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Hart, Albert Bushnell, and Lovejoy, Arthur O. (Editors.) Handbook

of the War for Public Speakers. (N. Y., National Security League, 1917.) Brief bibliographies, summaries and extracts. Issued as a companion book to this America at War by the Committee on Patriot

ism Through Education. O’Regan, John R. H. (Editor.) The German War of 1914. Illustrated

by Documents of European History, 1815-1915. (London, Oxford

Univ. Press, 1915.) Valuable documents on neutrality and the war. Out of Their Own Mouths. (N. Y., Appleton, 1917.) A collection of

utterances of German statesmen, scholars and publicists illustrating the spirit of German leaders, their standards of international conduct

and their aims in the war. Reeley, Mary Katharine. (Editor.) Selected Articles on World Peace,

including International Arbitration and Disarmament. (Handbook

Series; 2d ed.; White Plains, Wilson Co., 1916.) Reich, Emil. Germany's Swelled Head (2nd ed.; London, Methuen,

1914.) By a Hungarian. Contains numerous citations from German

writers. Sheip, Stanley S. (Editor.) Handbook of the European War. (Hand

book Series; White Plains, Wilson Co., 1914.) Brief discussions and

useful classified extracts. Stein, Ludwig. (Compiler.) England and Germany, by leaders of public

opinion in both empires. (London, Williams and Norgate, 1912.) Tönnies, Ferdinand. Warlike England as Seen by Herself. (N. Y.,

Dillingham, 1915.) By a German sociologist. Seeks to show that throughout its history England has been “the greediest for power

and the most bellicose of all nations." Wilson, Woodrow. Why We Are at War. (N. Y., Harpers, 1917.) A

convenient collection of the President's speeches and messages, 1913. 1917.


The United States Government puts forth an immense amount of printed material bearing on the war. A special branch of the government is the Committee on Public Information, which makes it its business to prepare and send out in great quantities materials which will aid the people of the United States to form a correct judgment on the war.

Many of these publications are listed in Library of Congress, The United States at War, Organization and Literature (see below). The messages and addresses of the President can be easily found in Collections of Documents ($18 above) and all those addressed to Congress appear in the Congressional Record (see below) and other government publications. Most of these publications can be had free through a Senator or member of the House.

Agriculture, Department of Food Thrift Series. (Wash., Govt. Print.

Office, 1917---.) Commerce, Department of. Statistical Abstract of the United States.

(Wash., Govt. Print. Office, annual since 1878.) Official material on

population, trade, industry, commerce, etc. Committee on Public Information. Official Bulletin. (Wash., daily since

May, 1917.) Contains official proclamations and notifications. Committee on Public Information, Red, White and Blue Series. (Wash.,

The Committee, 1917.) Speeches, articles and reprints. Free on ap

plication (with a few exceptions). Committee on Public Information. War Information Series. (Wash.,

the Committee, 1917.) Excellent pamphlets, some in foreign languages. Free on application.

Congress of the United States. Congressional Record. (Wash., Govt.

Print. Office, frequent parts issued during sessions of Congress, and bound volumes afterwards.) Verbatim record of the debates of the two houses of Congress, obtainable on terms stated in U. S. at War.

(See below.) Labor Statistics, U. S. Bureau of. Monthly Review of the U. S. Bureau

of Labor of labor statistics. (Wash., Govt. Print. Office, 1915—_.) Library of Congress. (H. H. B. Meyer, Compiler.) The United States

at War, Organization and Literature. (Wash., Govt. Print. Office,

1917.) Variety of useful information. Free on application. National Board for Historical Service. History and the Great War-op

portunities for History Teachers. (Wash., Bureau of Education, Circular, Sept., 1917.) 'Relation of present war to the world's his

tory. Navy Department. Annual Reports. (Wash., Govt. Print. Office.) De

tails of naval organization and operations. State Department. Papers relating to the Foreign Relations of the

United States. (Wash., Govt. Print. Office.) Annual volumes includ.

ing correspondence with other nations. War Department. Annual Reports. (Wash., Govt. Print. Office.) De

tails of military organization and operations. War Department. Mobilization of Industries. (Doc. 517, Wash., Govt.

