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Fulton, Thomas W. The Sovereignty of the Sea. (London, Blackwood,

Grotius, Hugo. The Freedom of the Seas. (Scott's ed.; N. Y., Oxford

Univ. Press, 1916.)
Hettner, Alfred England's Weltherrschaft und der Krieg. (Leipzig, etc.,

Teubner, 1915.)
Hislam, Percival A. The Admiralty of the Atlantic: an Enquiry Into the

Development of German Sea Power, Past, Present and Prospective.

(N. Y., Longmans, Green, 1908.) Hurd, Archibald S., and Castle, Henry. German Sea Power; Its Rise,

Progress, and Economic Basis; with Maps and Appendices Giving the

Fleet Lau's, etc. (London, Murray, 1913.)
Murray, Gilbert. Great Britain's Sea Policy. A Reply to an American

Critic. (London, Unwin, 1917.)

(b) ($13] Declaration of London (1909).

Barclay, Sir Thomas. “The Declaration of London.” Fortnightly Review.

(July, 1911.) Baty, Thomas. Britain and Sea Law. (London, Bell, 1911.) A criticism

of the Declaration of London. Baty, Thomas. "The Declaration of London.” Empire Review. (July,

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Wilson, 1911.)
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Affected by Recent Proposals. (London, Murray, 1910.)
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“The Declaration of London.” Quarterly Review. (Apr., 1911.)
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tion of London," Am. Polit. Science Review. (Nov., 1909.) Wilson, H. W. The Declaration of London and Its Surrender to

Germany,National Review. (Mar., 1911.)

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(c) [814] Law of Capture and Prize.

Holland, Thomas E. Proposed Changes in Naval Prize Law.. (London,

Oxford Univ. Press, 1914.)
Huberich, Charles H. (Das englische Prisenrecht in seiner neuesten

Gestalt. (Berlin, Heymanns, 1915.)
Wehberg, Hans. Capture in War on Land and Sea. (London, King,

1911.) By a German pacifist.

3. [$15] Special Works on Laws of War on Land.

See $109 below.
Baty, Thomas, and Morgan, John H. War: Its Conduct and Legal Results.

(London, Murray, 1915.)
Holland, Thomas E. The Laws of W'ar on Land. (Oxford, Clarendon

Press, 1908.)
Jacomet, Robert. Les Lois de la Guerre Continentale. (Paris, Pedone &

Fournier, 1913.)
Spaight, J. M. War Rights on Land. (London, Macmillan, 1911.)
Strupp, Karl. Das Internationale Landkriegsrecht. (Frankfurt am Main,

Baer, 1914.)
United States Army War College. The Rules of Land Warfare. (Wash.,

Govt. Printing Office, 1914.)





The bibliography which occupies Chapters II and III in this work is an attempt to collect and classify the principal book titles in several languages on the war. Current material may easily be found through the periodical indexes (88) and the list of periodicals ($9). Many of the general books (see $17 to 21 inclusive and Chapter IV] contain bibliographies. Among the lists of war books and war articles the following are especially useful: Bacon, Corinne. Best Books on the War; an Annotated List Including

Some Books Useful in the Understanding of the Present Situation.

(19 pp.; White Plains, Wilson, 1914.) Blakeslee, George H. A Selected List of Books on the Present War.

(Reprinted from Journal of Race Development, VIII. (July, 1917.)

Very useful annotated list. Boston Public Library. Selected List of Books Relating to the European

Crisis. (Boston, Public Library, 1914.) Business Digest; a Current Digest of Business Progress. (N. Y., Cumu

lative Digest Corporation, 1917--.) Issued weekly and cumulated;

digests about fifty business journals. Cumulative Book Index. (White Plains, Wilson, 1914 ..) Published

monthly and cumulated; catalogues all books published in the United States; books relating to the war under "European War”; there is a

special subheading for bibliography. Deutsche Kriegsliteratur. (Leipzig, Hinrichs, 1915--.) Complete list of

