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What Can We Others Do ? (Continued)

THE NATION'S man better—and you trust him. But lift for a moment your eyes a little higher still. It's



INDUSTRIAL freedom you're helping to bring to the world -God's greatest gift to man—the most

PROGRESS wonderful heritage for your children and your children's children. Had money ever

Believing that the advance of business is a subject a greater power, a more wonderful oppor

of vital interest and importance, The Outlook will tunity?

present under the above heading frequent disEven to-day Germany is asking, Is

cussions of subjects of industrial and commercial America in earnest? Just show her.

interest. This will include paragraphs of timely

interest and articles of educational value dealing London, England.

with the industrial upbuilding of the Nation, Com

ment and suggestions are invited. BUY A LIBERTY BOND BY CHARLTOTE SAYRE BOORMAN

MODERN ROOFING Build a bridge of ships to Pershing o’er

METHODS Stand behind our boys in France for liberty.

NUE first requisites of primitive man Hold the line; close the ranks;

were food to sustain life and a shelter Move like a million tanks ; Build a bridge of ships to Pershing o'er

where he might lay his head and find

protection from the elements. He

sought refuge in a cave or a dugout, and Buy a bond to help our boys who fight for you,

finally learned to erect a rude shelter of Send the loaded ships across the ocean blue.

grass, boughs, thatch, or other material With the stamps, come across ;

which he found immediately at hand. The With the bonds, come across ;

You cannot afford to

roof was the essential part of his dwelling

, Send the ships across to Pershing o'er

take the risk of maybe

for it protected him from the rays of the

tropical sun or the raging tempest of wind Do you hear their bugles calling you and right where the safe and rain. Thus the roof has always been

guarding and the protec

about the most important part of the dwell“Send more men, and guns, and airships

tion of your home are

ing, and has received perhaps the most careo'er the sea ” ?

ful attention from builders. For a leaky or The hand that buys the bond


imperfect roof will ruin the entire edifice. Moves the ship to cross the pond,

Doubtful locks will not do.

Shakespeare must have possessed certain Builds a bridge of ships to Pershing o'er

architectural instincts, for he says You can know but one standard in your locks and builders'

“Pericles :” “Goodly buildings left withhardware. You do not need to

out a roof, soon fall to ruin.” And the best “ BOSS CLARKE"

builders and contractors to-day give very be told that the best is none

careful attention to their roofing specificaEvery newspaper man has heard about too good for your home—for

tions and the actual construction of the “Boss Clarke,” once night editor of the your family.

roof. New York “Sun.” Here are some stories

Put your security up to Yale.

There are to-day many varieties and styles about him from “ The Story of the Sun," which has been appearing in “Munsey's

But be sure you get Yale. See of roofing in general use. The proper roof

the trade-mark “Yale” on the ing material depends upon many factors Magazine:"

product you buy—whether it is and must be considered in connection with Clarke would put the obvious heading on a long,

a Night Latch or Door Closer, the type of building, its purpose, and all matter-of-fact yarn in two minutes, but he might spend half an hour--if he had it to spare-polish

Padlock, Cabinet Lock, Build the conditions which confront the architect ing a head for a short and sparkling piece of work.

ers' Hardware or the famous who draws up the plans. There are fat Two architects who did city work pleaded poverty,

Yale Chain Block.

roofs and sloping roofs, roofs for dwellings but admitted having turned over property to their

and for factories, roofs that are best in hot

Yale products wives. Clarke headed the story:

for sale by

climates, and those that should be used in “We're Broke,” Says Horgan.—“Sure," Says

hardware dealers.

wet or cold climates. There are roofs for Slattery, " But Our Wives Are Doing Fine."

architectural beauty and for practical util

The Yale & Towne A brief item about the arrest of some boys for

ity. Therefore the roofing question should

Mfg. Co., stealing five copies of “The Simple Life” he headed “ Tempted Beyond Their Strength.” Over

9 E. 40th St.

be carefully studied, and the advice of a a paragraph telling of the killing of a Park Row

New York

good architect and contractor be sought in newsboy by a truck he wrote: “ A Sparrow Falls."

