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Those people would be interested to see the records of the patrol that “the Major” rides at his shoulder. To please the Department now. In the daily reports of the patrols of the four Major is his heart's desire. Which means all this : To walk uptroops, in the records of the various troopand sub-station telephone right, to be gentle, courteous, bravé, just to know the law and calls, in the complaints and information lodged day and night enforce it, to honor the peace and maintain it, to be the friend at Departmental Headquarters in Albany, they would find such and helper of all good people in their various needs; to use all a mass of evidence of rural need as would fairly stagger them. your brains all the time; to cultivate both brains and discretion ;

The people did not complain, before, simply because there was to fight if you must, and when you fight, fight to win. And all no one to complain to.

the time to bear yourself with the sober dignity of a State “ Two years ago," said an up-State farmer just the other day, officer, knowing that no act or word of yours, even in Your

time * a “blind tiger ' opened just outside our village. Our constable off duty, will pass unnoticed ; and knowing that the precious is a good man, and he started in to close it up. Next night his uniform, with all that it stands for to State and Nation, is gloribarn was bumed, with all his stock, crops, and implements. fied or traitorously stabbed and stained according as you, indiEverybody knew who did it. Nobody dared testify. The 'blind vidually, bear yourself every minute in all the year. tiger went on. It has been the curse of the place. About a Not one man in five hundred measures up to that? No. Not month ago two young fellows in gray uniform came riding one man in a thousand, maybe. But by long, stern testing, through this way. They stopped at the judge's, the postmaster's, sifting, winnowing, and by trial under fire, two hundred and the minister's, and the doctor's, introduced themselves as State thirty-five such men will surely at last be found to wear the gray Troopers, and asked if there was anything they could do for us. and purple of the State. Their little company will be famous. Then they called on me.

Membership in it will mean a true distinction the Union over. “One of my best farm-hands had just gone on a drunk and And the men themselves will be the most jealous, the most lamed my mare. I certainly was mad, and I told those two relentless judges, the most merciless discarders, of him who fails. young fellows about that blamed 'blind tiger,' where all such If you want a man to do his poorest, tell him he is only deviltries started. Would you believe it?

I don't know how human, excuse his lapses, set him a lenient rule. If you want they managed it—but in three days' time the place was shut

up. him to reach the stars, hold him to break-neck climbing on a And now these parts are as dry as bone.”

path as steep and straight and narrow as an edge of Damascus It is usually the patrol, stopping at the door for a friendly steel and show him that only the best men win. chat, who elicits timorous, hesitating confidences about matters Governor Whitman signed the enactment creating the Deheretofore thought too delicate to handle or else beyond redress. partment of State Police on April 11, 1917. On the 2d of

“I don't know as it's any business of mine," one such began, May he commissioned Major Chandler as Superintendent ** but I do wish something could be done about the way Jake thereof. By the 16th of July Major Chandler had examined Peters mistreats his stock. Bloody sides and rack-a-bones is all 2,670 applicants, and from them had chosen his original, tentathey are, and his barns are something scandalous.”.

tive two hundred and thirty-five; had procured his full quota Again: “I know for a fact that Jim Boggs, over in the valley of mounts-young, unbroken Western stock of excellent quality; sells cocaine to those weedy loafers in the village, and I'll tell and had got men and mounts into training. it in court, too, if only you'll handle Jim and the case. I never On September 6 the entire squadron, wearing the uniform would speak before because nothing would have come of it but for the first time, rode out of training camp to undertake its Jim poisoning my cattle.”

virgin tour of service that of policing the State Fair at SyraAnd yet again: “ There's a condition over in yonder red cuse. The Fair over, the local press, in frank surprise, united house beyond that maybe you'd look into. There's a poor old with Fair officials to assert that the great annual meet had woman living there with her brother that's a miser and half

never before been quite so well handled. the time drunk. We hear her screaming sometimes. I think he In the meantime Major Chandler had chosen barracks for beats her, and we're sure he has her shut up and starved. It each of the four troops. Here, in the matter of location, two ain't, of course, our affair, but couldn't you just investigate ?" leading considerations guided him: First, strategic position,