German books and pamphlets on the war, appearing in periodical parts. English Catalogue of Books, 1911-1915. (London, Publishers' Circular,

1916.) Books on the war are catalogued under title “War.” Great Britain, Stationery Office. List of Publications Issued by His

Majesty's Stationery Office in Connection With Events Arising from the State of War. (London, H. M. Stationery Office, 1916.) Con

tinued by supplements. Hicks, Frederick C. Internationalism; a Selected List of Books, Pam

phlets, and Periodicals. (N. Y., Am. Assoc. for International Con

ciliation, 1913; No. 64 of International Conciliation.) International Military Digest, 1915~--, (N. Y., Cumulative Digest Corpora

tion, 1915---.) Issued monthly and cumulated; digests some eighty

periodicals. Lange, F. W. T., and Berry, W. T. Books on the Great War; an Anno.

tated Bibliography of Literature Issued During the European Conflict. (5 vols. to 1917; London, Grafton, 1915 -.) Not well classified.

Vols. I-III bound together with a general index. Library of Congress (Meyer, H. H. B., compiler). List of References on

Europe and International Politics in Relation to the Present Issues.

(Wash., Govt. Printing Office, 1914.) Library of Congress (Meyer, H. H. B., compiler). United States at War;

Organization and Literature. (Wash., Govt. Printing Office, 1917.) Free on application. A very useful pamphlet, in 157 sections: chro. nological summaries, lists of private societies and Government organizations; bibliography, indexes, etc.

Lyons, Bibliothèque municipale. Catalogue du Fonds de la Guerre. (Paris,

Chiron, 1917—.) Bi-monthly issues beginning January, 1917.
Mez, John R. Peace Literature of the War-Material for the Study of

International Polity. (N. Y., Amer. Assoc. for Internat. Conciliation,

1916.) Military Academy (of the U. S.). Classified List of Works on Military and

Professional Subjects. (Rev. ed.; West Point, U. S. Military Academy,

1916.) New York Public Library. Bulletins. (N. Y., 1914-1917.) Includes

"European War-Diplomatic History" and "European War-Recent

New York Times Sunday Magazine. Lists of war books from time to time.
Perkins, Clarence. “Bibliography of Recent European History,” in History

Teacher's Magazine, V. 292. (Nov., 1914.)
Prothero, George W. List of Publications Bearing on the War; also

Second List. (London, Central Committee for Nat. Patr. Organiza

tions, 1914-1915.) Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature. (White Plains, Wilson Company,

1914–.) Standard index to periodical articles. Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature, Supplement. (White Plains,

Wilson Company, 5 times a year.) To a list of periodicals not in-
cluded in the above, both those works are cumulated into “Annual

Cumulations" and larger volumes.
St. Louis Public Library. Monthly Bulletins (1914--4.) Lists books

bearing on the European War.
Superintendent of Documents, Price Lists (of government publications.)

(Wash., Govt. Printing Office.) Especially No. 65 on Foreign Rela

tion, Diplomacy, International Law, Mexico, European War. Wöchentliches Verzeichnis der erschienenen und der vorbereiteten Neuig.

keiten des deutschen Buchnandels. (Leipzig, Börsenverein der deutschen Buchnändler, 1914—.) Standard guide to German current literature.


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A complete history of the Great War is of course impossible till it is completed and terms of peace are adjusted.

There are, however, several small books which deal with diplomacy alone or the general events of the war up to the date of publication; and there are also several series of large, comprehensive works which are in progress and of which several volumes have already been issued. The most important of both types of war history are included in the following list: Allen, George H., Whitehead, Henry C., and Chadwick, Admiral F. E.

The Great War. A series of non-partisan volumes on the causes of and motives for war; on the mobilization of the moral and physical forces; on the conduct of the hostilities; and on the final results.