Chicago Office :

every case. Clarke had a besetting fear that Russell Sage

77 East Lake Street

The incline of the roof deck is the most would die suddenly late at night, and that the

Yale & Towne Ltd.,

important factor in deciding the type or "Sun" would not learn of it in time. Again and

St. Catharines, Ont.

character of roofing to be used. There is a again false“ hunches " caused him to send men to

certain limitation in this regard to the use the Sage home on Fifth Avenue to discover the state of the old millionaire's health. When Mr.

of all roof coverings. Slate, tile

, unsoldered Sage became seriously ill, reporters were sent in


tin, prepared roofings, and shingles are de relays to watch the house. One man who had such

signed for and give their best service on an assignment turned up at the "Sun" office at

The efficient, un

steep roof decks, and should never be used one o'clock in the morning.

pickable Yale

on buildings of permanent character where “I left Mr. Sage's house," he explained to Clarke,

Cylinder Night

the incline of the roof is less than two “because Dr. Blank just came out and I had a

Latch. Used by

inches to the foot. The reason for this is little talk with him. He asked me if S. M. Clarke

itself, or was still night city editor of the Sun ;' and when

obvious, as on a comparatively fat roof

perfect reinforceI told him that you were, he said :

water does not run off readily, and it can

ment for a doubt* Tell Selah for me that I will call him person

gradually work down through the shingles

sul lock. ally on the phone if there is the least change in Mr

or other covering, and thus the roof does Sage's condition. Selah and I are old friends; we

not stand the wear and tear for any great | used to be roommates in college.'”

length of time. Also the nails are frequently “Blank always was a darn liar !” said Mr. Clarke.

exposed, which greatly increases the chance “Go back to the house and sit on the doorstep

Sturdy, staunch and

of leaks. On February 28, 1917, five years after Clarke

tenacious, Yale Padretired, the “Sun” Alumni Association gave a

For flat roofs gravel and tar, built-up

locks are twenty-four dinner in his honor, with Mr. Lord presiding. Men

felt or asbestos with pitch orasphalt,andcon

hour watchmen. In came five hundred miles for the event, and the

crete are most commonly used. The Matter sizes 4 inch to 3%

YALE speeches were entirely about Clarke and his work.

inches. Prices to meet

the roof, the better the pitch, asphalt, Mr. Clarke himself, who was only five miles away,

every purse.

tar can be applied, as more of such mate sent a kindly letter to say that he was pleased, but that he could not imagine anything more absurd than a man's attending a dinner given in his own honor.

more durable surface. Such roofs also possess the advantage of being highly fire

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Complete Banking and Trust Service

Rise of roof


Modern Roofing Methods (Continued)
proof. A writer in the “ Contract Record”
remarks on this point: “ If the pitch of the
roof and the material are not properly re-
lated, leaky roofs are sure to result.” The
following table gives the desirable slopes
that may be safely used with the materials

HIS Company is an organization of two thousand people and mentioned :

thirty-eight departments. It offers the facilities and services of a

commercial bank, a trust company, a foreign exchange bank, an investMaterial.

per foot. Wooden shingles..

6 inches ment institution, and a safekeeping depositary. Each department is Slate..

6 Tile..

4 to 7

complete in itself; all work together under a single policy of service. Corrugated iron.

+ Asbestos shingles.



Tar and gravel.

our customers in every branch of

22 Asphalt and pitch.


general banking. Through memReady roofing.


bership in the Federal Reserve Concrete....


System, we secure the most favor-
A brief description of the most popular able terms on discounts and accep-
types of roofing with their respective uses
may be of interest to the reader.

tances. We pay interest on daily
In former days plain wooden shingles

balances and on certificates of
were very extensively used. Good wooden deposit.
shingles will last many years and are
cheaper than other materials. They are

Trust DEPARTMENT - acts in
made from white pine, cedar, or cypress. every fiduciary capacity, such as
Dipping in creosote stain will add to the

executor, administrator, guardian,
life of shingles, but painting after they are
laid will cause them to rot. Wooden shingles

committee; and, for individuals
are losing their popularity, however, be-

and corporations, as trustee,
cause of the danger of fire, and in many of depositary, agent, and custodian.
our municipalities there are now strict laws
against the use of wooden shingles in cer-