Print. Office, 1916.)


1. [$21] World Geography Previous to the War.

Ever since the outbreak of the war, magazines, weeklies and daily papers have published sketch maps of the geographical situation of Europe and the progress of campaign and military movements. Convenient summaries of European geography up to the outbreak of the war are the following: Century Atlas. (Rev. ed., N. Y., Century. Co., 1914.) Conveniently ar

ranged and indexed. Harmsworth Atlas and Gazetteer of the World. (London, Carmelite House,

1917.) More detail on Europe than in American atlases. Muir, Ramsay. Hammond's New Historical Atlas for Students. (2nd

ed., N. Y., Hammond, 1914.) From the European point of view. Rand, McNally & Co., International Atlas of the World. (Chicago, Rand,

McNally, 1915.) Shepherd, William R. Historical Atlas. (N. Y., Holt, 1911.) Shows

the development of the nations of the world.

2. [$22] Current Maps.

Among the publications which contain the most frequent useful war maps, including data for a treaty of peace, are the following: American Review of Reviews (1914--4.) (N. Y., Review of Reviews

Co.) Frequent detail maps. Buchan, John. Nelson's History of the War. (17 vols. pub., London,

Nelson, 1914. ) Fayle, C. Ernest. The Great Settlement. With Maps. (N. Y., Duffield,

1915.) What terms of settlement at end of war would give best pros

pect of lasting peace. The conditions which caused this war. Independent (1914-— .) (N. Y., Independent Corporation.) Occa

sional detail maps. McKinley, Albert E. Wall Outline Maps. (Phila., McKinley Co.) Suit

able for bases for maps to use in lectures. McKinley, Albert E. War Outline Maps. (Phila., McKinley Co.) Nos.

91-96. Suitable for map study.

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National Review. (1914.- ) (London.) Maps illustrating the condi

tion of the various fronts. The New Europe, I. (Jan. 11, 1917.) “The Pan-German plan as realized

in the war." The New Republic. (Jan. 20, 1917.) Maps of Alsace Lorraine, Poland,

Italia Irredenta, South Slav States, Bohemia, Transylvania and Con.

stantinople. New York Times Current History. (N. Y., Times, 1910— , monthly),

and Current History of the European War, reprints of the monthly

issues in volumes. Philip, George. Philip's Large Scale Strategical War Map of Europe.

(London, 1916-1917.) In four sheets; scale of 1 inch to 10 or 18

miles. Philip, George. Philip's Strategical Map of Mesopotamia and Asia Minor.

(London, Philip, 1916.) Scale of 1 inch to 40 miles. Reynolds, Francis J. (Editor.) The Story of the Great War. (5 vols.

pub., N. Y., Collier, 1916--.) Numerous maps. Stanford, Edward. Stanford's War Maps. (London, Stanford, 1914

- .) A series of maps of various scales, usually covering a limited

field. World's Work. (1914----.) (Garden City, Doubleday, Page.) Various

detail maps.


Many of the daily newspapers publish maps, cartoons, portraits and war scenes, particularly the Sunday editions of the great American newspapers, with their elaborately illustrated supplements. Cartoons are a feature of the dailies as well as the weekly and monthly press; and some draftsmen, especially Raemaker, have gained world fame with their work with the pencil. See also list of periodicals, $9 above. The following list includes the most important of these publications:

