitate deliveries


ment” payment has come to have in some instances an obnoxAs the President said in his Baltimore speech, the country is

ious meaning. It has a patriotic meaning in this case. It is better no longer under an illusion as to the Prussian menace. If the for the country and for the Government that a subscriber should Teutonic Powers should win in Europe, the United States and pay in installments out of his current income than that he should South America would be the next point of attack of German mili

take accumulated savings out of a savings bank or out of the tary power. We should have to fight on our own soil to protect sale of securities and property with which to pay cash. In other our own wives and daughters from the fate which the women and words, buy your bonds out of the wealth you are going to earn children of Belgium have suffered. These statements are not

instead of out of the wealth you have earned. Thus the danger based on the foreboding fears of pessimists, but on the carefully will be avoided of drawing on wealth which is already being calculated conclusions of expert military judges. And this is

used, and we shall all be stimulated to increase our efficiency what makes the great struggle now going on on the western

and earning capacity in order to take care of our installment front of such supreme importance, not

only to France and Eng. subscriptions. land, but to the United States. We are fighting now not only to make the world safe for democracy, but to make our homes safe for our children.

THE OPENING OF THE LIBERTY BOND CAMPAIGN There was an element of romance and chivalry about the first In view of the universal and spontaneous enthusiasm with two Liberty Loans. We believed we were subscribing then to which the American people began upon April 6 the camaid the abused and down-trodden on foreign soil. It was a kind paign for the Third Liberty Loan, it is amusing to look back of a crusade. But there is a grim reality about the present loan. to the predictions of a few pessimists last winter that it would We are buying powder and guns to protect our own firesides, be a matter of extreme difficulty to place three billion dollars' and the sooner we realize this the better. The man who feels worth of bonds. Unless all signs fail, the Liberty Loan will be that he cannot subscribe now because he is paying off a mort raised within the four weeks' limit, and not only raised but gage on his house must realize that if he does not buy Liberty largely over-subscribed. Indeed, the reason given generally for Bonds he may have no house at all. Every motive of patriotism, the request of Secretary McAdoo that for the present the exact human justice, and self-protection should impel every citizen to figures as to the amount subscribed should be withheld is that subscribe for as many bonds as he possibly can.

the amount is so large that its publication might deter new The Government, with the co-operation of local Liberty Loan subscriptions from those who think there is no need of further Committees all over the country, has much simplified the method effort. As a matter of fact, the campaign has just begun, and of subscribing and paying for bonds. There are four ways in will be continued until May 4, with a constantly increasing which you can subscribe for and pay for

bond :

aggregate subscription. The auspicious beginning should not 1. Čash. Any bank in any part of the country, many depart- lead to any relaxation of effort. The Government urgently ment stores, and various other special agencies will take your desires a large over-subscription both for material and moral subscription, take your money, give you a receipt, and your reasons. Every American, man, woman, or child, who can posbond will be delivered to you soon after May 9.

sibly scrape together fifty dollars should take at least one bond. 2. The Government Installment Plan. Any bank or any Throughout the country April 6 was celebrated as the anni. other authorized agency will take your subscription for a $50 versary of the entry of this country into the world war for bond with a cash payment of $2.50 ; on May 28 you pay $10, liberty as well as of the opening of the Liberty Loan campaign. on July 18 you pay $17.50, and on August 15 you pay $20. In the cities and in the small towns everywhere meetings When

you thus complete the $50, your bond will be delivered to were held, flags were raised, optimistic and earnest addresses you. Any amount of bonds may be subscribed for in this way were made, and for all practical purposes the day was a new by making a cash payment of five per cent down, a second National holiday. The organization for obtaining and registerpayment of twenty per cent on May 28, a third payment of ing subscriptions is a marvel of efficiency, and the thanks of thirty-five per cent on July 18, and the final payment of forty the Government and the country are due to the many thousands per cent on August 15.

of bankers, professional men, public officers, and enthusiastic 3. Monthly Installment Plan. Many banks and almost all private citizens who have worked like beavers and are continularge firms and corporations have agreed to sell bonds on the ing so to work for the attainment of success. Much interest was monthly installment plan. This means for a $50 bond $5 down displayed in the happy plan, inaugurated by Secretary McAdoo, and nine additional consecutive monthly payments of $5 each. of presenting a special Honor Flag to those communities which Any number of bonds may be purchased in this manner and at over-subscribed their allotments. There was an eager rivalry to this proportionate rate.

be the first in each district to receive the flag. 4. The Weekly Installment Plan. According to this method In not a few instances it was possible for a few towns to disfor a $50 bond the subscriber pays $2 down and $1 per week for play the new Liberty Loan flag on the very first day of the forty-eight consecutive weeks. In all the large cities where there opening of the subscription. Telegrams announcing the fact of are Federal banks this weekly payment may be carried out the over-subscription reached the headquarters of the different through some bank. In smaller places it may often be done by districts promptly at nine o'clock on April 6, when the formal private arrangement with some financial institution or firm. subscription was opened. Over-subscription to double the

These four methods are very simple to understand. Those amount of the allotment occurred in some cases. This instanwho live in rural districts can easily get detailed information by taneous subscription of the total amount allotted was usually going to the nearest bank. It should be added that no one need made possible by the individual local patriotism of citizens who, be reluctant about availing himself or herself of the weekly, so to speak, underwrote the total amount, making themselves monthly, or Government installment plan. The word “install. individually responsible for it in case the subsequent total of

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