Foreign DEPARTMENT—is a
tain districts.

complete banking organization Many varieties of prepared shingles are with fully equipped offices in Lonnow in use. These give the effect of wooden

don and Paris, and resident

shingles at a distance, yet are fireproof and
can be secured in a variety of colors. Many

sentatives and correspondents in
of these prepared shingles can be put on a

important centers throughout the
roof over the old wooden shingles at slight

world. Handles direct all kinds
expense. Such surfaced roofing is also of foreign banking transactions;
made in rolls which can be readily attached finances exports and imports.
to an old roof.

Clay, cernent, and metal tile also give BOND DEPARTMENT — maintains
the effect of shingles and may be used to

a complete service for the infor-
some very striking architectural

mation of investors. Investigates,
effects. Ordinary tiles are made from
burned clay with interlocking or overlap-

examines and underwrites bond
ping edges. Clay shingles are also made issues; buys and sells securities,

about the same effect as slate.
Tiles are secured with nails or wires.

We shall welcome your inquiries as

Asphalt or asbestos shingles are now to how we can meet your needs.

140 BROADWAY, New York City
very popular for the roofing of residences
or public buildings with pitched roofs. An
asphalt shingle is composed of a flexible
body of wool felt made of very tough and

Guaranty Trust Company of New York strong long fiber. Hot asphalt is forced through every fiber and into every pore of

140 Broadway this felt. It is then coated above and below

FIFTH AVE. OFFICE MADISON AVE. OFFICE LONDON OFFICE PARIS OFFICE with asphalt. On the upper surface is put a Fifth Ave. & 43rd St. Madison Ave, & 60th St. 32 Lombard St., E. C. Rue des Italiens, 1 & 3 layer of crushed slate or rock, forced in under enormous pressure. A lower surface Capital and Surplus $50,000,000 Resources more than $600,000,000 of crushed mica or other substance is put on to prevent sticking during transit, and this gradually wears loose after laying, allowing the shingles to bind closely to compressed under hydraulic pressure, the is said that no expensive cementing or spegether. The combination of these materials claim being made that their rocklike base cial jointing is required. forms an elastic shingle which has enough and tough, resilient strength make them Cement tile, as the name implies, is made pliability to give slightly under strain, and unaffected by time, fire, or weather. These from Portland cement and sand, and makes which is yet stiff enough not to curl or shingles can be obtained in a variety of a splendid, substantial roofing for large blow up. It is stated that the slate or rock colors.

industrial plants. It can be used on either surfacing is permanent in color, and that the Corrugated asbestos roofing for large pitched or fat roofs. It is frequently reshingle is an enduring guard against cracks buildings is made of a perforated metal inforced with metal, and is then capable of or leaks. The original cost, it is claimed, sheet, which acts as a reinforcing, to each sustaining a very heavy load. compares very favorably with that of com side of which are applied plies of asbestos Metal tile is also being widely used in monly used roofings. These shingles can be bent around corners and produce beautiful

felts thoroughly impregnated with asphalt place of wooden shingles. It is absolutely

and cemented together by a combination of fireproof and weather-proof, durable, ecoroofing effects. No changes are needed in Trinidad Lake and other natural asphalts. nomical, and can be employed to secure order to use asphalt shingles in place of The edges of the metal core are highly decorative effects. other materials. After the old roofing has been removed they can be applied as

lapped with asbestos covering, and for Tin roofs were formerly very widely quickly and easily as on a new house.

further security the edges are bound with used and are found on many of our older Asbestos shingles are a combination of applied in the same way as corrugated iron asphalt impregnated tape. This roofing is houses. But under present conditions tin

roofing is extremely expensive and almost asbestos rock fiber and Portland cement and can be laid directly on the purlins. It impossible to secure. This is likewise true




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Modern Roofing Methods (Continued) of the other metals. Copper roofs can be used only on the most expensive and pretentious buildings, and their cost is now prohibitive. Sheet steel is expensive and is of little value for roofing. Wrought iron requires constant repair. It must be kept thickly coated with paint, and no part can be left exposed to the action of the weather.