The patrol did investigate. The patrol took the cattle abuser calculated on the State's chief needs; and, second, railway before the judge, saw him sentenced, fined, and warned, and facilities to insure mobility. thereafter dropped down on his home at strange and irregular Batavia, the neighborhood of Syracuse, the neighborhood of times to see that the medicine worked. The patrol gathered in Albany, and White Plains were accordingly selected as troop the cocaine smuggler who was turning the village sports” into 'headquarters; and each troop went straight from its Fair duty criminals. The patrol has done hundreds of other good things to its new home. that most desperately needed doing, but that never got done The patrol system was now organized—the groundwork on before.

which the main scheme of operations must always rest. By this The patrol has no barn to be burned. He has no cattle to system each barracks and each dependent sub-station becomes be poisoned. He has no local friends or enemies to consider, no the center of a network of patrol routes covering the region vote to win, no office to gain. He is here to-day, gone to-morrow. assigned to its care.

assigned to its care. These routes, by a carefully worked out His duty is to enforce the laws of the State, to catch criminals, plan, are frequently and easily accessible by telephone from to preserve peace, to prevent and discourage crime. Unlike local headquarters , so that troopers riding patrol can readily be and county officers, constables, and sheriffs, he is hampered by deflected in any direction as need arises. The route of the patrol no local boundaries. He may pursue a criminal, operate a case, may bring him back to his starting-point at night or it may make an arrest, exercise the full authority of a State peace run into an eighteen days' journey. But, whatever its length, its officer in any section whatsoever, rural or urban, of the entire line is constantly changing, and no one but the commanding commonwealth. He cares no more for politics than the wind officer knows to-morrow's trail. cares for dry reeds. No political influence, whether in friend The men ride in pairs, readily recognizable in their gray cavship or in vengeance, can touch him. His future is in his own alry uniforms and dark-purple ties. Each carries a loaded crop hands, and is solely a matter of personal devotion, courage, and is armed with a heavy revolver, conspicuous at his belt energy, and intelligence expended to the limit in the pure serv Each carries a First Aid kit on his saddle, and many a time ice of the State.

already have those kits and their bearers' knowledge of their If you have in very truth a body of men imbued with enthu use come to the rescue of victims of wayside accident. siasm, with esprit de corps, with a loyal respect for their uni As has been said, the Department is in daily receipt of large form and with a leaping ambition to make it the most honored and ever-increasing numbers of requests for service from citiof its kind in the world, if you have a body of men so vitally zens of every lot and calling, and of every part of the State. inspired, you may look for its source of inspiration in just one And no cranny is too remote for the troopers to reach promptly. place--in its leader. Be sure of that.

“You know, Major Chandler is a queer sort of man," said a There is not one man to-day in the ranks of the New York prominent Agricultural Department official recently. “We are State Police who does not look up with loyal and affectionate always bringing him our troubles, and never one yet that he devotion to Major George Fletcher Chandler, Superintendent didn't jump to tackle and cut us clear of. No conundrum seems of the force; not one who does not feel as he rides his daily to phase him. He always invents the answer and he always

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clelivers the goods. All this Department wants is to see more alleged dentist believed to be massacring the teeth of the inno power to his elbow. Give him more men. It's the biggest cent in an Onondaga Valley town. The Department of Eda economy I know."

cation knew that this man had no license to practice, but had The Attorney-General, through Mr. Edward G. Griffin, thus far been utterly foiled in its attempt to


his guilt. Deputy, cited a special case.

Hence, at last, an appeal to the State Police. "From this new Department of State Police,” said Mr. Grif The trooper detailed to the job was told by his troop officer fin, " our own Department gets service never before attainable. to get the evidence. How to do so was his own lookout. As a little example, there was a man' near Schenectady last He located his man. Meantime, he had decided to sacrifin summer who offered his check in payment for automobile plates. one of his own good grinders pro bono publico. Last, he went The check was accepted, but proved worthless. For a couple to a girl whom he trusted. of months we wasted time and paper writing to him without Do

you want to help?" said he. effect.

