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The CLERK'S MANUAL was first issued in 1855 by Hon. Richard U. Sherman, Clerk of the Assembly, and section 15 of the Legislative Law provides for its continuance from year to year.

Prior to 1889, in addition to the CLERK'S MANUAL, there has been published and used Croswell's Manual, originally compiled by Sherman B. Croswell, and revised from time to time, by L. B. Gleason, Journal Clerk of the Senate, the Appendix thereto, originally compiled by E. B. Johnson, and revised by L. B. Gleason, and the Committee Clerk's Manual, compiled by Henry L. Gates, Journal Clerk of the Assembly. In 1899 all of these were revised by Henry L. Gates, Journal Clerk of the Assembly, and consolidated under the title of "Clerk's Manual." There was also included in the CLERK'S MANUAL the Constitution annotated, the Legislative Law and the State Printing Law. The many additional decisions subsequently rendered involving the construction and application of the provisions of the Constitution, the amendments made to the Legislative Law, and changes in and additions to the various forms included in the Committee Clerk's Manual, rendered a further revision of the CLERK'S MANUAL necessary, which was made in 1904 by Ray B. Smith,

then Assistant Clerk of the Assembly. It is sought in this work to include for ready reference, the constitution, statutes, rules, forms, and a statement of procedure constantly used by members of the Legislature, in convenient form for ready reference. While it is impossible in a limited work of this character to include all of the statutory provisions, and to state in detail all of the procedure required in legislative work, nevertheless, it is believed that the CLERK'S MANUAL in this form will accomplish, in a fairly satisfactory manner, the primary object sought to be attained.

The annotations to the Constitution, the statutes, rules, forms and statement of procedure are those in force September 1, 1916. The annotations are brought down to and include Vol. 202, New York Reports, Vol. 144, Appellate Division Reports, and Vol. 67, Miscellaneous Reports.


Clerk of the Senate.


Clerk of the Assembly.

[blocks in formation]

Senate of the State of New York for Years 1916-17


HON. EDWARD SCHOENECK, Lieutenant-Governor and President of the Senate, Syracuse, N. Y.
Home Post-office, 431 Union Bldg., Syracuse, N. Y.






1. George L. Thompson..
2. Peter M. Daly.

3. Thomas H. Cullen.

4. Charles C. Lockwood.

5. William J. Heffernan.

6. Charles F. Murphy. 7. Daniel J. Carroll.

8. Alvah W. Burlingame, Jr.

9. Robert R. Lawson.
10. Alfred J. Gilchrist.
11. Bernard Downing.
12. Jacob Koenig.
13. James J. Walker.
14. James A. Foley.
15. John J. Boylan.
16. Robert F. Wagner
17. Ogden L. Mills

[blocks in formation]





Democrat... Real estate appraiser..
Democrat.. Lawyer
Republican. Lawyer

Kings Park, N. Y.

39 Hallet st., Astoria, N, Y.
256 President st., Brooklyn.
954 Greene ave., Brooklyn.
598 4th ave., Brooklyn.
292 Clinton ave., Brooklyn.
135 North 3rd st., Brooklyn.
391 Fulton st., Brooklyn.
24 Woodbine st., Brooklyn.
294 Ridgewood ave., Bklyn.
195 Monroe st., N. Y. City.
220 E. 12th st., N. Y. City.
6 St. Luke's pl., N. Y. City.
66 Broadway, N. Y. City.
418 W. 51st st., N. Y. City.
244 E. 86th st., N. Y. City.
340 Park ave., N. Y. City.

[blocks in formation]

18. Albert Ottinger.
19. Edward J. Dowling.
20. Salvatore A. Cotillo.
21. John J. Dunnigan..
22. John V. Sheridan.
23. George Cromwell.

24. George A. Slater.
25. John D. Stivers.
26. James E. Towner.
27. Charles W. Walton.
28. Henry M. Sage..

29. George B. Wellington.
30. George H. Whitney

31. James W. Yelverton.

32. Theodore Dougias Robinson
33. James A. Emerson.
34. N. Monroe Marshall.
35. Elon R. Brown.

36. Charles W. Wicks. 37. Adon P. Brown.

Republican Lawyer
Democrat.. Lawyer
Democrat.. Lawyer

Democrat... Architect and builder

[blocks in formation]

Republican Lawyer.

Republican. Editor and publisher.
Republican. Real estate.


Republican. Land and timber busi

[blocks in formation]
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