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Rcasons, sundry false ones, for having mi

18 Thornton, Robert, his strange notion of
robbed and murdered the Danes,

own moraliiy, xlviii
Redesdale, Lord, his preposterous lan-

Tilsit, supposed secret articles of the
guage respecting the influence of the

treaty of, French declaration respec-

ting the, iii-Mr. Canning's confes.
crown, li
Remarks, on the Russian, Swedish,

sion of the ignorance of ministers

respecting them,ib.- Lord Mulgrave's
and Danish declarations, Ixiii.lxvi-
on the conduct of the clergy-East

confessions respecting them, 26.

Lord Hawkesbury's shuffling concern-
India enormities-Committee of Fi-
nance-Affairs of Spain, America,

ing them, ib. Mr. Percival's quibbles
&c. lxxxix.civ

on the same subject, iv.--contradic-
Revenue, state of the, xii

tory professions of ministess concern-

ing them, XX
Reversion Bill, rejection of, xlix.li
remarks on the, Ixviii.Ixx

Traitors, Irish, the favourites and in-

Revolution, the French, may ultimately

formants of ministers, iv.xxix
produce the most valuable blessings "

Turton, Sir Thomas, extract from his
to the world, lvji in Spain, remarks

speech concerning the death of an
on the, Iviimbrought about by the

Eastern Sovereign, lxxxvi
old hereditary nobility of Spain,
Ix.lxxivin Portugal, remarks on the,

U. V.

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Roscoe, Mr. lis admirable pamphlet Vital Christians, two political ones, at

offends Cobbeti, xxxiv—-vindicated variance about the right of keeping
against the unjust attacks of Cobbett, the property stolen from the Danes,

Royal Influence, lxxxi

. Vore of Thanks concerning the Danish
Russia, war with, occasioned or acce- Expedition, a prostitution of national

Jerated by the Danish expedition, gratitude, xvii
xxvi.xxix-Emperor of, his strong Usurpation, spiritual, can exist only by
language respecting our attack upon the sword, lxiii
Copenhagen, xxvi


Waithman, Mr. bis exposure of the city
Sharpe, Mr. his motion respecting thc of London address, lxxi
Danish Expedition, xlv.xlvi

War, nature of the present, xi
Smith, John, his eulogium 00 Mr. Ward, Mr. his remark respecting the
Whitbread, xli. xlii

secretary for foreign affairs, xl
Smith, William, his misplaced confi- extract from his speech on the revere

dence, xvi-his praise-worthy deter- sion bill, lxix
migation, ib. his inconsistency on Wellesley, Marquis of, debates on his
the subject of peace, xl-his conduct conduct, lxxxvI

in some instances irreconcilable, xvlii Whiy Club, viii
Spain, counter revolution in, lxxiv . Whitbread, Mr. his opinion respecting
was compelled to war by the English, the Danish expedition, vi- remark

of, concerning the bark prohibition
Staphope, Lord, his opinion respecting bill, Xxxii - his motion respecting

the seizure of Danish merchant ships, negociation, xxxvii-bis upright and

consistent conduct, ib, his laudable

resolution of adhering to the old Windham, Mr. his opinion respecting
morality, xlviii

the Danish expedition, vii.xxiii
Wilberforce, Mr. an enemy to peace, Wortley, Mr. bis motion respecting the

Xxxviii-_ignorant of the true spirit of Danish expedition, xlvi
christianity, xxxix - an enemy 10
religious liberty, lxxxiv



Britain, the character of defended, 39.42

Brutality, boxing, an instance of, 127
ADDRESS from the city of London,231

Budget, 265
America, United States of, late popula-

Burdon, Mr. palliates a departure from
tion, &c. reiurn, 123-remarks on

the laws of justice and humanity,
the embargo, 237.38—debate of the

45.164-defends the war, 163.166-.
Senate on the non-importation law,

his advice to the editor, 165—remarks

on, 222-bis reflections on the war,224
Americans, approve of the einbargo in

thinks christianity too pure a system
that country, 374

to do much good ! 224-his remarks
Anecdote, concerning peace with

on the Political Review for April,
France, 26

295 290_his illiberal reflections on
Anson, frigate, account of the wreck

the editor, 295.296.297-his reply
of the, 57.58

to a correspondent signing himself
Army estiinates, 154

W. 297--bis glaring inconsistencies,
Assessed Taxes, 260.261.341-spirited

355.356—why he is angry with the
resolutions of the commissioners of

editor, 356
Kensington respecting, 361

Berkely, Admiral, voted a piece of
Asturias, Prince of, bis examination, plate by the legislature of Nova