Do I !" said she. " Then the troopers became available. We asked Major “Well, then, listen : Call up the number I give you at exactly Chandler to act. He simply ordered a patrol to find the man, the minute I tell you. And say that you have heard of the take his plates off his car, and tell him that if ever he drove doctor's work from your friends and that you want an appointagain till he'd paid his bill in good money he'd get a jail sentence. ment right away. You won't take no for an answer. Insist that

"The thing was done the same day. It produced a surprised you must speak with the doctor himself, on the telephone, to i and chastened citizen.

tell him about it, and don't you give up till, in so many words

, " Another instance was this," Mr. Griffin went on.

he says: 'I am Dr. So-and-so.' Highway Department reported that a valuable piece of ma At the moment appointed the trooper sat in the torture chinery, property of the State, was being removed from its site

chair, his head tipped back on its little plush rack, the wicked by a contractor, who flatly defied the Highway Department buzz-needle searching out his soul through the firm white men to prevent him. The plant was located on a mountain. enamel. This contractor was coolly dismantling it and carrying it down Wider," said the “ doctor"_" a leetle wider"-and just into the valley for his own use.

then the telephone rang. “We had two courses open to us here. The first was the old During the colloquy that ensued the trooper lay back with way-till last October the only way we possessed. It meant two his eyes on the ceiling and the napkin hanging dank from his lawsuits--one an injunction to stop the further removal of the lip, carefully feigning

an indifference that he did not feel. goods ; the other a replevin to secure the return of the goods Could she work it? At first the “dentist's” responses were already taken. And it meant delay, expense, bother to the State, non-committal-cautious to a degree. and interruption of the State's business.

But the girl persisted; her anxious ally caught the soft, sweet "The second way meant appeal to our new right arm, the urging of her voice. At last that dropping honey began to tell

. Department of State Police. You can guess which way we And then it came-the phrase itself: took--the old or the new.

“ All right, miss, I am Dr. So-and-so, and I'll be pleased to “ Major Chandler pressed the button. That very noon the see you this afternoon at three.” contractor, who probably didn't suppose there was a State Back went the receiver into the catch. “ Zip-p-z” went the policeman within eighty miles of him, saw a couple of troopers buzz-needle after the trooper's soul. But scarcely did he feel trot into his camp.

the hurt, because of the joy that was in him. * Next day all that machinery was back up on the mountain “Finished," said the operator at length. in place and reassembled with care. They must have worked all The trooper stood up, the nerves of his head jangling, the night to do it! Of course there's been no such trouble since." bitter taste of amalgam in his mouth.

An interesting evidence of the vigorous reciprocative support “ How much do I owe you, doctor ?" said he.
of the Attorney-General was afforded in January last, when he “ Five dollars."
ruled that a town constable forfeited his job by interfering with The money exchanged hands. The deed was done.
State Troopers in the performance of their duty.

It would be easy to multiply stories of good work accomThe troopers had been working in a central Mohawk Valley plished by the New York State Troopers. In February, when village securing evidence for the conviction of gamblers. They the force had been in the field only five months, the Committee had almost completed their case when this Canajoharie constable for State Police published a report showing twenty-two pages appeared and revealed to the gamblers the troopers’ identity. of clippings from the country press commending their work by The troopers immediately arrested the constable and took him citation of specific services rendered in forty-eight counties

. before a justice, who convicted him and fined him $10.

During the period from October 1 to January 31, as the report And then came the ruling of the Attorney-General, promptly further showed, the troopers patrolled 99,567 miles, visited transmitted to the Town Board of Canajoharie, to the effect 4,477 towns, and made 522 arrests, followed by 423 convictions, that, in that their constable had been convicted of violating his with 70 cases still pending. And to their success in a direction oath of office, that constable's place was thereby automatically far more important than that of making arrests-that of the vacated; furthermore, that it could not be filled by reappoint prevention of crime—there was already conclusive testimony, ment of late incumbent.

