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2. [$8] Indexes to Periodicals. The indexes to periodicals (89) will lead the searcher to illuminating articles on almost any desired topic. Faxon, Frederick Winthrop (Editor.) Annual Magazine Subject Index.

(Boston, Boston Book Co., annual since 1907.) Select subject index

to about 160 periodicals. Public Affairs Information Service, Bulletin-A Co-operative Clearing

House of Public Affairs Information. (White Plains, Wilson, annual cumulation since 1915.) Indexes select periodicals and current books

on public affairs. Readers' Guide to. Periodical Literature. (White Plains, Wilson Co.,

monthly.) Indexes about 100 periodicals, also Annual Cumulation,

since 1896, and five-year Cumulative Volumes since 1900. Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature-Supplement. Index to Selected

Periodicals Not Included in the Readers' Guide. (White Plains, Wilson; 5 times a year, cumulative.) Also Annual Cumulation and compos. ite volume since 1907.

3. [89] List of Periodicals Especially Useful. Academy of Political Science, Proceedings. (Quarterly.) (N. Y. Acad.

Pol. Sci., Columbia Univ.) The Advocate of Peace. (Monthly.) (Washington, D. C.) Official organ

of the American Peace Society. Takes the side of the pacifist. Aerial Age. (Weekly.) (N. Y.) Aeronautics. (Weekly.) (London.) American Academy of Political and Social Science, Annals. (Bi-monthly.)

(Philadelphia.) Deals with events of diplomacy and war. The American Economic Review. (Quarterly.) (Princeton, N. J.) Organ

of the American Economic Association. Deals with questions of indus

try, finance, etc., from an expert point of view. The American Historical Review. (Quarterly.) (N. Y., Macmillan.)

Organ of American Historical Association. The American Journal of International Law. (Quarterly.) (N, Y.,

Baker, Voorhis & Co.) Acknowledged authority on questions of international law, international relations and public policy. Invaluable

supplements of documents. The American Political Science Review. (Quarterly.) (Baltimore, Waverly

Press.) Organ of the American Political Science Association; expert

articles in government and diplomacy. The American Red Cross Magazine. (Monthly.) (Garden City, Doubleday, • Page.) Organ of the American Red Cross. The American Review of Reviews. (Monthly.) (N. Y., Review of Reviews

Co.) Mostly reprints from other magazines. Well illustrated. Army and Navy Journal-Gazette of Regular and Volunteer Forces.

(Weekly.) (N. Y.) The Atlantic Monthly. (Boston, Atlantic Monthly Co.) Many interesting

articles of weight on public affairs. Boy's Life. (Monthly.) (N. Y.) Official organ of the Boy Scouts of

America. The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine. (N. Y., Century Co.) A few

articles on public events. Collier's Weekly. (N. Y., Collier.) Illustrated; editorials and articles on

public affairs. Commerce and Finance. (Weekly.) (N. Y., T. H. Price.) Edited in a

lively way and contains invaluable discussions of business, public and

private. Current History. (Monthly.) (N. Y., New York Times.) Gathered into

volumes under title New York Times Current History--an invaluable

repository of materials of every kind on the war. (See $17.) Flight. (Weekly.) (London.) Aeronautics. The Fortnight!y Review. (London, Chapman and Hall.) One of several

English reviews devoted to current political and international topics. Dasgrössere Deutschland Wochenschrift für deutsche Welt und Kolonial.

politik. (Dresden, Das gröessere Deutschland.)

Harper's Monthly Magazine. (N. Y., Harper & Brothers.)
History Teacher's Magazine. (Monthly.) (Philadelphia, McKinley.) :

Strong on teaching about the war.
The Independent (Weekly.) (N. Y., Independent Corpr.) Gives valuable

records of the war and has been prominent in promoting the idea of

a “Peace League of Nations." International Conciliation. (N. Y., Am. Assoc. for Internl. Conciliation;

monthly since 1909.) Nos. 83-90, 94-96, 101-104, 110, 111, 114. Very

convenient and valuable. International Polity News. (Monthly.) (Boston, Federation of Inter

national Polity Clubs.) Journal of the Military Service Institution. (Bi-monthly.) (Governor's

Island.) Journal of the Royal United Service Institution. (Quarterly.) (London.) Journal of the United States Artillery. (Bi-monthly.) (Fort Monroe.) The Literary Digest. (Weekly.) (N. Y., Funk & Wagnalls.) Made up

of extracts from and analysis of articles in other periodicals—a good

guide to public opinion. The Military Historian and Economist. (Quarterly.) (Cambridge, Har.