Scotia, 374-vote disapproved of by
Austrian declaration, 169.

the Governor, ib.
Agricultural meeting, account of at Barracks, extravagant salaries of sur-

the Duke of Bedford's, 378—at Berk veyor of, 379

hamstead, ib.
Aldrington, extraordinary rectory of,

Cabinet, the British, possesses a bad

memory, 19.20-accused of being an

oligarchy, 22
Bakewell, Mr. his speech at the York- Catholic Question, resolutions at Tippe-
shire meeting, 59

rary concerning it, 62-important
Bank, loan of the, to government, 62

debate concerning it, 336.338.348.
Bark prohibition bill, debates concern-

Character, national, lamentable change
ing it, 214.215

in the, 222
Bible Society, interesting proceedings

Circular letter concerning French com-
of the, 33.34.358.360

merce, 8.9
Bonaparte, his imperial decree concern-

Clergy, the reproved by Clericus, 37
ing our orders in council, 7.8—his Cobbett, Mr.. condemned and pane-
specch to the citizens of Italy, 10-

gerized by Mr. Burdon, 165.223
accused of hypocrisy by Mr. Burdon, co

Cold-bath fields prison, petition respect.
43—the Editor accused of being too

ing, 155—iniportant debates relative
mild concerning him, 44--said to be

to, 216.218

Conscription, French, for 1809, 181,
bent upon the destruction of this

address on the, 125
country, 114—his character drawn
by Mr. Burdon, 224-his interview,

Convention, between bis Majesty and
with the merchants at Bourdeaux, 299

the King of Sweden, 170
Brazillians, their antipathy towards the Copenhagen, Danish account of the
English, 12

seige of, 13.15—the most fatal enter-
Brazils, account of the, 11.13

prize for England ever undertook,
27-marguments in favour of it, 41- 1

Mr. Sharpe's motion concerning it,

Combe, Alderman, account of a dinner Fast-day prayers, remarks concerning,
at bis brewhouse, 379

Courts, description of, and ministers, Fashionable parties,extravagance of,379

Firth, Mr. his speech at the Yorkshire

meeting for peace, 58 59

France and Austria, treaty between, 15

Fruckirk, &c. in Copenhagen, de-
Danish fleet, debate concerning the

he scribed, destroyed by the English, 15
restoration of the, 144.146
Danish Gun Boats, destruction of, 368
Declaration of Prussia against England,

140--of the Emperor of Russia a: Gale, a tremendous one, 63
gainsi Sweden, 177--of Sweden, 189 Governments of Europe, on the corrup-
-Danish, 192.194

tions of the, 34.35 .
Decree, Bonaparte's relative to, Portu- Grants, sundry ones, to the royal
gal, 179 .

dukes, 125
Deninark, Prince Royal of, his reply Greenwich hospital, debates relative

to the Copenhagen merchants, 53— to, 209.210
estimate of the loss to, by the English
expedition, 120

Dialogue, between a clergyman, and
a quaker, 108.113

· Halifax, Lieut. an extraordinary pedes-
Distilleries, debates concerning, 268- trian, 186

substance of the report of a con- Hallifax, (America) distress for tinber
mittee of the house of Commons con- there, 354
cerning, 300

Hawkesbury, Lord, bis hypocritical
Droits of Admiralty, debate concerning, boast about justice and niorality, 95

Heresy, prosecution for, 301.304
Duigenan, Dr. a furious bigut, 341 Howard, 'Mr. thc philanthropist, 204