But the force is in its infancy yet, happily getting its first This incident faintly hints at the deep underlying necessity experience in relatively little things-finding itself

, finding its that every trooper shall be well and firmly grounded in criminal way, making fast friends with the people. The time will surely law and procedure. It suggests, too, the increasing assistance come, we know not how or how soon, when the people's needs that district attorneys and sheriffs may expect to receive, and will wear a sterner face. Be it by bitter secret temptations trithe increasing value that the force, as a whole, must attain, in umphantly withstood, be it by disaster, flood or fire or wreck or proportion as hard, systematic, and skillfully directed legal study plague-- be it by enemies within, be it by lonely ordeals that develops its reach, accuracy, and intelligence.

test a man's last ounce of strength, last atom of nerve, and that Returning to the subject of co-operation with other State in the end may take his life itself, the New York State Troopers Departments, we find Dr. Biggs, State Commissioner of Health, have their spurs to win. reporting, among other matters, a tour of quarantine service 4. You must make the New York State Troopers the finest against smallpox on the Cattaraugus Indian Reservation. Here, police body in the world,” Major Chandler told them early; says the Commissioner, a State Police detail of eight men com And that in the face of the Pennsylvania force, and those pletely stopped the spread of the plague, satisfactorily accom chaps still on the jump!” exclaimed å sergeant of A Troop, plishing what a large local guard was failing to do; and, further repeating the words. - It's some job, boys! Gee! Let's go inore, saving the townships affected a charge of at least $100 to it.!it day for a minimum period of three weeks.

Go to it," indeed, you lads in the gray and purple! That job From the Department of Education, charged with the admin will try the marrow of your souls. And the Empire State

, lookistration of laws touching the professions, come curious tales ing on with eager, sympathetic eyes, proudly " expects every hinging on State Troopers' agency. One of these concerns an man to do his duty.”






\ROM the very day it broke out the war has been a strug well-known gun factory. Look at their art and literature. Brute

gle between two tendencies : one, the spirit of conquest force, in the last analysis, they count as master. Remember

and autocracy ; the other, the spirit of liberty and justice. Goethe's “ Faust," and Goethe is the national German poet par It could not be otherwise. Such conflicts have taken place since excellence. Schiller, Heine, and others they regard as inspired the downfall of Rome.

by foreign ideas. Consider the spiritual Yeaders of Germany If civilization and progress are not to become vain and mean- during the past hundred years. They have been cold materialingless, this war must be brought to a definite victory. With ists. Have not Bismarck, Bülow, and Bethmann Hollweg out such a victory the world in its evolution will be turned been guided by such men as List, Roscher, and Naumann, on backward for centuries to come.

the one hand, and on the other hand by Moltke, Roon, and As it is a struggle between principles, it is also a struggle their kind? And what do these names represent? Brutal milibetween races that personify these principles, and these races tary and economic subjugation of other peoples and nations have been in opposition for twenty centuries. In the first years and autocratic domination over them. The part played in the of the Christian era, Strabo, in his geography which he wrote Middle Ages by the Roman Empire of the German nation, at that time, defined the two races with which he was acquainted, which was temporarily checked in 1648, has been resumed since the Germans and the Gallic Celts. The Germans, he tells us, 1871, when the Hohenzollerns definitely assured for themselves fight for booty, the Gallic Celts for honor. In speaking of the the control of German policies and the organizing of the Gerlatter, he adds that their frank and generous character makes man spirit. But, whether guided by Catholic Hapsburgs or by them feel any injury done to their neighbors as if it were done Protestant Hohenzollerns, the Germans have always been and to themselves. Since that contrast was drawn between these always will remain the same-typical representatives of racial two principal races of Europe there has been no change in selfishness, with a tendency to domination. In twenty centuries them. The Teutons of to-day have the traits of their ancestors, Christianity has not succeeded in making the short way from and the descendants of the Celts have the traits that Strabo their lips to their hearts. You remember the poetry of hate found in the Celts of his time. More than that, the Celts have against Great Britain in this war. It falls short, however, of imbued with their splendid qualities all the peoples with whom this Satanic appeal, written by a teacher and recited every they have physiologically mixed, and have thus created un morning for the past three years in primary schools throughout doubtedly the most gailant race in the history of mankind. It Germany: is well known that the Celts have mixed with Slavs, and espe

