The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, Томови 1-11;Том 12,Делови 1-3;Томови 13-16;Том 17,Делови 1-2;Том 18;Том 19,Делови 1-2;Томови 20-22;Том 23,Делови 1-2;Том 24,Делови 1-3;Том 25,Делови 1-2;Том 26,Делови 1-2;Том 27,Делови 1-3;Том 28,Делови 1-2;Том 29,Делови 1-2;Том 30;Том 31,Делови 1-3;Том 32,Делови 1-3;Том 33;Том 34,Делови 1-4;Том 35,Делови 1-2;Том 36,Делови 1-3;Том 37,Делови 1-2;Том 38,Делови 1-5;Том 39,Делови 1-3;Том 40,Делови 1-3;Том 41,Делови 1-4;Том 42,Делови 1-3;Том 43,Делови 1-2;Том 44;Том 45,Делови 1-2;Том 46,Делови 1-3;Том 47,Делови 1-3;Том 48,Делови 1-2;Том 49,Делови 1-2;Том 50,Делови 1-2;Том 51,Делови 1-2;Томови 52-53;Том 56;Томови 58-59;Том 62;Том 81;Том 83;Томови 101-102;Томови 118-121;Томови 124-125

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Found also in the House Miscellaneous documents of the 52 to the 56th Congress./ Each number has special index. Inserted in each volume: Additions and corrections ... Washington, Govt. Print. Off., 1902./ Series 1,v. 1-53, series 3,v. 1-5, and series 4,v. 1-3 include "Alternate designations of organizations mentioned." /Vol 54-55 of series 1 (serial no. 112-113)"HAVE NOT BEEN PUBLISHED, AND NO MATERIAL FOR THEM IS IN HAND." cf. General Index, p. xi. Series 2,v. 1 (serial no. 114) with imprint 1894, was not issued until 1898./ Edited in the War Records Office, 1880-July 1899; in the Record and Pension Office, July 1899-1901 Robert N. Scott compiled and edited v. 1-18, 1880-87, and also collected the greater part of the material for v. 19-36, 1887-91. After his death in 1887 the work was continued by Henry M. Lazelle, 1887-89, and by a board of publication, 1889-99, consisting of George B. Davis, 1889-97, Leslie J. Perry, 1889-99, Joseph W. Kirkley, 1889-99,and Fred C. Ainsworth, 1898-99; from 1889-1901 edited by Fred C. Ainsworth and Joseph W. Kirkley. A digital reproduction made from a copy held by Cornell University is available from Cornell University's Making of America Web Site.

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Страница 885 - Whosoever shall be convicted of holding correspondence with or giving intelligence to the enemy, either directly or indirectly, shall suffer death or such other punishment as shall be ordered by the sentence of a court-martial.
Страница 826 - issued by the Secretary of War of the United States, under the order of the President of the United States, the military commanders of that Government within the States of Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and Arkansas are directed to seize and use any property, real or personal, belonging to the inhabitants
Страница 821 - has seized upon innocent and peaceful inhabitants to be held as hostages to the end that they may be murdered in cold blood if any of his soldiers are killed by some unknown persons whom he designates as "bushwhackers." Under this state of facts this Government has issued the inclosed general
Страница 820 - issued by the Secretary of War of the United States in the city of Washington on the very day that the cartel was signed in Virginia directs the military commanders of the United States to take the private property of our people for the convenience and use of their armies without compensation. The general
Страница 821 - We find ourselves driven by our enemies by steady progress toward a practice which we abhor and which we are vainly struggling to avoid. Some of the military authorities of the United States seem to suppose that better success will attend a savage war in which no quarter is to be given and no [age
Страница 582 - the same pay, subsistence and allowance to which he may be entitled whilst in the actual service of the United States: Provided, That nothing herein contained shall be construed to entitle any prisoner of war of the militia to the pay and compensation herein provided after the date of his parole other than the traveling expenses allowed by
Страница 257 - The stipulations and provisions above mentioned to be of binding obligation during the continuance of the war, it matters not which party may have the surplus of prisoners, the great principles involved being, first, an equitable exchange of prisoners, man for man, officer for officer, or officers of higher grade exchanged for officers
Страница 821 - sex to be spared than has hitherto been secured by such hostilities as are alone recognized to be lawful by civilized men in modern times. For the present we renounce our right of retaliation on the innocent and shall continue to treat the private enlisted soldiers of General Pope's army as prisoners of war, but if after notice
Страница 576 - Each party upon the discharge of prisoners of the other party is authorized to discharge an equal number of their own officers or men from parole, furnishing at the same time to the other party a list of their prisoners discharged and of their own officers and men relieved from parole,
Страница 592 - frontiers to fight the Indians now in arms against you. This is in direct conflict with the terms of the cartel. Its language is very plain. It says: The surplus prisoners not exchanged shall not be permitted to take up arms again, nor to serve as military police or constabulary force in any fort, garrison or fieldwork held by