vard University Press.) The Military Surgeon. (Monthly.) (Wash.) The Nation. (Weekly.) (N. Y., Evening Post, since 1866.) Very full

on international events and controversies. National Economic League Quarterly. (Boston, Nat. Econ. League.) The National Service. (Monthly.) (Garden City, N. Y., Military Training

Publishing Corp.) Very full on military matters. The Nation's Business. (Monthly.) (Washington, Chamber of Commerce

of the U. S.) Organ of the powerful Chamber of Commerce of the

United States. The Navy and Merchant Marine. (Monthly.) (Washington.) Under

the editorial direction of the National Marine League of the U. S. The New Armenia. (Fortnightly.) (N. Y.) Organ of Armenians in the

United States—very well written.
The New Europe. (Weekly.) (London, Constable.) Very valuable on

European conditions.
The New Republic-A Journal of Opinion. (Weekly.) (New York.)

Excellent comments on the war and constructive preparedness. Saga-
cious discussion of the possibilities of peace. Strong on new prin.

ciples. Readable throughout. The North American Review. (Monthly.) (N. Y., The North Am. Re.

view.) Chiefly devoted to public questions—valuable articles by many

hands. Official Bulletin. (Daily.) (Washington, U. S. Division of Official Bulletin.)

Official publication of the government with early lists of important

documents. The Outlook. (Weekly.) (N. Y., Outlook Co.) Illustrated. Very good

short articles and editorials on public affairs. The Political Science Quarterly. (Quarterly.) (N. Y., Ginn & Co.)

Organ of Academy of Political Science of N. Y. Valuable materials. The Quarterly Journal of Economics. (Quarterly.) (Cambridge, Harvard

University Press.) Serious articles on finance, commerce and business. Rivista Marittima. (Monthly.) (Rome.) The Scientific American. (Weekly.) (N. Y., Munn & Co.) Acknowledged

authority on scientific topics, especially the modern methods of war

fare on sea and land. Scribner's Magazine. (Monthly.) (N. Y., Scribner's.) Sea PowerThe Nation's Defense. (Monthly.) (N. Y., Sea Power Pub.

Co.) Organ of Navy League. Beautifully illustrated. The Survey. (Weekly.) (N. Y., Survey Association, Inc.) Primarily on

social reforms but very valuable on many topics of preparedness and

war. United States Naval Institute. Proceedings. (Bi-monthly.) (Annapolis.) The Unpopular Review. (Quarterly.) (N. Y., Holt & Co.) The World Court. (Monthly.) (N. Y., World's Court League.) Servicea

ble reprints of documents and discussions of international affairs. World's Work. (Monthly.) (Garden City, Doubleday, Page.) Abounds in

articles and illustrations on public affairs. Close up to date.

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The Yale Review. (Quarterly.) (New Haven, Yale Pub. Assoc.) Many

good articles on public questions.

F. [310] PUBLICATIONS OF SOCIETIES. A large amount of valuable material on the war appears in the publications of the general societies concerned with public and international matters, especially societies organized for propagating information and opinions, most of which were organized since the beginning of the war with reference to that contest. Many of these societies publish periodicals, the titles of which appear in detail in the section on periodicals (9). For a list of societies see $5 above.

Membership in most of these societies is open to any applicant of good character, who is interested in the purpose of the society; and members in nearly all instances receive the publications of their society without payment outside the annual dues. Many of the propaganda societies distribute their publications on application. The societies which have most to do with the war are the following:

Academy of Political Science. (New York.) Political Science Quarterly.

(See Proceedings, $9.) American Academy of Political and Social Science. (Philadelphia.) An.

nals. (See $9.) American Association for Internationl Conciliation. (New York.) Inter

national Conciliation. (See 89.) American Historical Association. (Washington.) American Historical

Review. (See $9); Annual Reports (1889— .) (Wash., Govt. Print.

Office, 1890-Y ) American Institute of International Law, Declaration of the Rights and

Duties of Nations. (Wash., 1916.) American League to Limit Armaments, Memorandum of Points in Opposi

tion to the Increase of the Army and Navy. (N. Y., the League, 1915.) American Peace Congress. Proceedings. (Biennial since 1907.) American Peace Society. (Washington.) Advocate of Peace. (See 89.)

