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Friday, the fatal Day, when next it came,
Her Soul forethought the Fiend would change his

And her pursue, or Theodore be slain, (the Plain.
And two Ghosts join their Packs to hunt her o'er
This dreadful Image so possess’d her Mind,

fo That desp’rate any Succour else to find, She ceas'd all farther hope; and now began To make reflection on th’ unhappy Man. Rich, Brave, and Young,who past expression lov’d, Proof to Disdain ; and not to be remov'd: Of all the Men respected and admir’d, Of all the Dames, except her self, desir'd. Why not of her? Preferr'd above the rest By him with Knightly Deeds, and open Love profess’d?

[dress’d. 1 So had another been; where he his Vows ad- j This quell’d her Pride, yet other Doubts remain’d, That once disdaining she might be disdain'd. The Fear was just, but greater Fear prevaild, Fear of her Life by Hellish Hounds assaild: He took a low’ring leave; but who can tell, What outward Hate, might inward Love conceal?

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Her Sexes Arts she knew, and why not then,
Might deep Dissembling have a Place in Men?
Here Hope began to dawn; resolv’d to try,
She fix'd on this her utmost Remedy;
Death was behind, but hard it was to die.
'Twas time enough at last on Death to call,
The Precipice in sight: A Shrub was all,
That kindly stood betwixt to break the fatal Fall.

One Maid she had, belov'd above the rest,
Secure of her, the Secret the confess'd :
And now the chearful Light her Fears dispell’d,
She with no winding turns the Truth conceald,
But put the Woman off, and stood reveald:
With Faults confess’d commission'd her to go,
If Pity yet had place, and reconcile her Foe:
The welcome MeíTage made, was soon receiv'd;
'Twas what he wish’d, and hop'd, but scarce be-

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liev'd ;


Fate seem'd a fair Occasion to present,
He knew the Sex, and fear'd Me might repent,
Should he delay the moment of Consent.
There yet remain’d to gain her Friends (a Care
The Modesty of Maidens well might spare;)


But she with such a Zeal the Cause embrac'd,
(As Women, where they will, are all in haste).
That Father, Mother, and the Kin beside,
Were overborn by fury of the Tide :
With full Consent of all, she chang'd her State,
Resistlefs in her Love, as in her Hate.

By her Example warn'd, the rest beware ;
More Easie, less Imperious, were the Fair;
And that one Hunting which the Devil design'd,
For one fair Female, lost him half the Kind.


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Connection of this Fable with the former. Ceyx, the Son of Lucifer (the Morning Star) and

King of Trachin in Thessaly, was married to Alcyone Daughter to Æolus God of the Winds. Both the Husband and the Wife lov'd each 0ther with an entire Affection. Dædalion, the Elder Brother of Ceyx (whom he succeeded) having been turn'd into a Falcon by Apollo, and Chione, Dædalion's Daughter, Nain by Diana, Ceyx prepares a Ship to fail to Claros there to consult the Oracle of Apollo, and (as Ovid seems to intimate) to enquire how the Anger of the Gods might be atton'd.

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HESE Prodigies affect the pious

But more perplex'd with those that

happen'd since,
He purposes to seek the Clarian God,
Avoiding Delphos, his more fam'd Abode;
Since Phlegyan Robbers made unsafethe Road.
Yet could he not from her he lov'd so well
The fatal Voyage, he resolv'd, conceal;
But when she saw her Lord prepard to part,
A deadly Cold ran fhiv'ring to her Heart:
Her faded Cheeks are chang’d to Boxen Hue,
And in her Eyès the Tears are ever new :
She thrice essay'd to speak; her Accents hung
And faltring dy'd unfinish'd on her Tongue,
Or vanish'd into Sighs: With long Delay
Her Voice return'd; and found the wonted way.

Tell me, my Lord, she said, what Fault unknown Thy once belov'd Alcyone has done? Whither, ah whither is thy Kindness gone! Can Ceyx then sustain to leave his Wife, And unconcern'd forsake the Sweets of Life?

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