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The small Roman numerals denote the volumes, and the Arabic figures, the
pages. Where the volume is the same, the numeral is not repeated before
the figures.

Accusation of those positively and virtually refusing self-dedica-
tion, disowning their interest in God, presuming on it, desirous
to treat with him dishonourably, covenanting deceitfully, break-
ing their vows to God, fourfold, iv. 206–215.

Address to God, from lamenting Israel; to all mourners in Zion,
iii. 385-389.

Advice to inmates of praying families, iv. 355; to children of im-
pious parents, to children of gracious parents, to childless mar-
ried persons, in four particulars; to parents to consider that
their children are sinners and need instruction, instruction their
right and privilege, their own love to God thus proved; that
Satan watches to ruin their children; that their instruction is due
to the church and the world, the sad result of neglecting it, iv.
477-491; seven-fold, to the partakers of sure mercies, ii. 489.
Advices, twenty, important to a young man, v. 522.
Aggravation of the sins of Christians, iii. 335.

Altar, scriptural, meaning of, iv. 301. constituted by-consecra-
tion, a priest, an offering, a design, 306–307.

Anecdote of a father's last request to his son, ii. 80. of Tiberius,
245. of a female martyr, 288. of Cæsar, 136. of a child, v. 537.
Appeal to God, of a pious soul, uses of instruction, admonition,
caution, iii. 499-505.

Arguments for parents when praying for their children--God's grace

and faithfulness, his covenant mercies to others and themselves,
copiousness of the covenant of grace, their feeling a spirit of
prayer, God's glory concerned in their children's welfare, hopes
excited in their childhood, resignation to God's will, gratitude
for the conversion of any of them, resolution to pray for them
till death, iv. 494-503.

Assurance, christian, possible, v. 398; excitement to seek, advan-
tages of, ii. 468-470; may be enjoyed by those who-have been
brought to Christ, are separated from sinners, are joined to the
pious, are grieved when the church is wasted, are ready to suf-
fer for Christ, make daily proficiency, are still tending heaven-
ward, v. 400-407.

BAPTISMAL BONDS, epistle preceding, iv. ix.

Baxter, passage from, on saints in heaven, iv. 564.

BEST ENTAIL, dedication of, preface to, text of, explained, infer-
ences from the text of, iv. 421-433.

Blessings of the covenant of grace, ensured-infallibly, immuta-
bly, ii. 312-318.

Careless sinners condemned, in constant danger of hell, misery of,
increased by self-delusion, by other things, ii. 411-414. pre-
sumption of, warned, iii. 188-9; despising Christ's interces-
sion, reminded that they can find no mercy out of Christ, of
their constant need of it, of the waste of time, and their increas-
ing difficulties, of Christ's sufferings and entreaties; urged to
consider what is essential to prayer, difference of prayer ac-
cepted or rejected, disparity between God and us; directed-
to search their consciences, to study Christ's mediation, to banish
what is offensive to Christ, and to seek interest in his mediation,

Carnal security reproved, v. 465.

Characters called to lament after the Lord-the unconverted,
gracious souls, the young, the aged and householders, ministers,
magistrates, churches, iii. 448-463.

Children, of pious parents, advised; graceless, warned, admonished,
ii. 441-445; of believers are heirs of gospel-privileges, con-
verted under ordinances, useful to the church, interested in the
promise Isa. lix. 21, attracting special observation, remembered
with covenant kindness, reclaimed by sanctified corrections,
profited by instruction, under God's care, iv. 452–459; irre-
ligious, addressed, convicted in four charges, iv. 472-473.
Children of God, reproved for-slighting God's favour, doubting
of it, mistaking corrections for judgments, ascribing consola-
tions to Satan, abusing God's favour, by-unthankfulness, un-
fruitfulness, iii. 327-334; faults of, respecting self-dedication—
want of solemnity, imperfect performance of vows, too often
doubting their conversion, forgetfulnefs of Christ, legality, iv.

Christ, fulness of, an inducement to seek heart treasure, ii. 30, a
fourfold gift, ii. 302, twofold interposition of, for man, iii. 145.
Christianity, great privileges of, iv. 538.

Christian ornaments, v. 439.