One of the best known of roofing materials is slate, a natural product which embodies no mixture of any kind, but is simply taken from its bed like granite, marble, or coal. In addition it has the peculiar advantage of being split into thin sheets and then with dressed edges made ready for roofing purposes. As is well known, slate is exceedingly durable, and in many instances where slate has been used upon a roof for more than one hundred years it is still in good condition. Experience has shown that slate properly applied to a roof is economical in the end and controverts the many statements which have been made relative to its excessive cost. A slate roof is fire-resisting, is attractive in appearance, and seldom calls for repairs.

Tar and gravel roofing is largely used on flat roofs and if properly made will last twenty or thirty years. Tarred felt or asbestos felt may be used. The latter will not burn, but does not last as long as the cotton felt. Authority for the lasting qualities of these roofs is found in the recent yearly reports of the American Railway Engineering Association. The following is quoted from one of these reports :

“ The built-up coal-tar roofs have shown by many years' trial their value for protecting flat roofs. Instances where a life of from twenty to thirty years has been obtained are not at all rare.

“Where proper materials and the requisite skill in application are available, builtup roofs of coal-tar felt, coal-tar pitch, and gravel or slag are recommended for roofs with a pitch of two inches or less to the foot.”

The roofs of mills and warehouses are generally of great area and protect valuable machinery and goods. The first feature makes considerations of cost important; the second emphasizes the need of perfect protection.

Most owners of big roofs have adopted the so-called gravel or slag roof on account of its low cost and adaptability to large flat areas, coupled with the excellent protection which roofs of this kind give when properly laid. Tar and gravel roofs call for no maintenance expense, because they are neither painted nor coated. When the roof is once laid in place, the owner has no further responsibility, and is able to leave it untouched for years.

It is thus seen that the prospective builder has many varieties of roofing materials to choose from, but he must always bear in mind the adaptability of the material to the particular style of roof and building which is to be constructed. In all cases the advice of a competent architect and contractor is essential in order to secure the most satisfactory and lasting results. Our leading roofing manufacturers are issuing much instructive material on the subject of proper roofing, and are always glad to aid the man who is planning to build a home or a factory to decide aright on this all-important point.

We are indebted for much of the material in this article to a number of the leading roofing manufaclurers, who have sent us valuable material, and to articles in several recent issues of the Building Age" and the National Builder."

Mellin's Food, prepared with milk, provides proper nourishment to make firm flesh, strong limbs and a rugged constitution.

BY THE WAY The near approach of the Germans to Amiens, with the consequent possibility of the destruction of its fine Cathedral, makes the following allusion to that Cathedral interesting. It seems that many windows in the Amiens Cathedral are without stained glass, in that respect differing notably from those of the wonderful Cathedral of Chartres. Contrasting the effect of this difference, the “ History of Architecture” by Professors Kimball and Erdgell says:

Some of the most masterly of the world's designs in color may still be seen in the interior of Chartres. The color, sometimes flanning, sometimes hushed, played vividly upon the religions imagination. How much is lost with the destruction of stained glass may be gauged by comparing the interior of Chartres, where the glass is largely preserved, with that of Amiens. Although the latter is probably the more perfect building architecturally, its effect as the cold light streams in from the white glass of the windows is vastly less impressive than that of Chartres. Curiously enough, the Cathedral at Amiens lost its stained glass, not through an invasion of barbarians, but through the foolishness of (literally) short-sighted ecclesiastics. Another authority says:

In order to see more clearly ... the near-sighted canons deliberately removed the long, decorative panels of the windows and replaced them with clear white panes.

General Baden-Powell, says the “Christian Science Monitor," at a Boy Scout meeting told of a boy who one night went to bed without having done his “ kind act." Just as he was beginning to feel rather miserable about it, he heard a mouse in a trap in the room. “ What do you

think he
did?''asked the General. The boys promptly
replied : “ Let it out.” “ Not at all,” replied
the General ; "he hadn't done his kind
act: he thought of the cat."

