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75th Congress, 1st Session

(January 5-August 21, 1987)


VOL. 3




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1194. Providing that all cabs for hire in D. C. be compelled to carry insurance.*

1195. Changing name of Chemical Warfare Service to Chemical Corps.*

1196. Assigning officers of the line of Marine Corps to special duties.

1198. Bankhead-Jones farm tenant act.

1199. Reimbursement of Indians of Fort Berthold Reservation.

1206. Refer claims of contractors for Mississippi River dams to Ct. of Cls.

1209. Transfer canceled cheque for purchase of Alaska to governor of Alaska.

1210. Referendum on one-house Legislature for Alaska.

1211. Appropriation for control of outbreaks of insect pests, etc.

1212. Repeal law which permits Filipinos to enter Hawaii for industrial work.

1213. Extend invitations to participate in Oil World Exposition, Houston, Tex.

1214. Fixing salaries of court officials of United States Court for China.

1215. Invitations to International Petroleum Exposition, Tulsa, Okla.

1218. Amending liquor enforcement act of 1936.

1219. Appropriations for construction and rehabilitation at military posts.

1220. Determination and payment of certain claims against Mexico.

1221. Transportation of passengers by Canadian vessels on Lake Ontario, eto.

1222. Improve efficiency of lighthouse service, marking of sunken craft, etc.

1223. Excepting yachts, etc., from law rel. to seamen on merchant vessels, etc.

1224. Amending laws relating to enlistments in Coast Guard.

1225. Exchange of Guanica lighthouse reservation for adjacent land in P. R.

1244. Extension of appropriations for Interior Dept. and War Dept.

1246. Incorporating Marine Corps League.

1247. Army Band to attend convention of Military Order of the Purple Heart.

1248. Authorization for advancement of funds for District of Columbia.

1249. Correcting U. S. citizenship status of certain persons born in P. R.*

1252. Provide for experimental air-mail services to further develop safety, etc.

1258. Radio companies to furnish positions of ships at sea to newspapers free.

1259. Time credits to injured substitute postal employees.

1260. Providing surcharge on certain air mail in Alaska.

1261. Increase number of judges of Supreme Court of Puerto Rico.

1262. Amending law relative to filling vacancy in Puerto Rican Legislature.

1263. Pierre, S. Dak., to construct on Farm Island certain amusement facilities.

1264. Accept from Utah title to land within naval oil shale reserve no. 2.

1265. Conveying land to Montana for recreational purposes.

1266. hamberlain, S. Dak., to construct tourist cabins on American Island.

1267. Revision of boundaries of Snoqualmie National Forest, Wash.

1268. Addition of lands to Fort Donelson National Park.

1269. Additional compensation to star-route carriers, etc.

1271. Establishment of Cape Hatteras National Seashore in North Carolina.

1272. Transport foreign air mail on certain commercially operated aircraft.

1274. Regulating proceedings in adoption in District of Columbia.

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1276. Recreational facilities, Chopawamsic recreational demonstration project.

