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Chief Justice, the jury retired for of the principal Gentry of the County, half an hour, and brought in a ver- After viewing the stock exhibited on the dict of Guilty.

ground, and paying due attention to the The ball and court were very

ploughs contending for prizes, the com

pany adjourned to dinner at the King's crouded, and when the word guilty Arms, Berkhamstead. The toasts given was pronounced, there was much were the king, the Queen, the Prince hissing on the outside of the bar, of Wales and Royal Family, Speed the which induced the learned judge to the Plough, Small' in Size Great iu Vadirect that any person thus disturb

lue, Breeding in all its Branches, the ing the peace, should be brought

Fleece. The Duke of Bedford with three

times three, was drank with the greatbefore him ; whereupon silence was

est enthusiasm.--The Noble Duke rerestored; and immediately afterwards turned thanks in a neat and elegant the court was ordered to be cleared. speech, and assured the company, ihat

On Monday (the 13th.) and two tol- if he merited their approbation, it was lowing days, the Duke of Bedford's au- by encouraging ayricultural pursuits. nual sheep-shearing took place at WO- On the Members of the County being burn-Abbey; to which all the principal given, Sir John Sebright thanked the agriculturists and Graziers, amateurs as company for himself and colleagues for well as practical, went down. On the the honour they had done him, and was first day (Monday) the company assem- happy in giving encouragement to this bled at ihe Park farm, to view the Duke's institution, as by so doing, he had met Southdown aud Leicester sheep, which with their approbation--and gave as a were to be sold in the afiurnoon. The toast, Peace, Plenty and Commerce all company returned to dinner at the Ab- over the World; Mr. R. Flower of bey at three. Sale of the sheep took Hertford, gave as a toast-Mary Bowplace at six; some of the Southdown dell, aged 60,--living in Hertfordshire. ewes sold at 46s. per head ; Leicester The reason of his introducırg such a Theaves as high as 80s.- Tuesday, the person to their notice was, that she had Sipithfield Club met to transact some spun rlb. of Merino Wool into Yarn, so business; afterwards attended a plough- fine, that it was considered by those ing match at Crawley heath; dined at who were compctent judges to excel the Abbey at threc ; after dinner, Lord any ever atteinpted that it weasured Somerville presented to the Duke å in length 29 miles 200 yards. He aslarge Silver Salver from the Agricultu. sured the company, he was informed, he rists of Great Britain. This elegant might challenge all Europe to produce piece of plate weighed 400 ounces, and so rare a specimen of skill and industry was about 18 inches by two feet in size; as that now produced, which was sent the border was decorated with embos. for their inspection by Mr. E. K. Fordsed figures, emblematical of Agricul- ham, of Royston ; this toast excited ture; in the centre was the Bedford mirth and applause, and the yarn was arms, superbly engraved, with the fol. admired for the beauty and silky softlowing inscription : “ To his grace John ness of its texture. The Prizes were Duke of Bestford, from the Agricul- adjudged to the Earl of Bridgewater for turists of Great-Britain, Anno Doinini the best plough, which being the inven. 1807.” His grace returned thanks in a tion of Mr. Plenty, of Hampshire, the most elegant and animated speech. Earl begged him to accept the prize vaWcdnesday, the company vicwed the se- lue 10 guineas, as he considered more veral implements of husbandry, &c. merit due to him as the inventor; the and attended the sale of Soutbdown best and second ploughman received a cwest and theaves ; some sold for 31. prize of 3 and 2 guineas each ; Mr. R. 15s. per head; after which the adjudi. Flower, Hertford, for the best one year cation of the prizes took place,

old ram, of the inixed Merino breed, a On Friday the 17th instant, the cup value 5 guineas; to the same for Hertfordshire Agricultural Society mel the two best ewes, of the same breed, at Cold Harbour Farm, belonging to the a cup value 5 guineas; to Joseph HalEarl of Bridgewater, their President; sey, Esq. 3 guineas for the best boar; the day was fine and the company nu- to the best sheep. shearer 3 guincas ; inerous, annonyst whom were the Duke the second best 2 guineas; and the third of Bedford, Sir John Sebright, and many 1 guinca.