Four years of war have apparently ease-
hardened French nerves. While the great-
est battle of the war was being fought only
seventy miles from Paris, and while the
" mystery gun" was actually bombariling
the French capital, art lovers gathered at
the sale of the collection of Edouard Degas
and made it one of the most successful of
such sales since the war began. “It is war"
say the French, and go about their occu-
pations and amusements as usual unless
duty calls them to the front. A self-con-
tained, imperturbable, phlegmatic race, one
might think-yet these are the excitable
Gauls ! The world has learned much about
the French in four years.

Contrasting the stupendously great with
the infinitely little, "Shipping " remarka
that the Emergency Fleet Corporatiou i
spending from $3,000,000 to $5,000,000 a
day on its ship-building programme,
the lower floors of the building in which it
is housed are occupied by a 5-and-10-cent

If phonetic spelling ever comes into
vogue, it will spoil not å few orthographical
jokes, of which the following are recent
samples. From the New Haven “ Regis-
ter:" “ Have you any wax ? • Sealing?
* Ceiling? No ; floor. From "Judge :"
“ Mother,' said Edith, when the first man
started to spell“ psalm ” with a “p," why
didn't he scratch it out and start over?”

" In what way does Germany resemble
Holland ?" asks'a contemporary wit, and
answers his question thus: “It is a low,
lying country, and damned all around."

A correspondent chides The Outlook for saying differ from


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in a matter of

[blocks in formation]

K.I. Shorthand

[blocks in formation]

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Stenography Simplified

By the Way (Continued)
opinion, instead of differ with.” “You dis-
agree with a man,” he says; "why can't
you just differ with him, too?" Possibly
there is something in the psychology back
of the phrase that makes many people
prefer to say, “I differ from you.""« With”
seems here to imply consonance of feel-
ing when divergence is the sentiment in
the mind. Without questioning the gram-
matical acuteness of our critic, we may
quote, as showing respectable authority for
6 differ from,” Cardinal Newman, one of
the acknowledged masters of English,
“She may differ from me in opinion,
and Edmund Burke, “I can never for a
moment differ from

and your

brother in sentiment.”

The spoils that await a possible German raid on Vladivostok by way of the Siberian Railway are indicated in the final chapter of Donald Thompson's new book on Russia. Mr. Thompson returned to America last fall via Vladivostok. He says: “ The amount of supplies tied up in Vladivostok is incredible. All the hills as far as you can see are covered with them; some have been there for two years.” There ought to be some way of securing these supplies for the Allies' use.

“A story is told of a woman who wrote to her decorator in a large city,” says “ ToDay's Housewife, “ as follows: "The library is now finished. The rug and hangings are green. Please send me at once five hundred green books to harmonize with the inclosed sample.

The comment is made that this is an easy way to solve a difficult problem, but that a better way is to use your own good books of various colors in such a way as not to produce a hodgepodge color effect. “Several green books, then a red, two or three more green or blue ones creating a group larger or smaller than the first, but not the same number as of red, should result agreeably,” is the magazine's suggestion.

The moving-picture presentation of Maeterlinck's “Blue Bird” is said to have encountered and solved mechanical difficulties that taxed the movie men's ingenuity to the utmost. Among these problems were the transformation of a stone into a flower ; the changing of the grass of a cemetery into blooming lilies ; the sending of Father Time through space on a ship laden with the souls of unborn children ; etc., etc. These feats for the camera are said to have been accomplished with even greater success than in the presentation of the play on the stage.

Are we making a mistake in preferring white sugar to brown? Henry T. Finck, in the “ Century,” says:

“ What the refiners remove from the cane sugar is its very soul ; that is, its aroma and fragrance.” He quotes Dr. Wiley as saying that cane sugar is "aromatic, fragrant, and delicious to a far greater degree in the raw state than when it is refined.”

The crews of vessels that sail from port in these times and are not heard from are not given up as lost for a long time. The schooner Bessie A. Crooks left Pernambuco the iniddle of last January and was reported missing. Now her crew of seven men are, it is announced, prisoners in Germany, the vessel having been sunk by some German rover. This has revived hopes in shipping circles that the same thing may have befallen the sailors of the ship Timandra, which has never been heard from since she sailed a year ago for Buenos Aires from Norfolk.