Allen, G. H., and others. The Great War. (3 vols. Pub., Phila., Barrie,

1915 ) American Review of Reviews. (Monthly, New York.) The Century Magazine. (Monthly, New York.) Collier's. (Weekly, New York.) The Graphic. (Weekly, London.) The Great War in Pictures. (Monthly, Berlin, Stilke, 1915 .) Ger

man pictures. Hanotaux, Gabriel. Histoire Illustrée de la Guerre de 1914. (Publ. in

parts. Paris, Gounouilhou, 1914.--.) The Illustrated London News. (Weekly, London.) Illustrirte Zeitung. (Weekly. Leipzig. J. J. Weber.) L'Illustration. (Weekly, Paris.) The Independent. (Weekly, New York.) Der Krieg in Wort und Bild. (Weekly, Berlin.) Leslie's Weekly. (Weekly, New York.) The Literary Digest. (Weekly, New York.) Le Monde Illustré. (Weekly, Paris.) New York Times Current History. (Monthly, New York.) Chiefly por

traits and cartoons. Raemaker's Cartoons. (26 pts., London, Land and Water, 1916-1917.) Reynolds, F. J. (Editor.) The Story of the Great War. (5 vols. pub.;

N. Y., Collier, 1916.)
Saturday Evening Post. (Weekly, Phila.)
Scribner's Magazine. (Monthly, N. Y.)
The Sphere. (Weekly, London.)
World's Work. (Monthly, Garden City.)

H. [924] WAR NOVELS. The war has presented themes for many works of fiction, some of which are written by those who have been on the ground and can accurately sketch the background. Several are by newspaper correspondents. A few titles follow: Andrews, Mary R. S. The Three Things. (Boston, Little, Brown, 1915.) Benjamin, René. Private Gaspard. (N. Y., Brentano, 1915.) Bourget, P. C. J. Night Cometh. (N. Y., Putnam, 1916.) Brooks, Alden. The Fighting Man. (N. Y., Scribner, 1917.) Short

stories. Brown, George R. My Country. (Boston, Small, Maynard, 1917.) Buchan, John. Greenmantle. (N. Y., Doran, 1917.) Cable, Boyd. Grapes of Wrath. (N. Y., Dutton, 1917.) Short stories. Chambers, R. W. Dark Star. (N. Y., Appleton, 1917.) Chambers, R. W. Who Goes There! (N. Y., Appleton, 1915.) Cholmondeley, Alice. Christine. (N. Y., Macmillan, 1917.) A vivid pic

ture, in the form of letters, of the tendencies of German thought and

feeling just before the war. Comfort, W. L. Red Fleece. (N. Y., Doran, 1915.) Daudet, Léon A. La Vermine du Monde. (Paris, Fayard, 1916.) Dyer, Walter A. Pierrot: Dog of Belgium. (Garden City, Doubleday,

Page, 1915.) Ervine, St. John G. Changing Winds. (N. Y., Macmillan, 1917.) Fraser, John Foster. Deeds that will never die; a series of stories of

heroism in the present war. (N. Y., Funk & Wagnalls, 1915.) Kueller, J. van A. A Young Lion of Flanders. (N. Y., Stokes, 1917.) Locke, W. J. The Red Planet. (N. Y., Lane, 1917.) Macgill, Patrick. The Red Horizon. (London, Jenkins, 1916.) McKenna, Stephen. Sonia. (N. Y., Doran, 1917.) Meynell, W. Aunt Sarah and the War. (N. Y., Putnam, 1915.) Meynell, W. Halt! Who's There? (N. Y., Putnam, 1916.) Noble, Edward. Outposts of the Fleet. (Boston, etc., Houghton Mifflin,

1917.) Short stories. Oppenheim, Edward Phillips. Vanished Messenger. (Boston, Little,

Brown, 1914.) Palmer, Frederick. The Last Shot. (N. Y., Scribner, 1914.) Richards, H. G. Shadows. (N. Y., Dodd, Mead, 1917.) Rutledge, Marice. Children of Fate. (N. Y., Stokes, 1917.) Tracy, Louis. The Day of Wrath. (N. Y., Clode, 1916.) Varela, Benigno. Pol el Kaiser! (Barcelona, Yris, 1915.) Short stories

in Spanish. - Wells, H. G. Mr. Britling Sees It Through. (N. Y., Macmillan, 1916.) Wells, Herbert G. The Soul of a Bishop. (N. Y., Macmillan, 1917.) Wells, Herbert G. God the Invisible King. (N. Y., Macmillan, 1917.)

