Code of Public Instruction of the State of New-York

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Weed, Parsons, printers, 1856 - 492 страница

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Страница 117 - ... and every such law making a new appropriation, or continuing or reviving an appropriation, shall distinctly specify the sum appropriated, and the object to which it is to be applied ; and it shall not be sufficient for such law to refer to any other law to fix such sum.
Страница 206 - For the purpose of voting, no person shall be deemed to have gained or lost a residence, by reason of his presence or absence, while employed in the service of the United States ; nor while engaged in the navigation of the waters of this state, or of the United States, or of the high seas ; nor while a student of any seminary of learning ; nor while kept at any almshouse, or other asylum, at public expense ; nor while confined in any public prison.
Страница 418 - Act; but it shall not be competent for the said Board of Education to decide what version, if any, of the Holy Scriptures, without note or comment, shall be used in any of the schools : Provided, that nothing herein contained shall be so construed as to violate the rights of conscience as secured by the Constitution of this State and of the United States.
Страница 405 - No moneys shall ever be paid out of the Treasury of this State, or any of its funds, or any of the funds under its management, except in pursuance of an appropriation by law; nor unless such payment be made within two years next after the passage of such appropriation act; and every such law.
Страница 455 - ... shall be received in all courts as prima facie evidence of the facts therein set forth.
Страница 65 - ... who have declared their intention to become citizens of the United States...
Страница 225 - ... and school apparatus to be insured by any insurance company created by or under the laws of this state, or any other insurance company authorized by law to transact business in this state.
Страница 217 - Whenever it shall appear that the occupant or those under whom he claims entered into the possession of premises under claim of title, exclusive of any other right, founding such claim upon a written instrument as being a conveyance of the premises in question, or upon the decree or judgment of a competent court, and that there has been a continued occupation and possession of the premises included in such instrument, decree or judgment, or of some part of such premises, under such claim for twenty...
Страница 362 - To record the proceedings of all meetings, of the voters of his district in a book to be provided for that purpose by the district, and to enter therein true copies of all reports made by the trustees to the school commissioner.
Страница 274 - When any real estate within a district so liable to taxation shall not be occupied and improved by the owner, his servant or agent, and shall not be possessed by any tenant, the trustees of any district, at the time of making out any tax-list by which any tax shall be imposed thereon, shall make and insert in such tax-list a statement and description of every such lot, piece or parcel of land so owned by nonresidents therein, in the same manner as required by law from town assessors in making out...

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