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Why Does God Permit Wars?

Thousands ask themselves this question. As never before in our generation men and women seek light and guidance. Those who stay at home to watch, and ponder, and perhaps weep, long for an insight into the meaning of God's will. We have need of all the comfort and help we can get. Endowed for that purpose, this Society offers to send you, without cost or obligation other than 5 cents for mailing, Emanuel Swedenborg's "Divine Providence”, a book that shows the way to a clearer understanding of God's purposes. American Swedenborg Printing and Publishing Society, Room 11, 3 W. 29th St., New York

Special Real Estate Announcements



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I got
spot cash for my property in dess than Cornwall, Conn.


cottage, or commissions to pay. And you can do the seven rooms, bath, running water. Elevation same if you will get and follow The Simplex 800 feet. $250 for season. Milk, vegetables, Plans for Selling Real Estate. No matter chickens, can be procured. 8,029, Outlook. where your property is located these successful Plans will show you how to make a quick, CORNWALL, CONN. cash sale. More than 5,000 properties in the

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class social surroundings. Low price, liberal supply. Good neighborhood. For sale or
terms to responsible party. Address Estate,

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try home, piazza, open fireplace, electric
9 E. 46th St., N. Y. Tel. Murray Hill 1000.

Ten minutes by water from Seal Harbor, 45
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Commands superb view of San Bernardino

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924 17th Street, Washington, D.C.
E. A. Moore, Redlands, California fertile Connecticut River valley, 10 miles
from Hartford, on State road and trolley line.


11-room, 2-story house for one or two families.
• SALE Barn, corn-crib,engine-house, poultry-houses,

Opposite Mount Desert. Summer home for 2% acres in full bearing fruit: 23 orange, 175 artesian well. None old. 25 acres level land,

sale or rent, 12 rooms, boathouse, etc. 2 acres deciduous trees, mostly peaches, balance apri 8 in wood. No rocks, good elevation; healthful,

beach front. Terms very moderate. Address cots, plums, pears, figs, walnuts, etc. Good 5 genial soil for grain, fruit, vegetables, tobac

HENRY S. PANCOAST, Chestnut Hill, Penna. room house, large barn and chicken corrals co, poultry. Excellent markets. City growand houses ; own domestic water supply at no ing this way. Age and health demand sacriexpense; garage, 300 yds. from trolley line and fice. $13,000. Advertiser, 8,159, Outlook.


• Season 1918 boulevard. Mountain view. Cheap at $3,600.

THE MAPLES Cottage facing the ocean. Eleven rooms, five A. B. Cumming, 129 Columbia Ave., Riverside, Cal. NEW CANAAN, CONN. ROXBURY, CONN.

open fires, glass porch, electric light, tele

phone, three baths. Fully furnished. 'J. B. CANADA

For Sale. Fully developed country place, Situated in the Berkshire Hills, 90 miles McMaster, 2109 De Lancey St.,Philadelphia, Pa.

35 acres, less than two miles from station. from New York, ideally located in the FOR RENT

Sound views. Address OWNER, 8,189, Outlook. village of Roxbury, Conn. A place conDIGBY, NOVA SCOTIA

taining șix acres of tillable land, with KE


well equipped house of 12 rooms and bath. NORFOLK, CONN.

for season, fully furnished cottage, atWell-furnished Cottage

Running water, hot water heat; large

tractively located ; 6 bedrooms, 2 baths; all On high ground overlooking water. Six bed | BEECH FERN FARM

porch, shade trees and some fruit. A good

modern conveniences. For plans and photo rooms, two baths. Near golf links.

address Prosper L. Senat, care Wm. Gorham, barn. 'For particulars address

1,500 Feet Elevation C. S. COX, Manchester, N. H.

ROLAND F. MYGATT, New Milford, Conn.

