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Eros, and Anteros, on either Side,

[Bride; One fir'd the Bridegroom, and one warm'd the And long-attending Hymen from above Showr'd on the Bed the whole Idalian Grove. All of a Tenour was their After-Life, No Day discolourd with Domestick Strife; No Jealousie, but mutual Truth believ'd, Secure Repose, and Kindness undeceiv'd. Thus Heav'n, beyond the Compass of his Thought, Sent him the Blessing he so dearly bought.

So may the Queen of Love long Duty bless, And all true Lovers find the same Success.

The End of the Third Book.

To my Honour'd Kinsman,



Chesterton in the County of

Huntingdon, Efq;


OW Bess'dis He,who leads a Country

Unvex'd with anxiousCares,and void

of Strife!
Who studying Peace, and shunning Civil Rage,
Enjoy'd his Youth, and now enjoys his Age:
All who deserve his Love, he makes his own;
And, to be lov'd himself, needs only to be known.

Just, Good, and Wife, contending Neighbours


From your Award, to wait their final Doom;
And, Foes before, return in Friendship home.

Without their Cost, you terminate the Cause; And save th’ Expence of long Litigious Laws: Where Suits are travers'd; and so little won, That he who conquers, is but last undone: Such are not your Decrees; but so design'd,

The Sanction leaves a lasting Peace behind; Like your own Soul, Serene; a Pattern of

your Mind.


Promoting Concord, and composing Strife, Lord of your self, uncumber'd with a Wife; Where, for a Year, a Month, perhaps a Night, Long Penitence succeeds a short Delight: Minds are so hardly match'd, that ev’n the first, Though pair’d byHeav'n, in Paradise, were curs’d. For Man and Woman, though in one they grow, Yet, first or last, return again to Two. He to God's Image, She to His was made; So, farther from the Fount, the Stream at random

stray'd. How cou'd Hestand, when put to double Pain, He muft a Weaker than himself sustain! Each might have stood perhaps ; but each alone; Two Wrestlers help to pull each other down.


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Not that my Verse wou'd blemish all the Fair;
But yet, if some be bad,’tis Wisdom to beware;
And better fhun the Bait, than struggle in the

Thus have you shunn'd, and shun the marry'd State,
Trusting as little as you can to Fate.

No Porter guards the Passage of your Door;
T'admit the Wealthy, and exclude the Poor:
For God, who gave the Riches, gave the Heart
Tofan&tifie the Whole, by giving Part ;[wrought,

Heav'n, who foresaw the Will, the Means has
And to the second Son, a Blessing brought:
The Firft-begotten had his Father's Share;
But you, like Jacob, are Rebecca's Heir.

So may your Stores, and fruitful Fields increase;
And ever be you bless’d, who live to bless.
As Ceres sow'd, where-e'er her Chariot flew;
As Heav'n in Desarts rain'd the Bread of Dew,
So free to Many, to Relations most,
You feed with Manna your own Ifrael-Hoft.

With Crowds attended of your ancient Race,
You seek the Champian-Sports, or Sylvan-Chaçę;


With well-breath'd Beagles, you surround the

Wood; Ev’n then, industrious of the common Good; And often have you brought the wily Fox To suffer for the Firstlings of the Flocks; Chas'd ev'n amid the Folds; and made to bleed, Like Felons, where they did the murd'rous Deed. This fiery Game, your active Youth maintain'd: Not yet, by Years extinguish'd, though restrain’d: You season still with Sports your serious Hours ; For Age but tastes of Pleasures, Youth devours, The Hare, in Pastures or in Plains is found, Emblem of human Life, who runs the Round; And, after all his wand'ring Ways are done, His Circle fills, and ends where he begun, Just as the Setting meets the Rising Sun.

Thus Princes ease their Cares: But happier he, Who seeks not Pleasure thro' Necessity, Than such as once on slipp’ry Thrones were plac'd ; And chasing, sigh to think themselves are chas'd.

So liv'd our Sires, ere Doctors learn'd to kill, And multiply'd with theirs, the Weekly Bill.

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