Hutchinson, Col.' his character and

virtues described, 363

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them, 300

Earthquake, at the St. Michaels and

1. J.
George's Islands, 375
East India company, 269.274

Jeffersou, Mr, his answer to the gene-
Editor, reprimanded for having noticed

ral assembly of Pensylvania, 194

rabassainbli of Pens
a boxing-match, 37-his reply to Jesuit's bark, debate concerning the
Mr. Burdon, 167--abused by Mr. "

Mr. exportation of it, 152

Burdon, 275.297-replies to Mr. B's Jews, French regulations concerning

charges, 298
England and France contrasted as to Intelligence, foreign,
morals, 41.42

English, the, their usual method, ac- Italy. succession to

method, ac- Italy, succession to the crown of, 9.10
cording to the Moniteur, of justifying Junot. his proclamation to the inhabi.
acts of injustice, by falsehood, 17-

tants of Portugal, 179
· they are challenged to publish any
secret arcicle in the treaty of Tilsit

contrary to their interest, ibo-they
neglected the cause of Russia in not
sending succours to Dantzick, 21- King-making, 163
what reparation they ought to make Kings, ambitious, destroy the happiness
to the Danes, 28-why they ought of society, and hinder the benefits of

to be no longer at war with France, ib. religion, 35--already created, and
Eugene, Prince, bis adoption by the - in embryo, 163

Emperor of the French, 9.10
Etruria, fate of the Queen of, 372

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Lake, Lord, account of his income, 184


VOL. 111.

Lake, Lord, debates in parliament con Paupers, number of, in England, 174
cerning his pension, 205

Peace, terms of, proposed by the En-
Liverpool meetings, 185--defence of the glish to the Danes, 27-mcetings for,
merchants at, 352

in Yorkshire, 58-resolutions con-
Local militia act, 267.271.342.343.349. cerning, 60,61

Petitions, several, for peace, &c. 185
Locke, Mr, monument to, 358

remarks on them by a manufactu-
London, common council of, 229-de- rer, 227.229—from the corporation
? bates in, on the reversionary grants

of London, to both houses of parlia-
bill, 231-234

ment, 235.236

Picton, Governor, his trial, 377

Pitt, the late Mr. his administration de

scribed, 366
Mana de Melo, Don Joseph, his ad-

Poetry. Ode, by the late Sir W. Jones,

50-Holy Anticipation, 119 — Ad-
dress to the faithful, concerning obe-

dress to an Early Violet, 176—The
dience to Napoleon, 139

Victory off Copenhagen, ib.-On Fan-
Manufacturers, Lancashire,disturbances

cy, 247-Retort Courteous, ib. Ad-
amongst, 375

dress to the Sun, 304—Description
Maynooth college, 272

of a Fine Night, ib. ---Song on Sir. F.
Mercator's, defence of the Liverpool

Burdett's Election, 305-A Tale of
merchants, 352.354_reply to, by the

the Times of Old, 367
editor, 354

Political Publications, list of, new, 118.
Merryman, Mr. and Lord Castlereagh,

compared, 210.211
Message, the King's relative to the Pope, Pius VII. his protests against the

Poor's Rates, 174
Duchess of Brunswick, 339

demands of the French, 181-his cir-
Military enquiry, fifth report of the

cular letter, 332
commissioners of, 184

Popham, Sir H. his honourable conduct
Monthly Magazine, remarks on a paper at Dungeness,
in the, 220

Portugal, Prince Regent of, his second
Morality, the new, ironically commend

proclamation, 10 — reports of the
ed, 36.37

French minister of foreign affairs re-

lative to, 136.140
Prayer, extract from one, offered by an

honest and pious minister, on the
National Intelligencer, (American) ex state of public affairs, 46
tract from the, 221

Prayers, on the custom of hawking
Navy list, 125

them, 292 294
Necessity the only plea for robbing and Privateering company, 121
murdering the innocent Danes, 163 Proclamation, of the King of England,

for a Fast, 156-of the governor of
Cuba, 239.240--of the King of Swe-

den, 290_of Gen. Armfeldi, ib.-of
Orders in council, debates concerniog. D.