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Christians are to seek assurance, by-meditating God's word,
attending a lively ministry, improving baptism and the Lord's
supper, much prayer, walking with God, self-inspection, recol-
lection of past experience, strengthening all graces, confiding
solely in grace, giving much praise to God, ii. 457-466; lovers
of retirement, iii. 50; righteous inherently, righteous by impu-
tation, perfect, by-integrity, proficiency in grace; blameable
in-mourning departed saints excessively, not being entirely
willing to die, not improving the death of friends, not improv-
ing christian society; one great concern of; glory of, to aim at
heaven, iv. 540-555; seldom affluent, forbidden to abuse riches,

hated by the world, continually occupied, concerned for the
church of Christ, grieved by others' sins, perplexed respecting
duty, harassed by Satan, inward conflicts of, tremble at God's
word, afflicted by God withdrawing, jealous of their own state,
vindicated from the charge of a foolish choice, good in reversion
for, v. 189-198; cautioned against weariness of life, cautioned
against the desire of it; advised-to study contentment, to exer-
cise faith and diligence, to aspire after heaven, to persevere and
resign themselves to God, to seek the salvation of others, en-
couraged from God's unchanging love, v. 218-227; course of,
variously ended, 272; fitted for heaven on earth, earthly privileges
of, 287-289; timorous, encouraged, v. 327.

Circumstances of closet prayer-place, posture, season, voice, iii.


Comfort amidst sorrows, v. 511.

Communion with God, the unholy unfit for, v. 470.

Complaint of enemies to religion being numerous, of God with-
drawing restraining grace, of ordinances unblessed, of God
withdrawing from his people-collectively, individually, iii.

Confirmation of covenant blessings-verbal, written, testimonial,
by sealing, by oath, by earnest, by performance in part, by
miracles, by various other means, ii. 321–328.
Conformity to God, v. 443.

Conscience, cases of, respecting closet prayer-if a hypocrite can
perform it, if Christians should have set times for it, how to
know if we commune with God, what if we find no pleasure
in prayer, iii. 120-124; cases of, respecting new creation-if
one may be consciously a new creature, if a new creature can
have an accusing conscience, if God be ever severe with such ;
how such may judge of their growth in grace, and of their cor-
ruptions; how, if he cannot tell the time of his change, if he find
distraction in prayer, v. 166-172; cases of, respecting family
worship-may a householder preach, may he appoint a substi-
tute, what the best time for family worship, if ever it may be
omitted, what posture to be used, what place and with what
voice, if a form be lawful, if one may join with an unchristian
householder, iv. 402–412.

Considerations for youth-God's creative power, God's image lost
in Adam, man's moral agency, God the restorer of his image in
us, that all are his offspring, all created for him, all relief to be
found in him, none of his works to be despised, he can do us
infinite good, v. 546–553.

Consolation derived from God, to be expected through free grace,
ii. 160-162.

Constancy, christian, two instances of, ii. 243.

Context of Psalm 1. 5. explained, iv. 7.

Contrast between a doubting and an assured soul, v. 266.

Converts, resemblance of, to children newly born, to children
somewhat grown, v. 482–486.

Conviction to the careless, from the doctrine of sure mercies, ii. 409.
Corruption, displaced by heart treasure, ii. 33.

Covenant, four essentials of, ii. 300; nature of, iv. 441; gracious-
the parties in, ii. 301; two peculiarities of, iv. 442; four impor-
tant promises of, ii. 304; grant of, 307; how contracted, 382;
unites believers' hearts, iv. 4; unites God and men, 5; made with
God by sacrifice, 20; reciprocal, 40; encourages gracious parents,
444; arguments for subscription of, 126; subscription to, urged,
a prayer before the subscription of, 134; mercies abused by
Christians in-desiring the comforts without the crosses, slight-
ing some of them, not properly enjoying them, not living con-
formably to them, ii. 418-423; personal, parts of acceptance
of the divine persons, revelations, commands, institutions, and
dispensations, iv. 137-154.
Covenanting, general and personal, ii. 438; social, as—civil and sa-
cred, sacramental, personal-an example of, essential to a Chris-
tian, twelve instances of, iv. 41-49; doctrine of, confirmed from
-natural religion, the nature of practical christianity, the nature
and necessity of faith, the effects of Christ's purchase, the bap-
tismal vow, the requisite fitness for the Lord's supper, the ne-
cessity of a new birth to a saint, the nature of sanctification, the
necessity of union to Christ, God's method in imparting gospel
blessings, 63-83; personal, twofold, 87; time of, particularly-
at first conviction, on having broken previous vows, in afflictions,
after deliverances, on commencing arduous duties, on commenc
ing any part of God's worship, before the Lord's supper, 107-
114; personal, to be done privately; manner of-verbal, by writ-
ing, ten arguments for, aids to-perusing the scriptures, hearing
sermons, meditation on the sacraments, christian conversation,
iv. 116-130.