“ Kill all those who for mercy implore. cially with the Czechs and Jugo-Slavs. Even the name of Bo

Shoot them down like dogs. hemia is a Celtic name ; and so are, too, many of the geographical

Always more enemies ! names in the Slavic countries, as, for example, the river names

Such shall be your only prayer

In this hour of revenge Sava, Drava, and Morava. It may perhaps be forgotten

!" that even Belgrade, our Serbian martyred political and moral Schoolmasters of this kind have formed the officers and the capital, was founded by the Celts. Look just for a moment at soldiers who make the Germany of today. The same men would this episode from the Salonika front, reported by a French

have under their control the shaping of Mittel-Europa and of the correspondent:

world if the Hohenzollerns and the Hapsburgs, together with The French Divisional Staff had been quartered in an ancient

their Bulgarian and Turkish allies, should succeed in remaining Orthodox church whose walls had many holes-on account of the

the victors in this tremendous struggle. visits of many enemy shells. I was sitting inside with General Europe and Asia Minor together are not sufficient to satisfy F -, commandant of a division on the Salonika front, and with their ambitions. In the first half of the nineteenth century List General G -. Our fire illumined the bright gilt ikons of St.

planned the subjugation of Europe. In his early manhood he had George, St. Dimitri, and the Risen Christ. St. George was killing

spent some years in America, so his thoughts came to attack you the dragon, and in the light of the curling flame it seemed to

too. In his “System of National Economics” he writes as folme that the two generals were of the saintly company, that they were also holy warriors and slayers of dragons and monsters.

lows : “Should a Power conceive the plan of stopping America Through large holes in the roof the rain came down upon our

in her development and of imposing upon her an industrial, heads.

commercial, and political yoke, that Power should begin with " To-day," said General F 6 a Serbian soldier came to the depopulation of the Atlantic States, and the pushing of the us and asked the guard to let him into the church. “These are whole increase of population, of capital, and of moral forces the headquarters of X Division,' replied the guard. But the fel toward the interior. It could hope even to occupy by force in low was so importunate that at last the sentry let him through. due time the principal points of defense on the Atlantic coast Coming in to us with all the adroitness of an old soldier, he

and of the river mouths." saluted and said, Slava,' meaning thus to tell us that it was In 1898 the German Admiral Count von Goetzen, the confithe day of his patron saint. He wanted, he said, to thank the Creator for the capture of Monastir in this his church, the church

dant of the Kaiser, said to the American Admiral Dewey : of his own people; and then he turned round, prayed to God, Approximately in fifteen years my country will begin her great kissed the ikons, and went away with cheerful soul. There is war. We shall be in Paris in two months ; but this will be only something striking about these Serbian soldiers; something war the first step toward our real object, the overthrow of England. like and yet open-hearted, something flexible and also firm. I Everything must be done at the precise moment, because we could not describe the halo of light upon his brow as he turned shall be prepared and ready for all, and our enemies will not be. from worship and left the church. A pure, ancient, unsubjugated Some months after having accomplished our task in Europe we race! I was somehow reminded of our own French peasantry. shall take New York and probably Washington, and we shall In the deepest and best sense here meet two of the aristocracies keep them for a certain time. We do not intend to take of the world, and they know it and they feel it.”

ritory. We rather wish to put your country in her place as regards Now consider the history of Europe for the last twenty cen

Germany. From New York and from others of your cities we

shall take one or two billion dollars. We shall assume control of turies. It is plain to be seen that in all this time these two races the Monroe Doctrine and of


relations to South America. have remained clearly distinct. The Teutons have spent their time and energy in struggling for the political and material In direct opposition to these tendencies, the Celtic spirit subjugation of other peoples as well as their own. Their arms marches always without interruption on the way that leads to have always been the same-sword and fire. Militarism has been liberty and justice. The Gallic Church was the first to give an throughout their principal industry. The richest person in Ger- example in that direction. Wycliffe followed. John Huss was many, as you know, is the daughter of Krupp, proprietor of the burned in Constance, not so much on account of his religion as

your ter

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