Russia, 291.292

18. Protest, against the attack on Copenha-

gen, 86.88_-against the rejection of
O'Shaugnessy, Dr. his dispute with the

- Lord Darnley's address, &c. 195–
Irish catholics, 185

against the resolution approving of
the conduct of ministers on the attack
of Copenhagen, ib.--against the re-

jection of the reversionary grants bill,
Paradoxes, the employment of them in 201

writing calculated to excite atten. Prussian Declaration, 194

tion, 172
Parliaments, proceedings in, by the

Lords, by

the Commons, 97.146,205.257.339
Paulists, a curious account of them, 12

Quakers, dialogue between one and a

Paull, Mr, extract from his letter relaq.
tive to Lord Lake's pension, 184

address to T. Jefferson, President of
death of, 255

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the United States, 156-Mr. Jeffer. Stipendiary curate's bill, 267.260.840
son's answer to their address, ib. 360

Stocks, price of,

Stone, Rev. F. prosecution of, for he-

resy, 801.304
Rectory, singular one, 379

Subsidy, treaty of, to the King of Sici-

| ly, 368
Reflections, on the manners of the age, 'Sugar committee, debates concerning

Religion and justice, acknowledged by S.
Mr. Burdon to be inconsistent with
all military service." 164

to the, 328
Remarks, on the British declaration a-

gainst Russia, 17.30-on the conduct

of the British government, 30.33
Report, second, of the committee on Table linen, extraordinary length of a

corn and sugar, 562-third, of ditto, piece of, 380

Tilsit, no secret article in the treaty of,
Reversionary grants, debates concern-

injurious io the English, 17.18
ing, 197. 199. 264. Tornea, description of, 368

Review of Books,

U, v.
Roman Catholics, Irish, excellent sen- Vaccination, state of, abroad, 56

timents of the Bishop of Killala on, Volunteers, their character described,

Roscoe, Mr. his observations on the

prescat state of affairs, 116.118

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W-, reply of, to Mr. Burdon, 355

War, by sea, not so dangerous nor ar-
Sans-culottes, those of Lyons and the duous as by land, 21.23--persete-

British cabinet ministers compared,33 r ance in it, recommended, 113--110
Sheep, economy in feeding, 127

necessary in human happiness, 1654
Slave trade, resolutions concerning it at the last and present, precisely the

Jamaica, 1.6—the late traders in it sanje in principle, 366
ought not to be reproached, 353— Wages, great fall in the price of at
they have never repented their con Manchester, &c. 376
cerns m it, 355

Weather, severe, effects of the late, 125
Sinall pox, clauses in the bill to prevent Wellesley, Marquis of, debates con-
the spreading of the, 379

cerning his government in India, 260.
Soames, Bill, his letter to G. Canning, 342
Esq. 114

West Indies,scarcity of provisions there
Socieiy, for what designed, 34-how its in consequence of the American ento

good designs may be rendered abor- bargo, 374
tive, 35

Westminster election, anniversary of
Soup-Maigre, his plan for the hawking thc, 317.319
of Prayers, 292–294.

Westphalia, King of, his proclamation,
Spain, revolution in, 275.283—renun- 54

ciation of the throne of, 329-intelli- Wharton, R. Esq. motion concerning,
gence of the affairs of, 368.370

Speech, the King's at the opening of Whig club, meeting of the, 236.237.376
parliament, 47

Whig, Independent, trial of the priuter
State Papers, relative to Russia, and and editor of the, 377

Austria, Denmark, Whitbread, Mr, his resolutions respecte
82.84.328.329—to Portugal, 136.140 ing peace, 206.207

to Sweden and Russia, 283.290- Whitelock, Lieut. Gen, trial of, 186.187
to Great Britain and America, 321 Wood, Rev. W. his speech in favour of
to Spain, 330

peace, at the Yorkshire meeting, 58
Stevens, A. his petition respecting Cold Wool, fall in the price of, in conse
Ballı-Fields prison, 155.156

quence of the orders in council, 370

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