1277. Administration and maintenance of Natchez Trace Parkway.

1278. Revising boundaries of Grand Canyon National Park, etc.

1279. Use of certain facilities of national parks, etc., for school purposes.

1280. Land for park purposes within proposed Isle Royale National Park.

1281. National Cancer Institute act.

1282. Construction of auxiliary vessels for Navy.

1283. Authorizing alterations and repairs to certain aircraft carriers.

1285. Increase number of students in Naval Reserve Officers' Training Corps.

1286. Fixing salaries of court officials of United States Court for China.

1287. Exempting vessels arriving for supplies from formal entry requirement.

1288. Farm credit act of 1937.

1289. Prohibit use of mails for procurement of divorces in foreign countries.

1290. Minimum-wage compact bet. Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island.

1291. Amending District of Columbia alcoholic beverage control act.

1292. Promotion of employees in Customs Field Service.

1293. Arapahoe and Cheyenne Indians to submit claims to Court of Claims.

1294. Manner of paying production taxes on minerals on Indian lands, Oklahoma.

1295. Divide funds of Chippewa Indians of Minnesota.

1296. Payment to Sac and Fox tribe of Indians in Oklahoma.

1297. Amend sec. 12B of Federal reserve act rel. to stockholders' liability.*

1298. Permitting producers of hops to enter into marketing agreements.

1299. Western bands of Shoshone Nation, Nevada, jurisdictional act.

1300. Interior Department appropriation bill, 1938.

1301. Site for Thomas Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D. C.

1302. Participation in New York World's Fair and in Golden Gate Exposition.

1303. Citizenship of persons born in Canal Zone or Republic of Panama.

1304. Further neutrality by expatriating Americans enlisted in foreign wars.

1345. Establish Gen. Anthony Wayne Memorial Commission.

1346. Retirement annuities for librarians of Congress who serve 35 years.

1347. Personnel, etc., of Charles Carroll of Carrollton Bicentenary Commission.

1348. Credit disbursing officers, subsistence homesteads corporations expenses.

1349. Appropriation for investigation of migratory labor.

1352. Transfer of land to Sitka Cold Storage Company by Alaska.

1353. Amend act admitting Wyoming into Union rel. to sale price for lands.

1354. Conveying lands in Jefferson County, Wash., to Washington State.

1355. Exchange of lighthouse sites at Kahului, Hawaii.

1356. Retirement annuities for former employees of Panama Canal, etc.

1357. Acceptance of bequests of James Reuel Smith.

1358. Amending law by increasing borrowing margin of Mayaguez, P. R.*

1359. Administration of oaths in Office of U. 8. High Commissioner to P. I.

1360. Granting consent to interstate compact to conserve oil and gas.

1361. Advance program of national safety and accident prevention.

1362. Alterations in bridges over Columbia River at Cascade Locks, Oreg., etc.

1363. Bridge across Mississippi River at or near Natchez, Miss.

1364. Bridge across Columbia River at or near Astoria, Oreg.

1365. Bridge across Missouri River at or near Arrow Rock, Mo.

1366. Bridge over Lake Sabine at or near Port Arthur, Tex.

1367. Bridge across west passage of Narragansett Bay.

1368. Bridge across Mississippi River between New Orleans and Gretna, La.

1369. Declare part of Burr Creek in Bridgeport, Conn., nonnavigable.

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1370. Bridge across Ohio River at or near Owensboro, Ky.

1371. Bridge across Sinepuxent Bay at Ocean City, Md.

1372. Bridge across Cambridge Creek at or near Cambridge, Md.

1373. Bridge across Mississippi River, Lake Village, Ark., and Greenville, Miss.

1374. Amend law rel. to increasing fund for purchase of metal for minor coins.

1375. Prohibiting issuance and coinage of certain commemorative coins.

1376. Authorizing additional number of medical and dental officers for Army.

1377. Authorize helium production by Government, regulate helium exportation.

1378. Studies for development of reclamation projects on Cimarron River, etc.

1379. Studies for development of reclamation project on Cimarron River, Okla.

1380. Permit payment of costs of repairs, Arrowrock Dam, in 20 annual payments.

1381. Register persons employed to disseminate foreign propaganda in U. S.

1382. Granting consent to creation of Palisades Interstate Park Commission.

1386. Placing World War provisional and emergency officers in same status.

1387. Exchange of lands at Jeffersonville Quartermaster Depot, Ind., etc.

1388. Sale of surplus War Department real property.

1389. Transfer to Sec. of Treasury portions of Camp Dix military reservation.

1390. Additional circuit judge for sixth circuit.

1391. To invite Finland to anniversary of settlement in Delaware River Valley.

1393. To lease Fort Schuyler military reservation to New York State.

1394. Per-capita payments to Seminole Indians in Oklahoma.

1409. Revision of national bankruptcy act.

1410. Continue post office lease at Grover, N. C.

1412. Relief of disbursing officers of Civil Works Administration.

1413. Providing additional revenue for District of Columbia.

1414. Comptroller general to credit accounts of disbursing officers, etc.

1424. To amend act authorizing Ct. of Cls. to hear claim of Perth Amboy, N. J.

1425. Cooperation with school board at Worley, Idaho, in educating Indians.

1426. Payment of interest on demand deposits of certain public funds.

1427. Increasing compensation of char people in postal service.

1428. Escheat to United States of certain compensation payments to veterans.

1429. Amending certain administrative provisions of tariff act of 1930.

1430. Relief of sergeant-instructors of Army on duty with National Guard.

1431. Promote air commerce by enlargement of Washington Airport.

1432. Coins for one-hundredth anniversary of founding of Iowa Territory.

1433. Establish national land policy and provide homesteads free of debt.*

1434. Prevent use of D. C. streets for picketing of foreign property. 2 pts.

1435. Aid States in making toll bridges on Federal aid highways free.

1437. Protection of certain enlisted men of Army.

1438. Authorizing certain payments to American War Mothers, Inc., et al.

1440. Relief to water users on reclamation and Indian irrigation projects.

1445. Retirement annuities for certain librarians of Congress.

1446. Allocation of net revenues of Shoshone power plant.

1447. Extend to Puerto Rico benefits of act rel. to agricultural extension work.

1448. Punish persons transporting stolen animals in interstate commerce.

1449. Lease lands of Agua Caliente or Palm Springs Reservation for airport.

1450. Development of facilities for water storage and utilization.

1451. To amend act for collection and publication of peanut statistics.

1452. Fair labor standards act.*

1470. Members of Congress to make agreements under agricultural programs.

1471. Increasing efficiency of Coast Guard.

1472. Carrying out unemployment-compensation law.

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