(Phila., Barrie, 1915.) Barron, C. W. The Audacious War. (Boston, etc., Houghton Miffin,

1915.) Bullard, Arthur. The Diplomacy of the Great War. (N. Y., Macmillan,

1916.) A rather gossipy account of world conditions before and

during the war. Bullard, Arthur. The Story of the War. (N. Y., Outlook, 1914.) Johnson, Rossiter (Editor). The War in Europe: Its Causes and Conse

quences. (N. Y., Sully, 1914.) The New York Times. Current History--The European War. (6 or 12 vols.

to Sept., 1917; N. Y. Times Co.) Bound volumes of the periodical Current History, with special introductions and volume indexes. A repository of most interesting and valuable articles, speeches and docu

Contains much of the diplomatic correspondence, and a record of the events which led America into the war. Price, M. P. (Editor). The Diplomatic History of the War. (Rev. ed.; Lon.

don, Allen & Unwin, 1915.) Reynolds, Francis J., and others (Editors). The Story of the Great War.

(5 vols. to 1916; N. Y., Collier & Son, 1916.) Admirable narrative of conditions, diplomacy and warfare; illustrated.


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The Times (London) History of the War. Issued weekly. (10 vols. pub.

lished; London, Times, 1914- .) Simonds, Frank H. The Great War. (2 vols. published; N. Y., Kennerley,

1914---) Review of the movements of the armies and the meaning of those movements by a skilled military critic and historian.



The official correspondence at the outbreak of the war was published by the governments concerned, in sets more or less complete, besides which there are numerous reprints and collections made by individuals. The German government has published its own “White Book” in an official English version. The following are the principal sets of such collections : American Association for International Conciliation, Official Documents

Regarding the European War, Series I-XIV (Nos. 83-90, 93-96, 101, 103, 104.) Contains the British White Paper, German White Book, Russian Orange Book, Austrian Red Book, Italy's Green Book, Serbian Blue Book, Official Japanese Documents, Turkish Official Documents, etc.all in English versions. These are numbers of the (monthly) International Conciliation. The series is very convenient and comprehensive and may be had (so long as the editions last) by application to the

Association, Post Office, Sub-station 84, New York City. American Journal of International Law. (N. Y., Baker, Voorhis, quarterly

since 1907.) “Diplomatic Correspondence Between the United States and Belligerent Governments Relating to Neutral Rights and Com.

(Special supplements, July, 1915; Oct., 1916.) Beer, Max (Editor). Das Regenbogen-Buch. (Bern, Wyss, 1915.) German

editions and translations of the seven principal official collections of

diplomatic documents. Collected Diplomatic Documents Relating to the Outbreak of the European War.

(London, Unwin, 1915.) Printed under the authority of His Majesty's Stationery Office. Droste, C. L. Documents on the War of the Nations. The Lusitania

Case. (Richmond, Va., Dietz Print. Co., 1915.) A pro-German argu

ment and collection. Das Deutsche Weissbuch. (Berlin, Carl Heymann, 1914.) The German text differs in some particulars from the English; the latter may

be found in the collections indicated in other works. England's Complicity in the Great War. An Examination of Official Docu

ments and of English Documents in particular. (Berlin, Liebheit & Fess, S. D. The Problem of Neutrality When the World is at War.

(House Doc., 64 Cong. 2 sess. No. 2111.) Reprint of documents on the controversy with Germany.

Thiesen, 1914.) A German discussion printed in English. Germany, Foreign Office. Germany's Reason for War with Russia. How

Russia and her Ruler betrayed Germany's Confidence and thereby made the European War. With Original Telegrams and Notes. (48 pp.;

Berlin, Liebheit & Thiesen, 1914.) Italian Foreign Office. Il libro verde. Documenti diplomatici. (Milan,

Treves, 1915.) Mach, Edmund von. Official diplomatic documents relating to the outbreak

of the European war. (N. Y., Macmillan, 1916.) By an American pro-German. Withdrawn from sale by publishers because of alleged inaccuracies. Half thc book consists of photographic reproductions of the various “Books”; useful for those who desire to consult the

original texts. Massow, Wilhelm von (Editor). Dokumente zur Geschichte des Krieges

1914. 1Bd. Das deutsche Weissbuch und die Verhandlungen mit Eng. land. 2bd. Aus Tagen des Kriegsausbruchts. 3bd. Weitere akten. stücke zur Geschichte des Weltkrieges. Die Kriegstagen des preussichen Landtages. (Universal-Bibliothek, Nos. 5713, 5722, 5741; Leipzig, Reclam, 1914-1915.)