On Saturday the 21st. Mr. Alder- and he claims 9,844). 1s. more, fur man Combe gave his annual dinner surveying the Barrack buildings. at his Brewhouse, in Castlestreet, Mr. Sanders has received near Long Acre, to his Royal Highness 17,0001. and he claims near 10,0001. the prince of Wales, the Duke and more for the same business. They Duchess of York, and others. It offered to do the work for 10001. a was in the usual style, consisting of year, and were refused ! rump steaks, cooked upon an iron It is a singular circumstance, that plate on the stoker's fire, and con- the parish of Aldrington, Sussex, a veyed on a new malt shovel to the rectory worth upwards of 4001. per company, who partook of them in annum, in the gift of Magdalen colo the Brewhouse, a short distance from legr, should contain neither church, the fire. Their table-cloth was a house, nor inhabitant! hop-sack, and they ate off wooden Irish Roman Catholics.—The fol. trenchers; the sallads were in wood- lowing is an extract from the Bishop en bowls, and every thing in the of Killala's speech in the house of rough utensils of the Brewhouse. Lords, on the 13th of March 1793,

By the bill to prevent the syreads on the bill for ihe relief of his Majcsof the small pox, it is enacted,

ty's Roman Catholic subjects : 1. That no one sha!! inoculaie for “ I look upon my Roman catholic the small pox within the distance of brethren as fellow subjects and felthree niles of any city, town, or village, low christians, as believers in the under a penalty of 501.

same God, and partners in the same 2. That in every place destined for redeinption. Speculative differences inoculation by the Suttonian method, the words “ Small Pox Hospital," or

in some points of faith with ine are “ Pest House," shall be posted up in

in of no account; they and I have one

orno ac large and legible characters.

religion--the religion of christianity. 3. That if any person shall be taken 'Therefore, as children of the same ill of the infectious small pox, they shall Father, as travellers in the same be removed to a distance from all other road, and seekers of the same salvahabitations, at the expence of the parisi, vion, why not love each other as broif their own relations are not able; and all masters of houses where the infec

thers? It is no part of protestantion may appear, shall write up on the tism to persecute catholics; and, outside of their houses in large and le- without justice to the catholics, there gible characters, “ Swall Pox here," can be 10 security for the protestant under a penalty of 201.

establishment ; as a friend, there. 4. And every inaster or mistress of a fore, to the nermanence of this es. house where the small pox breaks out, shall within 24 hours send notice there

ul, tablishment, to the prosperity of the ot' to the churchwardens and overseers country's

country, and the justice due to iny under a penalty of 101.

catholic brethren, I shall cheerfully No such penalty to be lesied till after give my vote that the bill be comtwo inonths, and in case the infection mitted.”. has nut spread, then the magistrates to The Morning Post daily gives be empowered to remit the penalty lona accounts of our fashionable

A weaver of Trafford, near Ches- parties, consisting sometimes of I or ter, has lately worked a piece of 2000 people! At one of those last table-linen, of the uncoinmun length week, the Countess of Shaftsbury's, the of 1921 yards a circumstance before company parlook of a most elegant unknown in that branch of manu- supper about three o'clock. The de. facture.

sert was the most costly and abunIt appears by accounts delivered dant ever witnessed; of pine-apples in, that Mr. Johnson, the architect, there were actually several hundred, has already received 20,2241. 14s. at four and five guineas a piece !

THE LOWEST AND HIGHEST PRICE OF STOCKS From MAY 25, to JUNE 23, 1808: inclusive."

By John HEMMING, Broker, No. 3. Capel Court, Bartholomew Lane, London.
Bank India | Spr.Ct. 13 per Ct. 4 pr Ct 15 per Ct./ Long Ann. - lom | India | Exche. I
Stock. Stock. Reduced. Consols.

Bonds. Bills. Stocks open:
May 25

1761 1 67 67 68 843 1994 100 18 9-16 1. 3p. 6. 7p.
67 67

par 3p. 5. 6p. India. July 18.
27 239į 240 1764 177 674 671 6811 841 99% 1001

18 9-16.

1d. 2p. 6. 8p. Cons. 22.
18 7-16. 9-16

5.p.C. 20.


com our

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N. R. The days omitted are Sundays, or Holidays. The blank spaces denote that nothing was done in that fund.

P. stands for Premium and D.' for Discount.




: A.

bloodshed, xxxv—why he hates the

Scriptures, xxxvi-an instance of ex-
AMERICA, remarks on the dispute

traordinary depravity, ib.-detected
with, xiv.lxvi

of barefaced falsehood, lv-his exe-
Auckland, Lord, his opinion respecting

crable maxims,lx-bis false and abo-
the late orders in council, xiii

minable abuse of America, Ixvi

Common council of the city of London,

their address about the war, lxxi

their effrontery and inconsistency,

Baring, Mr. A. his pertinent renark Council orders of, xxxis unintelligibili-
concerning the orders of council, xxxi

ty of the, ib.
Bark, exportation of, cruelly prohibi- Courts, corruption of, lxxvii

ted, xxxii
Bishops, not one of them voted against

'the Danish expedition, xlv.
Bonaparte, his disposition to peace, xliii

-a friend to religious toleration, lviii Danish expedition, remarks on the, ii.
his declared intentions respecting the

