Our Democracy: Its Origins and Its Tasks

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H. Holt, 1917 - 327 страница

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Страница 294 - impotence which results in the general loosening of the ties of civilized society may finally require intervention by some civilized nation, and in the western hemisphere the United States cannot ignore its duty.
Страница 17 - in such clans or tribes. Walter Scott in the " Lady of the Lake " tells how a clan was roused by the signal of a fiery cross carried and passed on by swift runners :— " When flits this Cross from man to man, Vich-Alpine's summons to his clan, Burst be the ear that fails to heed ! Palsied the foot that shuns to speed !
Страница 276 - you will give it, as in your conscience you shall judge may conduce to the best good of the same without respect of persons, or Favor of any Man, So Help You God. (Bishop's History of Elections in the American Colonies, pp. 260-61.)" A second type of requirements was imposed in most
Страница 160 - was no hope of their continuance ther, by a joynte consente they resolved to goe into y e Low Countries, where they heard was freedom of religion for all men. Others of the colonists came largely to find a better
Страница 160 - and habitations, and the meanes of their livelehood. Seeing themselves thus molested, and that ther was no hope of their continuance ther, by a joynte consente they resolved to goe into y e Low Countries,
Страница 176 - association and agreement, that we should combine together in one body, and to submit to such government and governours as we should by common consent agree to
Страница 160 - writes: They could not long continue in any peaceable condition, but were hunted and persecuted on every side, so as their former afflictions were but as fleabitings in comparison of these which now came upon them. For some were taken and clapt up in prison, others had their houses besett and watcht night and day, and hardly escaped their hands; and y e most were faine to flye and leave their
Страница 265 - or social capacity. They defined with tolerable distinctness in what respects they did consider all men created equal,—equal with ' certain inalienable rights among which are
Страница 295 - Washington's Farewell Address : " Observe good faith and justice toward all nations. Cultivate peace and harmony with all.
Страница 294 - It presents them as in a very deep and true sense a unit in world affairs, spiritual partners, standing together because thinking together, quick with common sympathies and common ideals. Separated they are subject to all the cross currents of the confused politics of a world of hostile rivalries; united in spirit and purpose they cannot be disappointed of their peaceful destiny.

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