New York Times Current History. The European War. (N. Y. Times, 6

or 12 vols., published to Sept., 1917.) Many documents are reprinted

in the series. New York Times. Why England, Germany and Russia went to war; the

White papers" of England and Germany, the "Orange paper" of Russia, and other diplomatic correspondence and documents repub

lished from the New York Times. (N. Y. Times, 1914.) Scott, James Brown. Diplomatic Documents Relating to the Outbreak of

the European War. (2 vols., N. Y., Oxford Univ. Press, 1916.)

Good collection for the first period. Second livre

orange russe. Guerre avec la Turquie. (Paris, BergerLevrault, 1915.) State Department. Diplomatic Correspondence with Belligerent Govern

ments Relating to Neutral Rights and Commerce. (5 Nos.; May 7, 1915; Oct. 21, 1915; Aug. 12, 1916; Oct. 10, 1916; April 4, 1917. Wash. Govt. Print. Office, 1915-1917.) The official United States set

of war documents. Stowell, Ellery C., and Munro, Henry F. International Cases; Arbitra.

tions and Incidents; illustrative of International Law. (2 vols.; Boston, etc., Houghton Mifflin, 1916.) Including cases arising during

the war. Struycken, Antonius Alexis Hendrikus. The German white book on the

war in Belgium. (London, etc., Nelson, 1916.) Includes commentary by Professor A. A. H. Struycken.


Among the most valuable sources for an understanding of the spirit and temperament of the various nations and the point of view of the warring peoples on the causes, outbreak and conduct of the war, are the collections of brief extracts, of which the titles of the most important are as follows: Archer, William. Gems of German Thought. (Garden City, Doubleday,

Page, 1917.) Bacon, Corinne. Seiected Articles on Military Training. (The Abridged

Debaters Handbook Series; White Plains, Wilson, 1915.) Bang, Jacob Peter. Hurrah and hallelujah; the teaching of Germany's

poets, prophets, professors and preachers; translated from the Danish

by Jesse Bröchner. (N. Y., Doran, 1917.) Bethmann-Hollweg, Theobald von. Sechs Kriegsreden des Reichskanzlers.

(Berlin, Hobbing. 1916.) Bingham, Alfred. (Editor.) Handbook of the European War, Volume II.

(White Plains, Wilson, 1916.) Fits in with Sheip's book. (See

below.) Chamberlain, Houston Stewart. Deutsches Wesen. (Ausgewählte Aufsätze.)

(München, Bruckmann, 1916.) Ву Englishman naturalized in

Germany. Chapman, John Jay. Deutschland Ueber Alles; or Germany Speaks. (N.

Y., Putnams.) A collection of utterances of representative Germans

statesmen, military leaders, scholars, poets. Committee on Public Information. War message and facts behind it, de.

livered before Congress April 2, 1917, with annotations, giving the leading facts on which the rupture with Germany was developed, the issues on international law, and contrasting the spirit of Prusssianism

and Americanism. (Rev. ed.; Washington, Govt. Print. Office, 1917.) Das Englandbuch der täglichen Rundschau; ein Zeit- und Kulturspiegel.

(Berlin, Tägliche Rundschau, 1915.) England on the witness stand: the Anglo-German case tried by a jury of

Englishmen. (N. Y., The Fatherland, 1915.) Germany's War Mania. The Teutonic Point of View as Officially Stated by

her Leaders. (N. Y., Dodd, Mead, 1915.) A collection of utterances on Germany's doctrine of force by distinguished Germans, including William II., the Crown Prince, Bethmann-Hollweg, Prince von Bülow, Generai Bernhardi, Field Marshal der Goltz, and Prof. Delbrück.




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