Wissahickon Ave., Germantown, Philadelphia. o

, 1 bath, 2 stone fireplaces. Situation unsur

Majue passed, overlooking Passamaquoddy Bay and

Sharon, Ct. For sale on rent furnished, conve
nient house, 9 rooms and bathroom, electric-

surrounding, country. Reat $300 for season.
Isabelle T. Vennell, Campobello, N. B., Can.

ity, water, acre land, vegetable garden, fruit 10 rooms, 2 baths, toilet; thoroughly fur

trees.C. S. Sedgwick, Executor, Sharon, Conn. nished, piano; electric lights, fireplace, piazzas, CONNECTICUT

sleeping porch, garage, boathouse; boating,

fishing ; sightly. $350. Photos. Also 9-room DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA cottage, all modern conveniences, use of boat

house, accommodation for automobile. $235.
FORSALEWashington, Dic. And small cottage with outdoor living and

A well established private school. Splen- sleeping facilities. $110.
did patronage, good enrollment for next G. S. P., 12 Carlisle St., Roxbury, Mass.
year. Washington's increased population in-

Dwelling 12 rooms, modern improvements. Addresses and d SUZANNE oport Boatel. 1,284. | To Let comfortably furnished houses to
Barn 300 feet from house. 60 acres white pine,

rooms, 6 bedrooms. Modern conveniences; 120 upland, 20 meadow and pasture; total 200

furnace. Rent $500. Apply 8,043, Outlook.
acres. 2,000 fruit trees, variety grafts. Small

fruit, ferns, slirubbery, artistically arranged.
Water supply excellent. Sale price $15,000. Want Maine Property?

FOR SALE Summer Home in

of Maine. 8-room bungalow, with bath,

WARD, New Haven, Ct. P. O. Box 1232. This BUNGALOW for Sale

largest agency in Maine. Bangor, Maine.

screened porch, all modern improvements.

Stable attached. W. L. Johnson, Monson, Me. Asking $15,000. At Double Beach, Bran

FOR ford, Conn., with shore frontage of 100


New Cottage feet on Long Island Sound. Conveniently

furnished house 14 rooms, at Branford, Conn., accessible by trolley line or State roads.

on shore front. Private park about 60 acres for season 1918. Fully furnished, ten Lot is well wooded and commands fine and bathing beach. Modern plumbing. Gas,

Furnished Cottages to Rent

rooms, three baths, overlooking Bluehill view. Bathing and boating privileges. hot water furnace, electricity. 5 open fire

ALICE C. YOUNG, South West Harbor, Me.

Bay. For particulars address Miss E. G. Bungalow is exceptionally well built,

places. Address Box 1,234, New Haven, Conn. OWEN, 214 So. 15th St., Philadelphia, Pa. with all modern conveniences and hard

NEWCASTLE, MAINE wood floors throughout. Contains livingroom, dining-room, five bedrooms, kitch Conn, a fine oldColonial house with Boothbay Harbor, Me. For sale or rent,

Salt water and country combined. On Maine en, large bathroom, cemented cellar, and rooms and two baths. Large piazzas on front, tage, camps and tents. Open fires, sleeping Trunk Line. Fine road to the ocean. Ten lakes

Central R. R. On Maine's new Automobile two screened porches. Pure water supply,

side and rear, extensive grounds and garage. porch. Rent, $100 to $200. Fine shore lots. hot water heating and electric liglning Situated on finest residential street. Fully Photos. John H. Blair, Boothbay Harbor, Me.

with good fishing within ten-mile radius. Well built garage with cemented floor furnished. E. H. LINNELL, Norwich, Conn.

Through train service Boston, New York, and charging set

for electric

Philadelphia and Washington. Sleepers and
Owner will sell furnished or unfur-

diner. For rent-FOUR COTTAGES, nished as desired. Address

mer cottages for

8300 to $1,000. Modern conveniences. For rent, "GREYSTOKE,” furnished; nine furnished for

housekeeping. Electric

lights, Furnished. Open fire. Town water. Electric
master's and four servants' chambers. Has

town water, warm bathing, no mosquitoes. lights. JOHN M. GLIDDEN, Maine.
Second National Bank Bldg., New Haven, Conn.
large stairway hall, library. 32x23 feet, draw-

B.G. Shipman, 12 West St., Boston, Mass.
ing room, smoking or billiard room. Open
fireplaces and vapor system of hot water heat- BRIDGTON, ME.

