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The laws of 1802, published by Mr. John Barber, then State-printer.

The laws of 1813, published by Solomon Southwick, Esquire, the present state printer.

CARE has been taken (with but few exceptions) to insert in the mar gin of each section notes indicating where the corresponding section (if any) in the revised laws of K.&R. or in their continuation by W. and S.. can be found. This has only been omitted when the whole act in those editions has been adopted in the present. Hence, with little difficulty, the references to the statutes by Caines and Johnson in their Reports, &c. can be ascertained, and their usefulness thus preserved.

SMITH'S History of New-York (London edition of 1757) and Coi'quhoun's Police of London (Philadelphia edition of 1798) have, in a few instances, been referred to under Smith's Hist. N. Y. and Colq. Pol. Lord.. These works are considered as authority, and of deserved celebrity a nd utility.

THE references to Caines' and Johnson's Reports and Cases, &c. to fhe English and British acts of Parliament, and occasionally to English and American Reporters, &c. being in the usually abridged form, will be readily understood by the profession for whose use they are principally intended.

THE colonial acts of the Legislature of 1683, have also been the subject of reference in this work. These acts are not to be found in any edition extant. Indeed, but few of them are preserved in the Secretary's office, to which resort has been had. The Revisors have supposed the publication of a few of the most important and leading statutes of that year (being the era of legislation in this, then, Colony-the first Colonial Assembly having met in 1883) would neither prove uninteresting or useless to the reader. These, together with certain important ordinances of the Governor and Council of the Colony, and the articles of capitulation in 1664, (confirmed by treaty in 1673-4) by which the Dutch surrendered this Colony to the English, and thereby enabled them, with a short interruption only, to legislate over it, till our separation from Great-Britain, have been published in this



December 1, 1813.

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