xviii - fallaciouss reason of ministers
Spanish governinent, Isxiv

in defence of the, i.xix.xxiv—inquiry
Brand, Mr. his approbation of the Da respecting it, xix - ministers have
nish expedition xlviimhis inconsisten-

failed in defending it, ib.~motions
cy exposed, Ixviji

respecting it, xliii.xlvi-all Europe,
Bristol,' inhabitants of, their despond-

Sweden excepted, has expressed in-
ing language, li.liv

dignation against it, Ixva--confessed
Burdett, Sir F. extract from his speech

on all hands to be a shamefulact,lxviii
on the reversion bill, Ixix-extract Danish merchant vessels, seizure of,
from his speech on the local inilitia

act, 1xXXV

Darnley, Lord, his motion respecting

the Danish expedition, xliv
Denmark, Crown Prince of, his decla-

ration concerning the English mini-
Cabinets, French and English, not to

stry, iv

Droits of admiralty, how acquired, xxxii
be compared, x

Duigenan, Dr. his bigotry, Ixxxi
Canning, Mr. his remarks respecting

negociations for peace, xlii
Cathcart, Lord, bis bullying letter to

Peyman will immortalize him, xviii
Catholics in Ireland, their concessions Elliot, Lord, his motion respecting the
respecting the choice of their bishops

Danish expedition, xliv

Evangelical meinbers of parliament enc-
Clergy, non-resident, remarks on,lxxxix. mies to peace, xxxviij friends to the

Copenhagen expedition, xlviii
Cobbett, Mr. his unjust and frantic
principles, xi--remarks on his Week-

Īy Register, xxxiv.liv—his impudent
and false charges against Mr. Roscoe Fast-day, remarks concerning the, xvi
xxxiv.lv-loves and extols war and

Fox, Mr. his favourite maxim, viji Milton, Lord, his treatment of his con.
French, their reported severities in Lise s tituents, XV-his inconsistency con.
bon uofounded, Ixi.lxiii

cerning peace, xxxix

Ministers, confess their ignorance re-

specting the treaty of Tilsit, iii.iv.xxi.
-their baseness and impudence, re-

specting the Danish expedition, &c.
Gambier, Admiral, a seasonable bint to

v-their pride shuts their ears against
hiin, xix

all offers of peace, ix-squander the
Glocester, Duke of, at the bead of 29

public money in subsidies, x-contra-
peers who prolested against the Da-

dict themselves, xxi-justly charged
nish expedition,xlu--his just delinea-
tion of a good soldier, lii

with injustice, cowardice, cruelty, hy-
Gower, Lord, unwittingly, libels the

pocrisy, and falsehood, xxiii-ought

to he publicly censured, xx—their
British character, xx11

hypocritical professions, xlix
Grenville, Lord, extract from his speech

Morning Post, an unprincipled and pro.
on the Danish expedition, vii.viii

fligate print, xvii-its horrid blasphe-

· my, xlix-its unqualified abuse of

the French Emperor, lix-ils dis-

graceful shiftings and hypocrisy, lix.lx
Hauterive, M. his unanswerable argu-
ments respecting the Danish expedi-

tion, vivi
Hawkesbury, Lord, his absurd pretences Nancegitu,

a pretences Necessity, plea of, respecting the Da-
respecting the information of mini-

nish expedition fully answered, xxxii.
sters, iv his unbounded rapacity,

xxxii-Lord Ellenboroughi's opinion

concerning it, ib. as necessary for
Hutchinson, Lord, his conversations

Bonaparte as for our ministers, ixxiv
with the Einperor of Russia, xxiv. Nevociati

V. Negociation, late overtures for, viii
XXVII-- his opinion respecting the dis “ No sham Philanthropist," Cobbeti's,
vosition of the Emperor of Russia, a sham reasoner. lvi
XXV — remarks occasioned by his Non-importation act, American, re,
speech in the house of Lords, xxvii

marks on the, xiv
I. J.

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Jesus Christ, the only head of the Officers, British, the slaves of ministers,

church, lxxxiii
Income tax, its distressing tendency xiji

Irish catholics, lxxx

Opposition, their wavering system of

politics, xl.xlii

[merged small][ocr errors][merged small]

Paris, usually the place for concluding

treaties of peace, x
Peace, petitions for, xv.lii.
Perceval, Mr. his objections to the Re-

version bill aceounted for, I
Pitt William, constantly attacked the

rights of his countrymen, i-birth

day of, lxxxvii
Plumer, Mr. tribute of respect to him,

Ponsonby, Mr. a pertinent comparison

of his, xxxi» his strange scruples

about peace, xli
Popery, fallen in Italy, Ixxvii
Popham, Sir Hoine, charged as a

smuggler, xxxiii--his deinerits re-
warded, ib.


Maynooth college, Ixxx
Melville, Lord, is detestable, though

consistent language, respecting the
qualifications of a good soldier, li

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