Dangers of those who are not new creatures, since they are not
Christians, their judgment is heavy, they are Satan's slaves, at
enmity against God, unprofited by ordinances, &c. liable to com-
mit the greatest sins, they will be finally disappointed, the delay
of their judgment is uncertain, their neglect is aggravating,
their exclusion from heaven is certain, v. 83-93.

Days scriptural, of grace, vengeance, death, and judgment, v. 502.
Death of eminent saints, a loss to survivors, v. 515.
Dedication, self, twofold, a form of-for the soul, for all the facul-
ties, iv. 156—159; a general form of-for the body, our relations,
and our concerns, 163-169; duties to follow-prayer, gratitude
for our acceptance, improvement of covenant blessings, record-
ing experience, sealing our vows at the Lord's supper, meeting
temptations with them in mind, making God's interest ours,
steadfastness, remembering and renewing our vows, preparing
for heaven, 184-202; prompted by divine grace, address to
sinners respecting it, the importance of it, directions for it-
search your heart, desist from sin, be attached to God's people,
222-233; danger of being insincere, 237; believers' doubts re-
specting the knowledge needful, due humiliation, the heart's

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deceit, the strength of corruptions, spiritual weakness, God's
different methods in conversion, from darkness and an accusing
conscience, 257-273; a shorter form of acceptance of God, ac-
ceptance of all scripture, dedication of soul and body, dedication
of property, 277-282.

Deliverance of Christians from the world; how far delivered, when,
why, by what means, instructive, convicting to the world, deci-
sive of character, v. 493-500.

Depository, God's bottle for our tears, God's book for our prayers,
bosom of friends for comforts, our own breasts for covenant
promises, ii. 165–168.

Depravity, propagation of, ii. 68.

Desertion, spiritual, twofold, ii. 482.

Design of providences and ordinances, ii. 31.
Detail, historical, on 1 Sam. vii. 2, iii. 395.
Difference of the covenants, tenfold, iv. 13.

Direction, to sinners how to get heart treasure, ii. 80; relative to good
thoughts consider their nature and worth, give God your heart,
live by faith, cherish divine love, walk humbly with God, pray
much privately, commune with God in ordinances, improve time,
make useful observations, use christian communion, ii. 99-123;
to preserve and increase heart treasure-suffer not Satan to rob
you, be not engrossed by the world, mortify corruption, obey the
Spirit's impulses, keep the heart, especially after enlargement,
be frequent in heart trial, recover from decays, increase by ex-
pending, bless God for present treasure, 170-187; to use
heart treasure-speedily, seasonably, sincerely, in proportion to
your increase, from pure motives, 194-200; to those seeking
sure mercies-inquire into your state, think of the misery of be-
ing without them, be grateful for common mercies, cease from
sin, renounce legality, receive Christ, covenant with God, 446-
454; to those for whom Christ intercedes-get assurance of his
intercession, doubt not his success, remember your advocate,
persevere in piety, thank God for answers to prayer, forgive and
pray for others, seek Christ's interests, iii. 231-237; to those
lamenting after the Lord-see to your state and principles, know
how you
stand with God, consider the reason of your calamities,
the unhappiness of your state, and the benefit of God's presence,
be public-spirited, plead with the Lord, 471-482; to those con-
scious of not being new creatures-improve natural principles,
mistake not the nature of religion, examine your soul's state,
attend a powerful ministry, cherish convictions, consider your
sins and misery, know and receive Christ, separate from sin and
sinners, covenant with God, pray to be new created, v. 145–154.
Directions to youth, practical and important, v. 572.
Dispensations of providence, to fit us for heaven, v. 285.
Disposition, spiritual, of one having heart treasure-sincere, uni-
form, abiding, and prompt in pious duties, ii. 39–49.
Distinction between a state of sin and some remaining corruption,
v. 293; between habitual and actual fitness for heaven, v. 328.

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