Furnished nished. 9 rooms, bath, fireplace, porches,

boat landing. Sheepscot River opposite Wiscas
rooms, a lavatory on first floor, immediate to rent on Highland Lake. Quiet, secluded, set. 9 miles from Boothbay Harbor Seasonszm.
hot water at faucets. Servants' hall adjoining moderate terms. Frank M. Stone, R. D. No.1.

C. H. Collins, 713 Newington Ave., Balto., Md.
a five-windowed, well-ventilated kitchen.
Complete laundry. Pure and cold water from
deep (180 feet) driven well. GOLF club near
CAMDEN, MAINE North Haven, Maine room bungalow

by. ELECTRICITY for light, moderate cook 2 high-class Summer Cottages. Near on water's edge. Rent $400. References re-
ing and power furnished FREE. Garage.
Tastefully and lavishly furnished for the

the shore, with an 80-mile view up and down quired. J.L. COOLIDGE, Cambridge, Mass.
home of a gentleman. Rent $1,000. Can be
the coast. J. R. PRESCOTT, Newtonville, Mass.

Rent for season
seen on application to


, Me. fagre, 107 rooms with bath,
EDWARD S. ENGLISH, Pomfret, Conn.

season; suitable for three; 4 rooms, bath,

fully furnished, electric lights. Address Mrs.
kitchenette. Near golf links. Mrs. Twining,

G. F. SHAW, a Orkney St., Woodfords, Me.
For Rent Cottage near Litchfield,
An old-fashioned

BEAUTIFUL POMFRET 60 East Penn St., Germantown, Philadelphia!
For rent, furnished, “NORTHCOTE,” very

Conn., artistically furnished. 8 rooms and desirable dwelling, with dining-room and
bath. L. THOMPSON, 133 Purchase St., Rye, N.Y. drawing-room on first floor, also card and

FORT -Attractive 7-Room Bungalow
smoking rooms, pantry, kitchen, servants' Also cosy 6-room cottage. Fine water

On ocean. Three minutes from cable tele
hall with bathroom. Four chambers with bath supply. Beautifully wooded estate, nearly

graph, hotels, churches, post-office, and CORNWALL, CONN. on 2d floor and four bright chambers on 3d

mile shore front on Frenchman's Bay. Splen

trolley. Complete housekeeping furnished. floor. Garage with chauffeur's room. Electric A fine large house with five master bedrooms,

did view of Mt. Desert. Apply to Mrs. S. L.

Twelve rooms, electric lighting, laundry, light three servants' rooms, sleeping-porch, two lights. GOLF CLUB near by. Rent $600. APOLLONIO, 16 River St., Boston, Mass.

cemented cellar with Boynton furnace; three Can be seen on application to bathrooms, large living-room, broad veranda.

bathrooms, three fireplaces. Apply by letter Fully furnished, with linen, towels, etc. EDWARD S ENGLISH, Pomfret, Conn. ISLESFORD


M. M. STEVENSON, Murray Hill Hotel,
Cranberry Island

New York City, or Ogunquit
Kerkble for companies withiviascosm, kitchese To Rent—Sharon, Conn., Litchfield Hillsoplo Senle Harbor. Men Tuseletubig thurnished;
ette, three bedrooms, open fireplace, bath.
Fully furnished. $45 per month.

Furnished cottages, by the month or season.
$400 to $3,500. All modern conveniences.

7 bedrooms, 2 bathroorns. Drively wernished Old Orchard Beach, Me. Cabout a L. R. SANFORD, Cornwall, Conn.

BAKER & KIRBY, Sharon, Conn.

of Mt. Desert Range
and ocean. Apply to

nicely furnished summer home at the sea
V. Y. B., 506 Beacon St., Boston.

shore. Harmon Realty Co., Old Orchard, Me.

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June 13-Sept. 19" NEW HOUSE 1917


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