Annual Reports (1829.- ). (Wash., Am. Peace Soc., 1830-— .)

History and Work. (Wash., Am. Peace Soc., 1914.) American Political Science Association. (Baltimore.) American Political

Science Review. (See $9.) Proceedings (1904-1914.) (Various im

prints, 1905-1914.) American Railway Association. Special committee on National Defense.

(Washington.) Railroads' War Board: Official Information. (Wash.,

1917—.) American Red Cross. (New York.) The American Red Cross Magazine.

(See 89.) See Library of Congress, U. S. at War, pp. 86-87. American Society for Judicial Settlement of International Disputes. Pro

ceedings of National Conference. (1910.--.) (Baltimore, Waverly

Press, 1911.--.) Publications. (Quarterly; Baltimore, 1910.--.) American Society of International Law. (Washington.) American Journal

of International Law. (See $9.) Proceedings of Annual Meeting.

(1907-.) (Various imprints, 1908 .) Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. (Washington.) Pamphlets.

(1914-_ ) (Washington, The Endowment, 1914-—-.) Publications (1913-_-_) (Washington, The Endowment, 1914---) Year Book

(1911----) (Washington, The Endowment, 1912 .) Chamber of Commerce of the United States. (Washington.) The Na

tion's Business. (See $9.) Referendum on Economic Results of the War and American Business. (N. Y., Am. Assoc. for Internat. Con

ciliation, 1915.) Church Peace Union. (New York.) Church and International Peace

(1914-— .) (N. Y., Church Peace Union, 1914 .)

Clark University. (Worcester.) Clark University Addresses--The Prob.

lems and Lessons of the War. (N. Y., Putnam, 1916.) Columbia University. Columbia War Papers (1917-4.) (N. Y., Colum

bia Univ., 1917-- .) Committee on Patriotism Through Education. Outline of Plan for Public

Addresses and Lectures Framed by a Conference at New York, May 12, 1917. Reprint. (N. Y., Nat. Sec. League, 1917.) See also Na.

tional Security League (85). League to Enforce Peace, American Branch. (New York.) Enforced

Peace; Proceedings of First Annual National Assemblage (1916.) (N.
Y., League to Enforce Peace, 1916.) Independence Hall Conference

(1915.) (N. Y., League to Enforce Peace, 1915.) Lake Mohonk Conference on International Arbitration. Report of the

Annual Meetings (1895.-_-). (Lake Mohonk, 1895.- .) Minnesota, Members of the Faculty of the University of. Facts About

the War.--Memoranda, Synopses and Significant Items. (Minneapolis,

Univ. of Minn., 1917.) National Economic League. (Boston.) The National Economic League

Quarterly. (See $9.) National Marine League of the United States. (New York.) Navy and

Merchant Marine. (See $9.) NATIONAL SECURITY LEAGUE. (New York.) America at War.

(N. Y., Appleton, 1917.) Handbook of the War. (N. Y., The League, 1917.) Patriotism Through Education Series. (N. Y., The League, 1917—-. Proceedings of the Congress of Constructive

Patriotism (1917.) (N. Y., The League, 1917.) National Society for the Advancement of Patriotic Education. (N. Y.)

Some Facts of American History; a Condensation of Upton's "Mili

tary Policy." (N. Y., Nat. Soc. for Advancement of Pat. Educ., 1916.) Navy League of the United States. (Washington.) Publications. Pam

phlets--Sea Power. (See $9.) New York Chamber of Commerce. American Merchant Marine. (N. Y.,

Chamber of Commerce, 1915.) Report on the Common Defense.

(N. Y., Chamber of Commerce, 1916.) New York Peace Society. Year Book (1906-~--.) (N. Y., 1907 .) Organization Centrale pour une Paix Durable. (The Hague.) Une Paix

Durable. (The Hague, 1916.) Recueil de Rapports. (2 vols., The

Hague, Nijhoff, 1916.) Rockefeller Foundation. (New York.) Annual Report (1913—4.) (N.

Y., Rockefeller Foundation, 1915.) Work of the War Relief Com

mission. (N. Y., Rockefeller Foundation, 1915.) The Union of Democratic Control. (London.) Pamphlets. World Peace Foundation. (Boston.) Pamphlet Series (1908- ) (Bos

ton, World Peace Foundation, 1909-----.) World's Court League. (New York.) World Court. (See 89.)