I. WAR VERSE. 1. [325] Poems On and In the War, The war has given rise to a literature of verse of which some of the best in three languages appears in the following list: Binyon, Laurence. The Cause: Poems of the War. (Boston, etc.,

Houghton Mifflin, 1917.) Binyon, Laurence. The Winnowing Fan. (London, Mathews, 1914.) Brooks, Rupert. 1914 and Other Poems. (London, Sidgwick & Jackson,

1915.) Cannan, May W. In War Time. (N. Y., Longmans, Green, 1917.) Chesterton, G. K. Poems. (London, Burns & Oates, 1915.) Frankau, Gilbert. A Song of the Guns. (Boston, etc., Houghton Mifflin,

1916.) Hewlett, Maurice. Singsongs of the War. (London, Poetry Bookshop,

1914.) Hinkson, Mrs. Katharine T. The Holy War. (London, Sidgwick &

Jackson, 1916.)

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Johnson, Robert U. Poems of War and Peace. (Indianapolis, Bobbs

Merrill, 1916.) Lawson, Henry. Song of the Dardanelles. (London, Harrap, 1916.) Lee, Joseph. Ballads of Battle. (N. Y., Dutton, 1916.) MacGill, Patrick. Soldier Songs. (N. Y., Dutton, 1917.) Norton, Sara. New Nursery Rhymes on Old Lines. (Boston, Merry.

mount, 1916.) Noyes, Alfred. The Lord of Misrüle. (N. Y., Stokes, 1915.) Peabody, Josephine P. Harvest Moon. (Boston, etc., Houghton Mifflin,

1916.) Scollard, Clinton. Ballads, Patriotic and Romantic. (N. Y., Gomme,

1916.) Seaman, Owen. Made in England; Verses. 2d. ed.; London, Constable,

1916.) Seeger, Alan. Poems. (N. Y., Scribner, 1916.) Skeyhill, Tom. Soldier Songs from Anzac. (London, Unwin, 1917.) Strong, Archibald T. Sonnets of the Empire before and during the

Great War. Watson, William. The Man Who Saw and Other Poems arising out of

the War. (N. Y., Harper, 1917.) War Poems.' (Garden City, Doubleday, Page, 1917.)

2. [826] Collections of War Verse.

Verses on the war have been published freely in the magazines. (See $9.) The Vigilantes special service, which is sent widespread through the country to be reprinted in newspapers, includes verses. Note also the following collections:

Committee on Public Information. The Battle Line of Democracys

Prose and Poetry of the World War. (Wash., Govt. Print. Office,

1917.) Free on application. Cunliffe, J. W. (Compiler.) Poems of the Great War. (N. Y., Mac

millan, 1916.) Erskine, John. (Editor.) Contemporary War Poems. (N. Y., Am.

Assoc. for Int. Conciliation, 1914.) Peter, C. (Compiler.) Deutschlands Kriegesänge aus dem Weltkrieg.

(Oldenburg, Stalhing, 1914.) Poems of the Great War. (5th ed., London, Chatto & Windus, 1914.) Songs and Sonnets for England in War Time, inspired by the Great

War. (N. Y., Lane, 1914.) Underwood, John C. (Compiler.) War Flames. (N. Y., Macmillan,

1917.) Selections grouped by nations.

3. [327] Text of National Patriotic Songs.

Many demands are made for exact texts of our great national songs, for reprint and other use. Accordingly, the five most important are here printed.

(a) America.


My country, 'tis of thee,
Sweet land of liberty;

Of thee I sing.
Land where my fathers died,
Land of the pilgrim's pride,
From every mountain-side

Let freedom ring.

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