. 1. [$11] General Treatises. Most of the controversies arising out of the origin, outbreak and conduct of the Great War involve questions of principles which regulate the administration of the governments concerned, especially the relations between nations. The most important treatises on these subjects, especially considering the questions of warfare by land and sea, capture, prize, etc., are the following: Alvarez, Alejandro. Le Droit International Américain. (Paris, Pedone,

1910.) Balch, Thomas W. L'Evolution de l'arbitrage International. (Phila.,

Allen, Lane & Scott, 1908.) Bonfils, Henry. Manuel de Droit International Public. (7th ed., by

Fauchille; Paris, Rousseau, 1914.) Cyclopedia of American Government. Edited by A. C. McLaughlin and

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Albert Bushnell Hart. (3 vols.; N. Y., Appleton, 1913.) Includes

numerous articles on public and international law. Good index. Dupuis, Charles. Le Droit de la Guerre Maritime d'après les Conférences

de la Haye et de Londres. (Paris, Pedone, 1911.) Foster, John W. The Practice of Diplomacy. (Boston, etc., Houghton,

Mifflin, 1906.) Geffcken, F. H. Die Gesammtinteresse als Grundlage des Staats und

Völkerrechts. (Leipzig, Deichert, 1908.) Hall, William E. A Treatise on International Law. (6th ed., by Atley;

Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1909.) Halleck, Henry W. International Law. (4th ed., by Baker; 2 vols.;

London, Paul, Trench, Trübner, 1908.) Hershey, Amos S. The Essentials of International Public Law. (N. Y.,

Macmillan, 1912.) Hertslet, Sir Edward. The Map of Europe by Treaty Since Peace of 1814.

(4 vols., London, Buttersworths, etc., 1875-1891.) Jellinek, Georg. Das Recht des Modernen Staates: Allgemeine Staatslehre.

(3d ed.; Berlin, Häring, 1914.) Lawrence, Thomas J. The Principles of International Law. (4th ed.;

Boston, Heath, 1910.) Mahan, Alfred T. The Influence of Sea Power Upon History, 1660-1783.

(Boston, Little, Brown, 1890.) Mahan, Alfred T. The Interest of America in International Conditions.

(Boston, Little, Brown, 1910.) Mérignhac, Alexander. Traité de Droit Public International. (3 vols.

published; Paris, Librairie Generale de Droit, 1905-1912.) Oppenheim, Lassa. International Law. (2nd ed., 2 vols.; N. Y., Long

mans, Green, 1912.) Perels, Ferdinand. Das allegemeine öffentliche Seerecht im deutschen Reiche.

(Berlin, Mittler, 1901.) Phillipson, Coleman. Wheaton's Elements of International Law. (5th ed.;

N. Y., Baker, Voorhis, 1916.) Pradier-Fodéré, Paul. Traité de Droit International Public Européen et

Américain. (8 vols.; Paris, 1885-1906.) Scott, James B. (Editor). Cases on International Law. (St. Paul, West,

1902.) Scott, James B. (Editor). The Hague Court Reports. (N. Y., Oxford

Univ. Press, 1916.) Scott, James B. (Editor). Recommendations on International Law of the

Second Pan-American Scientific Congress. (N. Y., Oxford Univ.

Press, 1916.) Scott, James B. (Editor). Resolutions of the Institute of International

Law Dealing with the Law of Nations. (N. Y., Oxford Univ. Press,

1916.) Stockton, Charles H. Outlines of International Law. (N. Y., Scribner,

1914.) Stowell, Ellery C., and Munro, Henry F. (Editors). International Cases.

(2 vols., Boston, etc., Houghton, Mifflin, 1916.) Treaties and Conventions Between the United States and Other Powers.

(1776-1913.) (3 vols.; Wash., Govt. Printing Office, 1910-1913.) United States Naval War College. International Law Topics and Discus

sions. (15 vols. to 1915; Wash., Govt. Printing Office, 1901-1916.)

The title varies. Westlake, John. International Law. (2nd ed., 2 vols.; Cambridge, Eng.

land, University Press, 1910-1913.) Wilson, George G., and Tucker, George F. International Law. (6th ed.,

Boston, etc., Silver, Burdett, 1915.)

2. Special Works on Sea Power.

See $$ 62, 63 below. . (a) [912] Sea Power Before the War. Colquhoun, Archibald Ross. Germany and Sea Power. (London, Pitman,


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